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Disclaimer: I don't own anything from House of a 1000 Corpses. All rights to the material belong to Mr. Zombie. This is just for fun and I make no profit from it.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything or anyone from House of 1000 Corpses. This is just for fun and I make no profit from this at all.

Author's Note: After years of this story being deleted due to me not updating the disclaimer in time, I have decided to rewrite it. I lost the original much to my dismay so this will probably be completely different than the original. Please enjoy and don't forget to review! :3


By: FlameWolf

Chapter One: Strange Happenings

I would have never suspected what would happen that night or anything that followed afterward. To be honest its still unbelievable to me in some way. So many things have happened, I don't even know where to begin. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me start with the night this whole mess started.

It was a late, stormy night. Lightening flashed violently, quickly followed by loud cracks of thunder. The wind howled around the house, almost threatening to blow it away. It was the perfect night to stay up and watch horror movies. I huddled in front of my tv, looking over all my movies. I brushed my shoulder length black hair out of my face as I tried to decide which movie I wanted to watch. Finally my hazel eyes rested on a familiar case. Carefully, I pulled out the black case and smiled. “House of a 1000 Corpses. I haven't seen this in years!” I exclaimed, opening the case and popping the dvd in.

I watched the movie closely, enjoying every twisted minute of it. Of course my favorite character was Otis. Something about him drew me to him. Even when I first saw the movie I felt drawn to Otis. He was evil, he was crazy, he was dangerous but I still found myself attached to the character quite strongly.

When the movie ended, I looked at the sequel with a disdainful look. They had changed Otis' character a lot in 'The Devil's Rejects'. He was still the same personality wise but they had changed how he looked entirely. They had taken away everything that had made him desirable to me. Not only that but the whole family was killed at the end. Still, as much as I hated the movie, it was a part of the series and I had to watch it. Reluctantly, I pulled the yellow case from my collection and popped the movie in.

As the movie drew to the inevitable climax, I found myself getting more and more distraught over their impending deaths. Certainly they needed to be put down after everything they did but that didn't stop me from feeling the need to save them. I stood, placing my hands on the tv as the shoot out was coming closer. My distress grew to such a point that I made a prayer to Luna, a moon deity I worshiped. “Please, let me help them,” I whispered into the darkness of my room. What happened next completely took me off guard.

All of a sudden the room was spinning and I was surrounded in a bright, white light. I closed my eyes to protect them from the light, only opening them when it had faded. The sight that greeted my eyes took my breath away. I was standing in front of a familiar gas station with a familiar billboard that read “Captain Spaulding's Museum of Monsters and Madmen” in glowing neon. The same clown statue stood by the door, reciting its weird, almost perverted lines as it spasmed and laughed. A chill of fear ran down my spine as I took in the sight. “No. This can't be happening. I'll close my eyes and when I open them, I'll be back in my safe house,” I murmured to myself, closing my eyes again.

When I opened them, I wasn't all that surprised to see I was still standing there. “What the hell is happening! I'm not supposed to be here! How did I even get here when here isn't even supposed to exist!” I yelled to the heavens, not caring if the clown inside heard me. The only answer I got was a warm wind blowing my black clothing. I sighed, breathing in the dry, dusty air. It tasted like oil, gasoline and fried chicken, an unholy combination.

“Is this because of my prayer?” I asked the empty night. Clenching my hands into fists, I grit my teeth and decided to play this out. If this was because of my unthinking prayer, I would make the most of my opportunity. The first thing I had to do was talk to the horrible man inside the gas station. My memories of the man made me cringe. I honestly wanted nothing to do with the man but I had to ask him the quintessential question. The question that would make him call the Firefly family and alert them I was coming. That question was “Where can I find Dr. Satan's grave?” Knowing fully the danger I was probably putting myself into, I steeled myself and walked through the glass door.

The stench of fried chicken and formaldehyde hit my nose with such a force I almost gagged. A bell over the door faintly tinkled as it opened and shut. The entire room was filled with display cases and odd curios. Strange, mummified creatures sat inside the glass cases, staring out with dead, glass eyes. The whole place gave off a very creepy, dangerous vibe and I had to fight to keep my composure.

The white face painted clown behind the counter was already staring at me, lust written all over his face. He was bald and had a scraggly beard. He was wearing a red and white clown suit that had blue stars on it as well as a tiny hat and huge, red clown shoes. He had no eyebrows, instead had fake ones drawn on in a weird arch. Under the 'eyebrows' was blue makeup and on his lips was black lipstick. He leered at me, his brown eyes roving over my body. Reluctantly, I walked to the small counter he stood behind.

“Um, hello. My name is Raven. I'm looking for Dr. Satan's grave. I heard a rumor you might know something about it,” I said as confidently as I could. As the words left my mouth, the leer dropped off his face and he looked irritated.

“Now why does a nice girl like you want to go messin' with Dr. Satan fer,” he grumbled, leaning over the counter. His sour breath hit my nose, almost making me back away. From the looks of his teeth, he never brushed them.

“Well I'm a college student doing research on famous serial killers. I figured going to his grave would help me understand the man,” I replied, giving my best flirty smile. It turned my stomach to do so but I had a feeling it would help me get what I want. Thankfully my hunch was correct and a perverted smile spread across his painted face.

“Well, I'll tell you what little lady, I'll draw you a map,” he responded, whipping out a dirty, stained, wrinkled piece of paper and a green crayon.

I watched silently as he painstakingly drew out the map before handing it to me. “Just follow the instructions on here and you should get there. Now, how 'bout a roll in the hay?” he asked, leering at me again. I fought to swallow bile at his suggestion, outwardly smiling kindly.

“I'm sorry but I have to get going. I want to try to get there before dark,” I responded.

“Well, at least take some of my fried chicken,” he suggested, reaching under the counter and pulling out a grease stained, brown paper bag. Trying to keep the distaste I felt off my face, I reached forward and took the bag.

“Thank you sir,” I responded, smiling fakely. Then I turned and walked out the door.

As soon as the female left, all hints of joviality left Captain Spaulding's face. “Jesus motherfucking Christ, not another one,” he grumbled to himself, going into a small side room that was by the counter. Inside the room was a huge chicken fryer and a small table with a black, corded phone sitting on it. He picked up the receiver, dialing a number and waiting for an answer. “Yeah, hi. Got another one comin' yer way on foot,” he mumbled.

I threw the bag of chicken into a ditch as soon as I was out of sight of the gas station. I sure as hell wasn't going to eat anything Spaulding had prepared. Standing on the shoulder of the road, I tried to make out the map in the setting sun. According to it, I only had a few more miles to go before I had to turn left onto a dirt road. “This is such a bad idea,” I whispered to myself as I continued onward. The fact that I was about to attempt to slip into a den of murderers to save them seemed downright ludicrous. Otis was by far the craziest and most unpredictable of the bunch. Who's to say the whole family wouldn't just kill me as soon as they saw me. As much as I wanted to save Otis from his fate, I had no desire to die in the process. I would have to play this very carefully.

The walk was long and boring. I almost wanted to hitchhike but there were no cars to bum a ride from. Besides, knowing what I did about the family I was going to see, I doubted I wanted a ride from anyone around here. So I continued until I saw a dirt road in the distance. When I got to the small, desolate road, I stood at the mouth for a moment. I knew that as soon as I set my foot on that hard packed dirt, there was no turning back. Taking in a deep breath to steel myself, I started walking down the road just as the sun began to dip behind the horizon.

It was so quiet. It was as if no creature around dared to make a noise. The emptiness of the road as well as the dead silence gave me a creepy feeling. Almost as if I was being watched, which I wouldn't have doubted. Slowly, the light left the sky and the area I was walking in began to get really dark. So it was with some relief that I finally spotted the broken down looking house that the Firefly clan inhabited. Several broken down cars littered the vast yard and several dismembered doll bodies hung on the porch like morbid Christmas decorations. Hesitantly, I walked onto the wooden porch which groaned and creaked under my weight in protest. With a shaky hand, I reached forward and knocked at the white, wooden door.

Slowly, the door creaked open, the hinges complaining loudly. Inside stood a rather heavy woman with wild blond hair and even wilder hazel eyes. She was dressed in a multi-colored, fur lined robe with a green corset and tan dress underneath. Her pink lipsticked lips spread into a wide, deceptively friendly smile. “Well hello dear! What are yew doin' here?” she asked in a thick southern accent.

“I'm here to research Dr. Satan,” I responded, doing my level best to smile back. I knew this statement would get me in the door but I would have to come up with a good lie for Otis. Otherwise he would probably kill me. Dr. Satan was one of the things that completely set him off.

The smile on her face faltered at the mention of that name but only for a second. “What is your name my dear?”

“Raven,” I replied, holding my hand out to shake. She completely ignored my hand, spreading her arms wide so her robe opened.

“I'm Mama Firefly. Come on in,” she responded, moving to the side to allow me admittance.

Trying not to show how truly petrified I was, I stepped into the huge house, jumping when I heard the front door close and lock behind me. “Now go make yirself comfortable in t'livin' room. I'll go make us some cocoa,” she offered before bustling into the kitchen. Trying not to let my legs shake, I walked past the stairs and to the right. I entered into a spacious, well lit living room. It had a large couch, two comfortable looking chairs and an old tv.

Sitting in one of the chairs was another blonde woman, only this one was much younger. She wore a cowboy hat as well as some tight fitting pink pajamas. She turned her head to look at me, her icy blue eyes boring into me. “Hello! Who are yew?” she exclaimed in a thick southern accent, excitedly, hopping off the chair to stand in front of me. The smell of her perfume was cloyingly sweet and I had to fight to not put some distance between us.

“Raven,” I responded, offering my hand to her. She took my hand in hers and shook vigorously for a few moments before letting go.

“Its so good to have another girl in the house!” she squealed happily, jumping up and down and clapping her hands. I stared at her with what I could only assume was a nonplussed expression because she smiled at me before taking me by the hand and leading me to the couch.

I sat down on the huge, floral patterned abomination, a puff of dust rising from the decrepit couch and making me sneeze. “My name's Baby. So what are ya doin' 'round these parts?” she asked, sitting next to me and staring at me with those intense blue eyes.

“She came t'research Dr. Satan,” Mama replied, coming in carrying a tray with three steaming mugs on it. Baby's smile wavered a bit at the answer but she kept her grin. Mama set the tray on a coffee table in front of the couch before sitting on the arm chair to the left of the couch.

“Now why do ya wanna research someone like that?” Baby drawled, grabbed a mug that was overflowing with marshmallows.

“Well, to tell the truth, I have a fascination with serial killers. Dr. Satan seemed the most fascinating so I decided to research him,” I replied, grabbing my own cup. Not that I was dumb enough to drink anything they gave me.

Both women stared at me for a good long while before Mama gave Baby a pointed look. Baby suddenly stood, looking like she was in a hurry. “Oh I forgot! I have some stuff I need ta do! See you later Raven,” she chirped before skipping off.

“Now, why would ya be so interested in serial killers?” Mama asked, picking up her mug. Sensing I was treading awfully close to disaster, I tried to think quickly.

“Well, I'm not so sure I can tell you that, Mrs. Firefly,” I replied, trying to buy myself some time. I couldn't very well tell her the truth, she wouldn't have believed me and that would have been it for me.

“Oh, why don't ya give it a try. It'll be our little secret. Also jest call me Mama,” she responded, blowing on her mug before taking a sip.

“Um, well this is going to sound kinda strange but I've always wanted to try to become a serial killer,” I finally responded. Of course that was bullshit but I hoped it would buy me some favor with her. Mama only quirked an eyebrow before setting down her drink.

“Well ma dear, I think there's someone ya should meet,” she replied, setting her cup down and standing up. Reluctantly, I set my own cup down and stood up to follow her. Mama led me to the stairs before pointing up them.

“Jest go up them stairs and go to the last room on the right. I would follow but he dun like interruptions so much,” she said with a small smile.

“Who? And if he doesn't like being disturbed, wouldn't me knocking on his door be a bad idea?” I asked, even though I knew full well who I was going to be seeing.

“You'll be fine. Jest tell him Mama sent ya,” she responded, standing there watching me. I gave a meek nod before beginning to go up the wooden stairs.

The hall was long and very dimly lit. There were four rooms and two bathrooms interspersed through the corridor. Trying not to show just how scared I was, I made my way down the too dark hall until I was standing in front of the door Mama had instructed me to knock on. Barely able to control the shakiness of my hand, I reached forward and knocked on the wooden door.

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