In A Time Of Winter

BY : Jetredgirl
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Disclaimer: I do not own or profit from Labyrinth or it's characters in any way. The Original Characters ARE mine, but I don't profit from them either :)

One year ago, September 8 2013, I brought you Summer Storms and Imaginary Kings. Now, September 8 2014, I give you In A time of Winter, the sequel to SS&IK!


The Mountain of The Night Troll Kingdom, Underground.

Garak The Great, the current Night Troll King, looked down upon the wizened creature his guards held between them.

Trolls by their nature were unsavory beings. They had powerful magic and little qualms about using it, even against their own kind.

Night Trolls were the most distasteful of the several species that inhabited the Troll lands. Their magic was dark and wild, almost uncontrollable except by the strongest of their ranks. They fed even on other trolls with no concern.

They despised the Immortals of the underground for their magic was the strongest. They controlled most of the underground and most of the magic.

The only exceptions being the highest mountain range that housed the Dragons, The great forest where the Unicorns dwelled, and the Troll lands. An unpleasant mix of forests of thorny dangerous trees, vast swaths of rocks, desert and tundra. A small range of lumpy black mountains took up the farthest border to the east which is where The Night Trolls dwelled, unwelcome even by the rest of the troll species in any other part of the Troll population.

The Night Troll King's most trusted warlocks were working furiously at Garak's orders to come up with a way to increase their magic thereby overtaking the power of the immortals and giving them the power to expand their lands. Most importantly, it would give them the power to defeat the immortals and rule the realm.

They had tried once thousands of years before but managed only to destroy The Golden Kingdom before being stopped by the Immortal armies.

Now, Garak had a plan. There was a legend of a working of magic so powerful it could leech the very magic from the land itself. Garak and his warlocks had been working for years to discover the key to unleashing such a magic.

Unfortunately for Garak and his plot, most Night Trolls weren't very bright. So they were forced to sneak down the mountains into a nearby village, capturing the most powerful troll mage that was known to live. A Forest Troll whose name was Xachem the Ancient.

"Your Greatness, I must advise against this. The outcome is to unpredictable. The price we pay may be too high." Xachem warned the king in his gravelly, wavering voice.

The King waved his hand in annoyance. "Can you do it? That is what I want to know."

The mage stroked his long beard. "Possibly. I do not know the result of such a working. I again tell you, do not do this."

Garak stepped down from his throne of solid stone and slowly walked to the mage.

Xachem did not waver. He was thousands of years old and had seen too much to be the least bit frightened of the Night Trolls and their king. The worst they would do is kill and eat him. He had long ago accepted his time would be his time, and would accept if this was to be that moment.

The King took his staff and knocked the old troll to the ground.

"I am not interested in your opinion, mage. I sense you do not fear me. You are a fool. Do you think all I have to make you do what I want is a threat of your death?"

On the top of his staff sat a large black crystal.

"Look into this, old man." He ground out at the troll now struggling to rise. The guards pulled him up to face the crystal.

Within it he saw his entire village and family stuffed into a small cavern. Hundreds of beings.

The mage moved his eyes and met the king's. "What do you plan to do?"

The Troll King motioned to his guards. They moved aside and another group of them came forward, dragging..

Xachem wailed. "No! Not my son!"

Garak walked calmly over to the troll bound in rope and dragged him to face his father.

The king grinned. "He will be the first, as an example."

He called forward a slayer, and handed him the captive. "Do it."

The slayer took the bound troll by his long hair, pulled his head back, exposing his throat.

With a hissing laugh, he drew his knife across, and another night troll stepped forward to

catch the blood in a bowl. It was the first step to a long process in which no part of the troll would be wasted.

The old mage sobbed large raspy sobs. He could not bear to watch any longer. He knew what they would do. His beloved son would be butchered and roasted for their dinner.

Garak pulled Xachem to him. "One by one, mage, starting with your entire family. We may keep a few of the females for..other uses. But other than that with each day that passes that you do not do my bidding one will die and fill our stewpots. Do you understand?"

The mage sighed and hung his head. "I will do as you ask. I cannot promise anything. I would if I could but never have a attempted such a thing."

Garak nodded. "That is understood. I would try my best, if I were you."

Xachem was led to the magic chamber and shoved inside, the large stone door pulled shut leaving him alone.

He slid to the floor and sobbed for the spirit of his son. Unable to even give him a proper parting ceremony to light his way to The Summerlands, his soul would be lost forever.

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