Rey's Interrogation

BY : S.Corsette
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The straps were tight around Rey’s arms and legs. The first order interrogation chair held her body straight and no matter how much she struggled she couldn’t break free. 

 Finally after many attempts, Rey gave up and let her body go limp against the machine, waiting impatiently for her captor to arrive.

 It was only a minute or so later that he did. The doors burst open and in stepped the Sith, Kybo Ren. He was a tall, lanky man wearing all black robes that included a cape, and covering his face was a mask that looked eerily similar to the one Darth Revan had.

 As he walked in she could see that there was two more people following him in. Both were Stormtroopers, one in the normal white armour while the other was in a full silver version that included a black cape.

 Kybo Ren, began to walk towards Rey. He came close to the chair before he spoke. “Tell me where the rebel base is located!” He screamed in a whiny pitch.

 “No.” Rey replied in a monotone voice.

 “Well then…” Ren took off his mask revealing his face. “Then I’ll make you talk!”

 Kybo used his force powers on the girl. Digging into her mind, but Rey just bounced him back with her own force powers. She dug into his mind.

 “You can’t do that!” Ren tried to push back Rey’s probing.  

 “You’re a scared little boy, aren’t you?” She asked as she finished look at Kybo Ren’s past and feelings.

 “No I’m not! I’m scary!” He whined.

 “Yea… I’m sure.”

 Ren pouted then pulling out his lightsaber he began hitting random objects including the white armoured Stormtrooper. “I’m telling Master Snoke on you!”

 He left throwing a tantrum, swinging his lightsaber around like a moron.

 “I guess the interrogation is left up to me then.” The silver Stormtrooper said as she closed and locked the door behind her. “I was hoping that would be the case.”

 She came up to the black haired woman and let her armoured hands roam over her.

Rey squirmed under the touch. “Hey! What do you think you’re doing?!”

 The Stormtrooper gave a small, sinister laugh. “I’m going to interrogate you.” She said. “And it’s Captain Phasma. But soon, you will be calling my mistress.”

 Rey gritted her teeth. “Get your hands off me!”

 Much to her surprise, Phasma did, but only to start removing her armour. The woman began with her gloves, taking them off slowly showing off her fair skin, afterwards she let her hands glide over her captive’s body, making sure to linger at intimate places.

 Rey tried to struggle against the unwanted feels but only got a sharp laugh from Phasma instead.

 Phasma slipped her hand over Rey’s covered breast and gave it a soft squeeze, feeling the softness under the fabric. Then her hand darted down between Rey’s legs, quickly, catching the girl off-guard.

 Rey took a sharp intake of breath as she felt the digits glide over her clothed sex. Phasma laughed in return. “Did you like that?” Rey face turned crimson from both embarrassment and anger.

 Phasma removed her hands and began undressing again. This time removing her chest-plate, belt, and finally her crotch guard. Leaving her in nothing but her black sealed body glove, that was standard for Stormtroopers to wear underneath. She never took off her helmet or armoured leggings.

 Before striping anymore, Phasma went to a small cabinet, attached to the wall in one side of the room. She punched in a number and, after a sharp beep, the door slid open and Phasma retrieved what she was after.

 Coming back before Rey, Phasma showed the girl the syringes she held in her hand before placing them in the small tray next to the up-right bed.

 “What are those?”

 Phasma never replied right away, instead went back to striping. She undid her leggings and then removed the black undergarment, slowly.

 Rey turned her head as the Stormtrooper’s breasts popped out. Then the silver helmet trooper removed the last bit, revealing something dangling between her legs to the open. Rey however never saw it as she desperately tried to avert her gaze.

 Then she felt something sting her arm, and she gasped at the pain. “What!?” She flung her head over to see what it was.

 Phasma pushed in on the syringe, injecting all the contents into Rey’s arm. “I just injected you with a very special medicine.” She said as she pulled out the empty syringe and placed it on the tray.

 Suddenly the sharp pain in her arm was overtaken by a rush of heat throughout her body.  “W-What did you do?” Rey demanded as she felt her body heat up further, and her nipples begin to get hard.

 “Like I said; A special medicine. To be more precise a powerful aphrodisiac.”

 “What?” Rey asked dumbfounded. But her body couldn’t deny it, she felt horny, her pussy began to get slightly wet despite her attempts to calm herself.

 “Now, look here.” Rey looked down to where Phasma’s hands were. Her eyes widened as she saw a huge cock on the woman.

 “W-What the hell!?”

 “Soon this will be deep inside you.” Phasma said as she stroked her hard member.

 Rey once more was desperately fighting against her restraints. “No, No, No, No!”

 “You can’t escape.” Phasma put her hands on Rey’s bust, playing with them through the clothes. “Nor can you deny your body what it wants.”

 Phasma then grabbed at Rey’s clothes and began tearing them off her body. She exposed the desert-dwelling girl’s breasts as Rey squirmed and struggled.

 Phasma’s hands went back on the offensive, groping the two beauties in a strong, yet gentle embrace. She roamed all over them, before her fingers wrapped around the pink nipples and she played with them.

 Rey could feel her pussy drip as she was continuously molested.

 “Do you like this?” Phasma asked as her attack on the tits never stopped or slowed.

 “I-I don’t!” Rey managed to spit back.

 “Is that so?” Phasma dropped one hand down to the girl’s crotch. She could feel the wetness even through the clothes. “Your body doesn’t seem to agree with your mouth.”

 Rey gritted her teeth as she felt the abuser’s fingers slick up and down her covered vagina.

 “Let’s get a better look at that, shall we?”

 “No!” Rey shouted as her resistance returned once more.

 “Resisting only turns me on more!” Phasma laughed as she grabbed at the edge of the girl’s pants.

 “No! Don’t touch me! Get away!” But Rey was helpless against Phasma, the Stormtrooper was too powerful for the bound girl and her efforts to escape were just wasted energy. Something that Phasma enjoyed as she knew it would only help her break the young woman even faster.

 With a single, strong motion, Phasma tore off Rey’s pants, leaving hanging rags around her legs, and the girl’s undergarment in full view. They were white cloths that seemed to be just wrapped around the intended area, and in the center was a large wet stain.

 Rey tried to close her legs to at least keep some dignity but the ankle straps and Phasma’s powerful hands kept them apart. The female Stormtrooper looked hungrily at the dampness between the scavenger’s legs. “Now tell me the truth. Or I might have to use some more.”

 “Piss off!” Rey yelled.

 Phasma grinned beneath her mask. “I was hoping you would say that.” One hand went to Rey’s crotch and began rubbing the wet cunt through the thin layer still left while the other went for another syringe.

 Rey tried to resist it, but her body heated up and she felt her cunt drool from the other woman’s hands. Her hips began, against her wishes, to push back against the fingers that ran over her covered wetness. Then she felt the syringe enter…

 And Rey’s body exploded in heat and pleasure. Her mind ran black as her pussy squirted its love juices through the cloth, hitting Phasma.

 Rey had never experienced anything like that before. Being a naïve girl on a desert planet, just trying to get through each day, she never masturbated before and she certainly had never orgasmed. This new feeling was almost addicting in its sheer pleasure granting that Rey almost felt as if giving into the other woman just for a little more of that ultimate feeling wouldn’t be so bad. But after her cool down, she pushed such thoughts out of her mind and hoped she would never think such things again.

 “How did that feel?” Phasma asked. The woman brought a sticky hand to her crotch and rubbed Rey’s juices up and down her erect member.

 “I-It…I-It…” Rey was so out of breath and hot she couldn’t talk straight.

 “That’s what I thought.” Phasma laughed. “It felt so good you lost your mind for a minute there, didn’t you?”

 “N-No…” Rey managed to squeeze out.

 “I’m surprised you still have this much of your sanity left after two injections. You are a tough one.” Phasma gripped Rey’s undergarments and tore them away.

 Rey was so exhausted that as she went to protest all that came out was, “N-No…P-Please…” It was weak, barely audible, and had no force behind it. It only turned Phasma on even more.

 Now Phasma got a good look at the younger girl’s bare pussy. Rey never bothered to shave, so there was a fairly hairy bush around the area, not too much surprisingly but still strong.

 The Captain ran her fingers through the strands of dark hair, then pressed her fingers to the girl’s tight pussy.

 Rey tried to will her body away from the dominating woman’s hands but she couldn’t, the exhaustion was only part of the reason. The other was a deep feeling of lust awakening within her. She didn’t want to admit it but her body was longing for this woman’s touch. When Phasma gently began to push a digit into her pussy, Rey let out a moan.

 “So you do enjoy it, admit it.” Phasma laughed. “Your wet cunt and cute moans only confirm it.”  

 “N-No…” Rey managed to say, but the way her body reacted through her moans, betrayed her.

 Phasma only let her finger brush against the woman’s hymen as she wanted to save that for later, but for now she let her index finger enjoy the wet warmth inside the moaning girl’s pussy.

“I think that’s enough of that.” Phasma said as she pulled her finger out. Rey didn’t want to admit it but she was disappointed to have the intruding digit leave. And the groan that escaped her was the evidence that the Stormtrooper needed. “Oh, don’t worry you little slut, It’s only going to get better from now on.”

 Rey’s eyes widened as she saw Phasma push her large cock against her virgin pussy opening. “W-Wait stop…” She begged.

 “Don’t say that. I know you want it you little slut.” Phasma hissed as she grinded her dick against the girl’s hairy, wet cunt. Her dick was greased in a mixture of pre-cum and Rey’s girl juice, and she ran the head over the girl’s erect clitoris, sending more pleasure cries echoing out from the innocent wastelander. “Admit it, tell me how much you truly want this!”

 Rey grit her teeth as drool flowed out and down her chin. The intense pleasure that this woman was giving her was almost too much and she tried desperately to act against her body. Her mind screamed for cock but she wouldn’t let Phasma hear her dirty thoughts. “F-Fuck Y-You!”

 “Even with the drugs coursing through your body and my expert techniques you remain unbroken. You are a strong one. I haven’t had a woman that has stayed onto her sanity for this long before.” Phasma stopped for a brief moment to reach over and grab another syringe. “Third times the charm, right?”

 “No!” Rey screamed she tried to get her body to move but it wouldn’t listen to her, it was beyond the point of reason, her body wanted this to happen. “S-Stop…”

 Phasma lined up her cock to Rey’s pussy, and the syringe to the girl’s arm. Then in one great motion she slammed herself fully inside and pressed down on the syringe, ripping Rey’s virginity from her and pushing more of the drug deep inside her blood stream.

 This moment of dual intrusion was so intense that Rey screamed as an overwhelming orgasm shot through her body. It was so pleasurable that for a brief moment Rey fell unconscious, her body stiffening in the powerfully, dominating soldier’s arms.

 It was only for a second that Rey’s mind turned blank, then her eyes focused back on the scene at hand. Her feelings beginning to lessen, she could feel the hard intruder deep inside her, throbbing against her flesh as it nestled in the girl’s wet warmth.

 “Felt pretty good didn’t it you slut?” Phasma asked, her body edging closer to Rey’s own.

 Rey wanted to spit foul words back at her but her mouth drooled too much and her lips felt numb. She only let saliva pour out in long strings down her chin.

 “That’s what I thought… It was so good that you can’t even talk.” Phasma pushed her body against Rey’s. Flesh rubbed against flesh, breast against breast, nipple against nipple. “I’m going to start moving now.”

 Rey groaned as she felt the cock begin to push itself out of her cunt, the hard shaft escaping her warm cavern, then as Phasma almost had herself fully out, she slammed back in.

 Rey orgasmed again, her body jerking with the futanari’s motion. Her eyes widened and her tongue stuck out.

 “Came again, did you?” Phasma taunted. She once again pulled back only to thrust back in harshly, then again and again. Each time increasing tempo until she had a steady rhythm going.  “Feels good doesn’t it, you cunt?”

 Her body pushed beyond her limit and her mind scrambled from the intense pleasure, as wave after wave of orgasm washed over her, Rey felt at the edge of her sanity. She couldn’t stop herself any longer, her hips pushed against the dominating Dickgirl.

 “You are a slut.” Phasma hissed, as she only increased her movements. “Admit it! Admit that you’re a dirty, cum-starved whore!”

 Rey didn’t reply, she couldn’t any more, her mind was behind that level. Another orgasm struck her like lightning making her tighten her vaginal muscles in a tight constrict around the intruding cock.

 “I’m going to cum!” Phasma panted. “I’m going to cum inside! Take it! Take all of my cum, you dirty whore!”

 Phasma’s cock exploded, her cum gushing from her tip. The white goo flooded Rey’s womb, making the scavenger scream in ecstasy, her mind gone off the edge, the last bit of sanity left in her was exterminated by the overwhelming orgasm that ripped through her body. Her head shot back, and her body arched, as a second load of baby-batter filled her insides.

 Phasma continued to slam her hips into Rey, as she released wave after wave of sticky, white semen inside the broken woman, thrashing in pleasure beneath her.

 The Futanari cum just wouldn’t stop, Rey could feel her womb expand as Phasma emptied her balls inside.

 Phasma watched with great pleasure as Rey’s belly grew like a bubble from the sheer volume of seed that had been pumped in, and was stilling being unloaded.

 Finally after a few shots, Phasma had emptied herself. The Futanari looked down at what she had caused, the blissful looking girl and the huge stomach that was full of her seed.

 Phasma had not pulled herself out yet, she kept her semi-hard dick inside the pussy, making it act like a plug for the huge ocean of cum that wanted desperately to escape.

 “How’d you like that?” Phasma asked.

 “….L-Loved I-It….” Rey gasped.

 “You loved being fucked like a dirty, filthy Whore, and being filled to the brim with cum?!”

 “Yes! Yes, I loved it!”

 “Not only did I steal your virginity but I probably just got you pregnant as well!” Phasma slapped the swollen belly. “But you loved that didn’t you!?”

 “Yes! I loved it when you raped me! I want to be impregnated by you on my first fuck!” Rey screamed.

 Phasma laughed. “You’re my dirty cumdumpster now, aren’t you?”

 “Yes, I’m your Filthy cumdumpster!”

 “Good.” Phasma pulled out, her cock unleashing the load of sticky seed. All of the creamy, white cum that was cooped up, came rushing out like a dam breaking, staining Phasma and the ground. The feeling was too intense for Rey and she came again.

 Phasma watched the flow and stroked her returning erection, until the waterfall of cum began to slow down. The Dickgirl enjoyed the scene immensely, her cock was now fully erect once again.

 She went around to Rey’s head, looking over the messy face. Saliva ran all over her chin and mouth, her neck too caught a lot. Her eyes were weary, glazed over, with tears streaking out. Her hair an absolute mess.

 Phasma pushed her cock out to Rey’s face. The interrogation chair kept Rey on her back and the dick hovering over her face. Phasma cock was still covered in thick cream from her heavy loads, as well as the waterfall of cum that coated it afterwards.

 Some cum slipped off Phasma’s cock and landed on Rey’s face. “Do you know what I want you to do?”

 Rey shook her head weakly.

 “I want you to kiss it.”

 Rey eyes closed as she brought her pursed lips up to the cock, she kissed it deeply. Then brought her head back down and looked up at Phasma. “My fist kiss was with your cum covered cock.” She breathed.

 Phasma’s cock strained as she heard that. “Kiss it more.” She demanded.

 Rey did so, she brought her face back up and pressed her lips onto the shaft. Then she began to lay small kisses wherever she could reach. Small touches of her lips hit all over the long shaft.

 Then Rey let out her tongue. The pink organ danced over the erection’s underside, picking up all the white goo that was left, and making it shimmer from her saliva.

 “That’s good.” Phasma groaned as her hands ran all over her breasts, squeezing at her tits. “Now a little further down.”

 Phasma moved forward the slightest, so now her massive balls were directly over Rey’s face. “Start licking.”

 Rey never hesitated. She pushed her lips onto the hanging fruit and began kissing it all over. Her tongue snaked out and began slurping them. Her tongue darted all over the sack and coated the thing in her drool, the she went back to kissing them.

 Rey popped one into her mouth and sucked deeply on them. Then spitting it out, she pushed the other in and gave it a taste. She decided that she loved the taste.

 Phasma was close to blowing her load as Rey continued the assault on her nuts and her hand was now a blur over her shaft. But she didn’t want to cum like this. “Alright that’s enough!” Phasma demanded. Rey backed off.

 “I thought of something even better.” Phasma said. She backed up until her cockhead was pointing directly at Rey’s mouth. “Open wide, slut.”

 Rey did so and Phasma entered inside. Her cock began descending deeper into Rey’s mouth, until it hit the girl’s throat. “Now it’s time to get serious. You ready whore?”

 Rey was puzzled, but Phasma didn’t really give her much time to wonder, as suddenly she slammed her hips as far as they could inside Rey’s throat. Rey gagged as she felt the hard intruder penetrate her esophagus, and the massive balls slap against her face.

 Phasma could see her cock’s impression, the massive bulge in the innocent girl’s throat. She watched as the bulge disappeared when she pulled back and then reappear when she thrusted back in.

 “How do you like that?” Phasma laughed sadistically, as she sped up her hip movements. “How do you like being throat fucked, you dirty whore?”

 Rey couldn’t say anything, her drool was running out of her well-fucked mouth and down her face, catching in her nose and eyes when the huge balls slapped her.    

Phasma grabbed onto Rey’s breasts and squeezed them tightly in her palms, her hips continued at their pace, drilling faster and deeper into the girl’s oral cavities.

 “This is good!” Phasma grunted. “You throat is so fucking tight. I could fuck your dirty mouth all day.”

 Rey grunted and gagged in response.

 “That’s right you filthy slut! Take my fat cock, all of it!” Phasma gave a huge thrust and bottomed out, then she stayed there, her hips pressed against Rey’s face and her cock forced into the girl’s stomach.

 Rey couldn’t breathe, her eyes watered and she gagged on the massive meat. She grabbed Phasma’s ass roughly as she felt her consciousness start to fade.

 Luckily Phasma backed up and Rey could breathe through her nostrils once again, she took huge sniffs to try to calm her breathing once again. But it didn’t last for long as Phasma once more thrusted all the way in and cut off Rey’s air supplies.

 The Futanari did this multiple times, each time leaving her hips pressed up for a few seconds, effectively chocking Rey, before coming back.

“Oh, fuck!” Phasma screamed after a few more thrusts. “I’m going to fucking cum! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” Phasma’s hips gave a final push deep inside, and then she began to cum. Her cream shot out directly into Rey’s stomach, several more shots followed, flooding the girl. Phasma began to back up, the goo shooting out more with each movement she made, coating the entirety of Rey’s throat with it, then the girl’s mouth. Finally she pulled out and shot her last load over Rey’s well fucked face.

 Rey gagged on the thick substance in her esophagus. She coughed up much of the semen, letting it run down her already coated face. It mixed with her salty tears as they flowed constantly from her red, puffy eyes. Her hair was a layer of white.

 “Swallow my pet.” Phasma ordered as she covered Rey’s mouth and nose. The girl squirmed as her breath was sealed away and she had to gag on the girl-cum that stuck to her throat.

 Phasma watched with great delight as Rey struggled underneath her, her eyes popping out and her throat spazming as she tried to swallow everything that was clogging up her eating tube.

 Finally Phasma released the helpless girl after she saw the eyes begin to fade. Rey gasped deeply for air, sucking as much into her as possible.

 “Did you eat it all?” Phasma asked, her cock once again erect and her hand slipping up and down it.

 “I-I did…” Rey managed to wheeze.

 “Good. But I still want more.” Phasma laughed as she began walking back down to Rey’s bottom. “I think I’ll take this hole again. What do you think?”

 “No… Please I’ve had enough…”

 “What was that?!” Phasma slapped the girl’s tits hard, making Rey scream. “What the fuck did you just say?!”

 “Please stop!”

 Phasma slapped Rey again and again changing body parts each time. “When I want more, I get more! Is that understood whore!?”

 “Yes… I-I’m sorry! Forgive me!”

 Phasma calmed her hand. “Then tell me what you want?”

 “I-I want you’re cock!” Rey yelled. “P-Please mistress, fuck my filthy pussy with your huge Futanari cock!”

 “That’s better!” The Stormtrooper commander pressed her cockhead against the well abused pussy of Rey. Then with a sudden thrust, she was fully inside. There was no slow pacing this time. Just rough, fast fucking.

 Rey couldn’t help herself, despite being taken against her will for the second time, she moaned out in extreme pleasure with each trust against her cervix. Her moans soon turned into yells and she screamed in ecstasy.

 “You’re screaming so much! You really are a filthy slut aren’t you!?” Phasma roared as she hammered away at the girl’s inside, turning it into mush.

“Yes!” Rey screamed. “I love it! Please fuck me! Tear apart my insides with that thick cock!”

 “I will!” Phasma grunted heavily as her balls smacked against the girl’s butt in rapid repetition. Then she felt her cockhead push past the cervix and dig deep inside the girl’s uterus. “Do you feel that? I just struck your womb!”

 “Yes! It’s so good! More! Destroy my dirty pussy! Dig deeper inside my womb!”

 “I’m going to cum!” Phasma screamed as she felt her balls tighten once more. 

 “Yes! I’m going to cum too!” Rey screamed. “Fill me up!”

 “No.” Phasma replied as she suddenly pulled out.


  Phasma pumped her huge cock in her hands. “I said no. Besides didn’t you say you didn’t want it anymore anyways?”

 “B-But… more! Please more mistress! Fuck me! I’m begging you! I was so close!”

 “I know. So was I-” Phasma came, her cock spazming as she shot wave after wave of cum onto Rey’s sweaty, sticky body. “That felt good!”

 “Please! Fuck me!” Rey begged, she tried to push her body against Phasma’s now decreasing cock in a desperate attempt to get off.

 Phasma let her finger run lightly over the poor girl’s clitoris. “A moment ago you said you didn’t want it.”

 “I was wrong! I love having you rape me! So please…”

 “Alright I will.” Phasma stroked her cock back to erection once more.

 Rey’s eyes light up. “Thank you-”

 “But only if you tell me where the Resistance base is.”

 Rey’s eyes fell. “I-I can’t…”

 “Then I guess you won’t get that orgasm. What a shame.” Phasma once more let her fingers dance all around Rey’s clitoris, but never let the woman get off on it. She stopped right when Rey was about to orgasm, keeping the scavenger on edge.

 “Please let me cum!”

 “Only if you tell me!”

 “I-I-” Rey was stuck. Her body begged for the denied orgasm, it wanted only to fulfill her lust. Yet some part of her mind wouldn’t let her. The very small part that was still sane wouldn’t let her betray her friends. “I can’t…”

 “What?” Phasma was baffled. The girl was submissive only a moment ago, yet she still had the willpower to disobey her. “You are very strong indeed. Any other woman would be beyond the point of reasoning by now.”

 “I won’t betray them…” Rey said, a bit of force behind her words returning to her.

 Phasma realised this, and made sure to stop it. She grabbed another syringe and stabbed it into Rey’s arm before emptying its contents. “Try to resist this!”

 Rey received her orgasm as the heat spread throughout her body once more. Her breath was stolen from her and her mind blanked out.

 Phasma thrusted herself back inside and began fucking the girl through her intense orgasm pushing the scavenger beyond any normal person’s limits. Her fingers darted to the pink nipples and she tugged and played with them increasing the pleasure.

 Rey screamed as yet another orgasm ran through her. Her entire body was on fire and no matter how many orgasms she had, it wasn’t enough. Her battered pussy begged for more.

 And once again Phasma pulled out and threw her fingers on the small girl bud, rubbing and teasing it. “Now will you tell me!?”

 Rey moaned through her tears. She tried to thrust her hips back but she couldn’t, her body was still so hot, it needed this.


 “Yes, go on.” Phasma removed her hands, enjoying the sight of the helpless girl throwing her hips around. She pressed her member back the entrance.

 “They are-”

 Phasma teased the pussy with her thick cockhead. Rubbing it over the swollen cunt, and dipping it slightly in the entrance.

 “There in the Illeenium system!” Rey shouted. “The planet D’Qar!”

 “D’Qar huh?”

 “YES! That’s where they are! Now fuck me mistress! Hurry up and plow my filthy pussy with your big, fat girl-cock!”

 “Yes good girls, deserve a reward!” Phasma then thrusted inside as deep as possible.

 Rey roared as another devastating orgasm rippled through her, her mind final gone after betraying her friends. “More! More! Fuck me more!”

 “You’re a dirty whore!” Phasma taunted. “You just betrayed your friends to their deaths just to be fucked! You sold them out for an orgasm! Aren’t you ashamed?!”

 “No! I don’t care about them anymore! I only care about your big cock!”

 “Then be my pet forever! Besides you’ll have nowhere to go now that the resistance is going to be eradicated.”

 “Yes! I’ll stay with you mistress! Just don’t stop fucking me!”

 Phasma rammed back and forth inside Rey, the tight pussy constantly constricting as it went through orgasm after orgasm.

 The Futanari dug her dick far enough to kiss the tip of womb, then she plunged deep inside it, fucking the uterus roughly.

 Rey panted harshly as her mind fell away from her and her body convulsed after each orgasm. She gritted her teeth roughly and her eyes widened as she felt yet another ripple through her.

 “I’m going to cum!” Phasma yelled. “I’m going to cum and flood your womb! I’m going to knock you up!”

 “Yes please mistress! Cum inside me!”

 Phasma did so. She pressed herself as far as she could before unleashing her torrent of cum. The loads of seed building up inside the girl’s uterus.

 Rey orgasmed one finally time, the most intense she’s ever had. Her entire body spazmed as she fell unconscious from the raw pleasure. 

 Finally after another several loads of cum, Phasma was finished and she freed her penis from the tight cavern with a pop, the thick pool of white goo following her cock out.

 “Now, wasn’t that good my slave?” Phasma panted.

 Rey never answered as her wide eyes were blank and her chest heaved rapidly.

 “Oh, it felt so good that you fainted.” She laughed. “It doesn’t matter I got what I needed. The resistance will burn and everyone you knew will be dead. And you will live forever as my pet. I will fuck your hungry pussy whenever I want to and cum inside whenever the thought strikes me. I hope you’re ready for your new life as my sex slave.”



 Phasma strutted past the uniformed soldiers of the first order star destroyer. Each one saluting as she passed them.

 Spirits were high aboard that ship. And they should be. The resistance was gone, only a small pack remaining. But soon they would be wiped out as well.

 Phasma came to her own personal chambers and after unlocking the heavily secured door, she entered.

 Rey was waiting for her, completely naked. Her hair was down and in her pussy and ass were vibrating didoes. “You’re back mistress!”

 “Yes.” Phasma replied as she bean ripping off her clothes. “And I killed more of the resistance. Not that you would care.”

 “Are you going to fuck me, mistress? I’ve been so good, waiting here for you. I’m ready, my dirty pussy is so wet right now.”

 Phasma slipped down on her bed, her erection swinging between her legs. “I just slaughtered a lot more resistance fighters, so I’m pretty tired.”

 “Don’t worry, mistress, I’ll do everything!” Rey took out the didoes and got on top of Phasma as the Futanari lid all the way down. And quickly Rey had thrusted herself fully on the huge cock.

 Rey pounced up and down the humongous dick, her cunt making slopping sounds with each push. “Mistress, I love your cock!”

 “Damn your pussy is tight.” Phasma hissed as she grabbed the woman’s waist. “Out of all the women I’ve raped in my interrogation, you have the best pussy!”

 Rey’s tongue stuck out as she increased her pace, skewering herself deeply, the cockhead kissing her womb each time she bottomed out.

 “You know who I saw today?” Phasma asked.

 Rey never answered as she was too busy fucking herself silly.

 “FN-2187. Or as he called himself now, Finn.”

 “Who’s that?” Rey grunted in reply.

 Phasma laughed sadistically. “Nobody. Just someone I killed today. But you don’t care do you?”

 “No!” Rey screamed as her first orgasm of the night ripped through her. “I don’t care about anything but your big, fat cock!”

 “Filthy slut! You’re begging your friend’s murderer to fuck you! You really are nothing but a whore!”

 “Yes! I’m nothing but a disgusting, filthy whore! Fuck me more and more mistress!”

 “Of course! Because now you’re nothing more than my slave!” Phasma gritted her teeth as she felt her balls tighten. “I’m going to cum! Take it all my filthy cumdump!”

 “Yes! Give it to me!” Rey screamed as she felt the torrent unleash inside her womb, pushing her over the edge once more.

 After a few minutes the two of them calmed down. “Thank-you mistress… but-”

 “You want more? I know, so do I. Don’t worry, you’re new life as my sex slave is only beginning.”

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