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Coming back from control tower duty on a day where most of the rebels on the Yavin 4 base were resting, Jyn saw Cassian and Bodhi before they saw her. They were sitting on their woven rug in the corner of the unit they all shared. Cassian was leaning against Bodhi’s bare chest, Bodhi’s left arm thrown over Cassian’s shoulder. They were softly talking and laughing, their eyes and mouths close together. Jyn’s eyes grazed over their right arms: Cassian’s on top of Bodhi’s tanner one.

“Shit”, Jyn murmured under her breath. She hadn’t quite gotten used to the sight of her partners in these types of intimate situations – uniforms, ranks, stern faces, impending disgraces and burdensome responsibilities left at the door. The sight they offered right now was especially endearing, and – let’s face it – sexy. She would have kept on watching them without intruding, but Bodhi finally noticed her.

“Hey! How was control tower duty?” he asked, as she approached them, getting rid of her heavy belt on the way.

“Busy”, she replied. “Three more teams were deployed today. The intel you delivered yesterday was processed and they didn’t want to wait”.

“Good”, Cassian intervened, his expression immediately hardening, as it did whenever the Rebellion was discussed. “From what I gathered, even a day’s delay would put us at a much greater risk”. Hurt flashed then through his eyes, and Jyn guessed he had missed Kaytoo telling them exactly how much of a percentage increase the delay would entail.

“Yeah, that’s what they said”. Jyn knelt to kiss Cassian, and she felt his mouth twitch up into a sheepish half-smile under hers. She reached over Cassian’s shoulder to kiss Bodhi as well. They both pulled her into a hug.

She still wasn’t quite able to process this kind of treatment – giving or receiving –, after most of her life spent either as a soldier, a fugitive, or a prisoner. However, it was clear from the final moments in Scarif, that these two were destined to be her weak spot.

Something similar had happened to both Bodhi and Cassian.

Captain Cassian Andor was an infamous hardened loner, ever since he lost his family and joined the fight as a child. His dedication to the cause had always been ruthless and single-minded, leaving no room for jovial camaraderie, much less personal relationships. These qualities were partly what made him such an effective and dependable intelligence officer. Something had started switching inside of him in that elevator ride with Jyn after transmitting the Death Star plans. She had put her arms on his shoulders and they had shared piercing vulnerability looking at each other, amidst sweat, pounding heartbeats, and a virtual death sentence – all before reaching ground level. A similar moment ensued with Bodhi shortly after, during the excruciating minutes in which it wasn’t clear which would reach them first, the Death Star’s blast or the rebel rescuers.

As for Bodhi, his recent defector status had meant that, Scarif hero or not, the Rebellion community received him with reservation and mistrust. The Rebellion actually had a protocol in place for cases like his, and Bodhi had successfully transitioned through its first and toughest stages, proving his allegiance; but people around the base still kept their distance. Bodhi himself didn’t feel quite at ease, and his military demeanor leftover from his imperial days was all he could count on to conduct himself. Only the Rogue One group had known from the start that Bodhi was wholeheartedly one of them, fighting alongside him. Only Jyn and Cassian had access to this careless, tender version of Bodhi.

The trip back to the base once they were rescued, albeit a short one, had marked an almost unspoken vow of trust and dismissal of each other’s pasts and recriminations: Bodhi’s service to the Empire, Cassian’s momentary project to kill Galen, Jyn’s previous animadversion to the Rebellion. What they had shared recovering the Death Plans – the quest, the accomplishment, and the trauma – effectively trumped any differences (at least for now) and created a bond of unconditional trust and support between the three.

This bond hadn’t been physical o romantic at first.

Bodhi had made a first move a week after returning to base. He had sat next to Jyn at the long communal table, which he did whenever he could, since she was one of the few people who actually talked to him. One of the power plant techs had made a snide comment about eating with Empire pilots, and Jyn had snapped that, hadn’t it been for Bodhi, probably none of them would be alive, and to shut it and keep eating. Everyone knew Jyn’s words carried weight within the Rebellion, and the tech had indeed kept quiet after that. A grateful and relieved Bodhi slipped his hand to find Jyn’s under the table. Jyn squeezed it without so much as a blink, and didn’t let go, until she realized Bodhi would probably need it to finish his porridge.

That night, Bodhi waited until he could get Jyn alone in a corridor.

“Jyn, that was… Thank you”.

Jyn shook her head, “He’s an idiot. They should put him through the allegiance protocol. I wanted to punch him”.

Bodhi found Jyn’s hand again. This time, she tensed up, and Bodhi sensed it, but his brain had already signaled for him to close his eyes and bow down to Jyn’s lips. It took her a second to recover from the shock, and to let a bundle of contradictory feelings wash over her, before realizing none other than gorgeous Bodhi Rook was kissing her, strong arms around her, musky smell taking her over. She melted into the kiss, eyes closed, eyebrows contracting, mouth repeatedly closing in on Bodhi’s, tongue venturing small licks to find his, chest burning with excitement. After the kiss, Bodhi looked at her with unbelieving eyes, his mouth half-open with the hint of a smile, breathing still labored. She knew she was returning him the same expression.

This had been the start of an intimate relationship between the two; a relationship that unveiled only behind the close doors of either Jyn’s or Bodhi’s quarters.

Cassian, on the other hand, had found himself more and more often in the company of the other two, either in the communal table or generally in off-moments around the base. Before Scarif, when he was not working, he liked to take long hikes or spend time by himself in his quarters. Now, Cassian’s eyes constantly searched for Bodhi’s hair, for Jyn’s frame… He noticed they were often to be found close-by to each other, and when he was with them, he sensed they shared something more, even if they didn’t show it in public.

Sure enough, one night Jyn had invited them both to her quarters after eating, and Cassian confirmed his suspicions when Bodhi pulled Jyn by the waist as soon as the door was closed behind them. That night, the three of them talked for hours about everything: their take on the Rebellion’s strategies and perspectives, the winding roads that had taken each one of them to the Rebellion in the first place, and the elephant in the room – the fact that Jyn and Bodhi were together, and that Cassian was increasingly a part of it too.

Cassian congratulated and then teased the pair. He offered to maintain discretion, and he joked about how he would endure being the third wheel. Bodhi and Jyn hadn’t laughed. Instead, they exchanged a wordless look. Jyn reached for Cassian’s hand. She looked as though she was going to say something, but no sound came out. Instead, she started rubbing nervous patterns with her thumb on Cassian’s palm. This isn’t happening, though Cassian.

“Cassian”, breathed Bodhi, “I… we…” Suddenly something snapped in Cassian’s head. He looked at Jyn, then at Bodhi. He was suddenly aware of the close proximity they were all sitting in. Then, without further thinking, and without letting go of Jyn, he reached out to touch Bodhi’s cheek. Bodhi sighed and leaned into the touch. Jyn swallowed hard.

“I want to be with you”, whispered Cassian, “with both of you. Always”.

Jyn felt a dam open and flood her chest with emotion. She put her arms around Cassian, and felt Bodhi joining in. They stayed like that for long moments, rocking together, heads supporting each other, whispering confessions to each other. Jyn took Cassians chin and thumbed his lip, which he kissed eagerly. She turned his head slightly to get him closer to Bodhi, who grabbed Cassian’s face.

Jyn had imagined this many times, but actually seeing it was overwhelming, and her pussy responded instantly. Cassian and Bodhi were lost in each other, grunting, panting, and grabbing. When they parted, both looked at Jyn with ravenous expressions, and Cassian was the first to pull her in. She noticed his lips were thinner and his tongue bolder than Bodhi’s, and that the smell and taste invading her senses were unique as well – their own brand of intoxicating. Still lost in Cassian’s kiss, Jyn felt Bodhi’s arms come from behind her, his hands on her breasts, which caused her mouth to open wider, and Cassian’s pushing tongue to reach her throat.

Just when she thought she wouldn’t be able to feel more, she noticed Bodhi’s hips beginning to rock against her ass, which in turn prompted her to thrust against Cassian’s groin. That’s when she noticed the growing bulge in his pants, and her hand came down to find it on its own accord.

“Jyn!”, Cassian’s voice broke in her mouth.


Knowing he had Jyn and Cassian had given Bodhi a newfound confidence within the Rebellion. He didn’t let go of his serious persona, but he now ventured opinions, volunteered for missions, and gradually stopped worrying about how his contributions would be perceived. This in turn garnered him more and more respect from others.

The fact that he was clearly close to Jyn and Cassian also helped. No one knew the nature of their relationship, but they had obviously formed a kind of group, which Mon Mothma acknowledged and took advantage of by sending the three of them on missions under the team name of Rogue One. Chirrut and Baze were off guarding a secret Jedi sanctuary in a distant planet, and there had been no other survivors, so for all means and purposes, Rogue One indeed consisted of Jyn, Cassian and Bodhi.

One day, Cassian was on control tower duty with another captain. There were no personnel assigned exclusively to this task, so everyone, no matter their rank, had to put in some hours, which were often spent reading holobooks or playing cards when there was no spaceship activity. Everyone knew Cassian wasn’t in the habit of fraternizing with his comrades, but he and Captain Melma had been playing dejarik, and Cassian seemed to be in a light mood after winning the last two matches, so Melma ventured to ask him something that had clearly been on her mind for a while.

“Captain Andor – Cassian”, she started. The sound of his first name made him raise half-curious, half-alert eyes at her. “You are friends with Bodhi Rook. They say you were the one who found him in Jheda. How did you know he was telling the truth?”

“I had good intel on it. I was already on the look for an Imperial pilot”.

“But”, she continued uneasily, “you never suspected it might be a trap? That Rook was really still working for the Empire?”

Cassian wasn’t sure he liked where this was going, but answered anyway. “Of course I considered the possibility at first, but Rook had risked his life to deliver Galen Erso’s message. He joined our mission immediately. He’s the one who took us to Erso after Jedha was destroyed. He lead the Rogue One ship to Scarif. He fixed the comms that allowed us to transmit the Death Star Plans. He…”

“So”, Captain Melma interrupted, “you definitely trust him?”

Cassian felt the blood rise to his head, but he managed to stay calm. “Of course”, he said, with just a hint of exasperation, his eyebrows raised.

To Cassian’s surprise, Melma’s expression immediately shifted into a mischievous grin. “Okay, then. Listen. My sister is getting married in Absanz, my home planet, next month. I want to take Rook. I… I like him”, she admitted, shrugging her shoulders sheepishly. “I don’t know why, but I feel like this could be the start of something. Do you think he’ll come with me?” she asked with hopeful eyes.

“No”, sneered Cassian. “I don’t think so”.

Melma frowned. “No? Why not?”

Cassian gave it an instant’s though before answering, “Because he is mine”.

Melma’s jaw dropped. “You and Rook…”

“Yes. Us and Jyn Erso”. Melma’s jaw opened even more. “Sorry”, Cassian finished with a half-smile that showed he was indeed a little sorry, but mainly proud as a galaxy.


“I told Captain Melma about us”, Cassian let out casually later that day at Bodhi’s quarters.

“What??”, jumped Jyn, “Why?”

“She wanted to ask you to her sister’s wedding in Absanz”.

“Me?”, Bodhi looked shocked and flattered in equal measure.

“Does that surprise you?”, Cassian asked, brushing Bodhi’s cheek with the back of his fingers.

“Not me”, said Jyn. “She’s been going on about you for a while now. And she’s not the only one. You have no idea how beautiful you are, do you?”, she asked bemusedly, before returning to Cassian. “Don’t change the subject, though. So you told her about Bodhi and you and me?”

“Yeah. By the way, babe”, he said, looking at Bodhi, “I may have gotten a little possessive when she said she wanted to get with you – I said you wouldn’t go because you are mine. But of course we said any of us is free to be with whoever they want”.

“Stars, Cassian”, Bodhi shook his head in disbelief, “And what did she say?”

“Not much”, Cassian laughed. “She pretty much just gawked. But I bet she said plenty as soon as our shift was over. I bet the whole base knows by now”.

Sure enough, the next day Jyn noticed odd stares from the few people she passed on her way to an early debriefing Mon Mothma had summoned them to. When she entered the meeting room, she saw Bodhi and Cassian were already there.

“Good morning Sergeant Erso. I asked you three to be here a little earlier, so we’re not expecting anyone else for a few minutes. Please close the door”. Wow, she thought, news sure travel fast in here. “I heard you’ve made it official and public, so to speak. And while it’s really none of our business, I just wanted to congratulate you three. I’m very happy for you”.

Cassian smiled slightly, “It is your business, Mon. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before. This means a lot to me. Thank you”. Jyn was dumbfounded by Cassian’s reaction. She reasoned there must be a backstory there that Cassian hadn’t shared.

“Yes. Thank you, Mon Mothma”, seconded Bodhi, “for everything”. Mon Mothma had successfully advocated in the council to accelerate the completion of Bodhi’s allegiance protocol, and he was indeed grateful.

Jyn merely nodded and smiled noncommittally, since the “none of our business” part was the only one that had made sense to her.

A few days later, Bodhi requested shared quarters for the three of them. These larger units were normally destined for couples, but since them giving up their individual quarters meant that more space would free up for the new recruits, the administrative officer couldn’t really object. If he had any personal opinions, he kept them to himself.

This was the case with the Rebellion community in general. Bodhi’s, Jyn’s and Cassian’s arrangement was not unheard of, but it was definitely uncommon, and it was deemed scandalous by many. Had it been someone else, they would probably have been the target of some sort of aggression or mockery, but this was the Rogue One team. This in itself inspired respect, and the detachment the three of them were known for didn’t call for uninvited comments. Besides, Cassian wouldn’t put it past Mon Mothma to reprimand anyone who even hinted at giving them a hard time. Although they often worked and hung out together, they had no public displays of affection, so business continued as usual. As the weeks went by, their relationship became nothing more than a well-known and accepted fact that was part of the Rebellion’s life.

The night Jyn came back from control tower duty to find her partners on the woven rug, she had had her own one-on-one with Captain Melma. After their shift, Melma had asked Jyn if she wanted to stop by the canteen on the way back. They’d never done so before, but Jyn thought the Potwa beers they served there would be a nice treat after the intense day’s work. Besides, she kind of liked Melma. And Melma liked Bodhi, so they had that much in common.

Unsurprisingly, after they drank their first beer discussing Leia Organa’s latest feats, Melma had brought up the subject of Bodhi and Cassian. Jyn had to give it to Melma – no one else had dared ask her about it. She decided to indulge her. She realized dishing about her love life could be fun.

Two boyfriends, Erso. And not just any boyfriends. Are you the luckiest rebel in the galaxy or what?”

Jyn smiled gaily. “I suppose I am. Ok, I definitely am". She smiled somewhat stupidly for a few moments before remembering something. "Oh, by the way, I know you wanted to take Bodhi to your sister’s wedding. Did you get around to asking him?”

“Are you serious? After Andor’s ‘he is mine’ line, I wouldn’t have dared. I went solo. What, you mean you wouldn’t have minded?”

Jyn shrugged. “We agreed not to limit each other. We’re free to see other people. I don’t think any of us has. But you’re free to try”.

“Stars, Erso. Common folk rules sure don’t apply to you three, do they? Wouldn’t you be afraid to lose Andor or Rook to someone else if you let them wander?”

“Not really. I mean, I guess anything could happen, but we’re just really attached to each other. Ever since Scarif”. Jyn seemed to momentarily retreat somewhere dark, which left Melma uncomfortably staring into her unseeing eyes.

“Ehem. Yes, I’ve read the official report and heard the stories. I’m sure it must have been hard”.

“Yeah”, said Jyn, snapping back into reality. “Anyway. Out of the three of us, only Bodhi had ever been in relationships. He explained how jealousy had turned them into nightmares. We didn’t want anything to do with that”.

“Well played Rook”, Melma murmured.


“No, nothing. Wow. Okay. Tell me something, Erso. Tell me two things, actually. First, how does it feel to watch two men – your men – kissing, and, you know…?”, she trailed off, her meaning clear. “Isn’t it sort of disturbing? And second, how does it feel to have not one, but two gorgeous men swooning over you?”

Jyn smiled again. She realized how much she had been wanting to talk about this. “They are gorgeous, aren’t they? You should see them out of their uniforms”.

“Oh, trust me, I have. In my imagination. No: yeah, I should. Go on, answer the questions”, she motioned impatiently with her hand.

“Well. What do you mean is it disturbing? You mean, because they’re men?”

“Well… yeah.”

“Captain Melma, how can you say that? Have you ever even thought about two men together? Picture these two, for instance. Dark stubble, dark eyes, bare torsos, flat, strong chests. Both kissing, moaning…”

“Force”, sudden realization came to Captain Melma. “Okay, yes, I see your point. Don't you get jealous when they’re together without you, though?”

Jyn shook her head with an amused expression. “I love watching them. Just knowing they’re together. The weakness they have for each other, the way it contrasts with their toughness everywhere else. The effect they have on each other. Sometimes when I wake up, I see them already up, softly talking to each other in their own little world. It melts my heart”.

“Stars, Erso. You really love them, don’t you?”

“Yeah.” Explaining their relationship to someone else made it quite obvious, even though Jyn wasn't in the habit of phrasing it that way.

“Alright. And now, about having both of them for yourself”.

“That is pretty incredible, to be honest. What I have with Cassian is different from what I have with Bodhi, and what we have between the three is also special. It’s like a constant flow of emotions and caring. And when both of them, em, take care of me at the same time… shit – I feel like I’m going to explode”.

“I bet you do explode”, muttered Captain Melma.

“What was that?”

“I mean, I bet that is incredible. Well, it’s like I said – some of us get all the luck, and some of us spend nights alone in our quarters while our sisters go on their honeymoons”, she laughed as she finished her beer.


“Do you taste like beer, love?”, Bodhi asked Jyn after another round of kisses that night on the woven rug.

“Oh, yeah. I hit the canteen with Captain Melma after our shift. She’s got it bad for the two of you, you know. You should go see her”.

“Oh, really?”, asked Bodhi playfully. “You would like that? Would you want to watch?” Jyn felt herself blush. She didn’t think he had it in him to be this bold.

“That depends. What would you do to her?”, she asked. Bodhi looked at her and Cassian mischievously.

“Well, if she was already wet and willing, I think I would slide my hand down her trousers like this…” Cassian watched transfixed as Bodhi’s hand started protruding from inside Jyn’s pants, “and I would feel around for her slick like this”, two of his fingers found the spot where they could plunge and dampen easily, and he took them out again. “Want some?”, he asked Cassian.

“Yeah”, breathed Cassian, and Bodhi slid his fingers to rest on Cassians tongue, where he licked, sucked and softly bit them.

“Then, if Cassian came along, I would ask him to trail his tongue down her back onto her ass. Would you, baby?”

“I’m afraid I’d do anything you asked like that”, Cassian swiftly removed Jyn’s shirt and pants, and positioned her on all fours. Jyn felt relieved she had hit the refreshers in the control tower before heading out with Captain Melma, or she would have probably objected to this. Cassian ran his hand through her back before complying with Bodhi’s request and licking her spine all the way to her crack, where he hesitated.

“Go on, Cass”, she whispered. That was all Cassian needed. He lapped down her crack and made it to her hole, which had never received any attention before this. She softly screamed, her chest pounding. Cassian tentatively ventured bolder licks, feeling the ridges of her pulsating anus. Is this really happening?, she internally asked herself.

“Get your tongue in there, baby”, instructed Bodhi, his erection pressing against his pants. Cassian hardened his tongue and pushed it past Jyn’s outer ring, while inserting two fingertips in her vagina. Jyn whimpered in wonderment. Bodhi held her hand and looked into her eyes as Cassian’s assaults grew bolder and bolder, both with his tongue and fingers.

“Stop Cassian, please! I’m going to come, it’s too soon!” Cassian removed all intruding parts, and soothed her whole pubic mound with his palm. Bodhi moved in to kiss Cassian and taste Jyn on him.

“Stars Cassian. Have you ever had someone do that to you?” Jyn asked, still recovering from her almost imminent climax.

He denied bemusedly. “No one’s ever gone there, not in any way”.

“But you told us you’ve been with male comrades and the occasional informant”, Jyn retorted.

“I have”, he replied, biting his lower lip – probably remembering some of the men in question –, but I’ve always been the, em, giving one. I have never let anyone touch me”.

Bodhi, who already knew this, added “He’s gonna let me be his first, Jyn. Right, love?” Bodhi pulled Cassian’s pants down and ran a finger teasingly down his crack.

“That’s right”, said Cassian, letting himself feel the tantalizing sensation, “someday soon. If you’re good to me”.

“I will”, promised Bodhi, grabbing Cassian’s hair and kissing him deeply.

Jyn shook her head and laughed. “I would like to watch you two with Captain Melma, by the way”.

Bodhi smiled. “Excellent”.

“Would you care to touch her as well?”, ventured Cassian. This took her by surprise. She hadn’t given much thought to the possibility of being with another woman, but the fact that Cassian was thinking about it was a definite turn-on. She liked Captain Melma, and the dark locks that framed her face and her full cleavage, didn’t make the idea altogether abhorrent.

“What would you have me do to her, Cass?”

He bit his lip. “I’d have you touch her chest, like this”, he demonstrated with both his hands on her. “First feel her through her shirt, squeezing. Give her nipples little tugs like these. It’ll drive her crazy. Then drag your fingers all the way from her jaw, like this, until you pull down on her hem, chest band and all, and make her nipples pop out, like this”. Jyn watched as his actions followed his words, and her two dark pink nipples emerged, pushed up by the pressure of her garments. She imagined they were Captain Melma’s and her heart skipped a beat. “Would you do that for us, Jyn?”

“Yeah”, she said, “as long as you then suck on her nipples”, she said, as she offered her own with her hands to each of her lovers. Neither of them wasted any time. Bodhi began sucking right away, while he massaged her breast, as though he was trying to suck her dry. Meanwhile, Cassian alternated between lightly suckling, thumbing and pulling with his teeth and fingers. Jyn whimpered and threw up her hips, looking for any part of her lovers’ bodies against which she could hump her pussy.

Realizing this, Cassian offered the resistance of his now bare knee, which only caused Jyn to become more desperate looking to increase the friction. “I thought you didn’t want to come yet, baby”, teased Cassian.

“Please”, she said, “I have to”.

Cassian smiled and told Bodhi, “You do it. She’s ready for you”, he said, easily plunging his fingers in her again, as if to prove his point. Bodhi hurriedly rid himself of his pants and underwear, and he pumped his cock a couple of times before pushing the tip inside of Jyn. The sudden intrusion and the anticipation of what was coming made her moan and babble nonsensically. Bodhi leaned over till his mouth was on her ear. “I love you, Stardust”, he said, before stabbing his penis in her all the way. Jyn moaned loudly, the sensation almost splitting her in half and immediately reaching her toes. Meanwhile, Cassian reached for the lube on a drawer to cover himself in slick. Jyn couldn’t see what he has doing behind Bodhi, but she guessed, from Bodhi’s expression, that he had spread Bodhi’s cheeks, and was now opening him up with his fingers, teasing and probing, just as he liked, in time with Bodhi’s thrusts.

“Now, Cassian! Please!”, begged Bodhi. Jyn felt a sudden change in rhythm, and he knew Cassian had entered Bodhi. It took Bodhi a moment to recover, before he could set a pace in which he was alternately fucking her like he wanted, and getting fucked with the intensity he craved. He was then uncontrollable, eyes closed, face red and contorted, adrenaline making his hips move incredibly fast and hard. He didn’t slow down when he felt himself coming; and he came violently, half inside, half outside as he pulled out. Cassian reached out to finish milking him as he pushed desperately for his own orgasm buried inside Bodhi’s ass. While Cassian came inside of Bodhi, Bodhi furiously palmed Jyn’s clit in circles and finger-fucked her to get her over the edge. She was the last to scream out in ecstasy, closely following Cassian. They all fell into a lump on the rug, but Bodhi kept pressing with his palm, since he knew Jyn needed pressure to get off with each of the aftershocks.

“Force, what is this thing between us?”, asked Bodhi breathlessly, once the aftershocks subsided. Strange as the question was, Jyn thought she knew what he meant. Buried in the crook of Bodhi’s neck, with Cassian’s arm draped over them both, Jyn finally let tiredness take her over.

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