Chasm of Lust

BY : Drfuckingsuess
Category: G through L > Ice Age
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Disclaimer: I do not own Ice Age, or its characters. I am not making any money from this story.

     “Don’t panic!” Buck yelled out from the other end of the chasm, “Just some, uh, technical difficulties, keep holding it in boys!” Suddenly Crash and Eddie couldn’t take it anymore. They took one inhale and...

    “Suck my cock,” Crash demanded. Eddie immediately obeyed. Crash laid down on one of the ribs  and Eddie started bobbing his head up and down on his cock. “Suck me harder,” Crash moaned. Eddie bobbed his head faster until Crash cummed in his mouth, but he kept sucking. Crash was moaning the whole time.

    Then, Diego took one breath, and walked up to Eddie and started eating out his tight hole, with no warning. Eddie dropped Crash’s cock, and moaned for about two seconds. “Keep eating out my tight hole,” Eddie moaned. Crash then forced his head back onto his cock. Then Eddie farted more toxic gas into Diego’s mouth. “Keep farting into my mouth,” Diego groaned. Eddie kept farting out explosive gas into Diego’s mouth. Diego got up and thrust his 10 inch cock into Ediie’s tight ass. Diego’s balls were slapping his ass. “Fuck me faster, daddy,” Eddie moaned. Diego sped up his thrusts, moaning in sync with Crash, until they both came, but they didn’t stop.

    Manny couldn’t hold his breath anymore, and took a deep inhale of the poisonous fucking gas. He  began to eat out Diego’s ass with his big tongue. “You like my hot ass?” Diego asked. He then farted a long, hot fart into Manny’s giant mouth. “Yeah,” Manny exclaimed, “Keep farting gas onto my giant tongue,” He continued to lick Diego’s ass while Diego was still fucking Eddie who was sucking Crash. Diego kept farting explosively, forcing toxic gas into Manny’s lungs. Then Manny couldn’t take it anymore, and thrust his giant 20 inch cock into Diego. “Fuck me hard, daddy,” Diego moaned. They all moaned so loud, Buck came over to see what was going on.

    Manny looked up at Buck who was on top of the rib cage, and forced his mouth open with his trunk. Buck only had to breathe a little bit of the gas to be under Crash, and fucking his tight hole. They were all thrusting into each other, and moaning and farting loudly. Their balls were slapping the other’s asses. “I’m gonna cum!” Buck cried out. “Me too!” Replied Manny. They all came into each other’s asses and mouths after that, suddenly the cage started moving again, causing them to all flop onto each other in a sweaty, farting pile. When they reached the other side, they all fell onto the floor. Manny looked up and saw Ellie’s disappointed face. “Uhhhh, I’m not sure how much of that you could hear,” Manny  said innocently. “Oh I heard all of it.”

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