Pretty Boy

BY : angeljin
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Pretty Boy – Prologue

            The boy was an annoyance.  Had been ever since the boy had walked up to him and his sister in that bar.  He had a million questions and the scrapbook he carried around was creepy as hell.  So yes, the boy was an annoyance and one hell of a pain in the ass.  But despite that, he was helpful at times.

            He made a good shield when people exploded and was surprisingly talented with a gun.  That last fact was irritating in its own way.  He would have preferred that the boy was as useless as he was annoying because then he could have justified leaving the boy behind.  But his sister had killed any argument he might have had and the boy came with them.  He was pretty sure that he would continue to curse the day that he had met Ben.

            If the brat could just learn to keep his mouth shut for five minutes.  And if he wasn’t such a pretty boy.  Really, it messed with Hansel’s head that Ben was so pretty.  Men weren’t supposed to be pretty.  Women were supposed to be pretty, soft, and meant to attract men; men were not meant to be pretty or soft and they defiantly weren’t meant to attract men.  But lately at Hansel could think about was how Ben looked and it was starting to really mess with him.

            The first time Hansel thought about Ben while he stroked himself, he had pictured Ben on his knees in front of him, the younger man’s head bobbing up and down as he worked over Hansel’s shaft.  His hand had tightened rather painfully around his dick in fear as his head snapped up and quickly moved from side to side as he made sure that he was alone.  As he slowly resumed his movements he let his mind wander to Ben and couldn’t help but wonder what it would feel like to truly have the younger man on his knees.

            There was no doubt in Hansel’s mind, the boy was an annoyance.  But his biggest problem with Ben came from his own thoughts about the younger man.  Hansel had never been one to have a lot of self-restraint and he was worried that one day soon he would snap and attack Ben in the way he really wanted.  And that was something that he knew he would never be able to live with.  There was only one way out of this situation; he would have to tell Ben about his thoughts and hope that the younger would either leave or lend a helping hand.  And if he hoped for one a little more than the other; well, he was only human.

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A.N. – I know that it’s short, but it is only the Prologue.  Please let me know what you think. I was originally going to wait to post this until I had more chapters finished, but I just took my last final and found out that I made A's in all my classes; so I decided to celebrate.

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