Against The Jedi Code

BY : Cornello
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Ahsoka Tano admired herself in the floor to ceiling mirror that covered the left wall of her small walk-in closet. She slowly turned around, inspecting the detailed reflection of her young body with a critical eye. Dressed in her usual brown tunic, she delicately traced the diamond shaped cutouts that ran down the sides of her black tights with her finger. She felt around her small breasts and ass, they were some of the few things that annoyed her. She kept reassuring herself that she was still growing and things were going to change as she aged but she just couldn’t help but wish they were bigger, more sexual. She continued groping her breasts

through her tight clothing, “At least they’re not completely flat.” she said silently to herself.

She sighed and turned her attention to the clothes she was wearing. It had crossed her mind several times to go out and buy some more casual clothing but she hadn’t thought about it since she last had a break from the Clone Wars. This was the first break she had managed to salvage in what seemed to be years. She asked for one because she never had time to herself. There were always clone troopers or other jedi breathing down her neck,  giving orders or telling her to give orders. Today was for her, and she intended to make use of it.

Ahsoka undid the belt that held her two lightsabers with a sigh of relief and tossed it onto her white velvet bed. Her sabers were digging into her hips all day. It was satisfying and relieving to toss it across the room. She started to strip her pants and panties off her slender legs for a shower until a sharp knock echoed through her chambers. Startled, she quickly pulled her pants up and froze. She hadn’t heard anything else since the knock on her door. If it had been Anakin he would have been yelling at her as he knocked “Snips! Open the door.”, or something along those lines.

She quietly snuck to the door and delicately placed her hand to the scanner on the wall. The door slid open.

“Dylan!” Ahsoka exclaimed.

Ahsoka looked on her peer with admiration. Dylan Emalo was a padawan training under master Sho Win. Him and Ahsoka had grown very close when they were assigned a mission in the Mustafar system, taking out a separatist trading hub that had become infamous for its mass distribution of ion canon components. Dylan had several other successful missions and achievements under his belt, especially for being so young. Ahsoka always believed she had a disadvantage since Dylan was slightly older than her and therefore had more time to establish himself. Ahsoka was glad to finally see him again, they hadn't seen or spoke to each other in months, years it seemed. And just like always, she felt a little different when she was around him. Something about Dylan made her heart flutter when she saw him walking across the temple and his voice never failed to immediately capture her attention. Despite not seeing him in a long time he still had his charismatic smile and his coarse, dirty blonde hair. His jawline had become even more masculine since she had seen him but still not enough to be too intimidating or harsh. Dylan was dressed in a regular sand colored jedi tunic with a brown over robe.

“Ahsoka! I’m so glad to see you. I asked around and was told your were having a day off so I made time to stop by.”

There it was again, the littling ping in Ahsoka’s heart when Dylan looked her in the eyes and spoke to her as if she was the only one that mattered in the moment.

“I’m happy to see you too! I was just about to get ready to walk around Coruscant.”

“Oh yea?”

“Well, I love Coruscant at night.”

“Oh, well if you’re busy I don’t want to bother you. I just-.”

Dylan turned around to leave but Ahsoka grabbed his wrist before he could make his escape..

“Hey, if I didn’t want you here I wouldn’t have answered the door in the first place.” Ahsoka said , smiling. Dylan blushed and smiled back at her. He stepped over the door frame into her quarters as Ahsoka waved her hand, sliding the door shut.

Ahsoka beckoned him to sit down at the small table in the corner of her quarters.

“You know, I actually came here to give you something” Dylan said as he sat down.

“Oh really?”

“Yes. I was on a diplomatic mission to Shili.”

Ahsoka’s heart pinged again as Dylan mentioned her homeworld. She missed her home planet very much but with how busy she had been she never found time to visit.

“It was given to me by some of the locals of the town I was staying in.”

Dylan said, producing a small box from a leather pouch on his belt.

“I really don’t have a use for it so I thought you might like it.”

He carefully slid it to Ahsoka across the table. Ahsoka undid the messy strings that held the lid in place and opened it carefully.

Inside was a beautiful crimson akul headdress decorated with lovely pearls that gleamed in the small light above their heads. She had never seen anything like it. She loved the one she wore but this headdress was stunning.

“Its beautiful!”

“I thought you might like it...”

Dylan looked a bit nervous as he took a deep breath before speaking.

“You know...While I was there...I-  I could only think about you and I on Mustafar.”

Ahsoka’s mind raced at the thought of Dylan thinking about her outside of the war. She was flattered but confused.

“Whenever I see you walking through the Jedi Temple I think about that time we spent together  too.” She responded quietly.

They stared at eachother for a moment before Dylan got up from his chair, breaking their eye contact. Ahsoka’s eyes followed him until he was standing in front of her.

Dylan took another deep breath, “ Ahsoka, being around you all that time on Mustafar made me realize... how much I like you.” Dylan paused for a moment. Could this really be happening? Ahsoka thought.

“When we left the planet I could only think about when I would see you again.”

Ahsoka got up and slid her hands onto his.

Dylan looked surprised.

“I thought the same about you.” she said.

As they continued to stare at each other their love became stronger. Dylan slowly tilted his head closer to Ahsoka’s until their lips touched. A sweet kiss was exchanged before Ahsoka pulled back and leveled her head with Dylan’s chest. She couldn’t believe what was happening.

Dylan gently cupped her soft face in his hands and tilted it up to his so he could continue to look into her shining green eyes. Ahsoka closed her eyes as her hand went up to grab his warm hands on her face. He placed two delicate kisses on her forehead and cheek. They paused again before Dylan leaned forward and Ahsoka went up to meet his lips. Ahsoka’s tongue ran across the smooth, silky texture of Dylan’s. She became obsessed with the warmth that she felt through her body each time their tongues touched. When Ahsoka tore her lips from Dylan’s her body was tense.

Ahsoka began to question the situation. What they were doing, what they were feeling, it was strictly against the Jedi Code.

“Wait, Dylan” she said, after a breath,  “This is against the Jedi Code.”

“Hm.” Dylan said, thinking it over in his mind, “Want to break some rules?” Dylan asked quietly as he looked down at her with a smile.

Ahsoka bit her lower lip and looked up into Dylan’s bright eyes with an overwhelming amount of affection.

“Why not?” She replied.

Their lips met once again, this time much more passionately than the last. They intertwined their tongues and each met the other with the same amount of passion. Dylan began to slide his hands down towards Ahsoka’s firm ass, moving his hands across the surface of her tights. Ahsoka met his gesture by digging her fingernails into his muscular back. Dylan was encouraged to go further and started to move Ahsoka towards her bed. Ahsoka excitedly let him move her. They hardly broke contact with each other until they made it to the foot of her bed. Dylan looked at Ahsoka’s covered breasts wantingly. Her nipples had become erect and poked themselves up under her garments. Dylan unzipped the back of Ahsoka’s tunic and started to slowly fold it around her pristine dark skin while placing kisses on her neck, shoulders, and collarbone. Though she was enjoying every kiss Ahsoka had another second thought. She tucked her arms into her chest, stopping her tunic from leaving her breasts and looked up at Dylan again. Seeing his loving face made her loosen her grip and let him lower the rest of her tunic. The tight leather peeled from her skin, revealing her perky, goosebumped, breasts.

“Your body is amazing.” Dylan whispered in her ear as he placed more kisses along her shoulders and chest. Ahsoka tensed at every sensual kiss placed on her body. Her nipples had become fully erect as Dylan continued to strategically place kisses just above them, making her shudder in anticipation. Ahsoka wrapped her slender arms around Dylan’s neck as he finally began to suck on her hard nipples. His tongue slowly circulated the tip before he gave it a sloppy kiss. As Dylan sucked on one nipple his other hand was gently fondling the other in between his fingers. Ahsoka could barely catch a breath, she felt her panties getting soaked as Dylan kept up his relentless assault on her breasts.

Ahsoka let out quiet moans, her mouth wide open with pleasure. Soon Ahsoka opened her eyes and caught sight of the growing bulge in Dylan’s pants.

Ahsoka had never touched a dick in her life but she knew she needed to explore and give Dylan just as much pleasure as he was giving her and that seemed like a good place to start. Ahsoka gently lifted Dylan’s head off of her and squatted down in front of the bulge in his pants. Ahsoka licked her lips as she massaged Dylan’s long cock through his pants, stroking it up and down and occasionally giving it a squeeze. She kissed it on the shaft before slowly taking off his pants. An eight inch, rock hard cock sprang to life in front of her face. Ahsoka looked at it with wide eyes, it almost seemed too big for her tight little pussy. She circled her hand around his cock and began to slowly stroke it up and down.

“I can’t wait to get a mouthful.” She teased Dylan.

Ahsoka started to use both of her small hands so she could stroke his full length. The longer she stroked the harder his cock got. She could feel the blood pulsing through the thick veins that wrapped his dick, filling it to the tip. Ahsoka was drooling, she had waited too long and wanted his cock in her mouth. Ahsoka gently put her plump, dark lips around the tip, giving it a sloppy kiss. His girth was almost more impressive than his length, filling most of her mouth. Ahsoka used her tongue just as he had done with her nipples. Swirling it around the tip before giving it another kiss to soak up the tasty juices that had started seeping out. Ahsoka let a little moan escape after every kiss.

Finally Ahsoka enveloped the tip with her mouth and slowly started to see how much of his length she could fit in her mouth. She had barely gotten half of it in when it hit the back of her throat. Ahsoka gagged. Spit covered the upper half of Dylan’s cock as he pulled it out of her mouth. Ahsoka started vigorously stroking his cock, covering it with her spit. While she stroked her spit across his length with both hands she sucked the upper half that her hands couldn’t cover. Dylan was harder than ever.He was finding it hard to hold on and not burst with Ahsoka’s amazing blowjob. She shoved his cock into both her cheeks and licked the bottom of his dick, all the while massaging his balls between her slender fingers. Dylan was so full of adrenaline and pleasure he wasn’t thinking when he held Ahsoka’s head back and shoved his whole cock down her throat as far as he could. Ahsoka gagged again and her thick spit flew over his cock but he continued to hold it in her throat. Ahsoka could feel his cock throbbing in her throat and felt it pressing uncomfortably against her larynx. Dylan still held his dick in her throat as tears welled up in her eyes and rolled down her stretched cheeks, her head throbbed in time with the pulsing of Dylan’s cock. Ahsoka’s saliva started pooling around his cock as he finally pulled it from her mouth and let go of her head. Ahsoka collapsed to the ground, gagging and coughing up spit onto the floor. Dylan knelt down and caringly put his hands on her shoulders.

“Ahsoka! Im so sorry I don’t know what happened”

Ahsoka struggled for a moment to recapture her breath. She looked up at Dylan’s worried face and then at his throbbing cock that was blanketed in her spit. Her throat felt stretched beyond its limit but … she liked it.

“Im so sorry, I got carrie-” Before he could finish Ahsoka rose and smashed her lips into his ferociously, stroking his cock harder and faster than ever before while they kissed. Dylan pulled away and turned Ahsoka around, thrusting his hand down her panties. As his fingers touched her flooded pussy Ahsoka gripped his pulsing cock between her toned thighs. While Dylan rubbed her tiny clit Ahsoka slid his dick in between her thighs, her ass slapping methodically against his body.

Ahsoka’s moans filled her room as Dylan did not let up on her sensitive clit. Ahsoka’s hips bucked as her moans got louder. Her tight ass was grinding up against Dylan’s crotch encouraging him to rub her clit even faster. Ahsoka felt amazing, the bucking of her hips was in time to Dylan’s hand rubbing her clit . She couldn’t take anymore. Ahsoka let out a loud moan, her knees bowed inward and all her pussy juices poured over Dylan’s hand. Ahsoka bathed in the orgasm she had just experienced and Dylan waited until she had regained her composure.

Ahsoka climbed onto her bed, flinging her belt onto the floor and pulling off her tights.  She spread out on all fours, arched her back and pointed her tight ass and pussy towards Dylan. She looked behind her and seductively lured him to come closer with her finger. Dylan went down on his knees and firmly slapped her asscheeks. Ahsoka moaned as her pussy started to drip again. Dylan smacked her ass until his hand left red imprints on each cheek. Ahsoka moaned after every slap. Finally Dylan dug into her pussy. His tongue wrapped around Ahsoka’s clit making her moan loudly and grip the sheets below her. It took everything to keep herself from orgasmsing again. She hadn’t even got his dick in her pussy yet. Dylan licked up the remaining juice from Ahsoka’s previous orgasm and delved even deeper into her with his tongue. Ahsoka’s moans went higher and higher pitched as Dylan’s tongue continued to work magic inside of her.

“Dylan... Im going to cum again.” she said through heavy breaths and moans.

At that moment Dylan stopped. Ahsoka let out a deep sigh of relief as she had almost hit her climax. Dylan started to stroke his eight inch cock and bring it towards her ass. Ahsoka’s pussy was so tight Dylan couldn’t even put the tip of his cock inside of her.

He slowly rubbed the tip of his cock in between the lips of Ahsoka’s wet pussy. With each pass he carefully pushed it in farther and farther into her vagina. Ahsoka gasped as the head of his cock finally penetrated her pussy, she reached around and started to slowly stroke Dylan’s rock hard cock as he continued to push it farther in.  Ahsoka’s pussy gripped Dylan’s cock with such a force he almost came with only the tip of his cock in her pussy.

Ahsoka let out another gasp as Dylan accomplished sliding ¾ of his length into her. Her pussy had never been stretched so wide before. Dylan decided that was enough for a first try and slid out his coated cock. Ahsoka’s breath left her lungs as as the pressure in her vagina was relieved. No sooner had the tip of Dylan’s cock left Ahsoka’s pussy than he plunged it in as far as he could. Ahsoka let out a squeal as a short sharp pain was soon replaced with pleasure. Dylan started a slow rhythm, going in and out of Ahsoka’s pussy. When Dylan pushed his full length into her Ahsoka could swear she felt it prodding her stomach. Ahsoka moaned louder as Dylan picked up the pace. Soon Ahsoka’s hand went to her clit. But Dylan stopped. He gripped her two lekku’s and pulled her head back so it almost hit his chest. Ahsoka’s was horny as ever, she put both her hands back on Dylan’s body and he fucked her as hard and fast as he could. Ahsoka was screaming. “Oooh FUCK!”

Ahsoka’s breasts bounced with every thrust.


Ahsoka screamed as Dylan shoved his full length as deep as he could into her.

Dylan let go of her lekku’s and Ahsoka collapsed onto the bed. Her pussy streamed onto the sheets. She rolled herself over on the bed in pure bliss. Dylan laid beside her. The sight of his standing cock enticed Ahsoka to ride him. She spread her legs and lined up Dylan’s cock with her pussy. Dylan laid on the bed exhausted. It was time for Ahsoka to take control. She supported herself with her hands on Dylan’s defined abs as she swirled his cock around inside her pussy. She could feel his cock rubbing up against the walls of her vag. Ahsoka closed her eyes with pleasure as she began to slowly move her pussy up and down his cock. She wanted more. Ahsoka leaned back, moving her hands to Dylan’s legs and started to violently bounce on Dylan’s cock as she moaned. Ahsoka’s bouncing breasts enticed Dylan’s to cup them in his hands and massage her standing nipples. Dylan finally found the energy to sit up. He wrapped his tongue around Ahsoka’s as she was still grinding on his cock.

Dylan lifted Ahsoka off and flipped her around so he could look at her whole body, shining with sweat. Ahsoka spread her legs wide and rubbed her pussy, inviting him in.

“Make me cum again.” She said wantingly

Dylan gripped her thighs and guided his cock into her. He was ready to cum too. He started a new rhythm, Ahsoka moaned each time he thrust into her. It wasn’t until Dylan also began rubbing her clit that Ahsoka was truly in heaven.

“Oh my god Dylan, don’t stop” She said with a squeal.

“Ahsoka, Im gonna cum.” Dylan said through ragged breaths.

Ahsoka wrapped her arms around Dylan’s neck and pulled his face close to hers so she could look deep into his eyes.

“Cum inside me.” she instructed.

Dylan started thrusting into her as hard as he could with all the strength he could muster.

“Im cumming!” Dylan cried.

“Cum inside me, please!” Ahsoka screamed

Ahsoka’s eyes rolled back into her head and she screamed again as a third orgasm coursed through her body.

With a final shove Dylan pushed his cock as far into Ahsoka as he could and let loose streams of endless cum into her pussy as Ahsoka’s juices flowed all around his cock.

Ahsoka’s wrapped her legs tightly around Dylan’s back as they shook so violently she could barely control them.

Dylan pulled his full length out of Ahsoka as his cum streamed from her ravaged pussy onto the bed. Ahsoka’s arms and legs were still trembling in satisfaction. They were both breathing heavy, regaining control of their air. Ahsoka opened her eyes and Dylan propped himself up on his elbow and looked, smiling, at Ahsoka.

“You’re a sex animal.”

Ahsoka could do nothing else but smile and rub her body, cooling down from her last orgasm.

It wasn’t long before Ahsoka and Dylan tightly wrapped their naked bodies together and before they fell asleep Ahsoka said one thing;

“I want to do that more often.”

And all Dylan could do was nod his head in agreement.

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