Your Scars Are Mine, As Mine Are yours

BY : PennyTrationDrags
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Disclaimer: I don't own Riddick... Which is something I have to live with every day. I don't own the Firefly universe, nor the Original universe. I will play with them from time to time though. I also make NO MONEY OFF OF THIS STORY. OBVIOUSLY.

I have this posted elsewhere, but with a different plot and OFC. 

Chapter one  

" Put her in with the Big Bad. The academy will be here in a fortnight to get her. Might as well let him have some fun. " 

Riddick looked up when his name was brought up. His cell door was opened and a young girl was pushed in. She fell to the ground in a heap and didn't get up. Riddick just stared at her taking in her small frame.

' Malnourished, bad for someone in this hell hole. Smells of semen, blood, fear, and some kind of herb. '

Riddick crouched beside the young girl and gently pushed her on her back to inspect the damage. She couldn't be no more than sixteen. Her scent was interesting enough... Feral, almost wolf like. Something else was there to cut through the scent.

' How the fuck did a kid end up in this hell hole? ' 

Riddick knelt by the young girl and pushed her on her back to inspect the damage. As soon as he touched her she jumped and scurried into the corner. 

' Smart kid. ' 

He walked back over to the frightened girl, though this set off a defensive reaction as she got into attack mode and began growling; baring her teeth at him.

Not threatened in the least Riddick only raised his eyebrow at the feral creature.

' Come near me and I'll bite your face off...fucker '

She thought growling at the tall, muscular male as he stared down at her, looking more amused than threatened. Crouching down to her level he placed his goggles on his forehead revealing his eyes which were liquid pools that had a mirror effect. He gazed at her closely and she noticed that his eyes revealed irises with no pupils just glowing silver orbs. He admired her eyes as he stared into them.

She lifted her head to look at them clearly. In turn, she revealed her own unique eyes. They were gold and bigger than a humans would be. At least when her wolf was at the surface. The rest of the time they were hazel. 

" Your eyes...interesting... " He said

She lifted her hand up to his cheek only for him to move back before she could touch him. Putting her head down she felt the pain that the adrenaline rush had masked full force. She slowly rose to her feet, which was a bad move on her part as she felt the hard pang of pain shooting from between her legs up to her entire body. She cried out as she fell to the floor again. Riddick growled as he clenched his jaw, knowing that he couldn't let the kid die from any growing infection the injuries that the sick fucks inflicted on her, so coming to a decision he turned to the kid.

" Gonna have to check those. " He said as she turned to him with fear on her face. "That or dying from blood loss...your choice kid. " 

Coming to the realization that the man was right, She nodded in defeat, allowing him to pick her up and lay her down on his bunk, surprised at how gentle he was with her for such a brute size of a man.

" Those have to come off... " He added as she stared into his eyes, swallowing hard she nodded slowly.

Riddick pulled her pants down slowly in one swift move while she tried to keep her breathing at a steady pace. Once they were off Riddick took a look at the damage, clenching his jaw and suppressing a growl as he inspected the damage.

Her lower region was cut up pretty badly. As if they wanted to scar her for life. He thought he'd seen some sick things, but this by far was the sickest thing he'd ever had to witness, especially done to a kid. The girl lied still as she watched as the tall male walked away from her and over to the cell door.

" Old man...have a suture kit? " his deep voice had a roughness at the edges as he growled in the silence of the cell.

The old man stared at him for a moment and then went under his lumpy mattress, coming back with a small white box. Without another word, Riddick took it from the old man's hand and walked back to the girl.

" Hey I want that back Ya hear!? " the old man said at his retreating form.

Making it back to the kid, he sighed. " Not gonna hurt you... Just want to stitch these up. " He explained before taking the alcohol spray and a pain killer out of the kit.  He thanked whatever was out there that the old man got his hands on some. 

He threaded the needle and let himself purr a little to calm her nerves. " This is gonna hurt... But it needs done. Don't move. " 

Starting the process was hard. She wouldn't stop squirming at first but once he growled at her she let him finish. Tying off the last stitch he set the needle back in the kit. Handing the girl a pain killer she took it and swallowed.

" Gonna need to keep those clean. Can't get em wet and watch how you sleep. If you can that is. " He said gruffly. "Gotta name kid?" 

" Siri...Siri Mikaelson, " she answered as he had his back to her so she could put her blood splattered pants back on.

' Doesn't smell to be genetically altered... She was born an animal. Probably why she survived this long. ' Riddick thought as he turned to look at her only to see that she had fallen asleep, somewhat peacefully. As peaceful as one could in slam anyway. 


Riddick woke up to Siri's gasp. She was in the corner with her pants down looking at her wounds. He got up and went to investigate.

" How's the pain? " He asked more in a growl than a question as she stared up at him with huge eyes. He was shocked to see the wounds healed. Nothing but scars left in their wake.

Siri shrugged. " I don't know how it just happens. " She answered his question before he asked. 

' Interesting. ' He thought as he grabbed the kit before walking over to the old man's cell. " Here. "

" So how's your new charge eh? " He asked coolly. 

Riddick just leaned against his cell, an immovable statue as he answered. " She ain't my charge... Just some kid they threw in with me, thinking I would finish what they started. Now...anything I need to know about her? " 

" She asleep? " The old man pried.

" Don't worry about what she's doing old man...Worry about what I'll do to you. " Riddick warned knowing what the sick fuck was thinking about and his reasons for being in slam. 

The old man stiffened as he answered his question. " All I know is that the guards used her for their own personal fuck toy and fed her some kind of herb to keep her out of it. When she finally came too she started fighting back and ended up killing five men in five seconds. The warden decided that she would be useful so he's sending her to the academy. " 

Now with a little bit of back history, Riddick knew he had changed his mind about her then and there.

" Spread the word old man, the girl... belongs to me. " Riddick warned knowing his reputation gave him the nickname 'Death' and most weren't so quick to answer when Death was calling as he walked out, not bothering to give the old man a second glance as he went to see about getting him and the kid some food.

Siri sat silently trying to remember her life before slam. Except she couldn't. She wasn't even sure if she hadn't always been here.  

She was brought out of her thoughts when she heard the cell door opening. Riddick walked in carrying two big bowls of something steamy. Setting the bowl on the makeshift table, Riddick returned to his corner, turning to her.

" Hungry? " He asked in a hushed gravely voice that made her wolf purr involuntarily.

" Think so. " Siri answered as she returned slowly to the bunker and took the warm stew in her hands and poked at it. 

It most definitely didn't smell appetizing... She sighed and focused on his heart beat, which she realized she could hear clear as day even with him on the other side of the room. Focusing more she could hear his blood running through his veins. Her mouth salivated and she could feel her canine teeth elongate. 

" No! " She told herself. 

Riddick looked over at her in question. " Problem? " 

She looked up at him and growled. He tried to come closer and she growled again. " Don't come closer. " She said trying to get her face back to normal.

" Interesting. " Riddick growled with a smirk. " It would seem that you require more than the stew. " 


Riddick led Siri down to the killing floors. You didn't come here unless you had skills. If this girl killed five men in five seconds, then she could feed in no time. 

" Who's the girly? " a bearish looking man asked as he eyed Siri up and down. 

Riddick smirked. " She's here to compete. " 

" Oh yeah? Sounds like a fun time. She's on next. " The man said leaving them to set it up. 

Siri looked at the lithe man who planted his foot roughly on his fresh kill and then up at Riddick in question. " Am I to kill as well? "   

" Up to you kid... Eat or be eaten. " Was all he told her. 

The bearish looking man blew a horn and all eyes went on him. " Listen up you yella bellies, we have a new fish on the killing floors! " He said pointing a clear finger at Siri. 

The men all cheered and licked their lips. " Who of you will step up and answer her challenge? " 

An even more bearish looking man stepped up. " The little bitch ain't nothing but skin and bones. I'll take her kill her'n fuck her corpse! " 

Riddick didn't like the implication but pushed his thoughts aside. " Go get him. " He said nudging her. 

Siri stepped onto the floor and it started. There was no time for uncertainty so she pushed all feelings to the back of her mind. The man came at her ruthlessly, but she was faster. She side stepped and he almost fell face first on the floor. Growling he wiped his face and went after her again. 

Siri focused on the blood flowing through his veins and when she saw her opening she jumped on his back. Before he could pry her off she sunk her fangs into his neck and began drinking heavily. Everyone around her became eerily silent but she couldn't focus on them. Once the last drop of his blood was on her tongue she let him drop to the floor. Walking up to Riddick she took one look back at her opponent.

" Can we go back now? It smells down here. " Was all she said.


Later that night Siri realized something.  " I didn't get your name. " 

He didn't even open his eyes to acknowledge her. 

" Riddick... " was all she got.

" Thank you...Riddick. " She whispered grabbing his attention though didn't get a response, causing her to notice that he didn't know how to take in someone's grateful gesture.

When he was sure the girl was all the way asleep Riddick went and sat in his corner. He stared at the sleeping girl that was more interesting than any person he'd met in life so far. He knew the alliance was coming for her soon... The plan was to escape, but he wasn't sure if he wanted to take her with him. She could definitely keep up... The thought of having the alliance and mercs on his neck wasn't pleasant. Whatever his choice would be, it would have to be made soon. 


Sometime in the middle of the night, Siri woke up to relieve herself. Riddick heard her get up but didn't stir. After five minutes though he started to hear sniffles. Releasing a deep growl he turned to her.

" Problem? " He asked noticing she was sitting there with her head in her hands crying. She jumped when she heard the deep rumble of his voice. Looking over at him she tried to cover her private parts.

" Nothing I've never seen before kid. " he answered

" I'm ugly...down there... " She said, voice quivering.

" Don't worry bout' that now kid... " He grumbled as he turned away again.

Siri looked over to where he was sitting against the wall for a few minutes before getting up and securing her pants again. Once she was done, she had decided that she liked him more than anyone in her own personal hell and laid back down next to him falling asleep. 

Riddick pried an eye open and sighed. Making his choice he curled up behind the girl and let her soak in the safety of his presence.

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