Godzilla: Banging Wars

BY : J.W.BurningGoji54
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Chapter 7: Moms Teach Sex

Another marvellous morning has washed up on the shores of Monster Island, and everybody has woken up to embrace the new day. The kids are already off playing in the sea, and Rodan and Jet Jaguar are out on a reconnaissance of the planet. As for Godzilla (no surprise), he's having a fun time enjoying the company of his beautiful mates: Gigan and Femuto. Seems like even after yesterday they still want more of the King of the Monsters. With the giant lizard laying on his back, Femuto joyously bounces on her lover's cock, and having been given total control, the milf ensures she takes as much of Godzilla's titanic rod as possible. The alpha monster can feel the young milf's ass slapping every time she comes down on him, and could only imagine just how enthralling her gorgeous rack was bouncing on her chest. But Godzilla was more or less occupied with the alluring Gigan as she rode his reptilian face. Playing with her lips and slurping up her juices, Godzilla squishes her smooth thighs whilst indulging in her aromatic scent. 
"Look who are finally awake!" Exclaimed Mothra mischievously as she walked towards them from the island interior. 

"H-Hi Mothra!" The two females' greeted their female mate before immediately sinking straight back into their world of elation. Sitting down next to them, the Queen admires the view up close. Their high moans and light shudders were just so enticing and arousing to hear, Mothra could almost feel the golden glee her friends were receiving from their King. And it turns out the Goddess of Peace arrived and settled down just in time to witness the glamorous climax of the show. Squealing and giggling through her puffs, Gigan's tails swishes from side to side in the sand as she clutches onto Godzilla's arms. Screaming blithely into the sky, she cheerfully quakes as the monster discharges her barrage in point blank range. As well as vigorously sucking the kaiju dry, Godzilla groans in delight as he gulps down her juices, rapaciously swallowing her runny honey down his throat. Legs trembling and tail waggling crazily, Gigan falls to her side, overwhelmed by pure bliss, with Mothra leaning in just in the nick of time to catch her fall. "Careful!" She laughed playfully. 
"He sure knows how to use that great tongue of his!" Gigan pants, resting her head on Mothra's chest. 
"Our King's got thousands of talents you'll soon discover, sweetie." The Queen held her closely. Giggling between themselves, the two monsters watched on as Femuto whizzes her way through her own orgasm.

With Gigan's cum dripping off the sides of his face, Godzilla grins as he slides his hands up the squealing and squirting Femuto's soft skin. Leaning back and firmly placing both feet onto the ground, the sexy girl, once she'd eventually recuperated from her release, recommences and begins manoeuvres her hips up and down. Propped up by Godzilla's arms, Femuto with all her strength rapidly shifts herself along the alpha's mighty shaft, fondling her brilliant breasts alongside. Sensing the creep up of that long awaited pressure building in his member, Godzilla lends Femuto a helping hand, and shifts his hips up and down off the ground. The moaning milf could both see and feel Godzilla's dick grinding up her canal, the long bulge along her stomach receding and re-emerging as the alpha pulls out before powerfully shoving straight back in. And after a few more hefty slams into Femuto, the King of the Monsters, with a complacent smirk, fires a colossal cannonade of cum into the core of the squeeling slut.

Immense dollops of splooge blast out of Femuto's pussy, sliding down Godzilla's dick and off onto the sand. Succumbing to utter ecstasy, the young mother collapses back onto her lover, breathing heavily as she is launched off his rod and collapses back onto Godzilla, with numerous tonnes of cum gushing out of her Though no longer inside her, the King's pulsing cock continues to fire endless streams up into the air and towards them, splattering onto Femuto's belly and breasts all the way up to her ravishing face - to which she even catches one or two of the projectiles in her mouth. After the alpha predator's penis returns to dormancy and halts the bombardment, the two monsters are left to recover in peace. "Did you enjoy the ride, Femuto?" Mothra asked amorously. 
"Breathtaking!" She gazed into the azure sky, inhaling and exhaling deeply as she stroked Godzilla's softening length between her legs. Smiling warmly at each other, Godzilla wrapped his arms around the kaiju, cuddling her endearingly as they rested. "Honey, didn't you say you have some 'fun things planned' for today?" Godzilla turned to face Mothra. 
"I did! How would you feel about helping me and Battra in teaching the kids a thing or about mating." She spoke in an inviting tone. 
"What all of em?" He joked.
"No you dingus, just the eldest four." Mothra rolled her eyes.
"So now's the time huh?" Godzilla continued. 
"We bumped into Battra's kid and our girls trying to uh... experiment a bit." She informed excitedly.
"I get it." Gigan looked up to Mothra. "So you are saying Mommy and Daddy, should give em a tutorial or two or something like that, right?"
"Basically yeah!" The divine moth returned.

"Speaking of your sister, where is she?" Godzilla wondered. 
"Right here!" Battra stated suddenly with her son and nieces beside her. Hopping off of Godzilla, Femuto wipes away the spunk on her body, with Gigan leaping off of Mothra likewise. "Sorry are we interrupting something?" She jocularly said. Standing himself up, Godzilla makes a reply. 
"Might have done." He smirked, but his attention was quickly drawn away.
"Hi Dad!" The girls all flew impatiently towards their father, to which Godzilla embraced them all in a King-sized hug. 
"Woah! Steady on!" He laughed as his hundred thousand tonne body almost fell backwards. "Daddy hasn't seen his babies in days!" He beamed, kissing each and every one of them.
"You don't have to keep calling us 'babies', Dad, we're not larvas anymore." Azami kept her head on Godzilla's chest. 
"No, but you'll always be Daddy's little girls!" The lizard ushered. "Have you been training like I told you to do while I've been away?" Godzilla hoped. 
"Uh... S-sure?" Hoshimi replied sheepishly. 
"Come on now, what does Daddy always say: You'll be the next generation to-"
"...Safeguard the planet. Yeah yeah..." The girls finished the sentence plainly as they all kept on cuddling. 
"Alright come on Femuto, let's leave the boys and girls to it." Gigan gestured. 
"Yeah alright, see you guys!" Femuto walked off with her mate, waving warmly. After saying goodbye to the two monsters, the family is left alone to do their thing.

"I don't believe you two have reintroduced each other yet." Battra brought her son forward to the King of the Monsters. 
"No I don't believe we have." Alpha Titan looked down to the boy genially. "It's you isn't it, Mirai?" Godzilla beamed, he remembers having a nephew, he used to play with him and his own kids back when he was still a larva. 
"That's right!" He smiled back as the King smoothly strokes the side of the child's head. 
"Look how much you've grown! Your Dad would be so proud of you!" Godzilla gazed into the Mirai's gleaming eyes, lightly grazing the boy's cheek bone with his thumb before the two tightly held each other in their arms. Turning Mirai round and placing his hand on his shoulder, Godzilla looks to Mothra and Battra. "So what's our first lesson of the day then?"
"I'm so glad you asked! Gather round everyone!" Mothra exclaimed clapping her hands. Doing as she said, Mirai and the four girls knelt down and joined her in a circle.

"Mommy's gonna teach you all the little tips, tricks and positions I know in making love. Some you may know, and others you may not, but by the end of today, you'll know them all." Grabbing Akira's hand, Mothra brings her daughter towards her and has the child sit down between her legs, with the girl's back resting on her mother's chest. "First things first, at your age you should try and prepare yourself to take in your future mate's cock, let alone a dick as big as Mirai's." The boy blushed slightly, leading the girls to giggle. "So what you should do to prepare yourself is something we call foreplay."
"What's 'foreplay'?" Hana asked.
"You've all done it before sweetie, it's this..."

Having Akira wet her fingers, Mothra gently massages her daughter's vagina. Akira gasps as her mother inserts her fingers in one by one into her snatch, biting her lip and shuddering lightly in glee. Such electrifying sensations were triggering inside her, Akira never knew she was this talented with just her hands at work. Using her free hand, Mothra tenderly caresses her Akira's left breast, benignly squeezing it, and causing the twisting and turning girl to mewl even more. And just like that, Mothra got what she was hoping for, the goddess could feel her daughter becoming ever more wet down below as a result of her teasing.
"And I'm gonna stop you right there." Mothra halted her actions.
"Aww what? It was just getting good though!" Akira whined playfully. 
"This is what you want, girls. You want your pussy to be nice and wet, as well as teased so you'll be ready to take in your mate. Got that?"
"Yes, Mom!" The children replied.
"Good, now since this is just practice, I don't want you kids to get knocked up." Mothra remarked to her daughters. "So Mirai, when you are about to cum, make sure you take yourself out."
'Don't worry Auntie, I'll remember." He assured the Queen. 
"Great! Now that's out the way, we can really get on with the fun stuff." 

"Come here honey." Mothra gestured to Mirai. Stroking his already sprung member, the Queen took the opportunity to admire his great size. Truly massive for his age, Mothra wondered just how big he could get once he'd reached adulthood. "Whenever you're ready!" Mothra smiled at the dark moth. After grinning at his Aunt he looks down to Akira, her cheeks visibly reddened, she was just as eager as he was. Clutching her thighs, Mirai guides his rock-hard cock to just outside the girl's soaking cunt. Lightly prodding for an opening, he slowly slides himself inside. Holding her mother's hand, Akira could feel this foreign object entering inside her, separating her walls as it penetrates farther into her cunt, sparking such majestic sensations as it grinds through. Mirai groans as he feels Akira's snatch adjusting round his dick, he couldn't put into words just how tight Akira was, her pleasant warmth enveloping him as she finally accepts him. But he doubts whether she and the rest of her sisters will remain so tight anymore after today's ordeals. The immensity of sensations Mirai is gifting her far surpasses anything that Akira or her sisters had ever given her before. Even after just a few seconds thrusting, it is pretty damn safe to say this far surpasses anything self-pleasuring could provide. And thanks to her mother's foreplay a few minutes ago, Akira was quick to reach the tip of the peak. Her sisters around them were becoming so aroused by the scene in front of them, they could barely resist pleasuring themselves as they wait anxious for their turn. After giving Akira the biggest release she'd ever had, Mirai could feel her vagina squeeze stiffly around him as her watery fluids are blasted out of her cunt. And it will not be long after until Mirai follows suit. "Okay, take it out now, honey." Mothra instructed. I guess boys really don't last long on their first try. She thought to herself, surprised at shortly he lasted. Squinting, Mirai takes his penis out and shoots his spunk all over Akira, splattering all the way from her stomach to her alluring breasts.

Once Mirai had finished, Akira scanned her newly painted body. She already had a rough idea of what a guy's cum was and what it does thanks to little hints and talks with her Mom, but had no idea what it looked like up close until today, she was immediately drawn to it - so were her sisters! With Mirai staring lovingly into Akira's unique amethyst eyes and the girl returning it just as passionately, the two leaned in for a kiss. "Did that feel good?" Mothra asked sweetly. 
"It felt amazing!" Akira replied happily before turning round and kissing her mother on the cheek, hugging her affectionately. As they parted, much of the cum on Akira's breasts stuck onto Mothra's. 
"Ooh." She looked down at her rack. "You wanna lick it off for me?"
"L-lick it? You can eat it?" Hana sounded confused. 
"Yeah! Let me show you!" Finishing her response, the divine moth then dragged her finger along Akira's coated stomach, and sucking it right off with a pop. "Mmm, that tastes good!" She compliments to her nephew whilst putting her finger back in her mouth, giving Mirai a sultry look straight after. A bit more confident, Akira gives a slight nod and smile to her Mom before heading in and licking the spunk off her bosoms. Dragging her soft tongue along Mothra tits, she takes her time in cleaning the slimy patches and swallowing the collected cum in tiny gulps. 

Sweet and yet salty and with an outlandish exotic taste, Akira found it without a doubt delectable. And having it glazed over her Mom's breasts, it was like the icing on top of the cake. Even after all the cum had gone, Akira still continues to guzzle on Mothra's jugs. "Aww! I think that's enough for now, sweetie." The goddess spoke soothingly, stroking the child's head. 
"Sorry." Her daughter sulked with a smirk. After Mothra had kissed her back in return, Akira got off and moved to join the circle with her sisters. 
"Okay! Next lesson! This position we'll be doing I'm sure you'll recognise." 
"What do you mean by that?" Hoshimi asked as she and her sisters each licked Mirai's splooge off Akira. 
"Don't think Mommy didn't notice you and your sisters watching me and your father in the act before, sweetheart." Mothra revealed. "Daddy can you come here, please?" She called for Godzilla, to which he obeyed. "And Auntie, you as well." Battra hesitated a little at first but did as her sister told. Having the lizard lay down on his back, Mothra has the dark moth stand over the alpha Titan.

"In this position, the girl would sit on their partner's cock, and essentially you just hop up and down or slide back and forth. You can choose how fast or hard you want it to be, as Auntie shall now demonstrate." Doing as she instructed, Battra lowers herself down onto Godzilla, guiding his now erect cock inside her snatch as she gradually swallows it as far as she could. "You can go soft." Mothra said, with Battra Slowly rocking forwards and backwards, moaning cutely. "Or hard." She continued. With Battra slamming up and down, mewling more loudly. "You're in control. Now Hoshimi, since you asked, would you like to give it a go?"
"O-okay!" Hoshimi braved herself up. Having Mirai lay down on his back next to Godzilla, and sucking his manhood clean of any spunk left on there, Mothra helps the most cautious and soft of her daughters on board. Sitting down in her own time, Hoshimi gasps as Mirai's cock slides into her pussy, holding on to her Mom's hand for support as the goddess kneels between Godzilla and Mirai. In sync with her Aunt, Hoshimi begins to ride Mirai slowly but leisurely, manoeuvring her hips back and forth, listening to the satisfying squelching sounds emanating from her sex. Despite having been onboard for only a few seconds, she already loves it. After a minute or so had passed as Hoshimi familiarised herself with the sensations and position, Mirai spoke out. "So uh, how do you make this thing go faster." He teased. 
"Oi!" Hoshimi retaliated back tittering, hitting his stomach with her hand. 
"If he wants it faster, then give him faster." Mothra whispered in Hoshimi's ear. Remembering how Battra had demonstrated, Hoshimi slides up and down with heightening speed, using her legs to propel her movements. 
"AHHH!!! Is this... hard enough for you?" Hoshimi smiled.
"Just right." Mirai's hands climbed up her waist, all the way up to her great bosoms, massaging them to enhance the pleasures for both of them.

"That's it, sweetheart! Keep it going!" Mothra urged on as she stroked Hoshimi's cheek from the side. This feels like heaven the two thought to themselves, they simply wanted to just close their eyes, lay back, and soak up the all the majestic ecstasy. And after time creeped by it only became better... Giving off a cry of rapture, Hoshimi followed in Akira's footsteps as she squirts her fluids all over Mirai's stomach, collecting together before dripping down the sides of his body. Whimpering aloud as her breasts shake in Mirai's clutches, Hoshimi is then met by Mirai's own payload. Still recovering from her tremendous orgasm, the young divine moth hurriedly hopped off with her mother for help. Guiding Hoshimi's hand, Mothra then had her pump the boy's shaft, with her head just above his cock. Growling in jubilation, Mirai ejaculates potently all over the girl's face and mouth. Burst after burst, so much came dripping down off her chin and onto the sand between Mirai's thighs. After giving the dark moth a luscious look through her draped eyes, Hoshimi pulled back as her mother wrapped her arms round Hoshimi's neck and rested her head against hers. Overwhelmed, Hoshimi moaned and smiled in satisfaction as she leant back against her mother. Sliding her index finger across her child's face, the divine moth collected a sloppy lot of cum, and brought to Hoshimi's mouth before the girl adorably sucked it clean. As her daughter and Mirai were just about settling down, beside them Battra and Godzilla are finally getting somewhere.

Bending down to a lower angle, Battra rest her arms on Godzilla's chest as she shifts her lower half up and down his cock friskier than ever. Battra moans as she imprints kisses across the reptile's face and neck. The daughters all looked on with envy, marvelling at the amorous sight. "OHHH FUCK ME!!! I... I'm gonna... I'M CUMMING!!" Battra wailed to her King.
"Let me..." Godzilla kissed her on the cheek. Firmly clutching her butt cheeks, Godzilla begins to manoeuvre his hips, ploughing her as he did with Femuto earlier today. Trembling from elation, Battra spurts out a solid stream of her cum, pouring out and splattering against the King's crotch and tail. But as this went on, Godzilla's cock just kept on drilling. Everything from the perfect friction he encounters as he thrusts to the serene moistness of her ribbed cunt were just so astounding for the King of the Monsters. And as a result, he too in time drew closer to the tipping point. As he gazed into Battra's sparkling red eyes, Godzilla could hear her wanting to feel his seed buried inside her once more - for that was all she could ask for from him. And without wanting to hesitate, Godzilla finally gives it to his slut. Tunnelling as far as one possibly could, he unleashes his atomic torrent deep into her awaiting womb. "Good girl!" Godzilla grinned as the two leaned in to smooch one another.

Helped off by her mother, Hoshimi sat down wearily next to her sisters. "Oh, I can get used to this!" She breathes as she rested her head on Akira's shoulder. 
"It feels like I've just died and gone to heaven!" She added dreamily.
"Alright steady on!"
"Don't spoil it!" Azami and Hana remarked perkily. With Mirai sitting up straight and the girls nice and quiet, the lessons continued on. "The next position you're about to see and do is always popular with the boys. It allows them to thrust as hard and deep as they want!" Mothra ran her hand along Mirai's chest. Signalled to come over, Battra lifted herself off of Godzilla, a thick waterfall of cum plummets down onto Godzilla's abdomen, thumping heavily as more lands on his resilient skin. Walking over to Mothra and the kids, she kneels gracefully and goes down on all fours. Turning her head to look behind her, she sees her son glancing at her dripping pussy. "Hmm, you like what you see sweetie?" She shakes her peachy booty for him. Mirai looked away, blushing uncontrollably. Also signalled to come over, Godzilla walks over and stands just at Battra's rear, staring at her ass as his spunk continues to disgorge freely out of her core. With her daughters all intrigued and leaning forward, Mothra gave the King of the Monsters clearance to go. "Show her whose King!" She permits. Putting on a half smile in gratitude, Godzilla gets down on his knees and holding onto the girl's hips, the alpha predator re-nters her tantalising sex.

As a result of how wet and slippery she had become from the previous fucking, Battra's cunt needn't as much force to thrust through, even for Godzilla's massive size, the King can just plough through at his own free will! "And that's all you have to do." Mothra let their actions do all the work as she and the kids watched on. "So, Azami or Hana. Who wants the spotlight this round?" Mothra questioned resting her chin on Mirai's head. Eyeing each other like grudging opponents at a standoff, the sisters slowly peered at each other as suspense stormed the sky. Drawing out a hand each, they decided who shall emerge victorious. "1... 2... 3!"
"Rock breaks scissors. I win!" Hana chuckled.
"Alright, go on then! Enjoy yourself!" Azami sighed. 
"Thank you!" After giving her a sisterly kiss, Hana walked onto the sandy stage. 
"I thought you two were gonna have a punch up back there." Mirai stated. 
"What? No, don't be silly." She exclaimed. A game taught to them by their robot Uncle Jet Jaguar, the girls always found it suitable in settling little disputes. 
"Okay calm down you two!" Mothra butted in laughing. Taking her daughter by the hand, they walked closer to Godzilla and Battra. Getting down on her knees and hands parallel to Battra, Hana prepares herself in eager anticipation to take in Mirai length. 
"Hey Hana!" Battra greeted as she is getting ravaged by the girl's father. 
"Hey Auntie!" Hana returned charmingly. "How are you finding Dad?" The girl asks cheekily. 
"Your father really isn't as good as I hoped he'd be - AHHH!!!" Slapping her butt cheek and thrusting even more forcefully into her cunt, Godzilla causes Battra to squeal loudly while her body jolts forwards and backwards.

Impatient to not miss out on the fun, Mirai too gets down on his knees. After admiring Hana's young unclaimed pussy, he brushes his head along her lovely slit, his teasing having Hana yearn for him ever more desperately. "Put it in already!" The calm Hana grew more impatient. Obeying her, Mirai finally decides to push past her lips. Hana could feel his cock channeling deeper and deeper into her young sex, stretching her. Running his hands along the girl's back under her retracted wings and around to her curvaceous sides, licking and kissing down her back. Mirai and Godzilla keep on pounding, their dicks thumping at the entrance to their wombs, both Battra's and Hana's euphoric coos resonate harmoniously in the air, arousing just about every creature in the vicinity. Screaming her head off to her King, Battra can feel another orgasm brewing inside her, and could only beg to Godzilla to give it to her quicker. Conjuring more of his titanic strength, Godzilla pounds more rapidly and deeply into her succulent snatch, when at last it came. 

The well-known, overwhelming sensation once more wraps the dark kaiju's body from her toes up to her head as she expels her watery nectar for her lover. And not long later, Hana reaches her pinnacle too. Her tight pussy contracts rhythmically around Mirai's rod as she blasts her load for the kaiju, dampening the sand underneath her as her body continues to quiver cutely. Picking up the pace, Mirai rumbles as his penis relishes in the comfort of Hana's vagina, diving farther than he did with either Akira or Hoshimi the two kaiju cry ever more loudly as Mirai comes that much closer to release his third load of the day. Exiting her pussy as Hana falls to the floor on her back, Mirai takes his bursting penis in hand and spurts all over the girls fantastic frame. Weary for the moment, the young moth sits beside the girl as they looked on at Godzilla and Battra, for the King of the monsters has not yet accomplished his goal this round.

Holding his slut's hips more firmly, Godzilla enhances his wrath. Battra is astonished at the sheer speed he fucks her, absolutely relentless in his attack - showing no pity nor remorse. She feels as if her pussy is going to explode any moment! The monster just doesn't want this to end. Unable to hold it back any longer, Godzilla growls in pure feverish elation as another hail of cum unsparingly storms her already inundated cunt. Battra's belly groans as hot semen is ejected in such colossal quantities for her. "You love being MY little pet, don't you?" Godzilla whispered lasciviously whilst his cock leaves her vagina, his cum as a result comes gushing out in a glorious, glutinous stream. As Godzilla lets go of her hips, Battra's quaking body falls on her front, her body slowly sinking down as her bloated belly is compressed against the sand, leading to a violent volley of spunk to be blasted out of her widened sex.

Turning herself round onto her back, Battra looks back up to her King. "Don't tell me you've had enough already!" the dark moth appealingly spreads her legs apart, revealing her sloppy sex back to her King as she plays around with it with her hand. Keenly inserting her fingers inside, Battra brings up her cum-soaked hands above her mouth, leaving it there to as strings of jizz fall into her mouth. The King of the Monsters just stood staring dreamily at this slutty female, his mind overrun by such lustful desires. "Please tell me you have more stuff planned for us." Godzilla turned to Mothra, smirking. 
"Don't worry, there'll be plenty of work for you need to complete before you can leave today." The Queen replied contentedly. Walking leisurely over to Azami, the goddess helps her child up and takes her by the hand. "Come on sweetheart, I'd hate to see you left out!"
"He's all yours!" Hana remarked to her sibling after getting to her feet. Just as the girl gave way for Azami and sat down, half exhausted with Akira and Hoshimi, Mothra initiated the next session of the day. 
"There's no doubt about it, guys like boobs, they love em almost as much as they love pussies." Mothra started. "That being said, your beautiful pair shouldn't be left out of all of the fun." She added whilst caressing Azami's tits from behind. After Godzilla helped Battra off the ground and briefly held her homely in his arms, Mothra had everyone move higher up the beach to where smoothened boulders lay next to one another, purposely placed for uses such as this:

Getting Godzilla to sit down on one of the rocks, Mothra explains how this whole position works to her students. "The guy just sits himself down naturally, while the girl hops on board, wraps her legs around him and rocks back and forth. Simple as that." Asked for again after she waited for more cum to pour out of her, Battra comes forth before sitting herself down on Godzilla's lap, eyeing the kaiju lasciviously up close as she gasps cutely when his shaft penetrates back into her deluged womanhood. Legs encircling round his back and arms around his neck, Battra couldn't wait for Mothra's signal to start this time, she just dived straight in. Moving her hips, the sexy monster rides Godzilla's great length with such devoted enthusiasm, moaning heartily throughout the experience. "You make me feel on top of the world!!" She cooed lovingly. Smirking under his breath, Godzilla uses his arms and holds the girl closer towards him as he catches one of her immense breasts in his mouth. With his reptilian tongue at work, Godzilla runs in circles along her plum purple areola, stiffening her nipples as her orbs tingle with bliss. The King of the Monsters takes his time in playing with his lunch, savouring every last bit of it for his delight. "So this is what you meant by our breasts 'shouldn't be left out on all the fun.'" Akira looked flustered to her mother. 
"Now I wished I went last." Hana muttered to Hoshimi. 
"Care to give it a go now?" Mothra turned to Mirai and Azami, lightly cupping their chins.
"Can't wait!" The kaiju looked up and responded eagerly.
"Good! So let's get you ready!"

Sitting himself down on a rock to the left of Godzilla, the inquisitive Mirai takes a glance at his mother as she straddles and pleases herself on their alpha. There's just something about subtle swaying of his mother's breasts that make him so attracted, and added on top of her doughy ass and great lines, it is almost too much to bear. "Hey." Azami turned his head forward gently with her hand. "You alright?" Mirai shook his head to rekindle himself with reality. 
"Yeah, I'm fine." He replied. With Mirai holding her hips and her holding his shoulders, Azami gradually lowers herself onto the dark moth's shaft, his length sliding all the way in until he reached the bottleneck of her womb. Wrapping her arms and legs around Mirai as instructed, Azami squints her eyes while her head tilted back - crying out in delectation as she allows flames of exhilaration to engulf her body. With the an insatiable urge to enhance the enjoyment, Azami manoeuvres her shapely hips much more rigorously, matching the ferocity as that of Battra on the atomic Titan. "I... I want you to suck them!! AHHHH!!!" She moans aloud and closes her eyes. Approaching them, the goddess gently fondles her child's orbs as she rests her chin on Azami's shoulder, gazing into Mirai's eyes. 
"You know you want it. Why not give it a little taste test!" Beaming appreciatively at the two sexy females, Mirai complies without the slightest hint of reluctance. Tightening his grip around Azami's back, Mirai goes straight in for the kill. Sliding his tongue over her pink teat from the bottom up, the boy transmits additional flickers of rapture into Azami as she makes muffled moans between her adorable gasps. Greatly enjoying her amazing flavour, Mirai helps himself to take as much inside his mouth as possible, devouring her breast as fierily as the girl rocks on his mammoth rod.

As for the King and his imago girl, the good bits just keep on coming and coming. Her pussy pummelled and her breasts barraged, the exhilarating Battra climaxes for the fourth time, never could she think any male could do that to her in what only felt like only a few minutes since her first. The kaiju's body shivers, recalling in all the euphoric splendour surging across her bones. And a few moments later, Godzilla follows in her footsteps as he impossibly deposits more of his fertilising seed far inside Battra's cunt. Shedding tears of joy, the dark moth is eternally thankful for this to happen to her. No one has bestowed to her such blessed feelings of ecstasy in a VERY long time. How would she ever repay him? "I love you, Godzilla!" Battra whispers in his ear. 
"I love you too, Battra!" The King of the Monsters exchanges. Holding themselves closely, able to feel each other's thumping heart beats in their chests, the partners take a short breather, and turning their heads to Mirai and Azami, who also just about scored two replenishing little orgasms of their own.

The family had been going at it all morning and well into the afternoon. Mothra had taught them almost every position she knew, almost every tip and trick up her sleeves. Alongside oral sex, and once a full on fivesome, the goddess had even taught her girls how to make love amongst themselves whenever their mates weren't around. With the day drawing to a close, and everyone had showered themselves clean of the boys' splooge, the kids all presented their gratefulness to the goddess for the wonderful day she had planned for them. "I couldn't have wished for a more amazing Mom!" Hoshimi exclaimed. 
"And I couldn't have wished for more beautiful children!" The Queen made her way kissing and hugging each and every one of her kids. 
"What do you have to say, honey?" Battra stood behind her son nudging him as Mothra made her way to him. 
"Thank you, Auntie! For everything!" Smiling down at her nephew, the divine moth bent down to give the handsome young kaiju a kiss on the lips. 
"Maybe next time we could have a go at it. Just the two of us." Mothra whispered after she broke away. After exchanging smiles, Mirai walked off to join the girls.  
"You're an absolute legend!" Battra proclaimed as the two sisters cuddled. 
"Anything for you, sis. Anything!" Mothra returned jovially. 
"Still, it's a pity the girls didn't get to know what it's like to be filled up with cum. After today, I sure as hell do!" Battra had almost passed out on so many different occasions throughout the day as a result of being constantly flooded with Godzilla's spunk that she is mind-boggled to believe she survived the whole ordeal with the King of the Monsters. 
"And there'll be a lot more where that came from!" Mothra foretold with a smirk. "Wanna take the kids back?"
"Yeah alright. See you in a bit." Gathering them up, Battra and the kids all waved frantically back to Godzilla and Mothra as they walked the path back to the cave, leaving the King and Queen all by themselves as they trot back to the lake.

"Looks like we've made quite the mess." Godzilla looked around them as they made their way to the cleaner, right hand side of the beach. Everywhere lays giant puddles of cum, half-absorbed into the beige sand. 
"Well cleaning will just have to wait..." Mothra interrupted as she tugged at her partner onto the floor with the giant dinosaur up top. 
"Woah!" Godzilla was surprised at this sudden and deliberate action. 
"I haven't had you inside me in a while, Goji-San. Do you want your Queen to be left out in the cold?" Mothra gently ran her hand down Godzilla's neck and chest. 
"Well, I suppose there's always room for dessert!" Godzilla abided. Snogging his mate, the atomic monster misses the taste of her supple tongue, and with his gigantic shaft one again all primed and ready, he impatiently slips straight into her snatch. "I would give my spines to be with you!" The King stares into her mesmerising azure eyes.
"Well... it's a good thing you don't have to! I'm not going anywhere!" Mothra leaned up to meet his lips.

Peaking round a giant tree, a certain someone has not yet gotten on the bus back home after the final bell had rung. Akira looked on discretely, half her face hidden behind the trunk and her body concealed behind the shrubbery. The young moth couldn't deny it, even after having a whole days worth of being hammered and showered by Mirai, she still wasn't satisfied. Half way to the cave, Battra turns round at the chattering kids only to see four of the five young moth's are following her. "Wait... Where's Akira?" The dark kaiju questioned. All the other adolescents looked around, as confused as she is. "Alright, you kids go on ahead, I'll find her." Zooming up into the orange sky, Battra scans her surroundings. The kaiju could view the entirety of Monster Island from this height. With her telescopic eyes, she could see the volcano in the North West where Rodan, King Caesar and the gang are dozing off in the hot springs... but no Akira. She could see the play area in the South East, where Femuto and Gigan are mucking about with the little kids... but still no Akira. Sharpening her vision she looks directly South, and catches Godzilla and her sister going at it at the inland lake under the falling sun, "How could Goji still be hungry after today's buffet?" Battra mutters to herself with a grin, but then she catches a slight movement not far from them amidst the rim of trees surrounding the back of the beach. The faint white contrasting brightly with the lush green of the leaves, "There you are!" Battra smiles.

Sneakily flying down as quiet as an owl, the moth lands gracefully on the ground behind the nosy girl without her suspecting a thing. With the angelic moans of Mothra blanketing the light tip toes of her approach, Battra stands just behind Akira before finally revealing herself. "You know if you wanna join them you could just ask." She spoke suddenly. The unexpected voice jolted Akira out of her skin. 
"W-what makes you think I wanna join them?" Akira countered looking back to Battra. Without saying a word, Battra plainly pointed at the little darkened patch between her feet. Smirking in defeat, the two watched on at the King and his Queen under the covers.

"I miss having your big, hard cock inside me!" Mothra caresses her lover's face as his penis thumps thunderingly into her sex. 
"You love being your King's little bitch don't you?" Godzilla grins wildly down at his fine slut. 
"More than anything... in the whole... world - AHHHH!!!" Mothra gapes as whetting moans escape from her mouth. As the tension piles with each of Godzilla's thrusts, all he wants to do is just let it all go, to free himself of all the pressure that hung heavily round his neck. Feeling the desire to release build up inside her as well, Mothra decides to end it all once. Bringing her leg over the giant lizard, Mothra rolled him along the sand, so now the goddess was the one on top. "Now I'm in charge!" She declared. Starting off slow, the divine moth picks up the pace as she jumps on her partner's dick. Once ready and had mustered as much strength her body could give, she goes faster, and faster, and faster, to the point where if anything, Mothra had become a hazy blur in front of Godzilla's eyes. "WOAH!! WOAH!! T-TAKE IT EASY, MOTHRA!! OHHH FUCK!!! AGHHH!!!" The unimaginable speed in which Mothra bounces on the King of the Monsters is unlike anything he had ever seen her do. With his reptilian claws digging into the ground and all the muscles in his body tensing from the overloading pleasure, Godzilla lets out a deep cry of adoration as he fills her trove with bountiful treasure. Also descending down from a climactic peak higher than Everest, the squealing Queen at last gradually came to steaming standstill. After they had both taken their time to recuperate and gaze at Mothra's stomach as it grew in size with Godzilla's sperm, the divine moth outstretched her hands to Godzilla's stomach. "I hope... that was good enough for you!" She puffed. 
"Never, in all the times we've fucked, have I ever seen you do that so quickly!" He panted with amazement. 
"I'm just full of surprises aren't I?" Mothra replied as she briefly bent down kiss her King.

"Go on off you go!" Battra encouraged the Akira. 
"Maybe it's best if I don't." The girl stated as she attempted to walk away, only to be halted by her Aunt. 
"Come on, don't butt out now." Taking her by the hand, Battra lead them out of the forests and into the open beach. As Godzilla began juggling Mothra's sensitive rack, the dark moth and her niece made their appearance. "Sorry to disturb you, but I think there's a little someone who'd like one last lesson." Battra brought Akira forward, whom was blushing all over. 
"Aww don't be shy! Come to Mommy, sweetie!" Mothra gestured to her daughter after which she stroked her cheek. After the goddess thanked her, Battra dismissed herself and left the three to it as she flew off back to the cave. Standing up and off of Godzilla's rod, a thick flow of his splooge came rushing down Mothra's pussy as she pushed down and squirts it all out in one go. "Let's get you right into it!" She exclaimed after sucking the alpha's cock clean. Akira just stood there, were her eyes deceiving her or is his Dad really that big? Sure she caught little glimpses of it whenever she caught him and her Mom making love in the past, but seeing it up close in all its wondrous majesty is simply mind blowing! "Don't worry, Daddy won't bite!" Mothra giggled as she placed her hands on Akira's waist. Taking a deep breath, Akira brought her leg over Godzilla, and steadily lowered herself down onto his throbbing length. Bit by bit the moth's snatch gradually engulfed more of her father's dick, expanding her walls to as far a they could go. Nice and slowly and relaxing her body, Akira fully sits herself down onto her dad, finally able to rest for the moment as she gives time for her pussy to adjust to Godzilla's rod. 

"Ready to get moving?" Mothra whispered after she'd taken a couple more seconds to prepare herself. Nodding in confirmation, Akira shifts her body up and down her Dad's cock with help from her Mom. Godzilla's shaft grinds through her daughter's cunt, it is certainly the tightest he'd ever been through, the reptile's shaft utterly filling Akira to the optimum. Speeding things up, she is soon able to ride the atomic Titan with admirable fluency for her tight size. Seeing her daughter can handle herself, Mothra decided join in as well. Eyeing her mate sexily, Mothra briskly walks over and sits down on Godzilla's face, who welcomingly opens his mouth for his Queen. The King of the Monsters frivolously feasts himself on the goddess, smelling her alluring aroma, even tasting a hint of what was probably his jizz within the deeper depths. As the mother fondles her daughter's breasts, the two lean forward to engage in a vehement snog, entangling their tongues as they moan with their mouths full. "Make sure you keep this between us, okay?" Mothra smiled. 
"I will... Mom - AHHHH!!!" Akira mewled. With Godzilla sucking harder and his daughter ramming down as fast as her legs could allow her, Mothra and Akira both screamed orgasmically at the same time as electrifying currents of delectation course through their veins, their juices spurting madly for the atomic Titan beneath them. Holding onto her child as their squeals flood the sky around them, the Queen could sense Godzilla is also about join them, for he too is bordering on the brink of explosion. Hurriedly leaping off Godzilla's snout and aiding Akira off the alpha's rod, Mothra instructed the girl to do as her mother does as the two females end up pumping passionately at the King's length. Godzilla rumbles softly as he propped himself up with his elbows. Licking her lips and loosening her jaws, the divine moth open wides and energetically engulfs her mate's dick in her mouth, pressing herself as far down as she could while Akira lowers herself to suck and caress Godzilla's gargantuan balls.

Hence with a half suppressed roar and his fists clenching a handful of sand, a gigantic blast spouted from Godzilla's cock so powerfully, it launched Mothra straight off Godzilla's dick. The divine moth collapses back, her mouth overflowing and face coated with the King's fertile seed - spluttering with enjoyment. Akira moves in to substitute for her Mother, attempting to block the out-of-control fountain with her own mouth and throat, gulping down as much as she could, as fast as she could, however she too shortly ends up being overwhelmed by the continuous steam of cum. Laughing and coughing, the two kaiju got their heads together and licked simultaneously along Godzilla's penis on either side, all the while having their heads and faces being bathed by his splooge. With the alpha's burst soon slowly and at last getting smaller and smaller, he eventually slumps to a halt. 

Breathing heavily under all that spunk, the girls sit behind the softening cock having collected a monstrous quantity within their maws and bowels. After smirking back at the indebted Godzilla, the mother and daughter engaged in a loving snog, scooping up the cum from the other's mouths and greedily swallowing it down their own necks, before ending it all off by licking one another clean of the gooey mess they had brought unto themselves. "You look so slutty under Daddy's cum!" Mothra complimented sexily as she slides her tongue across her daughter's cute face. 
"So do you!" Akira answered heartily, doing the same.

After the girls made quick work of their cleaning, Godzilla stood himself up and welcomed Akira in his arms as she leapt up to embrace him. "I love you Daddy!" She exclaims, kissing him on the cheek. 
"Daddy loves you too, baby!" Godzilla dotingly returns the kiss. Standing up as well, Mothra too joins in on the hug, all three of them cuddling with such unparalleled affection. "Here, do you wanna sleep with Mommy and Daddy tonight?" Godzilla whispered to his child. Akira looks down to her mother and sweetly says, 
"Can I, Mom?" The Queen of the Monsters beams back up to her little girl, 
"Of course you can, sweetie!" She caressed her captivating face.

With the sun sinking under the sea and the moon moving in to take its place, the whole island begins to slumber. In the cave, everyone is getting ready for some shut eye after a long days work. "You know you're very lucky to have an Auntie and four girls like them in your life." Battra noted to her son. 
"Mhmm, pity we're related..." Mirai sighed.
"You gonna be alright when they find partners of their own?" Battra referred to the young divine moths. 
"Yeah... I mean I love them all but, they have just one other small problem." Mirai said dully.
"What's that?" Battra tilted her head. "They're not you." Mirai replied as he turned round to face her, his heart pounding. Battra stared straight into her son's eyes in silence, with the only thing audible being the distant mingling of the girls at the opposite side of the chamber. Looking down in embarrassment, now wishing he hadn't said that, Mirai finds his mother cupping his head with her hands, smiling and blushing radiantly. 

"Do you really mean that?" Battra whispered as she cupped his face. With Mirai looking up then back down, she got her answer. Kissing him on the forehead, the two warmly wrapped their arms around each other. "Is it alright if Mommy can stay with you for the night? At least for a bit?" She breathes after releasing her son. 
"Sure." Mirai nods whilst smiling back up to her. Escorting one another to the sleeping area on the right hand side of the cave, Battra laid herself down onto the ground, outstretching her left arm for Mirai as he slid in comfortably beside her. 
"Do you have room for three more?" Azami asked with her sisters beside her. 
"Of course! Hop in!" Battra outstretched her right arm for her and Hoshimi as Hana crossed over and cuddled beside Mirai. With the kids all dozing off at the click of a finger, it was soon the dark kaiju's turn to visit her dreams.

Back outside at the lake, Akira too was fast asleep in his father's arms. "Gigan and Femuto not coming to bed then?" Godzilla yawned quietly to Mothra as she just arrived back from the play area. 
"They're sleeping with the kids." She whispered as she lowered herself down next to them. 
"And Battra?" Added Godzilla, to which Mothra halted and looked around her.
"Is she still not back yet?" After the alpha shook his head in response, the goddess hurriedly flew North East to the cave. Upon arrival she meandered her way through the darkened tunnels until making it inside the main chamber. Even with the lights dimmed, the goddess could still make everything out. With the tops of their heads to the side of the wall, she couldn't help but smile at the gorgeous sight set before her. Battra was indeed here, with Azami and Hoshimi to her right and Mirai and Hana to her left - all adorably nestled with one another. Inhaling deeply, the dark moth slowly opens her crimson eyes and looks straight back at her sister. Beaming lightly at each other, the two moths mouthed an affectionate "Goodnight!" before Battra rested her head back on the floor, and Mothra left the cave to leave them be.

"Is she alright?" Godzilla wondered as his partner made it back to the lake. 
"She's alright." The moth smiled and nodded laying down next to her daughter. 
"So I guess it's just us two tonight." The King states. 
"Us three you mean." His Queen corrects him as she gently strokes Akira's cheek. Each implanting a kiss for their daughter and exchanging a kiss for themselves, the two monsters wished each other a pleasant goodnight before closing their eyes and allowed themselves to drift away under the great loom of the starry sky. 

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