A Fair Trade

BY : StoryWeaver4Ever
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Disclaimer: Disclaimer: I don't own anything related to the Beetlejuice franchise nor do I make any money from this. I just like to use them for my own twisted amusement and that is payment enough.

Note: I usually write Inuyasha Fanfiction, but I've had this idea about Lydia and Betelgeuse drumming into my mind for some time now and had to get it out. I know Betelgeuse is questionable OOC (He has less sleaze and grossness, but kept him an asshole and gave him some maturity) and I guess I would say Lydia might be OOC as well. I have other chapters for this story just waiting in the wings if this story gets enough people's interest, so please leave a review to tell me what you all think.


Chapter 1


The young raven-haired woman held tightly to the distressed 5-month-old, as the pounding on the wooden door multiplied. It shook wildly from the abuse, but surprisingly it held firm. The person on the other side, cursed and yelled threats, while the terrified woman tried to calm the small child with soothing words, but the child felt the distress rolling off of her body and continued with its fussing.

Closing her eyes, she tried to block out the threats that were being thrown through the thick wood, but they seemed to increase in volume the more that she didn’t respond. Her exes screechy voice filtered into the room “You stupid bitch! Open this fucking door right now! I’m going to shut that fucking brat up, then you’re fucking next!”

She silently prayed that the door would hold, though she knew praying was useless. She knew what happened when you died and there was no god at the other end, just a boring waiting room with a bunch of stiffs.

Fuck! She ran her free hand through her matted hair as she felt her panic begin to rise. She didn’t want to die. Not anymore, anyway. She wasn’t a sad and depressed kid that wanted in on the other side. No, she had grown up a long time ago.

Her eyes opened and turned to the useless phone, kicking it with her foot. He had cut the phone lines before the bastard had broken into the house. She should have known that something like this could happen. She had let down her guard thinking that the protection order would be enough, it wasn’t of course.

Her lip throbbed and she raised her shaky fingers to gently touch the split in her appendage. The fucking abusive cunt caught her while she was sleeping. He had hit her a good one to wake her up from her slumber, though when the opportunity to get away struck, she had nailed him straight in the nuts as payback.

The door gave a groan, causing her brown eyes to snap to it. The wood wasn’t going to hold and that was for sure. Shit! They needed help. She tightened her hold on her daughter, as her mind franticly fought for some kind of solution. They couldn’t die like this! She couldn’t let them die like this! ‘Come on, Lyds! Think damn it!’ She screamed at herself as her fear got the best of her.

Suddenly a face from her childhood popped into her mind’s eye. Him. She hadn’t thought about him in years. Would he come if she called? Would his anger from their broken deal cloud his judgment? Shit, she wasn’t sure! She really didn’t know him at all. Well, other than what she had seen and heard. None of those things were stellar by any means.

The wood of the door creaked some more, clearly splintering from the hits. She closed her eyes and held her breath, but the door didn’t budge. Christ, she had to make a decision whether she was going to call him or not. Either way she looked at it, she was screwed.

The pounding continued and so did the groaning of the wood. Fuck it! She couldn’t let that abusive fucker on the other side of the door get them. She always had some luck with the dead and she had leverage. She knew what the dead man wanted the most, his freedom.

She opened her eyes and gazed at her daughter, leaning in to kiss her tiny forehead. She would do anything for her child, even if that meant giving up her own freedom. Lucinda was worth it. She would always be worth it.

Leaning her head back against the wall, she closed her eyes once again and said the name that she swore that she would never utter. Her voice was but a whisper as the name slid passed her bloody lips. “Betelgeuse.” The hairs on the back of her neck and arms raised at her words. She swallowed again and forced the name. “Betelgeuse.” The air became thicker and energy seemed to now flow around the tiny bathroom. She held her child tighter and said his name one last time. “Betelgeuse.”

A crackling of energy swirled around the room, along with his gravelly laugh of triumph. “Fuck Yeah!” She heard him clap his hand in delight. “Free at fucking last. I knew that old bat couldn’t hold me!” There was some more whooping, then he became quiet as he must have taken in the situation he had popped into.

She opened her dark eyes and scanned the small room, landing on the now silent poltergeist. She watched as recognition flashed in his green eyes, then he was in front of her, grabbing ahold of her chin. He looked livid, as he moved her face from side to side. His gruff voice oozed his anger, while his body shook violently and a snarl ripped from him. “Who the fuck did this?”

Before she could open her mouth, the door was getting a beating again and the threats continued. “Lydia, you fucking whore! Did you really think a piece of paper would stop me? When I get to you, you are going to wish for your death. Then I’m going to drowned that little bastard that I never fucking wanted!”

Lydia sucked in a sharp breath and grabbed onto the dirty striped sleeve, as a plea fell from her lips. “Please, he’ll do it. He’ll hurt LuLu.” Tears pooled in her tired eyes and spilled down her cheeks, landing on his cold hand. “Please help us. I…I’ll do anything.”

His eyes roamed her face, then to the door and back, his smoky voice was hard as steel as he spoke to her. “Marry me. No fucking bullshit, no goody goodies and definitely, no goddamn sandworms. We marry tonight. Agree to my terms and your problem will be gone.”

She didn’t think twice as she agreed whole heartedly to the terms laid out in front of her. As long as he protected Lulu from that abusive bastard, she’d do whatever the dead man wanted. To her that seemed like a fair trade. “Yes, I’ll marry you. Please just make him go away.”

The dead man stared at her for a few minutes as if he were weighting her words. Not that she could blame him. The last time that they had made a deal, well, she had not kept to her word, though being a teenager at the time hadn’t helped the situation. The poltergeist must have seen what he was looking for, because he swiftly released her jaw and pulled away. Standing up, he cracked his knuckles and gave the upset woman a Cheshire cat grin and a wink, while amusement and what seemed like excitement colored his tone. “It’s showtime.” He blinked quickly out of sight, leaving the young mother with her thoughts.

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