The full power of the Dark Side of the force

BY : Tickler1991
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Rey's POV

I went to lay down it in a comfy bed, for the first time in weeks. Previously I either slept on hard concrete beds outside and for the first time in weeks I wasn't chased by the first order.

I finally felt safe being inside the resistance base. 

With most of my anxiety gone I peacefully drifted off into sleep. 

In the middle of the night I briefly woke up and I tried to turn and all of us sudden I realized I was stuck. 

Kylo Ren's/Ben Solo's POV

In the middle of the night, I came into the rebel base killed everyone there, and captured the young jedi girl that was there. 

There were a few Jedis there, but none of them were as young awkwardly skinny as the blonde jedi girl, Rey, who probably no one paid attention to since she was so young and skinny. She was probably not a day over 16 and I found out that her 16th birthday was the day before I captured her.

I was going to capture her under the guise of extracting information from her, but the real reason was because I had a huge crush on her. I was going to act out my deepest darkest fantasies on her. It was her fault for being in the situation by being a part of the resistance, defying First order and for being so damn fit and hot that I wanted her to be mine.


Rey's POV

All of a sudden, I came to and I realized I was restrained spread eagled to a table. Through the force I was able to sense a very dark presence next to me. 

“Sith” I growled through my gag. I didn't know who the person was behind the mask, but he's not getting anything out of me!

Then through his mask, he said, “you will tell me the location of the rebel base.”

“Never!” I shouted through my gag

Then with his griff voice, he said, “Then, Little girl, you will suffer!”

He then tore open my shirt, activated his lightsaber, burned the pieces that dangle to the side of the lightsaber and brought the lightsaber dangerously close to my neck, so close that it began to hurt. 

In defiance, I told him,  screamed obscenities at him through the gag. "FFFKKKKK YPPOOHHH YPPOOOHH NFFFF HRRDDDRR!!!!!!

Kylo Ren then yelled at me through his mask, “So be it!”

The sith, then took off his gloves and he began to knead and caress my toned abs, which despite their rigidity were extremely ticklish.


“This will stop only if you give me the location of the Rebel Base!”

I couldn't let this monster know where the Base was, so through my laughter I mustered a “NHPHPHPHPHPPPPHHHR!!”

The sith told me, after a quick laugh, “It's Your Grave, little jedi girl”

He then tore the rest of my shirt off exposing my breasts and my entire midsection. 

He then removed my blonde bangs that were covering my eyes and caressed my chin

He then arced his fingers at me and released a barrage of Force lightning and instead of hurting, it tickled like hell, I have never experienced any tickling like that before it was worse than a whole hour of being tickled non-stop by his hands. The Force lightning was so much stronger than anything I've ever experienced. 

He then aimed the lightning bolts at my breasts and nipples. I felt myself getting extremely wet and horny from the ticklish onslaught. 

He then told me, little girl, I can sense your sexual frustration and I can sense your deepest darkest desires and biggest fears and I know you don't want them to lbe known, because you'll be so utterly embarrassed by them and if you don't tell me the location of the rebel base I will not only pull the thoughts from your mind, I will make them happen right here and right now!”

I wanted to tell him something, but I was unable to either come up with the word and even if I wanted to I wasn't able to say anything due to my constant laughing and moaning. 

He then said, so kid, you want to keep secrets from me, then fine, so be it! When I'm done with you you'll be nothing but a quivering mass of orgasmic ticklish nerve endings with your juices all over my face and all over the floor!”

I blushed so hard when he said that, I couldn't help but get turned on by his words. 

He then tore off the remainder of my clothes, leaving me completely naked from head to toe. 

He did not even stop the Force lightning as he moved down my abs and then aimed his most powerful burst of Force lightning right into my pussy. just before it entered my pussy, I saw the lightning bolt morph into the shape of a dick just as it entered. I had never felt anything so extreme and exhilarating at the same time and I was laughing hysterically and moaning at the same time. The combination of Extreme Tickling Seventh Station and the extreme pleasure was too much for me and I had a mind-boggling orgasm and just as he said I squirted juices all over the place. 

In 10 minutes I had more orgasms than I had in my entire life up to that point!

In less than an hour I had over 1000 orgasms! That's more than an 16 orgasms per minute!

Not only did I have over 1000 orgasms when He was finally done with me, but my entire body was smoking from all the Force lightning. 

He then said, sorry I forgot to introduce myself, I am kylo Ren. He then took off his mask revealing a stunningly beautiful face, which made me even more horny and turned on that he was personally torturing  me. 

Once again, he asked me to reveal the location of the resistance base, but once again I refuse as I did not want my friends and loved ones to be killed by the first order.

After still refusing to talk, he decided to use his specialized a version  of Force lightning which was a electrified version of the cat o’ nine tails and whip my pussy with basically a bunch of lightning bolts. 

After three hundred more orgasms and my pussy being black and and smoking beyond recognition, and despite being in excruciating mind-numbing pain and horniness, I still decided to be defiant as I needed to make sure the Resistance base and the Resistance was safe even at the expense of my own well-being. 

He then then said to me, “well, well, well little girl I already pulled the location of the rebel base out of your head hours ago, but because you were so defiant and decided to fight me all along the way come I'm going to punish you by making you my sex slave and once I'm done with you I will end you, little girl! And you won't have to worry about anyone coming to save you because everyone at the resistance base has been killed with the new Starkiller weapon. 

To my horror, I sensed that Kylo Ren was telling the truth.

At that very moment, I felt all hope out of me drain and for the first time in my entire ordeal I broke into tears, realizing that all of my friends are and everyone I ever loved are dead. When is that moment he took the ball gag out of my mouth. 

Kylo-Ren then told me “Now that you're broken, I will now make you mine.

Then, he took off his pants and all of a sudden a horrible realization came to my head that he will rape me!

Instead, he took out lightsaber and he began swinging at me, making shallow, but painful cuts into my abdomen and chest. 

 then, as I was looking into the mirror that was above me, I saw him Grab A Fistful of hair for my head and once again ignite his lightsaber and I knew what he was about to do. 

I shouted to him, "Kylo, please anything but that, please don't kill me, I am just 16 years old, I'm Still a minor by Galactic law, so I'm not eligible for the death penalty!

Kid, under first order and Imperial law you are considered a Jedi, which makes you considered eligible for the death penalty, no matter what age you are. Anyway, I initially was joking with you when I said I was going to end you as I wasn't going to kill you I was just going to singe some of your hair off.  But for getting so scared for no reason at all, I will end you, little girl." 

The way he said it, sounded so confident and seductive that I couldn't help but cum st the thought of being ultimately destroyed at his hands. I immediately tried to push those treacherous thoughts out of my head. 

Then, the sith lord with his lightsaber caught the tips of my hair on fire and the fire began to slowly consume my hair and I thought to myself, 'oh my God the son of a bitch is going to kill me by burning me to death I can't believe I'm gonna die a fucking virgin!'

 Then, he grabbed me by the head and swiftly brought down the lightsaber and stopped right at the nape of my neck and I knew at a moment's notice he will have my severed blonde head in his hand. 

 then, Kylo Ren told me, “while I'm going to end you, at least I won't end you as a virgin.That's right Rey, your thoughts are like an open book to me and your thoughts just revealed to me that you are a virgin and you know, and I'm about to take away your very innocence from you and then as an extra prize, your life! And while I did fuck you with my lightning bolt, I made sure not to pop your cherry, so yes you're still a virgin. 

 Just as I was about to say something, Kylo Ren, put a bigger ball gag into my mouth, effectively   completely silencing me basically only allowing me to make muffled “MMMPPPHHH!” sounds. 

 He then squatted down on my thighs and plunged his 10” long member into my pussy quickly, instantly breaking my hymen and the pain was so powerful that my vision darkened and stars appeared in my eyes. 

As the sith lord plunged his huge member in and out of my pussy, I saw that his dick was covered covered in my blood. 

 Just after he took away my innocence and right after the intense burst of pain following my first penetration ever, waves of pleasure that I never felt before imagined was possible began emanating from my pussy.

 as Kylo Ren continued fucking the living guts out of me, at the same time he was tickle-cuting  me (tickle and electrocuting) using Force lightning from his left hand and torturing the hell out of me using his lightsaber from his right hand by making now pretty deep cuts into my body and I couldn't do anything about it as I was strapped down spread-eagled and to make matters worse nearly all of my hair was gone and my scalp was about to be caught on fire!

 just as I was approaching climax, Kylo Ren launched extremely powerful bolts of lightning at me, which tickled like hell! Yet my body caught on fire, but to my surprise my body wasn’t consumed by the flames, but the flames tickled my body like crazy! just as I climaxed, everything became white and I woke up in a cold sweat with my fingers between my legs. 

"Beenn!" I said playfully through our force bond. "You know how much I don't like you simulating the actual pain. 

Ben smiled sheepishly looking at me and said, "You know I can't promise that next time." 

Blushing, "You're making me enjoy it." 

"Good, I like my future wife being kinky like me." 

*I blushed harder.* 

I then hard Luke approaching. Ben instead of disappearing stayed as Luke came in. "Hey Rey, hey Ben. Let me guess you just finished having another force bond kink session, right? You know that's not how the force is supposed to be used, right, here let me show you both how. 

"On the bed both of you. And Ben, Yes I know you're actually on the supremacy, now that smokes dead in your the supreme leader, you are in charge, which is what I trained you which is to find out Who is really behind the creation of the first order. Anyway let me show you how I use the force to pleasure people

Luke smirked as he began moving his hands she moved his right hand up and down and his left hand he did a thrusting motion and all of a sudden I saw a hand finger me and I saw then who was laying right next to me was having hks cock get squeezed and pulled by invisible force and I immediately realize that Luke is using the force to pleasure us. Within A few moments I had a mind-boggling orgasm and when I glanced at bat he was moaning loudly as he shot cum into the air and I saw it land in thick blobs on his sculpted belly and chest. I then went over to him and lick the come off of his sculpted belly and chest and swallowed it. 

And then I felt Luke continue to penetrate me with his fingers and I had another orgasm and when I open my eyes I was alone and it was dark outside and there was no one in the room, no Ben and no Luke.

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