A Gypsy and A Basterd

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Disclaimer: I do not own anything about Inglorious Basterds, I do not own any of the characters or the story, I just own the character Kat and her tale!! this story is not for profit :D

Disclaimer: I do not own anything about Inglorious Basterds, any of the characters or the story I only own my character Kat and my idea's but besides that nothing. this story is not for profit :P This is just a fic I wanted to write since I saw the movie. it will go between kat/donny/aldo point of view but mostly in kat's pov. review and i hope you enjoy!

She ran aimlessly as fast as her legs could carry her, ducking tree branches and jumping over moss covered logs and rocks. her breath came out in soft steady gasps as she concentrated on finding a refuge from the Nazi’s that were no doubt hot on her trail. She paused for a second to look behind her and assess the predicament she now found herself in. She could make out figures not too far from her in the east so she turned towards the west and continued her escape. It was a good thing she was tough, smart and very acrobatic, she often felt like a monkey since living in the woods for the past year but being high in the trees meant the difference between life and death to her. It felt like the safest place to her, no one around to spot her, and usually no Nazi’s.

Kat Valerious was only 21 but she felt more like 35, it wasn’t just the war that had changed her although it had made her a little crazy. Her life had never been the same since her family was murdered when she was 9, with no other family she was sent to an orphanage but didn’t stay long. She was too weird too broken....too....crazy. She had ran from that place when she was 13 and had been out on her own since than, she learned everything she thought was important from whoever could teach her and even had a little apartment and a job at a local coffee shop in Paris but now this stupid war had changed everything again. All because of one mans hate,

'men' she scoffed in her head.

She'd never been on a date, never even hugged a boy before and now she was a wanted woman, all because she left one alive. One fucking Nazi she couldn’t kill because he had her fathers eyes and he wouldn’t stop pleading with her, sobbing about his two little girls who had no mother. She tried to believe he was lying but he showed her the picture in his pocket and that was all it took.

'and that’s the only fucking time' she promised herself from now on it was kill every single one of them, no matter what, they made their choice and she made hers.

Kat wasn’t a Jew but she was no better in their eyes because she was a gypsy born in Romania and that sealed her fate just as it did her parents. Sure Hitler wasn't the one to blame for their death but a scumbag who thought just like he did was.

She didn't realize how far she had run until she saw a road right in front of her and could no longer hear any shouts or following footsteps and then she saw something even worst, a vehicle baring the Nazi flags and 3 soldiers standing just a few feet from her. One of them turned and saw her, she knew running would be suicide so she thought fast and used her talents.

Kat collapsed to her knees and began crying, reaching out to them at the same time.

“oh thank god, I thought I would never find anyone” she kept her face in her hands as she sobbed trying to put a German accent on her words instead of her natural Romanian accent, luckily she had been away from home for so long she found it was softened to a point it was just slightly noticeable. Unless she got angry.

The Nazi's came to her immediately, the one obviously in charge bent down and placed a hand on her shoulder. He asked her something in German she didn’t understand, Kat chanced it by looking up into his face, she was a great judge of character and she could see how his eyes seem to hover over her exposed cleavage.

'oh way to easy' she thought but instead let out a loud messy sob and jumped into his embrace holding onto his shoulders while burring her face into his jacket lapels.

He patted her shoulder and muttered something again this time in a soothing voice, she glanced around to see the one soldier by the car and the other she could feel standing behind her.

'better make this fast' she thought

Just as the man opened his mouth again Kat drove her knee into the soldier's groin and in a flash ripped out the mans gun from his hip holster and turned to the solider at the car, she pulled the trigger and with perfect aim put a hole in between his eyes. She jumped to the left just as a loud bang was heard from behind her, the other solider had his handgun out and was aiming again for her. She was quicker though and in less than a second she took him down as easily as the last.

All that was left was the soldier in command who by now had pushed past the pain and was now going for his empty holster, when he realized his gun was gone he than looked up at her standing in front of him with his gun in her hand.

Kat smiled at him, a chilly smile that seemed to put a spark of fear in his eyes. Ah he must of heard about her, or at least assumed she was indeed the one.

“well I guess she don't need no help after all” a southern voice drawled from behind her.

Kat didn't move from her spot, just her head turned to address the man who the voice belonged to. Her eyes swept over the men as she began to calculate a plan.

“who are you?” she asked

“I ask the questions around here” he replied standing from the perch he was on.

Kat turned back around to face the officer again, there were about 10 men she could see maybe more.

'well fuck it, if I am gonna die, I am taking this piece of shit out with me' she thought and without another thought to that she swung the gun to deliver a blow to the side of his head, as the officer went down with a yell of agony Kat pounced on top of his chest. Using her body weight to pin his arms down she than swung again and again relishing in the delicious feeling of his skull cracking and his blood splattering on the forest ground. She didn't notice the men around her laughing and cheering, she just kept bashing in the Nazi's head waiting for a bullet to hit her.

Instead she felt a large arm wrap around her waist and pull her backwards off of the now almost headless man. Kat couldn't believe the man actually had her off the ground with just one arm, sure she was only 5'7 and 130 pounds but she was fighting to be let go and he didn't even seem to notice.

“okay get your grubby paws off of me I'm calm!” she yelled

she heard a deep chuckle from behind her and was than dropped to the ground. Kat landed easily and dropped the gun to the ground,she than turned to glare at the man who was obviously in charge.

“So you ain’t a Nazi, although that’s not exactly a hard thing to figure out” he said looking her up and down. “I don’t think your accent is German either, so who are you?”

“I asked first” she didn't know why she was being as stupid as to talk back in her situation but she was never good at holding her temper.

The man who grabbed her chuckled again and this time she glanced to her left to look at him, and than it all made sense how he could manhandle her like he did. He was all tall as he was built, with black hair that hung in his dark brown eyes, his skin was tanned and slightly dirty. He was wearing the same clothes and jacket as the rest of them but he was carrying a baseball bat and a smirk on his handsome face that seem to make her skin tingle and her blood rush to her head. She did not like the reaction she was having to him so she looked back at the southern man instead of making the snide comment that was on the tip of her tongue.

“now sweetheart as amusing as your show was I am getting old and I want a goddamn answer, so if Donny here has to beat your head in like you just did to that Nazi just so I can get one well that can be arranged”

Kat gave a quick glance to who he nodded at and her gut gave a roll as she realized who it was. His smirk was still planted on his face and her hand itched to slap it right off. Instead she sighed and knew she was going to have to play nice if she wanted to live.

“Kat” was all the said and when the man named Donny made a cat growl/meow at her all the man laughed.

'ok I am two seconds from ripping this guys face off' she muttered in her brain 'stop talking to yourself its not healthy' she thought. Sometimes she really did feel off her rocker but who wouldn't be from the shit she's been through.

“Alright, Kat who are you, where you from a little more information please”

“Why you wanna go on a date or something?”

'shit' she thought as the man sighed “Donny...”

Donny stepped towards her and her heart nearly stopped right there,

“Ok Ok, I use to live in France before the war than shit happened, I kinda got wanted for a few little crimes and now I am in these woods”


Donny had leaned back against the tree and looked her up and down, she was gorgeous and she smelt like cherry blossoms, odd since their wasn't any even here, and living in these woods you would think she'd smell like them but she didn't. Her body felt firm against his when he had pulled her off of the Nazi, toned in all the right places but still was curvy. Her bosom was full and her face was soft except for the anger and wariness that was shinning in her amazing green eyes with gold shinning around the iris's.

Her hair was a beautiful blood red color with light brown highlights that shimmered in the sun rays, it was wavy and wild and fell just below her shoulders in choppy layers, like she had done it herself. Her shapely legs were covered in a pair of dark gray pants that hugged her hips, a belt was strapped around her waist, with a gun holster strapped to her upper thigh, but it was empty. He saw the knife handle sticking out of her black boots that went almost to her knees. She had on a woman's white blouse that was stained with dirt and blood and a dark gray jacket on top of that. He saw a gold locket around her neck and then noticed the scar that was an inch from her ear and started just above her jaw line, it went down her neck slightly to the left in a jagged line. It was only 2-3 inches in length but it was a deep enough cut to scar noticeably against her pale porcelain skin, and he was sure he glimpsed another scar on her chest but the jacket was now covering it.

'get a grip and pay attention' he growled in his head, this woman had peaked his interest maybe because he hadn't been with a girl for a long time, or maybe it was just how gorgeous she was to him, she was intriguing and mysterious and Donny wanted to know every little secret in her soul. Odd he never thought of himself the type to drool over a woman. Or wanting to kiss those soft small lips of hers.....'fuck sakes PAY ATTENTION!” he yelled in his brain.


Kat didn't like how Donny was looking at her, once second he was smirking the next he was traveling his eyes up from her feet to her face inch by inch. She felt as if he was undressing her with his stare and it was really playing on her nerves.

“...ok a little better how about where your from?”

“Can I at least know who the hell you guys are, its making me nervous just talking about myself” she muttered

“I'm lieutenant Aldo Raine, this Sergeant Donny Donowitz, that there is Hugo Stiglitz, that's Smithson Utivich, Omar Ulmer, Hirschberg, Wiki and so on and so on” he pointed to each man as he said their name and she took a mental picture of each of them so she could keep a face with the name. “we are the basterd's and we kill Nazi's, ya heard of us?”

Ah so that was who she run into, she should of clued in faster but her mind was all fuzzy and her temper was clouding her judgment again.

“ya I have, little not much, I don’t socialize very often” she looked at Donny again, and thought about the bat, ah so that must mean he's the bear Jew that the Nazi's are so scared of. No doubt why, he was as big as a bear and her guess was he could even take one out. She let out a deep sigh and then took a breath,

'just like ripping off a band aid' she thought.

“My name is Kat Valerious I was born in Romania, in a small town at the edge of Transylvania, my parents were murdered by a racist who hated my mother because she was a gypsy, I manage to survive the attack, my house was burned to the ground I had no other relatives so I was put in an orphanage, I ran away from there when I was 13 and moved to Paris started a new life until the war started in which I attacked an Nazi officer who wanted to see papers, I don't got any so I kill him and now I have been living in the woods since than killing any Nazi I come across, is that enough information or would you like a copy of my biography?” She huffed out in a annoyed voice.

Aldo paused for a second starring her down as he decided the best choice of action, she was obviously not on the Nazi's side and her show did back up the fact she's been killing Nazi's. That's when his eyes narrowed slightly as he really looked at her, she seemed to match the description of the woman that the Nazi's were after, what was that nickname again.

“now you wouldn’t perhaps be the lady everyone is calling the angel of death now would ya?'

Kat's nose crinkled in disgust, “I didn't call myself that some idiot Nazi I let live kind of spread that shit, but ya that would be me” She had heard they called her that because she was supposedly some beauty who slid out of the shadows of hell and gave you a bloody terrible death after she seduced you. To Kat it was just a ridiculous thing that the dumb ass Nazi had made up to seem like he survived an attack from something more than just a normal woman, who sure, was a little bit of a nut job, but not a super being.

“Well than that's good enough for me, you want join our ranks and kill a hell of a lot more Nazi's?”

Kat's first thought was no, bad idea but deep inside she wanted to have someone, anyone to talk to , because talking to herself was leading to problems. Than again that meant being around Donny and she was already not trusting herself.

All the men were silent and starring at her, waiting for an answer. She kept going back and forth trying to list pro's and con's and being raped was pretty high up on the con list, but if this Aldo Raine really was an American soldier with nothing on his mind but killing Nazi's maybe it would be for the best to join him. She could kill a lot more with someone watching her back, problem was she didn't trust any of these men to do so.

“I'm not a prostitute” she stated, 'oh god why did I just blurt that out”

A couple of the men laughed, and the one named Hirschberg made a “damn” comment that met with a cold stare from Donny.

“Now I ain’t saying that, we are a team, we don’t attack our own team” he responded as he put some chew in his mouth.

Kat glanced at Donny one more time, his face was blank and he was now staring at something behind her.

“Fine, I guess I'm a basterd now.”

Hope you liked my first chapter! Now that I got the introduction outta the way onward with the killing!! haha :D

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