The Wizard of Oz: Boners and Blood

BY : PedoTeedo
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Disclaimer: I own neither the book, movie, or musical associated with The Wizard of Oz. I do not own rights to any of the characters depicted in the story. I make no profit from any of my works posted here. This is all my own work and no one elses.

Chapter 1: Miss Gulch

Ms. Gulch was a peculiar woman with peculiar interests.  She was extremely rich and thusly so could afford a more than promiscuous level of sexual activity even at her old age of 48.  Her story begins with Dorothy gale, a petite 12-year old girl who had spent her entire life living on the family farm.  Dorothy always carried her pet terrier, Toto, with her.  She had owned him for years and adored him the most of anything else in her life.  One day Dorothy was walking down the road and Toto ran off barking at Ms. Gulch’s cat.  Toto ran under Ms. Gulch’s fence and over to her cat.  He then jumped on it and shoved his four inch terrier dick inside of the cat and began forcefully humping her.  Dorothy hadn’t yet figured out where Toto had gone and was still looking around for him.  Ms. Gulch stepped out of her house to see Toto raping her cat.  Ms. Gulch had been fucked in just about any way you could imagine but her favorite thing was dogs.  She ran over and picked up Toto and brought him into her house.  She laid down on her bed and placed Toto right next to her snatch.  She pulled up her skirt and revealed her barren pussy.  Toto’s instincts instantly took over and he jumped on her before starting to quickly hump her.  His furry body smashed against her barren one.  After only two minutes Toto reached his limit and came into Gulch’s twat.  A flood of hot semen flowed from Toto’s hard cock all though Gulch’s insides, making her scream in happiness.  At this time Dorothy had jumped into Ms. Gulch’s yard and saw Toto through the window.  She called his name and he jumped off of Ms. Gulch’s bed and ran to Dorothy.  Ms. Gulch saw Dorothy and decided that she was going to pay for cutting her sex short.  Dorothy ran away as fast as she could back to her farm to tell her aunt and uncle what had happened.


So this first chapter is really low key but I needed to truly follow the story of the movie.  Much more hardcore stuff is in the next chapters.

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