Remember Rachel Jansen

BY : AlfredGobbles
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Disclaimer: I do not own the Forgetting Sarah Marshall fandom. I make no profit from it. This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner.

The constant beeping from a garbage truck startled a large flock of birds as it reversed in the cul-de-sac. They flew upward over the small town homes leaving several backyards in their shadow. A sliding door opened and Liz called out, “The birds! The birds! Get it?!” There was no answer. A man wearing a ratty green sweater was sitting in the middle of the backyard. He looked out over the wooden fencing surrounding them at virtually no scenery but the sky itself.

“Peter, I made some coffee,” Liz said, “That’s always a good way to get motivated!” She held out a coffee mug with hand painted sunflowers on it to Peter.

                “Thanks.” he said. His gaze stayed on the sky.

                “I always wanted to plant some trees out here or start a little garden. You know, just so there’s more to look at. It’s so plain. I hardly ever come out here.” She took a sip of her coffee and sighed.

                “I’m only interested in the quiet, really.” Peter sipped his coffee and lunged forward, spitting it out into the yard. “What the fuck is this shit?!” He stood up and tossed the rest out of the mug.

                “Rude! I think you’re overexaggerating a little bit, Peter. I drink this every morning. Never had a complaint.” Liz took another sip. “Mmm, so good.”

                “Do you know when Brian gets back? I need to take a shower and jerk off to something so I can get that terrible fucking coffee out of my mind.” Peter handed the mug back to Liz.

                “Well, I’m not really sure, Peter. He usually makes it back before 7 or 8, but I can call him on his way home so he can pick up some coffee that fits your standards.”

Peter stood in the shower looking down at his flaccid penis through the steam. What a wild ride the last five years had been. His Dracula play was a huge success but the pressure to follow up was almost as brutal as the time he squirted a three day old load into Sarah Marshall’s eyes before a red carpet event. Peter started to get aroused at the thought. It had already been two weeks since his girlfriend Rachel went back to school and no amount of cereal could replace the feeling of her tight asshole farting its way down to the base of his shaft. Peter was fully erect now and started to masturbate.

                “Peter, I’m coming in! I’m sorry! I know this is inappropriate but I realized there is no shampoo in the guest bathroom!” Liz yelled over the shower and slid the shampoo bottle behind the curtain.

                “Whoa! Knock on the fucking door, Liz! You’ve got to get out of here!” Peter turned around to grab the shampoo and Liz’s hand grazed the tip of his erect penis. He couldn’t help but think of how good a handjob would feel.

Liz started to pull back but Peter grabbed her by the wrist with his other hand. He slowly removed the shampoo bottle and slid his cock into its place. Liz barely put up a fight and Peter heard a quiet moan from the other side of the shower curtain.

                “This is always a good way to get me motivated.” Peter said. He felt her soft hand tighten around his throbbing shaft. “Wow, I’m getting jerked off by my brothers prude wife,” he said and pulled the shower curtain back. Liz was already reaching under her skirt masturbating over the toilet. “You gonna squirt in your coffee mug for me, prude bitch?” Peter spit into his free hand.

Liz couldn’t contain herself. Her legs started to quake from the intense orgasm she built up jerking off Brian’s brother. Peter reached over and crammed his middle fingers up into her soaked pussy.

                “You’re about to make wifey cum, big brother. Brian would be proud.” Liz put one leg up on the toilet so Peter could go further inside of her. Peter started pounding her g-spot with both fingers.

                “We’re both going to cum in that coffee so you can taste what a good brew is really like.” Peter said. He watched Liz’s eyes roll back. “You gotta tell Dracula when he’s about to drain this pussy, alright?” Peter sped up and Liz’s grip had turned his cock beet red. He had always heard that the hands of a housewife were supple and strong.

                “Drain me, Dracula! Mama wants the good coffee!” Liz screamed suddenly.

Peter held up the coffee mug and grabbed his cock. He started shooting his load just before Liz’s pussy exploded all over his legs. Their orgasms were so intense that Liz slipped on the steamy bathroom floor. Peter caught her fall right as he finished and stood above her, coffee mug in hand. Liz started laughing.

                “Wow, Pete. Rachel is really missing out being away at school. You’ve got magic fingers.” Liz got up and patted Peter on the shoulder.  “Oh, shit!” She stopped suddenly.

                “What is it? Are you about to cum again?” Peter wrapped a towel around himself.

                “No! That’s the garage door!” Liz held up a finger over her mouth.

Peter handed Liz the coffee mug and they both scattered. He barely made it into the guest bedroom and quickly put his clothes on. After a few minutes he walked out of the bedroom casually and down the hallway to the kitchen. Brian was looking out at the backyard and Liz stood by the kitchen sink looking at Peter with wide eyes.

                “Wow, man. Do you ever work?” Peter said playing it cool.

 “Ha! Says my brother the playwright. Just forgot my charger, man. It’s going to be a long day at the office. You should try it sometime.” Brian turned around and held up the coffee mug Liz was using earlier.

Peter gagged slightly and tried to hide it. Liz looked horrified and turned to the sink, pretending to wash dishes. Brian took a big swig from the mug before Peter could say anything else.

                “What’s wrong, bro? You didn’t have Liz’s cooking this morning did you? Ha!” Brian toasted the air again with the mug and pointed at Liz. “Wow, this coffee is great, though. I’m gonna get going, you two. Don’t get into any trouble.”

Brian patted Peter on the shoulder as he walked to the front door. Peter immediately turned to Liz as the door closed. She was already looking at Peter.

                “That’s one dumb cuck,” she said, “I told you I never get any complaints!”

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