Another Alien!

BY : slayer-of-evil
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It was close to Christmas break so, most of the student body where happy & then there some who weren't.
This is the case with Blair Jones.
For one thing she has a crush on a guy she thought is out of her reach & for a another thing he's going though a break up with girlfriend for of a year.
Then there's the fact that is a guy he's into & the other guy is into him & when he's with this other person he seems happy.

Why do I always get into these things? she ask herself in her mind while she eats her lunch.

Hey, Blair. She heard Casey call.
Hi. she replied.
So, how are you today? Casey asked

She didn't answer at first because she is lost in her thoughts.

Hello, Earth to Blair.
Oh, sorry Casey & to answer your qustion I'm doing fair & you?
I'm doing good.
So, what's new in your life?
Not much after the break up & you?
Not much & just so, you know I think your better than her.
Thanks but, that doesn't help much.
Well, it may not now but,someday it may help till then just keep that in your mind.
I will. He smiles at her.

She smiles back.

So, any plans for the holidays?
Not really but, if you don't have any plans either then you can can come over if you'd wanted to.
I'll think about it that much I do know.

The bell rings...

Well, see ya in class.

They get up to go to class.
She likes having him around her.
They were walking & talking & just made class a few minutes early.

Hey Case. Zeke said.
Hello, Zeke. she said.
Hey Blair so, how are you guys doin'?
We're good.

The new sub walks into the class room.
Later that day ... after school...
There are hanging out at Casey's house she's in her own world for the 2nd time that day.

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