Isle of the Lost: A More Wicked World

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Disclaimer: I do not own Disney's Descendants or any of the published books by Melisa De La Cruise. This story is purely written for fun and not profit.


Once upon a time there was a movie that featured the children of famous Disney Heroes and Villains called Descendants. The movie told a story about four of the villain kids getting a chance to live amongst the hero kids and whether or not they would carry out their evil legacy or become good. However, before the movie there was a book called Isle of the Lost. This book was the prequel to Descendants that showed us what it was like on the Isle of the Lost for the villains and their kids. The book gives us a glimpse of the four main villain kids’ lives and how fate lead them to becoming friends.

If you have read the book and seen the movie than this is pretty much common knowledge to you already. But what you are about to read is a darker version of these tales. In this story, the villains will look like how they originally do. The villains will actually act like the cold, cruel, heartless, devious people they were shown to be in their original portrayals.

So take your minds back to when you watched Maleficent curse a baby girl to death just because she didn’t get an invite, when The Evil Queen wanted her step-daughter’s heart in box just because she was prettier than her, when Jafar manipulated the Sultan and lusted for his daughter for years, when he created an almost successful revenge plan, and when Cruella lived up to her name and dognaps Dalmatians just so she can have their furs. These villains were evil and dangerous people!

But alas, these villains that we grew up with and absolutely ‘loved’ were not what we saw in the book or movie. They have been watered down and were a shell of their former selves. The book and the movie weren’t bad, there was just something lacking with the way certain characters were portrayed. So for those who also found it lacking and would rather read a more realistic tale, then this is for you.

This saga will begin with the wicked version of Isle of the Lost. This tale will have prostitution, sex, abuse, manipulation and much more (this is a story about villains and their kids after all). Nonetheless, all is not gloom and doom. Friendship, love, action, adventure, magic, mystery, and discovery play a role that may bring about a happy ending. For now, let’s enter this more wicked world of the Isle of the Lost and see how these changes and the intervention of fate let’s this story unfold. 

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