What the ....

BY : slayer-of-evil
Category: G through L > High School Musical
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Disclaimer: I do not own HSM or, The Faculty I make no money writing this might have some of my people in it.

We're going to move, Casey.
I got a better job else where. his dad said.

Mean while...

Did you hear about the new student that's goin' to start here? Sharpay asked her twin.
Yeah but, I don't get why it's even gettin' talked about. Ryan said.
Well, he's the guy that was in the paper about something that sounds like a hoax or, something.
Who is it?
His name is Casey Conner.
Well, I've heard he takes very good photos.
What dose that matter?
He can help with the year book at very least.

Someone walks up.

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