Found You!

BY : koribugxx
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Disclaimer: I own nothing but Nova and Linda. I make no money/profit from this fiction. I own nothing of The Chronicles of Riddick franchise.

Description: One day before Riddick kills the Lord Marshal we travel to the planet Kuzza, where we meet Nova. we follow her as she meets Riddick. But she has a secret. Why is it that she feels like she has meet Riddick before and what is this strange attraction to him?

Rose: This just kinda popped into my head, so I thought I would make a story out of it.

Story Name: Found You!

Chapter 1: Nightmares and Sunrises

She woke with a start. She suppressed the urge to scream.

She sat upright in her bed; her tank top stuck to her body that was covered in a cold sweat.

Her lean body shook from the aftershock of the dream. Her brown hair was in knots and tears still leaked from her dark brown eyes.

Images still flashed in her mind's eye. Images of a dead world, of dead women and their deceased new born babes, umbilical cords wrapped around their necks.

 And the one baby who had a chance of at life.

Her dogs whined at the end of her bed. One a Doberman pincher named Agros and the other was a wolf/ husky mixed named Esme.

They licked her right hand and she patted their heads.

A few minutes after her nightmare had subsided, Nova stood, shakily, and walked to the bathroom. She started the shower on cold then gradually made it warmer trying to forget the images.

'Gods, I hate that dream.' She thought as one last image flashed in her mind. 'But it obviously means something. Maybe, it was my home planet? The day of my birth?'

She gasped and clutched her left shoulder. When Nova was sixteen, she was visited by a woman in her sleep. ‘You will be needing your ancestors. Ask and you will be answered.’ The strange women then placed her hand on Nova’s shoulder and left a glowing hand print.

 'Thanks, cryptic lady. Like I haven’t asked a million questions since then, and no one has answered.’ She sighed. ‘And that was when the dreams started.'

After Nova washed off the nightmare she got out of the shower and changed into a red sports bra and black yoga pants.

Nova walked out into the cool breeze and her dogs came bounding out right behind her.

The barn house loomed in the pre-dawn a few kilometers behind the main house. Dawn was just a couple of hours away.

Nova opened the doors to the barn house and walked over to her stallion Chaves. He lifted his head. She patted his head and was then neighed at by her mare Sahara.

“Good morning to you too you needy mare.” Nova laughed.

Nova opened their stable doors and let them run out to the meadow in the forest.

She then turned her attention to the heavy metal doors in the corner. A rumble erupted from the other side of them. Her dogs backed away from them and then decided to run after the horses.

Nova smiled, not fazed by what the doors held.

"So, you are hungry." She said. Another rumble occurred.

Nova walked over to the doors and slid the lock out of place and stepped back.

A large animal emerged from the doors and stretched its cramped muscles. He was a large Hellhound, large even for his kind.

Nova knelt down on one knee, to show respect to the Hellhound. He growled his appreciation and put his nose in her awaiting hand.

She smiled and started petting him. "You do know that the sun is going to come up soon and that you'll only have a couple of hours to stay out. I'm sorry that I didn't get here sooner." He licked her cheek and she smiled again.

"Ok. Let's go Nero!" Nova said running out of the barn house with Nero right after her.

They ran thought the forest, dodging each other as they played hunter and pray. Nero almost always being the hunter. He soon raced off to catch a few small pray for his breakfast.

All of a sudden Nova felt something was wrong. The air felt like it was being compressed.

Nova opened her telepathy. ‘I have a bad feeling.’ Nova said to Nero.

'You felt them to?' Nero asked.

'Them? No. Just a feeling that I have to get home.' She replied, 'But, you said them. Do you have any idea who it could be?'

'No, but they are strong and we will be meeting them soon enough.' Nero replied.

When they were within a few feet of the house Nova slowed and leapt into a nearby tree while Nero slunk into the shadows below.

There were men in black and silver armor, rummaging through her house. Nero and Nova growled their disapproval of some unknown stranger going through their stuff.

Nova contacted Nero again and said 'Ok, I'll take the five on the right and you can take the three on the left.'

Nero growled back, 'No way, I'll take the soldiers on the right you can take the rest. I need the practice.'

'Ugh… fine!' Nova chuckled.

Nero and Nova burst out of the forest and tackled the first few soldiers that happened to be pacing out in the yard. But, no matter how well they fought they were eventually overcome. Nova and Nero put up a good fight but the just had the numbers.

"OK men; take her to the main armada. And put the freak of a dog in the hold." A man said with a weird looking Mohawk.

Nero growled as the men struggled to put a metal muzzle on him and then ushered him in to a metal cage. Nova looked at the horizon and noticed that the sun was coming up.

"WAIT! My Hellhound! He'll die! Please, put a cover over the crate, if anything!" Nova shrieked.

"You do not have the power to order my men around.” Mohawk man said.

One of the soldiers came up to Mohawk man and whispered something to him. Mohawk man looked over at Nova.

“Will the hellhound behave if we do?” He asked.

"He won’t die. And it will make your trip a lot easier. Trust me I’m a pain in the ass, but he is even worse." Nova said, defiance in her eyes.

Mohawk man motioned to three men and they covered the cage.

Mohawk man walked over to her and said in a threatening voice, "I hope in the future we can make very good-” He paused to look her up and down, “soldiers out of you two.”

Nero growled and trashed in the cage making the soldiers, even Mohawk man, uneasy.

Nova glared at him. “You can try.” She replied.

Mohawk man responded with a backhand to her face.

~Main Armada~

Nova looked around and saw most of the villagers and some of the council members from her town.

'It looks like they are rounding up the people from this planet.' She thought to herself.

Nova saw her close and only friend, Linda, and contacted her telepathically.

Linda felt some one tapping into her mind and she heard a sharp, 'Linda!' and knew it was Nova.

'Can't you contact me a little less loudly?' Linda asked.

'No! Now, what in all the hells is going on here?' Nova asked.

'No one really knows, but they are saying that they are the Necromongers. You know the one's I've been telling you about.' Linda said.

'The ones that have been going around and warring on other planets?' Nova asked recalling what Linda had told her.

'I’m afraid so. They took out all of the cosmic lasers in minutes. The High Frontier pilots didn’t stand a chance and the Militia- they gave ‘em hell.' Linda thought.

Nova severed the contact between them. ‘Damn these Necromongers to all the hells I can think of!’

Just then a white haired Necromonger with a metal looking Mohawk walked in and he introduced himself as the Purifier.

He started talking about how scared he was to first become a Necromonger, how the Necromongers had taken his pain away, and then of how wonderful the Underverse was.

'Sounds like some sort of safe haven, or sanctuary to them.' Nova thought to Linda.

'Maybe? Just sound like a cult with a very powerful army to back up the crazy talk.' Linda replied.

"But what about what we want?" a council member asked suddenly.

The Purifier looked at the man that had interrupted him and a look of anguish crossed his face.

'Hey Linda, is it just me or did the Purifier guy look, well to put it plainly, sad?' Nova asked.

'Just for a second.' Linda replied.

Then a dark figure suddenly loomed over the council member whom had spoken out and struck the man trough with his hand and the man fell to his death.

Several of the village women shrieked in terror and the men looked on with dejection.

Nova saw the man's soul in the death grip of the imposing Necromonger. She looked towards Linda and knew in an instant that Linda had seen a glimpse of the man's soul also and had fainted.

Nova and Linda were both seers. Seers were described as humans who could see spirits and souls. Some seers could commune with the souls. They used their ability to help towns people to cope with the loss of a loved one.

‘This is bad. We need to get out of here! But how?’ Nova thought trying to remain calm.

Nova glanced around the room they were being held in. Linda was near the front and in plain sight. Nova had to try and get Linda to move to the back, towards her, otherwise she would have to create a distraction.

'Linda?' Nova called, 'Linda, wake up! You have to wake up, now!'

Nova twitched in irritation as Linda did not respond.

'Damn,' Nova had to think and fast, 'I'll have to create a distraction then.'

"THEIR LIEING! THEY WILL KILL US ALL! RUN!!!" Nova screamed at the top of her voice.

That made all the women scream out in fear and start to run around in a frenzy, some of the men rushed the soldiers and a fight broke out. The Necromonger soldiers were told not to shoot and try to not harm the villagers.

'Now I just need to get to Linda and we are ‘outta here.' Nova thought as she started running toward Linda.

Nova hoisted Linda over her shoulder, not wanting to spend any time getting caught in a fist fight she made her way to the nearest arch way hoping to find a way out.

To her dismay she only found more Necromongers roaming the halls. A couple of the captives fled into the halls and gave her the converge she needed.

After getting away from the hall she tried her best to blend in with the crowd, but with Linda passed out over her shoulder didn't exactly say, 'I'm a normal Necromonger. Don't mind me!'

As she made her way along the corridor she found herself in, she tried every door she saw. Finally, she found one that was unlocked. She didn't even hesitate to enter the room.



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