The Apocalypse Begins

BY : Forsaken
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The feel is in the air that something was coming & soon.
It begain like any other day with a sun rise.
Anakin is fustrated with the Jedi concel.
Padame is conserened for him so, is
Obi-Wan for that matter.
The day seemed to be moving very slowly for some reason.

Anakin, how are you feeling? asked
I'm feel fine, Master why do you ask?
I was just asking that's all.
If you say so, Master.

Mean while--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
*A young female Pada-wan got this feeling to get as many younglings out of the temple as soon possible. She just wasn't sure how to do this however & buged her to no end. So, she decides to go to Yoda to see what she could do about what she had somewhat planned in her head. She found fairly easy.*

Master Yoda, sir I wanted to ask you a question.
What's on your mind, young one?

*Takes a breath.*

I'm thinking that the younglings need to take a trip around a planet & before you say anything I realize we have training to do, but how we can protect people when it's our time if we don't know the people.
Will speak to the others of this I will. Yoda said.
One more thing master, can we try for the next couple of days?

Later that day------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

So, that was what was brought up to me today. Yoda said.
I don't know about this? said Mace.
She wouldn't have said anything had she not thought it was a good idea. said another.
See the wisdom in her request I do. said Yoda.
Yes but, who will go with them? asked another.
I believe she knows what she's doing. Said Obi-Wan.
She has seen the city before many times.
This will only happen once but, I say she takes them.
Not all of them. Said Mace.
Then how many?
I say no more than 5 max.
Dose everyone agree with this?
So, where dose she want to go?
In the city.
Wouldn't it be better if she took them to her home planet?
Because they know this one & the exprience would do them good.
Then where should they go?
How about to Earth her home planet?

Mean while----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

*She was waiting outside of the room trin' to hide the ugentness of this. Anakin walked up to her.*

Hello, Master Skywalker.
Please, just call me Anakin.
But, that isn't what they tell us to do.
It makes it more comfortible for both of us this way.
Ok, if that's what you want, Anakin sir. *Nervous*
If we're going by our first names then what's yours? Anakin asked.
My name is Jennifer but, my friends call me Jenny.
That's a nice name. he smiles

*she smiles back.*

So, is yours & thank you sir I mean Anakin.
If don't mind me asking what did you ask them? Anakin asked.
It was about a trip for some of the young ones.
Where do u wanna take the younglings anyway?
Not far.

*Knowing there's more to that by the vibes around her but, he didn't say anything for the moment.*

Why are you so, nerveous, Jennifer? He ask.
I really don't know I just am & you can call me Jenny I would prefer it if you don't mind.
No, I don't mind.

*he smlies at her, she smiles back.*

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