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Disclaimer: I don't own anything or, one from the following 10 Kingdom or, Ella Enchanted they belong to the writers & film makers of them. I make NO money from either Fandom or, this story

*Ella & Char rule their small kingdom but, have been having trouble the some of the kingdoms next door to them.
The kingdom of riding hood forest have been taking captives of Char's & Ella's Kingdom something about trespasing on their land.*

Char, what are we going to  do about this I don't think peace talks are going to help this time. Ella shares her thoughts over dinner.
Ella, I know you worried but, we're not done trying but, your right we'll need do something soon. Char relies.

Mean the kingdom of the trolls

Things are going start brewing soon. someone replies.
I know but, we have troubles of our own now with these new kinder Trolls coming in. Bluebell states.
This wouldn't be happening if Dad where still here. his sister tells him.
Well, I ain't him so there.
However, I love how you made the Riding Hood foresters think it's that small kingdom doing the damage. another states.

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