Godzilla: Banging Wars

BY : J.W.BurningGoji54
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Chapter 8: Daddy's Very Angry 

BLAST! The blue beam of Godzilla's atomic ray smashes at Gabara's ugly green face, creating sparks and explosions that scatter out randomly in every direction. "Brilliant(!) Absolutely brilliant(!)" a male voice screams out in frustration. "Not only have we gotten nowhere out on the field, but we even lost THREE of our own monsters to that overgrown lizard! TRAITORS!!" He flails his arms all over the place like a madman and points to the holo-projected video of the alpha kaiju roaring into the sky. The young Commander had only recently acclaimed the title he now tightly holds, for he mutinied and usurped the rank of Commander X by killing his superior, who wanted a calmer, and slower approach to conquering Earth through means of gaining the humans' trust. Commander X, notorious for his brash and aggressive nature, was too impatient for such a strategy to be adopted. He therefore exploited his new position and telekinetic powers to strike a sudden and aggressive attack against the planet's inhabitants, using Earth's own monsters to accomplish the task. He plans to conquer this primitive, but critical planet, and return home to become the new official Commander and elected Kaiser of Planet X and its empire by the supposed will of the deceased ruler.

Emerging out of the shadows and into the orange tainted light of the control room, the Commander's appearance could finally be seen. Transmuting into the body of a young human male, he hides his silvery, fish-like alien looks using this deceptive disguise. His four lieutenants: Neon, Argon, Xenon and Gamma had also done the same, keeping their real identity from being discovered by morphing into disguises like that of their Commander - notably all of which are Japanese. They each wore an all black rubbery-like, shoulder-padded polished cloak which screamed both style and authority. Situated around a table where the video of a victorious Godzilla and fleeing Gabara was being projected from, the subordinates sat in silence, irritated at their Conmander while he vented his childish anger. Completely unpredictable and ignorant, he orchestrated and hurriedly organised the entire invasion and strategies by himself. And unlike his predecessor, he either often forgets or refuses to consult with any of his advisors. "Losing that Muto and moth was alright I guess, but Gigan?!" He cried. "I liked her! I gave her those hooks as a gift and what does she do in return? She betrays me! Unbelievable!" The Commander kicks the floor. 
"Here it comes..." Argon mumbles quietly. 
"This is all your fault! You're all useless! It's not like you four have been any help!" The Commander scolds his adjutants. 
"Well let me rectify that." Gamma spoke as she got off from a slumped position on her chair. The agitated Commander quietens down as his eyes followed her. Walking over to the glass window, she stares at a big blue dot in the distance, the glass faintly reflecting her face.

"It is obvious this Godzilla is the driving force for Earth's resistance. So if we take him out of the picture, his friends and the humans will soon follow." Her voice light and magisterial. Named Gamma for the beguiling radiant rays she so majestically emits, she turns round to her new leader as she leans back on the window. Her face was without argument a charming work of art, she looked like an angel that descended from heaven - Gamma certainly chose the right human to use as her disguise. And it isn't just her face that is so captivating and adoring to acclaim, her whole body is like it was sculpted by a goddess, she wore a black top under her imposing cloak that exposes her superlative stomach and revealing her bare chest, concealing her gorgeous grandiose pair of orbs underneath. Wearing shorts with midnight tights running up over her knees, one could only wonder just how impeccably alluring her legs really are. And to finish it off, Gamma has long, black crystalline, straight shining hair that ran all the way down her back and ravishingly draped over her left eye. If there was anything Gamma liked about the human race, it was their women - with this new body she could explore all the luxuries of being human, and experience a whole new level of pleasure her Xilien form couldn't come close to granting. 

"We should set a trap for Godzilla. A trap where no one will come to his aid, a trap that will finish him off... for good." The Commander just stood still as he thought about what she is saying. 
"We can isolate him from everyone else." Neon stated. 
"And overpower him right off the spot." Argon continued. 
"With no mercy shown." Xenon finishes. 
"Just an idea." Gamma shrugged and flicks back the hair in front of her face. Eyeing each of his subordinates, Commander X nods lightly as he turns round to view a series of projected screens of kaiju, shrunken and roaring within their pounds somewhere on board. Smirking at the evil plan he is conjuring up at this moment, he snarls, "Yes... Yes... And I know just what to do, and just who to use." 

With the new day here at last, all the monsters are up and ready to welcome the world. Walking along the South Eastern shores bored stiff, Godzilla looks to his left and sees the flamboyant Femuto bent over a boulder with her back to him. The King of the Monsters could see the lovely rose pink of her snatch peeping under her plushy ass. Smirking under his breath and hungry for some breakfast, he changes course and heads towards the unsuspecting monster. Getting closer, he could see Hokmuto straddled on the flat top rock that Femuto is leaning forwards on. "What does that all mean then?" He wondered. 
"It means that there's a bit more to it than what you first thought. You can think of it as... umm... grown-ups' playtime! But you must remember that me and Goji don't just do it for fun, we also do it to show how much we love each other. Okay?" The mother said to her son softly as she stroked his chin. 
"Yeah okay." He stated smiling back up to her. 
"Good boy!" Femuto gave him a kiss on the forehead. 
"Now run along, your friends are waiting for you." She finishes, with Hokmuto hopping off the rock and flying away, leaving the kaiju Mom alone.

Until the child had disappeared over the distance, Godzilla continues his quiet advance, tiptoeing lightly towards her.  Exhaling deeply, Femuto then gasps in surprise as she feels two hands clasp gently at her waist and a snout pressed against the left side of her face. "Oh you scared me!" She tittered. 
"What were you doing?" The alpha whispers as they sway slowly from side to side. 
"Oh, I just gave our kid a quick talk about the birds and the bees." Femuto answered 
"And how did it go?" Godzilla wondered. 
"For him I guess it was alright, but god I could not wait to get out of it! It felt so embarrassing!" Femuto replied with another sigh of relief. 
"Well... now that Hokmuto's gone off to play with his brothers and sisters, would you care to play with me for a bit to take your mind off of it?" Godzilla slid his hands up to fondle Femuto's prodigious rack. 
"OH!! Now that does sound good!" She smiled. Putting on a half-smile, Godzilla removes his right hand from her breast and slithers it down below, massaging her cunt teasingly as she instantly begins to moisten. 
"Hmm, there's something nice down there!" Godzilla remarks. With her coos growing bigger and bigger, Femuto ultimately gives in to her love for the King. "OHH!! Goji!!" She mewled. 
"Just think about us, and us only. I love you Femuto." Godzilla proclaims. 
"I-AHHH!!! Love you... too!!" The female replied heartily. Positioning his hands at her hips and without wasting anymore time with the hot milf, Godzilla inserts his rigid cock inside the kaiju's cunt.

Straightening her arms, Femuto places her hands on the left and right sides of the rock in front for support as she pokes her ass out for her mate, who is already slamming away mightily at it. "You are such a sexy Titan!" The lizard praises her as he kisses the back of Femuto's head. Spreading her legs further apart, the kaiju raises her smallest limbs to her tits, having them play around with her supple nipples, stimulating additional tingling sensations as she continues to get railed from the rear. After a good few minutes of electrifying mating, the parthers reach the climactic high point they've both been looking for. "I'm... I'm about to..."
"ME... TOO!!! AHHHHH!!! C-CUM WITH ME, GOJI!!!" And so, with the both of them letting off a holler of pure elation, the two kaiju help to quench each other of their sexual stress. Mixing their cum together, a runny mix of his and hers streams steadily out from Femuto's plugged pussy and onto the floor.

"You love taking my children in you, don't you?" Godzilla touches her expanding stomach as the satisfying squelching and grumbling continues on inside her womb. 
"Do you really want kids that badly?" Femuto giggles and shakes her ass after getting her breathing under control. 
"Of course! And besides: Making the baby is the fun part!" Godzilla grinned naughtily, after which they stifle a quick laugh together. "How about we spice thing up a bit?" Godzilla wondered as he ran his hands along her curves. 
"Promise to give me a good time?" Femuto countered bawdily as she stroked his head. 
"I'll give you more than just a good time!" Kissing her, one last time on the cheek, Godzilla shoves his bitch down onto the boulder, with her breasts and belly compressed against the rock, forcing a thick flow of cum to gush violently around the rims of her stuffed cunt. "This is what you get for not coming to bed last night!" Godzilla grins. Thrusting farther and faster, the King pounds his whore callously - producing deafening clapping sounds as his fiery loin meets her soaking ass. "AHHHH!!! PUNISH ME, GODZILLA!!! OHHH SHIT!!! TELL ME I'VE BEEN A BAD GIRL!!!" Femuto squeals joyfully. 
"You've been a VERY BAD little girl!! And this is what you deserve, you slut!! OHH FUCK YEAH!!!" Godzilla places hands all over her back, pinning her down and securing her in place for his pleasure.

"AGHH!!! I'm gonna fuck you so hard you won't even be able to dream of anyone but me!!" Increasing his speed, Godzilla intends to go by his words. 
"MY PUSSY IS YOURS!!! MY BODY IS YOURS!!! MY WHOLE LIFE IS YOURS!!! I ONLY LIVE... TO PLEASURE YOU MY KING!!!" Femuto is now at the receiving end of one of the hardest poundings the alpha predator has ever given, and she is indulging every bit of it! Femuto just wants to surrender herself to her alpha, she wants to be it utterly owned, utterly conquered, and to become nothing more than a fucktoy for Godzilla's cock. "And don't you forget it!! You only exist to be my breeding bitch for life!!" The King is sure as hell enjoying such a domineering position. He would love to fuck this mother senseless and to pulverise her into a giant pile of bones.

"PLEASE!!! DON'T STOP!!! MAKE ME CUM AGAIN, GOJI!!! I WANT YOU TO MAKE ME CUM SO HARD!!!" Femuto pleads to her lover. Godzilla growls and smirks at his bitch, he loves how she begs so desperately to grant her the gift of release. And several slams later, Femuto got just what she wished for. With her eyes flashing and knees raised from all the unmatched excitement, the sublime female fires a torrent that made the earlier release a mere trickle from a faulty tap, her honey landing on the ground with heavy thuds. "Now it's my turn!" Godzilla exclaims but before he continues, he wants his slut to face her owner when he delivers her what he knew will be one of the largest loads he would ever eject. Turning her round, the atomic lizard held onto her thighs as he resumed the onslaught. Clasping at the boulder, Femuto clenches with all her might as the rapidly riding Godzilla gets ready to unblock his drains. "AGHH FUCK!!! Here... it... comes!!" The alpha groans as he feels his cum building all the way up from bottom to top. Thus as he is no longer able to hold it all back any longer, Godzilla gives off a destructive roar into the sky as his manhood becomes overcome by a crushing feeling of ecstatic euphoria, unleashing an unprecedented, raging torrent for his starving slut.

Pump after pump the grunting King re-inflates her yielding uterus in a matter of seconds, flooding her as equal quantities burst out of her cunt, dirtying her groin before sliding down the rock. Just like the first time he stuffed the shit out of this milf back in San Francisco, Godzilla harbours no intention to stop straight after release. He keeps on fucking ferociously, expanding her stomach even further with his splooge, his lightning thrusts staying at a constant speed as he elatedly elongates his monster-sized orgasm. The kaiju King's eruption of cum may very well be just as strong and devastating as his mesmerising volleys of atomic breath. With Femuto's womanhood unable take in anymore, the bared teeth theropod takes his exultant dick out of her satiated snatch, causing her creamy cargo to come surging out as viciously and loud as a burst dam. Jubilantly jerking his exploding, raging rod, Godzilla rains down the rest of his burst onto Femuto. His ejaculation was truly massive, it completely showers the female monster in pure white, overlaying everything above the kaiju's knees. While the King kept on spurting away for Femuto, the young milf closes her eyes and opens her mouth, ready to catch as much of his far-flying cum in her maw as she could. Sliding her arms across her luscious body, she erotically rubs herself all over, Femuto had always wanted bathe herself in radiation, well now... she could!

With his climax coming to a close and his cock finally composing itself, Godzilla stands with his legs weakened from all the alleviating action, if not for his tail he would have collapsed straight back on to the green, green grass like a falling tree. Femuto lays moaning on the boulder, wallowing in the warm heat of her partner's jizz as heaps and heaps slide down her voluptuous body, creating milky puddles on either side of the monster. More of Godzilla's burbling cum deposited within her soon make themselves known, as they escape out of her stretched snatch, pouring ever so smoothly but quickly down the rock and feeding the large lake below at the base of the boulder. Still sultrily running her arms across herself, Femuto lifts up her head and gestures Godzilla on the other side of her slowly shrinking stomach to come forth. Doing as he is told, the King of the Monsters stomps his way towards her and stopping once he got beside the worn kaiju. "Come here, big guy!" She smiles before taking his length in her mouth, sucking it nice and clean, as well as eager to end it all off with a little 'thank you' of her own. "I hope that wasn't too rough for you!" Godzilla serenely strokes her head and gropes her overly glazed, velvety orbs. "Mm-mm. It was just right!" She assured her mate cutely, swirling her soft tongue around his great girth and fondles his balls - purring like a kitten all throughout.

"Good, cos I'm not done yet!" Godzilla growls with a grin. Eyes shooting open, Femuto feels her head held onto by both Godzilla hands as he pulls her over the rock, her head dangling down. Holding her by the side of the face, Godzilla sprung back into life as he shoves his cock deep down her throat. The radioactive reptile could see his shaft tunnelling through Femuto neck, his length going all the way in until the girl just could take in anymore. Godzilla plans to give his girl one last load before being done with her - at least for the morning! With Godzilla already pulling half-way out and thrusting straight back in, Femuto has no choice but to accommodate his mighty dick in her mouth and just go with the flow. Rumbling through his breaths, Godzilla's tongue lols out the side of his lower jaw as the slut's orbs jiggle backwards and forwards. Femuto could only choke, cough and moan as her eyes see nothing but the giant lizard's bollocks right in front of her as they swing with Godzilla's hefty humps. And as his final orgasm for Femuto eventually begins boiling up, Godzilla couldn't help but think, after such a demanding morning workout, wouldn't she just be so desperately parched? Well, it's good thing Godzilla has plenty of fluids to spare! 

After a few more final pushes, Godzilla grants the Muto her well-earned, replenishing beverage. The alpha predator's splooge rushes so ragingly down her throat, flooding her poor stomach with his spunk. "That's it slut! Drink it all up!" The King of the Monsters looked down upon his toy. Forced to swallow it all, Femuto's eyes roll back as she feels Godzilla's dick pulsing as he keeps on firing, his cum squelching it's way out of her mouth and running down over her face. Though as fun as it may be for Femuto, even Godzilla would have to stop sometime or another. Grunting, the irradiated saurian sluggishly pulls himself out, and once the head became free, Godzilla's cum came flowing out almost as powerfully as it came out of her snatch not long before. Femuto threw it all up, spurting out of her maw before landing into the ever expanding sea at Godzilla's feet. Panting heavily as all the cum in her mouth and throat had either gone down to her stuffed stomach or out the other way, Femuto through her cum-glazed face brought up a smile. 

"Now are you finished?" She puffed, dazzled by how she didn't pass out like most other kaiju girls probably would have done aftee being put through such an ordeal. 
"You did say you wanted me to punish you!" Alpha chuckles, eternally grateful. 
"Not to the point where I'm forced to drink to death!" She retorted. As Femuto slid herself back down the rock to lay her head down, Godzilla stepped back and sat down to give the young mother a well deserved rest. It is only a few hours after sunrise and never did she think she would want to go straight back to sleep again. While her waterfall pussy persists in flushing out more of Godzilla's splooge, Femuto continues to glide her arms lasciviously all over her irresistible and excessively blanketed figure. Smudging herself here and there, and licking her hands clean every now and then before resuming her flavoursome activities.

Arriving at the eastern banks, Hokmuto doesn't waste any time joining his friends in the sea. Gigan, Minilla and the Mothra Larvae are all huddled in one spot, floating about. Rocketing up high as fast as a jet, Hokmuto dives straight back down, creating an explosion of water that almost stuns the other monsters around him. Immediately stopping what they were doing and turning to see what had happened, they find waves in the water with countless bubbles and ripples forming and popping at the sight of impact. And a short while later, the culprit soon reveals himself, popping his head up above the water like a submarine's periscope. "What are you all sitting about for? Come on let's play!" The kaiju announced. With his dramatic entrance out of the way, they did just that. While Gigan, Leo and Lea continued to splash each other childishly, Minilla swam up to meet Hokmuto. 

"Did you get everything settled with your Mom, then?" The young reptile asks as they swim out to more deeper water. 
"Hey guys don't go too far out!" Gigan shouted out to the boys. 
"Don't worry, we won't!" Minilla exclaimed back before turning back to Hokmuto. 
"Yeah it's all good. I just wanted to make sure Mom is happy, especially after Dad..." He stopped in his tracks, looking down solemnly as he felt his heart suddenly leap up to his throat. 
"Hey, you alright?" Minilla tilted his head and put his hand on his friend's shoulder. 
"I-I'm fine." Hokmuto shook his head. "Here, I'll race you to the sea bed and back up again!" The Muto quickly changed the subject. 
"S-Sure! Sounds good to me! But the water here is too shallow, let's go further out!" Minilla remarked feverishly. 
"But Auntie Gigan told us not to go out that far." Hokmuto pointed out.
"Nah it'll be fine, if we stay in view we'd be okay!" As the young lizard speed boated ahead, Hokmuto gazed promptly back at Gigan and the larvas before reluctantly followed suit.

"This is a good spot." Minilla halted, they are now some distance away from the shoreline and everyone else. 
"First to get to the bottom then back up wins. Got it?" Hokmuto confirmed.
"Got it!" Minilla replied. Hence after counting down from five, Hokmuto took in one big deep breath before the two titans bolted vertically down to the seabed. Thanks to his streamlined shape, Hokmuto is able to keep in line with the naturally amphibious Minilla. Both touching the floor at the same time, they dirtied the water around them as the sediment gets projected off the ground. Now in the final stretch, the two were half way up to the surface when a mysterious white, hazy glow illuminates part of the water in the distance on their right. Tugging at his brother beside him, Minilla points to the bright light, but the Muto in turn points upwards, indicating that they should finish the race. But Minilla could also hear something, a sound emanating from where that light is shining from. It sounds like a call, it's sounds like... "Dad?" The kaiju wondered. With his curiosity getting the better of him, the little Godzilla instead swam towards that unknown luminescence. Rolling his eyes in annoyance, Hokmuto followed up from behind. 

The luminous object seemed to be some kind of enormous crystal, and looking up, it is a crystal that ascends all the way from the sea floor and up to the surface. "What is it?" Minilla spoke with his words muffled by the water. Shrugging his shoulders, Hokmuto hadn't got a clue either. 
"Wait, where are the boys?" Gigan muttered to herself as she looked around her, and it was then she also realised Leo and Lea were swimming out to sea. "Hey kids where are you going?" She swam up to them and turned them round. 
"We can hear Daddy calling us from where that thing is over there." Lea pointed at a strange object poking out in the distance with her beak. 
"Calling? I can't hear anything. And your Dad's not there, he's back on the island." Gigan was confused. "Unless..." Heart thumping, Gigan looks back down at the larvae. "Get back on the beach and stay there!" She shouted strictly to the larvae, whom judging by the seriousness of her voice did without question. Diving down under, she zooms through the aqueous water, her eye scanning for any signs of Minilla and Hokmuto. If Leo and Lea were attracted to that thing, then it's possible the two boys were drawn to it as well. And the alarming thing is that it's outside the energy shield protecting the island and all the monsters on it. 

"We should go back." Hokmuto advised, feeling incredibly uneasy about the whole situation. 
"I swear I heard Dad here!" Minilla swirled round and round. 
"GUYS!!! GET AWAY FROM THERE!!!" Gigan screamed through the blue as she torpedoes towards them. Looking back at her then to each other, the kids began to feel the ocean floor trembling beneath their feet. The giant crystal then suddenly sank into the sea bed, with the sands around them starting to glow an emerald green. Startled and afraid, Minilla and Hokmuto then felt themselves forcefully grabbed by something... It wasn't Gigan. The next thing they knew, the boys skyrocketed out of the ocean, breaking the waterline with a deafening eruption, screaming with fear.

Getting ahold of her bearings, Gigan also races up to the surface, bewildered over what had just occurred. Emerging out, she sees the kids being flown away over the island, held underneath a colossal cluster of crystals very much like the one she had seen earlier. Quickly preparing herself, she flies off to engage the unidentifiable kidnapper. Back in the children's play area, Femuto had just about finished cleaning herself, when both she and Godzilla heard two all-familiar cries. "What was that?" The Muto calls out to Godzilla as she shot up from her rock. Looking around themselves, they then see a shadow being cast over them, only to disappear instantly at the blink of an eye. Raising their heads, the two monsters looked on with horror. "Mom!"
"Dad!" The boys shouted to their parents. Then seeing Gigan pursue them at the tail-end, Godzilla and Femuto chased after them from the ground. "It has our kids!" She cries to the alpha. "I know, I know!" The two became teary eyed.

Over at the inland lake where Mothra, Battra, and their eldest children were talking and mucking about amongst themselves, they too were all interrupted as the white monstrosity flew high up over their heads, closely followed by Gigan as she began to fire at it with her laser. "M-Minilla?! Hokmuto?!" Mothra yelps in disbelief. With her motherly-instincts being put on maximum overdrive, the divine moth launches herself up into the sky in heavy pursuit along with Gigan while Godzilla and Femuto made it into the area back on the ground. Now circling the island, it begins to evade all of the two kaiju's attacks, even direct hits would do little-to-no damage. But just when Gigan and Mothra were at reaching distance of the object, it unexpectedly fires a series of purple-red lightning-like beams at the two monsters, skilfully dodging them while the missed strikes hit the shield just below them, creating glittery orange ripples on the invisible barrier. When in a flash, two more beams launch out of the entity, each scoring an explosive direct hit at Mothra and Gigan. Potently forced back, the two monsters plummet back down to Earth, crash landing directly into the inland lake. With everyone rushing up to the downed Titans, Godzilla turned to face the crystalline kidnapper, his eyes raging with atomic fire as it continued to circle above them, taunting the monsters with Minilla and Hokmuto struggling to free themselves. "It has my babies!" Mothra clutched onto Femuto, both breaking up into tears as they held onto each other for comfort. While the monsters all wept in terror, the object suddenly gave off an ear-piercing, oppressive roar. It was a high pitch screech at first, only to become more deep and bellowing towards the end. And it was a roar that was aimed at and recognised by only one monster down there.

"Dad?" Hana looked up to Godzilla, never had she, her sisters, or anyone else for that matter seen the King of the Monsters so infuriated and yet so... collected before. As it flew away out to sea, Godzilla looked down to Mothra and Femuto as they stared back up to him devastation, and said in a calm, controlled voice, "Stay here. I'll get them back. Even if it's the last thing I'll do. I'll get them back." Roaring back at that gutless monster, Godzilla charges out to the beach and into the ocean, putting himself in a fateful chase of the abductor. 

Coming back from their reconnaissance mission, Rodan and Jet Jaguar are flying urgently back towards the island when a white object charges towards them. "Rodan! Incoming!" The robot warns, but it is too late. Both are abruptly knocked out of the skies as the unknown kaiju rushes through, forming mini explosions as they collide before falling into the sea below. 
"What the hell just happened?!" Rodan shouted as he resurfaced, but before Jet Jaguar could make a reply, both monsters were startled again as Godzilla barges through without warning, spinning the two round in opposite 360 degree circles in the water while the alpha predator surges away. "What did I do to deserve this?" The Pteranodon mumbles to himself as he held his dizzy head in his hands.

Rushing into the sea to help the poor fellows out, the Mothra children and Mirai brought Rodan and Jet Jaguar onto the shore as everyone else gathered round them, all agitated. "I say again, what the hell just happened?!" Rodan sits up with help from Hoshimi and Akira. 
"That thing just took my Hokmuto and Minilla!" Femuto wept uncontrollably. 
"I can't just stand here! I'm going after it!" Mothra attempted to fly off only to be stopped as she feels a stinging pain. The attack the kidnapper dealt managed to punch gaping, burnt holes on each of her wings. 
"Oh my god! Mom are you alright?" Azami touched her wings. 
"I'm fine, but I have to go-" Mothra groans through her gritted teeth. 
"This might be bad time, but we came back to tell you that the Xiliens have launched another all-out-attack, we're gonna need everyone on this." Jet Jaguar informs everyone. 
"But I can't just let Godzilla go on alone!" Mothra asserted. 
"Hey." Battra interrupted as she turned her round sister to face her. "He isn't the King of the Monsters for nothing. You'll see them again. I promise." Battra placed her forehead against Mothra's. 
"You won't be going out to fight either in your condition. You are to stay here and recover." Rodan ordered. "And Femuto, you look after Mothra and the kids. We don't want a repeat of what just happened, alright?"
"Alright." She nodded and wiped her eyes. 
"Okay everyone, lets move!" Jet Jaguar exclaimed as he got onto his feet. With everything cleared and out the way, everyone scrambled to get themselves ready and prepared for the challenge ahead.

For hours Godzilla had been chasing the kidnapper across the western Pacific, never slowing down, never giving up. The kaiju had been flying at a slow enough speed for Godzilla to keep up with it, and the King knew this was deliberate, it wanted him follow it. But whether it is what this monster wants, it has Godzilla's infants in its hands, and the alpha is going to make it pay for its intolerable treachery. Just before midday they eventually reached the Asian continent, when the target suddenly accelerated and disappeared into a cluster of islands in the South East of China. After increasing his speed, Godzilla soon made it deep within a concentration of islands and rocks before rising out of the water. The apex predator found himself in the middle of one of the world's most internationally recognised cities: Hong Kong.

Arising out of the famous Victoria Harbour, Godzilla stomps his way onto the dry land of the Kowloon peninsula, with Hong Kong island and it's unforgettable skyline on the opposite side of the turquoise straight. The whole city is abandoned but eerily intact, there hung an ominous atmosphere as Godzilla called out for the children. "MINILLA!!! HOKMUTO!!!" He cried, but there was no response. After he finished his call, the King felt a series of beams hit his back, launching him forward. Managing to stay on his feet, he looked up at the sky to see the same crystalline monster circling around him as it continued to fire at the ground bound Godzilla. Growling in fury, the atomic lizard sees the kaiju land some distance in front of him, the cluster of crystals disappearing as the monster reveals itself to its enemy. The kaiju looked scarily similar to Godzilla in many ways, but had skin that is navy-blue with a reddish-purple chest and abdomen. It has two massive white crystals on his shoulders along with crystal dorsal plates along its back and a spiked tail-end. In addition it has sharp teeth, intimidating tusks on the sides of his mouth and an orange-yellow crest on top of its forehead. It was without a doubt, Godzilla's clone: SpaceGodzilla.

"Long time no see!" His voice was deep and harsh, but to the radioactive reptile it was more than that. Just like the roar he heard back on the island, it was a voice he had not heard in decades. "What have you done with my kids?!" Godzilla rebounded back to him, getting straight to the point. Being so much bulkier and taller than his host, he overshadowed the King of the Monsters in size, with the top of Godzilla's head merely reaching the base of SpaceGodzilla's neck. 
"Now, now. That is no way to greet your own brother after all these years." The nemesis replied. 
"I said. What. Have you done. With my kids." Godzilla repeated himself, growing more and more impatient. 
"You thought you'd finally gotten rid of me, didn't you? You thought you could at last just... walk away and forget all about me just like that." The crystalline kaiju snarled. Having enough of this, the alpha Titan charges up his atomic breath and scores a sudden hit at SpaceGodzilla's chest - forcing him back as his feet skidded across the floor. 
"WHERE ARE THEY?!" Godzilla growls, fiercely staring straight into his eyes. Mockingly brushing himself off, SpaceGodzilla makes a villainous chuckle in return. 
"Hmm, perhaps that's a question for another time." Grinning evilly, he calls up two separate cone-shaped, cage-like formations made of crystals to his right and Godzilla's left. Eyes widened, Godzilla could see his two kids trapped within them. "Dad!! Help us!!" Minilla cried helplessly, as Hokmuto tried desperately with all his might to break free, but to no avail.

Turning back to face his foe, eyes glowing blue with rage, Godzilla shoots out another of his iconic rays, but the space monster swiftly generates a shield encasing his body, deflecting the atomic breath away before he himself blasts his own corona beam in retaliation. Curling about in the air, the orange projectile hits Godzilla's right shoulder as sparks form and fall.

Just as the saurian recovers from the attack, SpaceGodzilla then roars into the air. A titanic tremor occurs across the entire city, colossal crystal formations rise up from the ground around them, razing buildings and tearing up roads. The kids shrieked in horror as they see these giant spikes emerge from the Earth. With Hong Kong now his own, SpaceGodzilla yet again fires more volleys of his primary weapon at his opponent, briefly igniting his scales as the King falls to his side, though not after Godzilla returns the gesture by blasting the enemy one more time before hitting the floor. Picking themselves up from their exchange, SpaceGodzilla smirks wildly as something strange emerges out of the bloom over Hong Kong Island.

Stopping in front of the sun and blocking its light, it created a giant shadow over the monsters as it loomed intimidatingly up high. Staring straight at it, Godzilla knew off the spot what it is: A Xilien UFO Spacecraft. Essentially a curved pyramid on its side, it is a giant silver ship the aliens used to dispatch their monsters down to the planet's surface, only this one had different ideas. Emitting what looked like a spot light from one of the ship's pointed ends, a squadron of drone fighters spawned and immediately darted to Godzilla, swarming the lizard like agitated bees as they all fired a series of lasers at his body. Waving his arms frantically, Godzilla manages to destroy a few simply by slashing at them, but they are simply too small, and too nimble. Worse still, SpaceGodzilla is still in the arena and isn't going anywhere any time soon. 

As SpaceGodzilla unleashes more of his corona beams, Godzilla gets pushed further and further back, while his astro counterpart steadily advances forwards. Closing the gap, the space monster suddenly pauses in his tracks when a hail of missiles strike at him from his right. Attempting to regain his posture, SpaceGodzilla soon finds out what had hit him, as did Godzilla. Flying over Minilla and Hokmuto, almost two dozen fighter jets and attack helicopters have come to join the battle against the Xiliens' forces. Now forced to change their targets to the human reinforcements, the drones abandoned the giant lizard and buzzed off to engage the fighters instead. Now free of this nuisance, Godzilla could now refocus his attention back to SpaceGodzilla.

With a tense aerial battle commencing above their heads, the boys cheered for the King of the Monsters as he charges straight into the dazzled rival. With the space monster preparing to fire his beam, Godzilla just in time pushes his jaw into the air, leading the clone to blast it instead into the sky (hitting a Xilien fighter) while the alpha bites down on his neck. Grunting in agony, SpaceGodzilla is then met with a hail of punches and slashes, his smaller arms unable to put up much of a defence. Breaking away, Godzilla raises his right foot and kicks powerfully into the enemy's stomach. Gasping for air, the crystal kaiju then sees the alpha swinging round, about to smash him with his tail. Quick to get back on his feet, SpaceGodzilla meets the attack head on by swivelling and throwing in his own tail in interception, leading to thousands of tonnes of pure muscle to clash as they hit each other with a heavy boom. Just as he finished turning, Godzilla released a fresh load of his atomic breath, blasting SpaceGodzilla straight in the face as he falls backwards against low-lying buildings, smashing onto the floor. 

Stepping on the monster's tail, Godzilla snarls down at his clone's smoking head as he tries urgently to squirm away. Expanding his chest and getting ready to fire a finishing blow at the downed kaiju, the alpha yells in affliction as a flaming drone crashes into his spines, bursting into cinders. Blasting his atomic breath, the distracted Godzilla instead only scores a hit at the ground as his clone manages to wiggle his tail free and levitates out of the way, just in the nick of time.

With Godzilla being launched back again by another corona blast hitting his thorax in return, SpaceGodzilla raises a number of the surrounding crystals into the air along with him. Growling sinisterly, he telekinetically has the crystals face the recovering atomic monster as he held his chest. After screeching once more, SpaceGodzilla sends the spikes straight towards his host. Swearing in his mind, Godzilla puts his arms forward as the crystals slam against him repeatedly. SMASH. SMASH. SMASH. The spikes shatter upon impact as Godzilla screams in pain, his skin being battered as fresh explosions wear them down. Going down on his knees, he hears the children calling for him to keep on fighting, to keep on fighting for them.

With Godzilla brought fully to the ground by another of his searing orange rays, SpaceGodzilla's shoulder crystals begin to glow with light as green electrical pulses shoot out in Godzilla's direction. Then all of a sudden, the radioactive reptile feels himself flying in the air, half unconscious. Raising him off the floor, the astro kaiju uses more his unearthly powers against his host. An electronic wiring moan sounds as Godzilla is lifted over the tallest building in Hong Kong further behind him. With the kaiju hanging several hundred metres directly above the skyscraper, SpaceGodzilla releases his hold...

Crashing back down to Earth, Godzilla smashes onto the building, demolishing it from top to bottom until finally reaching the ground with a mighty thump on a massive metal and concrete mound. Weakly raising his head, he could see through his hazy vision SpaceGodzilla calling up even more of his giant crystals from the floor. "Dad!! Please get up!!"
"Keep going, Goji!!" Minilla and Hokmuto wept as they gripped on to the crystals that encased them. Struggling relentlessly to even get off the floor, Godzilla notices he is nailed against flaming rubble as SpaceGodzilla's auras hold him in place, preventing him from escaping. Raising the crystals up into the sky and over the weakened kaiju King, SpaceGodzilla has them turn vertically downwards, the sharp points staring stingingly at the alpha.

"I'm disappointed. You've lost your touch, my brother!" SpaceGodzilla shakes his head with laughter. "And it's unfortunate you will never get another chance to kill me... for now... I... am going to kill you." His voice became very subtle. "Oh don't worry, you'll see those two brats again, they'll be joining you very shortly." The monster sneered. "Your failure... my revenge... is finally... complete!" With fighters and drones falling down around them, the space monster gives the order to send down the axe. Slamming his eyes shut, Godzilla sheds a tear for Minilla and Hokmuto as he hears their cries, echoing in his ears.

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