Dark Storm.

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Two beings shuddered as they felt the miasma of dark power emanating nearby, their turbolift carried them towards it. One was clad completely in black, a tall young man in his late twenties, what he desired from the Darkness that he approached was respect and to be acknowledged for his potential. The other was a small, plain girl of modest height dressed in makeshift grey rags, who's teeth clenched as she sensed the black power as a challenge. Whatever evil confronted her, she was ready, or so she thought. The two occupants feelings of this malevolent presence were polar opposites, but they both shared one common ground.


The turbolift finally stopped with a smooth transition, and with a low beeping indicated its inner mechanisms to swerve its doors open. Before the duo was a Throne Room of blood-red, the only other occupants were 8 beings clad in armor that matched the room wielding fierce weapons and standing still as statues, a being robed in purple who's color clashed with the red, and sitting at the center was a being of broken physique, pale blue eyes looked at the two new beings.

The decrepit creature stood at his full height of 7 feet, his face and skull ruined with unknown wounds and no hair existed at his scarred scalp. The being was adorned with an elegant golden robe made from the finest fabrics. He let out a deep chuckle and spoke, his voice low yet booming, filling the pair with dread.

"Welcome back, Kylo Ren. And what do we have here? Yes, the girl I've heard about. The one who nearly cleaved your face in two. But, how could she have done that? She looks as if she wouldn't hurt an insect."

The young woman responded by balling her hands into tight fists. She tried to restrain herself from filling with spite, but she wouldn't let some walking corpse bully her by any means. The alien recognized this act and sat back in his chair, his right hand gesturing towards the girl as though he held a goblet filled with wine.

"I did not mean any offense, milady. My people are an old race, with traditional customs and beliefs. A woman of your age would be spoiled to no end as she readied herself for her hand to be taken in matrimony, not twiddling with the weapon of some warrior-esque cult. But, I have to give credit where credit is due. You proved yourself to be a tenacious adversary, showing me that my apprentices' skill with the blade leaves a lot to be desired."

Kylos' master cast him a mocking glance, the man averting his eyes to the ground in shame. The woman noticed this interaction but did not show any emotion for it. She tried to keep her mind blank, trying to not think back to her small discussion with Kylo Ren, or how she has come to know as Ben Solo. His master was powerful with the Force, and if Bens abilities are any indicator of Snoke's knowledge, he very easily could probe her mind and ruin their chances of a surprise assault. The knight of Rens master shifted his gaze to lock with her own, showing a small smile towards the young girl.

"However, defeating him is still no easy task. You have great power, Rey of Jakku. Your potential is equal to that of Kylo Rens. As Darkness rises, so too does Light come to meet it. The Force forever seeks balance, and although the Sith have been wiped out the dark side remains. Palpatine and Plaguies were foolish to believe that they can shift the balance to the Force which retaliated by creating the Jedi Orders fabled Chosen One. What the Sith should have realized is that the Dark Side must possess the Light in order for it to reign yet keep the balance the Force desires. Now, I will succeed where they have failed. With your power serving me, the First Order will reign supreme."

When Rey heard the creature call out her name, she indirectly muted most of what it said. She was shocked to hear not only her name but her adopted homeworld be known by Kylo Ren's master. It wasn't until the suggestion that she would be working for the First Order did her attention snap back into place. She felt immediate revulsion, nearly followed by rage. Never would she even imagine for a second to work with the people who killed Han Solo, who destroyed Hosnian Prime! She tried to relax, but her anger was almost at boiling point. She quickly changed the topic, hoping another conversation would keep her mind away from his suggestion.

"How do you know my name? I never exchanged a conversation with your apprentice besides a few words during our fight on your wretched weapon-planet, so he couldn't have told you."

She knew it was a lie. She and Ben had a connection through the Force, allowing them to communicate with each other. But she was always a good liar and with her nerves of steel could keep her ace from whatever this thing was. Her heart sunk when the gold-robed being gave a mocking, knowing laughter.

"That connection that you have with my apprentice through the Force? That is my doing, I connected both of you through a Force Bond. With it, you both can sense the others thoughts, feel each other's emotions. But you know this of course. What you didn't know was that I silently watched, seeing the two of you begin to reveal your most vulnerable selves. Don't think I don't know any of your secrets, especially with your misguided attempt to turn Kylo Ren."

Rey instinctively gulped down hard, her dry mouth making her nearly throw a coughing fit. Her plan was known, and considering how meek Ben Solo was through the Force, the chances of any combined attack was slim. Suddenly, she saw her concealed Lightsaber sprung from her clothing, placing itself neatly in the corpse's hand. That makes a chance for a solo attack slim now as well, she thinks. Bens master examined the blade briefly, then through the Force gave it to the silent attendant in the room, who reached out to grab it and hiding it underneath their voluminous robes.

"Your Jedi weapon won't do you any good, milady. Now, let's discuss your future role within my First Order, shall we? Kylo Ren, leave us."

Bens eyes shot up, his face wore a bewildered expression, Rey tried to keep herself from being shocked, even if she knew there was no point in acting anymore.

"But my master, what if Rey tries to do anything? I need to be here for you-"

Kylo was cut off by his master's voice, now filled with anger from his apprentices' feeble attempts to support Rey in any way, even if it was just his presence alone.

"Do you really take me for that much of a fool, Kylo Ren? Your little schemes behind my back failed, yet you act as though you're on my side? The arrogance! You'll be punished in time, my apprentice. Besides, you and I both know that my Praetorian Guards all together are stronger than yourself, and although my physical frame is brittle, my strength in the Force is sufficient for one, cornered girl. Leave us."

Ben Solo could do nothing but give a slight nod, making his way back to the turbolift. Rey gave a quick glance as she saw Ben briefly before the turbolift closed him off from her, his presence in the Force leaving at a great speed from them. The fear she possessed increased exponentially, her body now betraying her strong stance with a slight shiver. She heard the scarred alien laugh as she began to turn her head back to look at him, his face adorning a cruel smile. Whatever this thing wanted, she could at least stall a bit until she could make a plan of some sort.

"Who are you, what are you?"

Rey's voice was small, nearly a whisper and trembling slightly from the dread that gripped her. Snoke sunk back into his chair, taking in a big breath of air and exhaling it all out at once.

"I am The Supreme Leader of the First Order, milady. Soon to be the Galaxy's future ruler. But, I am not overly fond of formalities. Please, call me Snoke."

Despite Snoke's dark aura, his tone was calm and, dare Rey to think, cheerful. Add to the fact his name was something so simple and childish sounding, the young girl not only began to feel at ease but practically blurted out in a confused way his name. Snoke chuckled at the slightly rude gesture, continuing his talk with his captive.

"Yes, to humans that is very ridiculous, isn't it? But, my people speak telepathically and not with words, but with sounds and a variety of other communication. How my name comes out translated in Basic, it's the closest pronunciation."

Rey was much more relaxed than before, her mind much more composed. She realized he liked to talk, maybe she can use this to her advantage.

"So, what species are you, exactly? I've heard of some beings in the Galaxy use telepathy, but not exclusively and certainly not in the way you describe it."

Snoke pointed at the purple-robed being in their presence, watching silently their conversation unfold.

"That is an example of a healthy member of my kind. Our species name is something not prounancable. If I tried saying it, you'll hear it as gibberish. As I've mentioned earlier, my people is an old race. Millennia before the Republic, what you know as the Unknown Regions was a thriving period. Many Force religions, such as your Jedi Order, came from their my dear. So did my people, who have stayed there to this day."

"My species are a race of nomadic warriors, strong in the Force. We respected the Forces need for balance; some of us were guardians for the Light, others warriors for the Darkness. However, that time sadly could not last. This ancient Empire that belonged to the now extinct Rakata waged war amongst the others, enslaving and pillaging, forcing many cultures to inhabit the rest of the Galaxy, leaving much of their knowledge behind."

"However, thanks to my people's ways, they were able to avoid confrontation with the Rakatan race, and we remained in the Unknown Regions to this day, scouring through other abandoned civilizations and assimilating it to our own."

Reys' fear was now replaced with curiosity. She barely knew the history of the current Galaxy, and now she was being told of some forgotten civilization that more than likely only a handful knew about. Snoke sensed her thirst for knowledge and continued.

"For over a thousand generations my people remained in the Unknown Regions, our culture relatively untouched by any forms of modern societies. Though it was not all easy, the Rakatams superweapons affected much of the cosmology here, making it difficult to navigate it through hyperspace. In the grand scheme of things, us finishing our mapping was finished exactly 200 years ago, the same year when I was born."

Rey realized Snoke wasn't as old as she thought, and she unknowingly moved closer to the crippled man. She was just as interested in the being just as much as this ancient history.

"Yes, don't let my current state fool you. I am relatively young for my people, who can live to be 5000. You see, I was a warrior of the Darkness, my strength unparalleled. I defeated legions of enemies in my youth. But, as time went on the injuries I received began to compile themselves, for I was always in a constant state of war. Combined with the Darkness consuming me, I began to twist into what you see before you. However…"

Snoke's calm face began to twist into one of hatred, Rey taking a step back as she felt his dark aura flare like a solar flare.

"However, my final, irreparable injuries that completed my visage was done by the hands of the Resistance. This was relatively recent, only several years ago. They attacked my ship when I was unaware, in the middle of meeting peace talks with the New Republic. I am now forever scarred, constantly in pain. I wish to return that pain ten-fold."

Rey didn't realize that the Resistance would do such an underhanded tactic. Add to the fact that they attacked when Snoke was trying to make easy relations with the New Republic, it seemed unfair. But she quickly remembered Starkiller Base and the destruction of Hosnian Prime. She quickly called that out on him, her newfound calmness transformed into bravery.

"What the Resistance did to you might have been unfair, but it doesn't give you the right to annihilate an entire star system! Billions of innocents died to your Starkiller Base!"

Snoke's face turned back into a neutral state, then one into amusement. He gave a slight chuckle, which annoyed Rey. If he thought this was funny, then he truly was scum not worth feeling sorry for.

"Oh Rey, Starkiller Base was not my idea. That was commissioned by Admiral Hux, I had no knowledge until its unveiling."

"But you're still the leader. Hux serves you, therefore you're still responsible."

Snoke began to feel annoyed by the girls newfound brevity, his stare becoming ice-cold.

"I am a man of leisure and comfort, too busy enjoying the finer things in life then to worry about military and politics. In my spare time, I simply keep myself busy with my hobby, scouring the galaxy for Force knowledge and ancient artifacts. I did not know that Hosnian Prime was even destroyed until Hux informed me of the event, for that I am sorry. I only wish to end the Resistance, who not only hurt me but took my family."

With that, Rey felt a little guilty. This all-powerful Supreme Leader might not be as bad as he let on to be, a part of her said. But it didn't matter, he was still the leader of a horrible faction that needed to be stopped. Snoke's soft voice returned, Rey, finding it oddly soothing.

"My wife, poor thing. She was beautiful and dear to my heart. In many ways, you remind me of her. Strong-willed, not afraid to speak her mind, lovely…"

Rey was beginning to feel something sinister from Snoke, but different from his original malevolence. She tried to read his mind, but could not penetrate the powerful mental barriers placed on him. All she could feel was his miasma emotions. There was the obvious, such as rage, but also mixed were jealousy, greed, lust…

He was the seven deadly sins all wrapped up in a broken package. Snoke gave a short laugh, her eyes locking with his, his gaze hungry for something, that thing what she guessed she was hopefully wrong.

"Just like her, you are powerful in the Force, Rey of Jakku. Yes, I would say that besides some aesthetic changes you are a replica of her. Come closer milady."

Rey remained where she was, trying not to be intimidated by the ancient Dark-sider. Snoke's expression went dark from this challenge.

"I said closer."

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