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Mean while...in Santa Barbra, California

Sleep still didn't come so, he decided to write what he could remember of it.
The list of things in the dream began.
1. A DEATH of a person I know
2. A battle with arch enemy
3. The person who dies is a girl I know about my age.
4. Seems to be near either late eveing or, very early morning not easy to tell that yet.
He decided that if it was ever going to have any meaning to it at all he needed to find someone to interp it for him.
Well from what he could tell of this girl is that she has Dark hair which wasn't good because there were at least Two girls that came to mind & they each have dark hair.
There would had been three but, one doesn't have that natural hair color nor, was she even in his school anymore.
The one problem is that one would be his now girlfriend & the other is one of his best friends.

Mean while...

I'm glad we all made it. Jack said.
I think I can safely say we all agree w/ u. Jason said. smilein'.

After that there's to be a confrence in New Deli.
After he got back from that things started to move faster than thought at first..

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