Heaven in His Eyes

BY : Aerys_Krystie
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Disclaimer: Everything of and referring to Four Brothers is not mine. This is a fan-made, non-profit story. Please support the official release.

~Heaven in His Eyes~


By: Aerys Krystie.

Theme: AU — Post movie — Jack alive.

Plot: Jack remembers the simple life he had with the Mercers’ as he’s in a coma.

Warnings: Language, slash, OOC.

Pairings: Bobby/Jack, sorta.

Disclaimer: Everything of and referring to Four Brothers is not mine. This is a fan-made, non-profit story. Please support the official release.


Unsure why the memory came back to him, Jack focused on in it. He remembered when he was thirteen and feeling more confident in the Mercer household that he ran down the stairs one morning. He heard Evelyn chide him softly about running in the house, just as she did with Angel. Unlike Angel, Jack was far lighter on his feet and could often get away with the running.

He remembered how he turned down the hallway and saw someone standing in the way, spinning to the side to avoid crashing into them and continuing on his way to the kitchen. He heard the other ‘hm’ in thought, before he was followed. He grabbed the plate of waffles covered with strawberry syrup. For some reason, he was the only one in the house that had strawberry syrup for waffles and pancakes. His brothers preferred maple or chocolate.

As he moved to the table in the kitchen, Evelyn had cleared her throat and pointed to the dining room. Jack remembered pouting at her, but moved through to the dining room. He looked up and his eyes brightened and danced when he saw Bobby in his chair. He sat down, his excitement making it impossible to eat much of his breakfast, especially as he chatted with Evelyn about some of the kids from school wanting to hit up the ice rink, mostly just to skate around.

“Why don’t you go with him, Bobby?” Evelyn had suggested and Jack remembered the feeling of crushing disappointment. Even after living with her for two years, she didn’t trust him enough to go somewhere alone.

The last thing Jack wanted was to take the Michigan Mauler to an ice rink during the off-season. He didn’t need any of his friends ending up in the hospital because Bobby couldn’t tell the difference between kids and adults. He wasn’t entirely sure if that was going to happen, but it wasn’t something he wanted to risk happening. Clearly, Evelyn either hadn’t thought of that or she did and figured Bobby could keep his bloodlust under control.

He remembered the way Bobby had shrugged, as though he had better things to do that day than hang around a bunch of middle-school kids. However, the look that Evelyn shot him made him straighten and grin at Jack, telling him to get his shit together as they were leaving in ten minutes. Jack had blinked and then looked at Evelyn. She smiled warmly and said that Bobby was very passionate about hockey and wanted to spend as much time as he could on the ice.

Jack had left his barely touched breakfast and run upstairs, grabbing his skates and hockey stick. He was about to leave his room, but grabbed his hoodie and ran downstairs, just as Bobby opened the front door. Apparently, ‘ten minutes’ meant ‘as soon as he finished his coffee.’ The drive to the indoor rink was done in silence, as Jack had no idea what to say to his brother. As they got there, Jack grinned and waved to his friends. The smile fell from his face when he noticed that he was with Bobby.

As much as Jack adored Bobby, he knew that his friends were deathly afraid of him. There was something about his brother that seemed to terrify everyone he came into contact with. He saw the way his friends glanced at their sticks and quickly got out of the car. He ran up to them, saying that Bobby wouldn’t be joining them. He couldn’t allow his brother to have free reign to wail on a bunch of kids. That seemed to put them at ease, until Bobby slipped out of the car, carrying his own skates and stick.

Jack remembered wanting to plead with Bobby, begging him not to join the game. However, he knew that Mercers didn’t beg, plead or beseech. He also knew that he had no say in what Bobby did or didn’t do. If his brother wanted to join the game, he would. If he wanted to send a dozen teenagers to the emergency room with concussions and possible fractured limbs, he would. Jack had lowered his eyes and apologized to his friends. To his surprise, two of them seemed excited at the idea of playing with Bobby. Jack learned that day what ‘sadomasochism’ was.

Once their teams were picked, Jack automatically on Bobby’s so he could keep an eye on him, the game began. Jack thought of when Bobby had taught him to skate. He’d been unstable and fall more times than he could actually count at the time. He’d expected Bobby to laugh and taunt him, but his brother just kept telling to get up and do it again, until the words were burned into his mind. Every time he fell, regardless on if it was on the ice or not, he would hear Bobby’s voice telling him to get up.

The game went…decently. Bobby took too much pleasure in shoving, tripping and shouldering the kids out of his way. Jack remembered the way Bobby watched as he turned on the spot, was able to skate backward and didn’t fall on his ass with pride. It warmed Jack’s heart to know that Bobby was proud of him. That was until he was shoved into the flexi-glass and felt the wind leave him as his sternum was crushed.

He fell to the ice, struggling to breathe, while he saw Bobby punching out the two kids that had ‘attacked’ him. The next thing he remembered was Bobby on his knees, holding his head. “Breathe, Jack. Ya gotta fuckin’ breathe, Jackie!”

And he fought to do so. He knew he couldn’t ignore an order from Bobby, as that would mean he would get his ass kicked. He remembered the pure relief that crossed Bobby’s face as he managed to suck in a lungful of air. He was helped to his feet by his brother and looked at the two that had shoved him, seeing that they were unconscious on the ice. He glanced at Bobby, silently asking if that was necessary. There could’ve been better ways to handle that.

No one shoves a Mercer against the glass. The fuckers should be grateful I didn’t beat the shit outta them.” Bobby tenderly let go of Jack to see if he could stand on his own. When he saw that he could, he indicated towards the rink exit with his head. Jack nodded and said he’d see the others in school on Monday.

They never spoke to Jack Mercer again. Somehow, Jack knew that being a Mercer would mean being alone in a crowd.


The day he arrived at the Mercer house would be something he’d never forget. He was a scrawny, pasty kid that had clung to the back of Evelyn’s shirt as she took him into the house. He wasn’t sure why he felt an attachment to her so easily. He never got it with anyone else, but there was something warm and motherly about her, especially when she told him that he would be safe and that his brothers would never allow anyone to hurt him, ever again. He wanted to believe those words with everything in him, but he’d been around enough to know that it rarely worked that way.

He figured it had something to do with the fact that he had spent the day with her, behind closed doors. She didn’t yell at him or raise her hand. In fact, she never touched him. The most she would do would be wave her hands as she spoke about something, but she always kept her distance from him as she did that. He remembered looking up at her for the first time and saw that her eyes were blue and warm. She didn’t seem scary or mean and as much as Jack didn’t want to let his guard down, she was kinder to him than the previous ‘parents’ had been. She didn’t talk down to him and asked him questions about what he liked. He remembered wishing he could have answered those questions.

Still, he held onto the back of her shirt, wanting to remain hidden from the others. He could hear them in the house as she opened the door that evening. She stood in the living room entrance and watched as her sons wrestled each other, the oldest easily throwing his brothers off of him and around the room. They were laughing almost maniacally.

Jack remembered the way he froze as he watched the trio. He couldn’t believe that they were brothers with the way they were fighting. At the time, he didn’t know the difference between fighting and roughhousing. He had no idea how this woman could protect him from them. However, he remembered the pure shock that filled him when she cleared her throat. She didn’t say anything, she didn’t change her stance. She just politely cleared her throat and instantly, the trio stopped what they were doing.

The white one grinned and stepped up to her, hugging her tightly as she chuckled warmly. “Oh, it’s good to have you home again, Bobby. You plannin’ on stickin’ around this time?”

“Thinkin’ ’bout it, Ma,” Bobby said as he stepped back and noticed the kid behind her. “And who are you, squirt?”

Jack remembered just staring at him, eyes wide and mouth parted slightly. The one known as Bobby looked as though he didn’t listen to anyone. How did Ms. Mercer have so much control over the three of them? What did she do in order to keep them in line? His eyes flickered to the other two. One of them didn’t look like he’d cause much trouble, but the younger one had a mischievous gleam in his eyes as Evelyn stared at him.

Upon hearing Bobby’s question, the other stepped forward and looked down at him. Jack remembered freezing as they stared at him. Evelyn must’ve felt the way his hand tightened on her shirt, as she simply told the three of them to back up and give him some space. She didn’t shout at them, but all three took several steps back and Jack relaxed. He remembered her warm hand reaching back and resting on his shoulder as she gently coaxed him to stand in front of her.

“Boys, I want you to meet Jack,” she had said proudly. “Jack, these are your new brothers. Bobby, Jeremiah and Angel,” she murmured as she pointed them out.

“Hey, Jack,” Jeremiah said as he stepped forward and held his hand out. His eyes widened as Jack jumped and tried to pass through Evelyn. He quickly dropped his hand. “I’m sorry, man. I’m Jerry.”

The other two took Jerry’s lead and introduced themselves. Jack just nodded at them. Evelyn had asked Jeremiah to show Jack to his room, while she got started on dinner. Jack remembered the way he looked up at her, pleading with her not to leave him alone with them. She had simply smiled warmly and told him that they were just like her, except that they were her sons.

“Please,” he had whispered and he heard one of them scoff behind him.

“Mercers’ don’t beg or plead, ya little fairy,” Bobby had stated firmly and stepped up to him.

Jack flinched as his hand came up. He expected to be hit, but all that happened as the hand resting gently on the nape of his neck. Bobby crouched down and whispered into his ear.

“You don’t have to be scared anymore. Ya got us to fight off the monsters, now.”

He remembered the way Bobby’s thumb had massaged his neck and the softness to his eyes as he stared at him. He had looked at Jeremiah. He had the same tenderness in his eyes, as did Angel. He nodded stiffly and remembered how much he missed that hand on his neck when Bobby stood up. Evelyn had handed his bag to Jeremiah and he followed the older boy up to his bedroom, thinking that for once, he didn’t have to be scared.


When he was fifteen, Jack remembered coming home from school. He’d gotten into another fight and he knew that Evelyn would be mighty disappointed with him. Jack couldn’t explain why he was so angry, but he just needed to hit something or someone. He’d stupidly taken on a senior that had insulted his brothers, which made Jack see red. He refused to let anyone say anything bad about the Mercer family. He knew they weren’t perfect, but they were his family.

He had simply tapped the guy on the shoulder. When he turned around, he swung and sent the bastard crashing down to the floor. He was jumped three football players. He had felt a spark of cold pride when he managed to kick out one of their knees. The kid had howled his pain and stumbled back, falling down and holding the joint. Jack wondered how he was going to play with that. The beat down on him had stopped after that and he managed to get to his feet and stumble off before a teacher could send him to the principal’s office and have him suspended again.

His body was already littered with bruises and Jack had no idea why he continued to add to them. He remembered sitting in his classes, praying that the day would never end. Of course, he had no idea what awaited him when he got home. As he shambled through the door, kicking off his shoes and taking a moment to draw in as much as possible before he tackled the stairs, he saw a silhouette from his peripheral and turned around. His eyes widened and he stepped back, tripping over his shoes and crashing into the coats that were handing up.

Bobby had simply laughed at him, wanting to know how he could be so graceful on the ice, but be a complete klutz with walking. Jack had scrambled to his feet and moved to the stairs as Bobby reached out to help him up. When he thought about it, he was certain he saw hurt flash through Bobby’s eyes, but he said nothing as he asked Jack if he wanted something to drink. Jack was certain he mumbled something about homework and went up to his bedroom, closing the door.

He had lied on his bed and focused on breathing normally. It had hurt too much to sit up in fear when his bedroom door swung open. He remembered Bobby asking permission to enter and Jack knew he wouldn’t go away, so he nodded and beckoned him into the room. He sat up slowly when he heard a bag and saw that Bobby had the witch hazel. His eyes widened as he tried to figure out how Bobby knew he was bruised. He completely forgot about his knuckles, which were on full display.

Jack blinked as Bobby worked the witch hazel into his knuckles, asking him who he was fighting this time. He had shrugged and muttered something about the senior that had talked trash about his family. Bobby said nothing else, focusing on the task. When he was done, he absently kissed Jack’s knuckles. Jack assumed Bobby had picked up the habit from Evelyn, as she always kissed their injuries. However, unlike the motherly feeling he got when Evelyn did it, Jack wasn’t sure what he was feeling when Bobby did it.

Before he could say anything, Bobby handed him the cotton balls and the witch hazel, telling him to do the bruises on his torso and left the room, closing the door. Jack looked down and saw that his shirt was askew, revealing a bruise on his clavicle. He did as Bobby ordered and returned the cotton balls and witch hazel to the first aid kit in the kitchen. He joined Bobby in the living room, watching some comedy show. As he went to ask Bobby not to tell Evelyn, Bobby said that he’d never tell Ma about someone defending the Mercer honor. Bobby had glanced at him and smirked.


Without meaning to, the memory of his ‘first kiss’ came to mind. It had happened the following week, as he got into another fight. That time it was the senior getting his revenge on Jack. He managed to bust Jack’s lip and bruise his cheek. Jack put up a decent fight, thinking of all the ways Bobby taught him. He slammed the heel of his palm into the senior’s sternum, which had him stumbling back and gasping for air. Jack remembered tilting his head, staring at him blankly. He went to the nearest bathroom and cleaned up the blood on his face from the split lip.

As expected, when he got home, Bobby was there and just shook his head. For some reason, Bobby seemed disappointed in him and Jack found that just as unbearable as when Evelyn was disappointed in him. He went to run to his room, but Bobby sighed and grabbed his arm, dragging him into the kitchen. Jack knew he should have been curious about why the first aid box was already out. He sat down and watched as Bobby gently dabbed the iodine onto his lip.

Jack had known that it was second nature to Bobby, but he leaned forward and kissed the cut. Jack ignored the pain and pressed his lips back to Bobby’s, which made the oldest Mercer pull back. His eyes had been wide and unreadable, before he packed away the iodine and told Jack to work the witch hazel into the bruises on his face. He had left the kitchen and refused to look at Jack at all during the night. The next morning, all of Bobby’s possessions were gone and he didn’t see his brother for another six years, until Mom’s death brought them together once more.


Pain and beeping was all he could feel and hear. His eyes wanted to open, but something was preventing it. He apparently had no control over his body, but he could feel his eyebrows frowning. He could feel his fingers twitching. He could make out the light of the room he was in. He tried moving his right hand and choked on a cry as agony bolted through his body. His throat throbbed from the sudden use.

There was shouting. Someone was saying that someone was awake. He tried to recoil as his lids were forced open and the brightness of the room hit his retina for the first time in a while. He turned his head away, his lips moving in the one word that always made its way there, he knew it did somehow. He rasped, trying to get some sound out of his damn mouth. Whoever was standing beside him said something to another person.

The strain of everything happening around him made him black out again. The last thought running through his head was: Bobby! Who’s Bobby?

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