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Beca really shouldn't have been surprised. But then Chloe always had a knack for sneaking up on her/scaring the crap out of her. Still she was ashamed of herself for the girlish scream which escaped her lips and the way she jumped when she turned to see Chloe standing there in front of her with that big smile of hers. To be fair they were both naked in a shower. Again. Although to her credit Beca resisted the urge to cover herself this time, unless you count crossing her arms and scowling. The point was she didn't look embarrassed, just annoyed.

"Really Chloe, again?" Beca groaned.

"You left the door unlocked." Chloe said, "That was a sign, right?"

Beca opened her mouth, then paused. She had thought she locked the bathroom door, and Chloe probably wasn't above picking a lock, but the redhead just gave her this look. This heartbreakingly anxious look, which looked so earnest if she was faking it then Chloe a total psycho, which wasn't totally out of the question, but it kind of felt like kicking her out would be like kicking a puppy. And, even though she would never, ever admit it out loud, the first time Chloe had barged in on her awoke a curiosity inside of Beca she hadn't known existed. It scared her to be quite honest, but because of it she could have unconsciously left the door unlocked. Which didn't necessarily make it okay for Chloe to take that as an invitation, but whatever the reason for this situation maybe Beca could use it to her advantage.

"Cause it wouldn't be the first time that, you know... I miss read the signs." Chloe said, looking nervous for perhaps the first time Beca had known her, "I haven't, have I?"

"I don't know." Beca answered truthfully, before quickly adding when Chloe started looking unbearably heartbroken, "I, I don't think so."

"Oh." Chloe murmured, seeming to debate it for a second before smiling and moving closer, "I can work with that... if you're up for it..."

There was a long pause and then Beca nodded. Or her head spasmed from nervousness. Either way Chloe gave her a beaming smile and then quickly closed the very short distance between them so she could kiss her. Another girl's lips were pressing against her own, and as much as half of Beca was freaking out the other half was actually kind of liking it. Chloe was a good kisser. Soft, gentle, reassuring, Beca finding it surprisingly easy to relax and start kissing back.

What felt like seconds later, but probably a lot longer than that, Beca felt Chloe's tongue brushing against her lips, the redhead obviously hopeful for entry. Beca hesitated, and as she did so she realised her back was pressed against the shower wall, which made her jerk slightly in surprise. Which accidentally broke the kiss, which Beca wasn't ready for, so she took charge and kissed Chloe, even pushing her tongue inside the other girl's mouth. Chloe was obviously surprised, but quickly recovered. Beca was probably even more surprised, but she didn't really recover given she was having her first make out session with another girl and it was getting really, really steamy.

Chloe didn't think she'd been this excited in like, ever. Which was kind of weird because this was totally her thing. Not jumping girls in showers. Well, not just girls, and not just in showers. Chloe was an equal opportunity seductress, and that's what she'd been doing with Beca. It may not look that way, but to put this into context she had been shamelessly flirting with Beca every chance she got, and now they were in the showers of their hotel room. Sure, she used her position as co-captain of the Bellas to put them in the same room for this little trip, but Beca could have refused, and she had totally given her a look like she knew what she was up too. Everybody had, especially Aubrey.

Despite what Aubrey had told her on numerous occasions Chloe wasn't a sexual predator. She just had no gaydar and the only way she knew if a girl was interested was to be aggressively flirty, and to be fair Beca was like lesbian catnip. Chloe couldn't resist, and she didn't want too. Even if a rejection would have been super awkward. Then again she was used to super awkward, and even though her batting average was pretty good rejection was not totally uncommon, so of course Chloe had gone for it and so far it seemed she had made the right call.

Even if they went no further Chloe could call this a win. After all, she might deny it later but Beca was kissing her back. With tongue. And she wasn't even the first to grab the other's butt, which may have got Chloe a bit overexcited and grabbed and fondled Beca's boobs a little too fast, but then she slowed things down and they were fine. Beca let Chloe grope her, and groped her right back, the two of them continuing to do so when Chloe finally broke the lip lock in favour of kissing Beca's neck. Which gave Beca plenty of chance to tell her to stop, but she didn't. She just moaned happily as Chloe worked her magic and grinned against Beca's soft skin.

It probably wasn't helpful but Chloe was unable to stop that grin, or from whispering into Beca's ear, "I've wanted this for so long."

"Yeah, I know." Beca groaned, and then when Chloe pulled back and counted slightly quickly added, "I like it."

"Really?" Chloe grinned.

"Yeah." Beca blushed, avoiding her gaze, "I mean, everybody dances round what they really want, or are too scared to go after it at all, but you, oooooooooh fuck, you really go for it, and, ohhhhhhhhhh, I, I honestly admire that, and, mmmmmmmmm, oh yes right there, oh Chloe please don't stop, oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Chloe wanted to hear what Beca had to say, she really did, but Beca was just being so cute she couldn't resist leaning down to kiss the other girl's neck. That quickly caused Beca to become incoherent, and she gave up talking altogether when Chloe started kissing her way downwards, the redhead's inpatients once again biting her on the butt as she moved from that to quickly to wrap her lips around one of the brunette's perky little nipples. In fairness she started out sucking on it gently before giving the other the same treatment, going back and forth between those nipples while pressing plenty of kisses to the surrounding flesh, and it wasn't like Beca complained.

Beca probably couldn't have complained if she wanted too, as the sounds out of her mouth were now so embarrassingly high-pitched she was pretty sure only dogs could hear them and even then they wouldn't understand her because she was being too incoherent. That and they were dogs who didn't understand humans. The point was Beca was feeling a little overwhelmed. Okay, a lot overwhelmed, and she didn't know whether she could get a coherent word like 'stop' out of her mouth. Although if she could it would definitely come with a 'please don't' in front of it, because it was embarrassing how much Beca was loving this.

Which wasn't surprising. She hadn't needed to ask any of the Bellas if Chloe had a reputation for boning other chicks, although many of them had enlightened her despite joining the group at the same time she did. In fact she knew way too much about other people's sex lives, but for better or worse that meant she had a certain expectation with Chloe. An expectation Chloe was living up to nicely, but as nice as this was it wasn't enough. Beca wanted more, and when that desire turned into a need she whimpered and pushed down on Chloe's head.

Surprisingly Chloe didn't move, so Beca found herself whimpering, "Please..."

For a horrible moment Beca thought she would have to elaborate, the very idea of it making her blush bright red. Then Chloe looked up at her with this wicked look in her eyes, followed by an evil smile, then the redhead dropped to her knees and pressed her face into Beca's cunt. Just like that. No long drawn-out teasing, Chloe just pretty much licking her pussy the first chance she got. Okay, maybe that wasn't so surprising, but this was just another overwhelming act of this really overwhelming shower session, for a moment Beca tensing up and briefly considering asking Chloe to stop.

Then her body relaxed so much she was afraid she was going to fall to the ground in a heap, Beca letting out another pleasure filled moan as she grabbed hold of Chloe's head again, this time tangling her fingers in those pretty red locks and gently pushing the other girl firmly into her pussy. The other girl took the hint and continued licking, Beca swearing that she actually felt Chloe's lips curl upwards in a smile against her junk as she continued proving this wasn't her first time, Beca wondering to herself who were these other girls Chloe had apparently gone down on? Other Bellas maybe? Aubrey? Or every girl in school? Possibly every girl she ever met considering the enthusiasm and the skill Chloe showed at eating pussy.

Chloe had fucked a lot of girls, but she was only focused on one girl right now. The girl she had admittedly been a little obsessed with ever since they met a few months ago, Chloe taking an indecent amount of pleasure in finally doing what she had wanted to do now for so long and bring Beca Mitchell pleasure. Eating Beca's pussy in itself was one of her main goal/fantasies, however mostly Chloe just wanted to make Beca feel good, and she had a long list in her head of way she wanted to achieve that. It just so happened that licking Beca's cunt was at the top of that list. And would hopefully be a gateway into other things.

Briefly Chloe allowed herself to become distracted with thoughts of some of those other things she'd like to do to Beca, and do with her in general. Like having Beca return the favour, Chloe softly whimpering into her friend's pussy as she imagined trading places. Better yet Beca could just pull her upwards by the hair and kiss her, not caring that Chloe would have her cum and pussy cream on her lips and tongue, the brunette then dropping in between the redhead's legs and making Chloe cry out and clutched the wall, just like Beca was doing now. Oh yes, that would be wonderful. But this was Beca's first time with a woman, so Chloe shouldn't get her hopes up too much. After all, Chloe could remember her first time.

Not wanting to relive how selfish she had been Chloe instead focused on remembering all the skills she had learned from her years of fucking other girls and did her best to repeat it on Beca. That included increasing the force and frequency of her licks, going from first ignoring Beca's clit entirely, then hitting it with every other lick, and then finally lingering on it with each and every lick. She even took that sensitive bundle of nerves into her mouth and sucked on it, gently at first but like with the licking she increase the force until she had the proud Beca Mitchell begging for her again.

"Chloe please..." Beca whimpered again, "I need... I need... oh God, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Goooooooooooodddddddddddddddd!"

If she could only restrain herself a little Chloe knew she could make Beca really plead for her. And hopefully one day soon she would. But for now she just couldn't deny this girl anything. Hell, she couldn't deny herself the pleasure of making Beca Mitchell cum. So she wrapped her lips tightly around Beca's entrance and after a few minutes of sucking slowly pushed her tongue inside, whimpering with joy at the beginning of the penetration and then when her tongue was as deep as it could go into the other girl. Then she began to fuck her. Chloe Beale actually began tongue fucking Beca Mitchell, making this like the greatest day ever.

Beca had no idea how she wasn't cumming right now. She had no idea how getting her pussy penetrated and then filled by another girl tongue hadn't sent her over the edge either, and it was touch and go there was some of the clit licking and sucking, but now she should be cumming for sure. The pleasure was just so intense, far more than anything with a boy, but she could obsess over that later because nothing could bring her down right now. Hell, Aubrey could march in here and start yelling at her and it wouldn't put her off. In fact for some weird reason she seemed to like the idea. Like way too much.

Again ignoring the confusing thought Beca concentrated on just letting nature take its course and simply cum in another girl's mouth. Unfortunately Chloe wasn't playing ball, the suddenly cruel redhead easily pushing Beca to the edge of orgasm and then keeping her there for what felt like an eternity. Whimpering and, to her horror, literally crying in frustration Beca tried to beg for more, not even caring what she had to say. She was ready to give Chloe her firstborn in exchange for a orgasm. Hell, she was ready to have Chloe's baby, if such a thing was possible. But she just couldn't form a coherent sentence. She tried over and over again, but she couldn't even get out anything other than some swear words or the name of the girl who was torturing her in this unique way.

Eventually Beca tried to allow herself to just drop down. It would interrupt the heavenly pleasure she was receiving, but if it led to her cumming shortly after it would be worth it. However, not only did it take ages to convince her body to cooperate but when she did Chloe kept her up with both her hands firmly on her butt, Beca not sure whether to be impressed or scared by the freakish show of strength. Then all of a sudden she was very much concentrating on standing on her own two feet. That and pushing Chloe's face as deep as it would go into her cunt, and little else.

That was because simply by increasing the force of her tongue thrusts Chloe sent Beca over the edge of the most powerful climax of her life, the brunette probably screaming so loudly that the whole hotel heard them while the redhead switched from tongue fucking her to sucking the cum out of her cunt. Chloe then went right back to the tongue fucking, but not for long as she soon made Beca cum again. And then again, and then again, and then again, Beca feeling like some kind of machine as what had to be an unhealthy amount of liquid left her body. Or maybe Chloe was a machine, fucking her relentlessly until Beca thought she was going to pass out.

Chloe didn't want to fuck Beca into unconsciousness, but she wasn't so sure she could stop herself. She had been just so obsessed with fucking this girl, and now she finally had the chance, Chloe was like a run-away train. It didn't help that Beca had the tastiest twat Chloe had ever sampled. Or maybe that was her obsession talking. Either way she couldn't get enough of Beca's regular cream, and somehow her cum was even better, Chloe loving it so much she was actually furious with herself for missing a single drop during Beca's first climax, and then she was livid when she missed even more of the following climaxes.

On the bright side the majority of that wonderful cream ended up on her face so she could clean it off herself later, and it was Beca's pleasure that really mattered, but still she tried really hard to get as much as she could. At least until she slammed a finger or two into Beca's cunt while sucking on her clit, Chloe's new obsession quickly becoming securing a second chance to do this as it was the only way she would be able to swallow the majority of Beca's cum again. And she wanted to be able to make Beca feel that again, and hopefully just be with her. Like, date her, or something.

In the name of that Chloe made sure she didn't completely overwhelm Beca, eventually bringing her down from her high and then kiss her way up her torso until they were face to face again. She then gave her a bright smile, and kissed her softly. There was a long pause and then Beca kissed back, pushing her tongue into Chloe's mouth and tasting her own cum and pussy cream, which delighted Chloe no end. Then, after several long minutes of kissing, Beca broke the kiss and pulled back with a hard to read expression on her face. Then Beca opened her mouth to say something, like probably claim she wasn't gay or something equally as laughable, before Chloe interrupted her.

"If you want to stop, just go to your bed. I swear I'll leave you alone if you do. But if you want to continue come to my bed, and I swear, I'll spend the rest of the night eating you out." Chloe purred, making the last part as seductive as possible and leaning in for another kiss.

Just after Beca closed her eyes and leaned in, Chloe pulled back, grinning wickedly at the disappointed look on her new lover's face, took a step backwards and then turned to leave. She tried not to look back, but she just couldn't resist, especially because she just knew that Beca would look adorable. She did, but she also looked so flushed and well fucked already, and Chloe had barely gotten started with her. Honestly it was almost physically painful for her to turn her back on such an inviting sight but Chloe felt she had too after once again being so sexually aggressive. She just hoped that Beca would make the right decision.

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