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Disclaimer: I do not own Boondock Saints or any of it’s characters, just mine. I do not profit from this story. This is purely fictional and does not represent Boondock Saints franchise in actuality.

You had spent majority of the day moving into your new apartment. You were exhausted from carrying boxes, but most importantly you were figuring out how to navigate an entire new city. You had just accepted an amazing offer for the job you’ve always dreamed of, only problem is, it required you to relocate to Boston. You pondered the decision for a while, you did your best to not let fear get in the way, knowing it was an opportunity of a lifetime; you decided to risk it all and accept the position. 

So here you are trying to move all your stuff in. You become a bit resentful at this moment realizing you had no one to willingly help you. What little family you had was back home, and let’s be honest it’s not like you had much friends there anyways. Hopefully this move would allow you to make some new decent friends perhaps. 

You feel your phone start to buzz in your pocket and you sigh as you put down a box you were carrying to reach in your jean pocket and pull out your phone and read the text message. 

“Fucking great.” you curse as you read the message. Your dad who was supposed to help you move (and the only reliable person you have) had just been told he’d have to leave on a business trip at the last minute, therefore you were screwed. You had several heavy items in your car that you were unable to lift on your own. 

This being your final straw to an already crazy day, you lean against your car and sigh deeply while closing your eyes. It was the small moments like these you wish you had a boyfriend to step in and save the day. You laugh to yourself at the thought, it had been so long since you gotten laid you were sure cobwebs had started to form down there. 

“Aye, you need some help t’ere lass?” you suddenly hear a deep voice approach you. By some amazing stroke of luck you lift your head to see not one, but two guys standing in front of you. You blush inside as you realize they’re not just any guys, they’re two really really really good looking guys. The one who spoke to you was tall with a seemingly kind face and captivating blue eyes. His light brown hair was sort of messy and spiked but it suited him, as well as the faint facial hair that outlined his jaw. The other was the same height but his hair was darker and more disheveled looking. His skin was also lighter as well as his eyes, but he was certainly unique in his own right. They both wore long black coats and jeans, and you found it interesting when you spotted the rosary on their necks. They almost seemed like they could be brothers, but you weren’t entirely sure. They were definitely not the type of guys you’ve seen before. 

“Well...sort of.” you reply shyly. You weren’t sure if you should interact with strangers, even if they were extremely hot strangers.

“Looks like ye’ got some heavy stuff t’ere, you need help movin’ it?” the other man had spoken up and you now realize they have Irish accents, not like that they took away from their attractiveness.

“Oh, you don’t have to help me.” you answer modestly, not wanting them to have to take time out of there day just to help you move your things, you didn’t like feeling like a damsel in distress.

“It’s fine lass, we don’t mind honest.” the spiky haired replied with a shrug.

“Yea, besides our ma’ would have our arses if she found out we left a girl all by herself ta’ move heavy t’ings.” the dark haired man spoke up.

“T’at she would.” the other agreed wearily, his expression indicating some trauma had occurred in the past, you couldn’t help but laugh out loud picturing an angry Irish mama. You shuffled on your feet, still unsure to accept their offer. But the aches in your arms conveniently flared up you decided to put your pride aside and accept. 

“Well if you really don’t mind, I have all this.” you answer and point to the boxes in your car. The men both nod at you before going to the car and picking up your stuff. You pick up your box from the floor while still blushing.

“Just tell us where we’re headed lass.” the spiky haired man said looking right at you.

“Just in this building here, I’m on the second floor.” you answer which makes the dark haired man grin largely.

“Oi Connor, would ye’ look at t’at. I reckon we’re neighbors lass.” he declares while winking at you. You blush further more at his sexy smirk and only smile back at them before leading the way upstairs. While you mentally curse at the broken elevator, you hear quiet whispers behind you and realize the boys are talking in a different language, Latin perhaps. You try not to pry into their conversation, but you can’t help but feel as if they’re talking about you.

You reach your apartment and unlock the door setting the box down and directing the men where to put your things. You all start again at the car and the boys strike up a conversation with you while you move your things. You learn the spiky haired man is named Connor and the other Murphy. They were from Ireland but moved to Boston several years ago. You were also right to assume they were brothers, but you never would’ve guessed they were twins.

“But I’m older.” Connor insisted to you as Murphy glared at him.

“Oh fuck you, ma hasn’t told us who’s older.” Murphy argued which caused them both to ensue in a yelling match as you stood there with a grin on your face watching the twin brothers fight. They were quite the pair and it was comedic to you, you couldn’t help but laugh at their banter, causing both of them stop abruptly and look at you embarrassed. You finally get to the last of your things and by then the brothers know your name and know you’re new to Boston. They eagerly offer to show you around town and you smile politely saying you may take them up on their offer. 

It was only a short period of time, but you feel yourself becoming fond of the brothers. They were pretty amusing to talk to and you found yourself fascinated with those Irish accents. All your stranger anxiety slowly begins to fade and you start to think perhaps it’s not bad they’re your neighbors. Especially when you realize both of the brothers had been more or less flirting with you nonchalantly, it boosted your ego if you were honest with yourself. It wasn’t often you got hit on so to have two sexy Irish men flirt with you, you were feeling pretty good. 

“Well I think that’s all of it.” you sigh in relief to be done lifting boxes. You want nothing more than to take a hot shower and eat some junk food. “I really appreciate you helping me.” you tell them sincerely as they both shrug.

“We told ye’ before lass it’s no problem.” 

“I’d ask you guys to stay for dinner, but I haven’t had a chance to go to the grocery yet.” You apologize feeling awful you had nothing to give the men for their kind gesture but unfortunately you were strapped of cash since it mainly all went to your move to Boston.

“Aye, we don’t expect any’tin in return lass.” Murphy insisted.

“Ye’ don’t worry about it, Murph and I need to be headin’ out anyways, we were supposed ta’ meet Rocco a while ago.” Connor suddenly remembered as Murphy nodded back at him. You feel yourself frown inside, not wanting them to leave.

“Guess we’ll be seeing ye’ around lass.” Connor winked at you heading to the door with Murphy in tow. You thank them again as you open the door for them, Murphy suddenly stopping in the doorway. 

“Have a good night neighbor, see ye’ later.” he whispered before grabbing your hand and kissing the back of it softly. You shiver at the soft touch and try not to melt right in front of him. He smirks at you one last time before walking out to catch up with his brother. You can’t help but stare at them until they’re no longer in your line of vision. You sigh as you shut the door and head to the bathroom to shower. You feel immediately relaxed after cleaning yourself and putting the sheets and blankets on your bed. 

You sigh happily as you crawl into your bed and welcome the warmth of your favorite blanket wrapping it around you. Your mind suddenly thinks of Connor and Murphy. Such interesting men, and how ironic it is you’d meet them on your first day in Boston, and even more ironic they were your neighbors. You smile as you replay their accents in your head, those sexy fucking accents. 

Maybe coming to Boston wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

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