AVP: One Unlucky Rookie

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AVP: One Unlucky Rookie


DISCLAIMER: This is a fan based work.  Aliens, Predator, and Aliens vs. Predator are owned by 20th Century Fox and are used here in an erotic, and parodic manner.  This author does not work for 20th Century Fox, and thus does not own any part of these franchises, nor will the author earn any money in the publishing of this fan written fiction.



Private Jane Walls groaned as she came to, the blinding light from the flood lamp beside her not doing anything to ease the pain in her head.  This was the freshly recruited Colonial Marine’s second combat mission, and already things had gone completely pear shaped and batshit insane.  Not even minutes after they had left the Marlow, something had just come out of nowhere and destroyed it; in the ensuing chaos, Jane had somehow managed to get clocked in the head by a loose crate, and she could only remember fragments of everything that had happened since before waking up. 

Rookie?  You reading me?”  Jane groaned as one of her fellow Marines began talking through her radio.  “This is Tequila.  Thought we’d lost you kid.  Take your time, look around slowly.”  Jane, with no other options at hand, did so.  She was in what looked to be the colony’s garage, with far too much heavy equipment scattered all over the place to be considered safe.  Satisfied that she at least didn’t have too bad a concussion, Jane got up off her gurney and pulled out her sidearm, a VP-78 handgun. 

You took quite a knock to the head during the drop,” Tequila continued.  Jane rolled her eyes, exasperated.  Really?  No shit Sherlock.  “Take a stim, you’ll feel better.”  Sighing, Jane reached into a pouch on her pant leg and pulled out a small, disposable hypo filled with Company knows what.  Thumbing the cap off, Jane grimaced as she jabbed the injector into her arm, her pain almost immediately vanishing.  Jane huffed in relief as Tequila kept on talking.  “Your squad bugged out in a hurry, had to leave you behind.  On the upside, you missed a helluva fight.” 

Looking to the side, Jane saw with no small amount of revulsion on her dead squadmates laying next to a crate, a small pack of stim vials right next to him.  Sorry bub, but I’ll need those a LOT sooner than you do, she thought as she went over to the corpse and picked up the stims.  “Power’s down all over the colony, so use your flashlight.”  With a flick of her finger, the flashlight attached to the pistol kicked on, as well as the torch on her left shoulder.  “And if you need more light, pop a flare.”  Jane resisted the urge to groan as she took out what looked like a red cigarette before she twisted the top off and threw the flare off somewhere in the garage. 

Alright marine, you need to get outta there.  Way out’s via the basement,” Tequila stated.  “Just head to back and follow the signs out.”  Finally, something that made sense.  Jane made her way out of the garage, taking care not to hurt herself as she blew up a propane tank that was blocking her path.  The recruit had, after a minute, and some near scares on her motion tracker, found the door to the basement’s power junction.  Hearing sounds of a fellow human struggle, Jane struggled to pry the doors open, and grimaced at the sight of a dead civilian on the wall, an alien chitter being the only other evidence his attacker gave her. 

Moving over to the switch, Jane threw it down, and a second later, the basement was flooded in weak, but stable light.  She was on her way out when a voice came over the loudspeakers.  “BG-386.  Not quite the home away from home when the Company staked its claim.”  Jane rolled her eyes at the voice of Karl Bishop Weyland.  What a pompous ass.  “But here at Weyland-Yutani, we see beyond the immediate.  Shaping new worlds for every man, woman, and child.  Weyland-Yutani.  Building better worlds.”  All through his little speech, Jane had gone through the corridors, looking for  way out of the building, and after going up a flight of stairs, soon found the first signs of daylight since she had woken up. 

Running to the heavy blast doors, Jane almost tripped as she saw a body get dragged into a vent set into the wall beside her.  Not stopping, she stepped outside and soon saw the imposing form of a Typhoon dropship fly overhead.  Rushing forward, she saw the door to the operations building wide open and quickly made her way inside.  Once in, she groaned as she saw the thick bundle of severed cables hanging in the hallway, spitting out sparks of potent voltage.  And then a xeno tried to burst through the floor, scaring the fuck out of the poor Marine.  Jane dashed into the next room, and quickly found herself on the other side of the cables.  Sighing in relief, the Marine proceeded onwards, making her way up the stairs as Tequila started talking again. 

The Corporal quickly tells her that the power breaker is in the room she’s about to enter, and as Jane figures it, power to the colony means power to communications, and communications meant getting the fuck off this damned planet.  Reaching it, Jane giddily yanked the lever down as the system shut down to reset.  And that was when her tracker had to go off, freezing her blood cold.  “One!  Now throw that lever again to reboot the system!” Tequila ordered hurriedly. 

Hell, she didn’t have to tell her twice!  Jane flipped the switch back up, and was unceremoniously thrown back from the power surge, sparks flying as something attached to her armor was fried beyond repair.  And then her tracker went off again as something growled in frustration outside, Tequila prattling on about checking her perimeter.  Choking back pants of fear, Jane inspected every access panel and vent in the room, certain that the monster outside wasn’t coming in through those.  Thankfully they all held, and as the Corporal ordered her to regroup with the others, Jane went to pry open a glitching door…

…only to come face to face with an angry xeno.  It snarled as it tried to bite her face off, but the recruit was faster as she fell back to the ground, the door shutting in its face.  Tequila mentioned environmental controls, and Jane made her way to the other door as the pipes outside ruptured, hopefully killing it.  The door opened, and Jane tentatively stepped out, looking to the right where the other door way. 

There was a body missing. 

Fuck, Jane thought as she moved forward, and then it came out of the floor, snarling and screaming as it came after her.  She was screaming too, mostly in terror as she sent bullet after bullet down the hall to slam into its carapace, unloading nearly the entire magazine into it before it died, melting through the floor.  Trying to get her breathing under control, Jane moved on, listening only a bit as Tequila complained about how bad the drop was turning out to be.  She entered a tunnel that led to the rest of the colony, the sounds of pulse rifles and xenos screeching coming in through the locked door at the end.  Jane moaned in annoyance as she heard her tracker go off. 

She turned around, and saw the skeletal form of another xeno in the tunnel with her.  She aimed, and tried to fire off a three round burst from her pistol… only for it to click and slide open after one shot.  Fuck, she had forgotten to reload the damned gun!  In an instant, the alien had knocked her to a wall, pinning her there with its deceptively strong limbs, handgun clattering to the ground below.  Jane trembled, knowing her end was near.  God, she hoped it was quick….

The alien hissed, and she closed her eyes, waiting for the sudden burst of pain that would kill her, only for the side of its ridged dome to bump into her lower jaw, forcing her chin up.  Oh great, it was going to bite her throat out instead, how wonderful.  But… why was it just sniffing her, and why the hell was it now sniffing her damn crotch?! 

Angrily, Jane kicked the alien in the head, managing to get loose as it stumbled back.  She had only just managed to remove the empty magazine from the handgun before she felt the xenos hands clamp down on her ankles.  She screamed in terror as it dragged her away from the pistol, its hands moving up and shredding her pants and undergarments, the cloying scent of something invading her nostrils as it hissed menacingly in her ear, hands slamming down on her wrists.  Jane cried out in pain as she almost felt her bones break, and was about to struggle when she felt something… alien, plop down in the crack of her ass. 

It was big, or rather, he was big, bigger than most other men that Jane had fucked in the past, and slick with its secretions.  The Marine was paralyzed in shock as the xeno rocked his hips back, his turgid dick trailing remarkably warm rivulets of pre as the alien hissed in triumph.  She whimpered in fear as the monster’s tip finally settled on the cusp of her cunt.  She hoped that it wasn’t going to do what she thought it was going to do. 

It shot it hips forward, and robbed her of her illusions.  The thick, almost impossibly large organ had speared into her, taking the breath from her lungs at the force of the initial penetration.  The alien atop her gave rumbling hiss as he stayed there, his thick shaft spreading her walls painfully as it savored her tightness before pulling back.  And that was when Jane found out something else about the xenomorphs. 

Their dicks had ridges on them.  And holy shit, a small part of her was starting to revel in just how fucking awesome it felt to have those ridges scrap and tease her walls so, her body shuddering involuntarily.  Once only the tapered tip was left inside of her, the alien drove forward again, and again, and again, until it finally settled into a furious rhythm of exotic rutting that was putting Jane deeper and deeper into shame.  Suddenly, her body stiffened as she climaxed, the walls of her sex getting slick with the xeno’s pre and her own juices. 


With a savage, snarling screech, the alien roared as his dick swelled, and Jane suddenly had near scalding cum flood her snatch, the thick fluid overflowing and dripping to the ground in thick strands as the alien pistoned in and out her as it came, its thrusts becoming weaker by the spurt.  Finally, it pulled out, stumbling back.  In seconds, Jane lunged for the gun, a fresh magazine quickly loaded in.  The alien, seeing its recent victim moving, snarled in fury as Jane twisted in place and opened fire.  Every bullet pushed it back until finally its head split open, its acidic insides splashing all around its corpse.  Shivering in place, Jane went and replaced the magazine as the door behind her finally opened. 

Standing up, Jane saw that the Marines she was supposed to meet were all dead, the last survivor dying to hit the panel opening the doors.  Quickly, the Marine pocketed the corpse’s spare magazines and headed to the admin building where Tequila was located.  As she came to the entrance, she heard Tequila mention something about movement, and Jane heard the undeniably terrifying cackle of something laughing.  Shaking it off, she entered the building, and soon found herself in front of a locked door.  Spotting the power terminal next to it, she had an idea of what was needed before Tequila even spoke, and moments later, inserted the power node into the slot. 

The door opened, revealing Tequila waiting for her.  “Good to see you Rookie,” she said, before noticing with wide eyes the stains on the front of her pants.  “The fuck happened to you Rookie?”  Jane made a motion of something banging her with her fingers as she went over to the table and picked up a pulse rifle, mechanically checking the magazine and chamber for rounds.  “Well shit,” Tequila commented as she headed to the workstation.  “I can’t say I envy you, but, damn.  Well, at least you’re alive, right?” 

Jane shrugged, her cunt still throbbing from the rape she had endured not even minutes ago.  She paid only some attention as Tequila went about and talked to someone over the radio in a club.  Moments later, Jane gulped as she was ordered to assist the team in the club.  Taking a few spare magazines from a nearby gun rack, Jane headed out the way she came, and almost ran into another xeno.  Remembering the last xeno that had cornered her, Jane took aim and seconds later, the alien’s head was blasted apart.  Sighing in relief, Jane resumed heading out, switching her pistol out for her newly acquired pulse rifle. 

Running to the club, Jane listened with a dropping heart as the team got torn apart in the club, and as she stepped into the elevator to get into the club, the Marine took a deep breath to try and steady her nerves.  She stepped in, and a few moments later, her blood chilled as she saw the inside for the first time.  The xenos had… well, whatever the hell it was, it was flat out disgusting.  Adjusting her grip on the pulse rifle, Jane followed Tequila’s instructions and headed to the upper floor of the club, where more of the alien crap was strung up.  She had made it to the walkway when the music began to hammer away. 

Shit! Jane thought in panic as her motion tracker went off again, her weapon aiming up and everywhere as she sought to find the death happy aliens.  There!  The first alien went down in a deluge of blood and body parts as Jane shifted her aim to the next alien.  It too died, and Jane backed up frantically as three more charged at her.  A long burst that ate up the rest of her ammo took care of two of them, and she was desperately trying to reload when another alien slammed into her side, knocking her over, pulse rifle skidding to a stop several feet away. 

Jane went to draw out her pistol when the xeno slammed a hand onto her wrist, pinning it in place as it hissed threateningly in her ear.  She froze, shivering in place as the Marine was aware of just how close the alien’s body was to hers, and then became even more terrified as the alien she had tried to kill advanced on her, the creature’s gender becoming increasingly clear. 

Like the last cock that had raped her, it was thick and ridged, and was surprisingly pale in comparison with the rest of the alien’s hide.  Jane gasped in fear as it-he-stepped closer to her, hissing in anticipation as the alien’s length quivered, leaking a surprising clear fluid from its tip.  She would have twisted her face away if the alien restraining her hadn’t grabbed her head and pulled her torso off the floor, her head now at eye level with the advancing dick.  Oh God no, not again! Jane thought as the advancing alien reached her, and with a savage jerk of his hips, filled her mouth with his cock. 

It was almost too much for her to handle, her lower jaw almost dislocating from the thrust.  As it was, her mouth was still stretched painfully wide as the alien’s tip stopped near the back of her throat.  Jane gagged, helpless as her oral penetrator reveled in the feeling of the warm, tight confines of her mouth, the cock twitching.  And behind her, the other xeno hissed impatiently as clawed fingers grabbed her ass.  The Marine’s eyes widened at the sudden realization seconds before the second alien dick in the span of an hour violated her. 

The two aliens screamed in joy as they began to saw in and out of her, almost using her as a double ended toy for their pleasure as Jane sobbed and cried between them.  Her slick cunt, already stretched by her earlier rape, fared much better than her mouth as the thick monster of a cock started reaching deeper and deeper inside her throat before finally, the alien was stabbing his full length inside of her mouth, her face getting lightly bruised from every impact with the rigid exoskeletal groin. 

Jane was beginning to see spots in her vision, her lungs void of air and her brain beginning to panic as the aliens began using her more fiercely, their cocks trying to shove themselves even deeper into her until finally, just as she was about to pass out, they came.  As with the first alien, their cum was hot, and while the one fucking her snatch was a normal feeling, the sheer volume flooding into her mouth and throat was not.  Jane struggled to swallow it all, trying to keep her trachea clear of the odd tasting semen as the alien finally pulled away, his cock still spasming.  As she gasped in relief, coughing to catch her breath, the streams of alien cum flew out and landed across her face and hair, coating her in a slick slime. 

The two rapists stumbled away, the session having drained them of their energy.  Once Jane recovered, her eyes narrowed in rage as she crawled back over to her pulse rifle, and with shaking legs, stood up.  The sharp clack of a freshly reloaded pulse rifle was their first, and only clue of their imminent demise as Jane opened fire on them, their limbs and bodies getting torn apart in seconds.  Spitting out a glob of cum, Jane searched the upper level one more time and snatched up a trio of grenades for the pulse rifle’s launcher before moving to the elevator. 

In her daze, she barely took notice of the other Marines that greeted her, or the onslaught of xenos that poured in from the corridor.  She did however snap out of her daze as Tequila ordered to run like fuck away from the place.  She happily complied, shooting and avoiding the arms of the aliens all the way to the all too slow elevator.  The elevator had barely come to a halt and opened its doors before Jane dashed out of it, noticing almost too late the giant hole in the grate.  Stopping just in time, Jane looked around the room and quickly collected what little ammo there was before she heard Tequila order her into the sewers so that she could reach the extraction zone.  Taking a deep breath, the Marine jumped in, and began running to her goal.  And of course, xenos began to pop out of the drainage vents.  A few bursts later, and she had a trail of bodies behind her before seeing a massive drop. 

Steeling herself, Jane jumped and landed with only a heavy grunt as she rolled with the impact.  She began to sprint, almost tasting escape before something popped behind her.  FUCK! She thought in a blind panic as the xeno grabbed her ankles, and pulled her into the grate, and the second her head hit the permacrete floor, she blacked out. 


Yay, a new story!  So, I recently got AVP (2010), and I found an erotic playthrough of sorts featuring an R63 Predator in it, and I thought ‘You know what, let’s have everything fuck the Rookie instead!’  So yeah, heavy on the rape elements where I think it’s feasible, and otherwise, I just hope that you all enjoy this story!

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