Godzilla: Banging Wars

BY : J.W.BurningGoji54
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Chapter 6: Double The Fun

Wrapping their arms around one another, with Gigan's breasts pressing into Godzilla's frame, the two lovers launch themselves into another lascivious act together. Eager to get straight into it, Gigan becomes the first one to it all in motion. After giving the King a quick kiss, Gigan pushes the atomic lizard onto his back, before going down onto her knees and briskly begins to blow her lover. Bobbing her head up and down, the kaiju deep throats Godzilla as well as leisurely fondling his enormous balls beneath. 

"Fuck that's good!" Godzilla mutters as he arches his head back to soak in the sensations. Describing the feeling of his dick engulfed by this slut is damn-near impossible. His crotch soon became drenched in Gigan's saliva, her silky spit dribbling off his balls and tail before landing onto the sand. The alpha Titan could feel her throat clenching around his shaft, and added with her homely warmth, it was a blissful duo. 

Thanks to this blessed talent, Gigan soon enough causes the King of the Monsters to climax. Gritting his teeth, Godzilla is no longer able to hold it all down, and the kaiju ultimately blasts his load down the girl's pillaged throat. Gagging and choking, Gigan forces herself to swallow as much of his cum as she could. But despite all her efforts, she is unable to contain his continuous stream of sperm. While Godzilla's sperm rages down her gullet and floods her stomach, much of the alpha's jizz suddenly explodes out of her mouth and nose, caking her beautiful face with a mixture of spunk and saliva.

With Gigan eventually compelled to pull out, Godzilla looks down his body to see the cum covered face of his girl being besieged by a fountain of splooge as she gasps deeply for air. Wiping the cum off her eye with her hands and then sucking it off her fingers once the barrage ends, Gigan smiles radiantly up to Godzilla as she stroked his sloppy cock. "I'm not finished with you yet!" She readily got on her feet. Hopping on board, Gigan hastily steps forward and sits herself on Godzilla's twitching length. Moaning lightly as she comes down, Gigan's pussy swallows more and more of the King's rod, peeling apart her love tunnel before she starts rocking back and forth as the two kaiju held hands for support. Fully laid back and letting his slut do all the work for him, Godzilla closes his eyes as he mutters to himself, "This. Is. The. Life!" 

Only being a skip away from the inland lake, Femuto in no time makes her way to the children's play area. It is a large open plain that dominates much of the island's bottom right quarter. It is scattered with small clusters of tropical trees, hedges and flowery meadows, a few great flat-top boulders laid here and there, and a winsome little pond located at the centre. The kids along with Anguirus and Baragon were split into two teams hitting a ball of roughly woven-fibre over a net of larva silk held up by two trees. Hokmuto, Leo and Anguirus were on one side, with Minilla, Lea and Baragon on the other. "Hey guys! What's this you're doing?" Femuto walked up and stood at the side of the court. "We're trying to have the ball hit the other team's side without it happening to us." Lea squeaked as she leaped and whacked the ball with her tail over the net. "The first to score 10 times, wins!" Exclaimed Minilla lightly panting. "And what's the score now?" Femuto asked as her eyes dashed about, following the ball. "9 - 2 to them!" Baragon commented with disbelief.

"How did that happen?" Femuto wondered. Just as she said that, Hokmuto flew up to intercept the ball, and with a swift wack with his largest arms, the boy smashed the ball down onto the opposing court, winning his team the game. "That's why." Leo smiled. As Anguirus lifted the little Hokmuto up and hoisted him on shoulders, everyone gathered round and cheered for their new friend. "Next time Hokmuto should be on our team!" Minilla exclaimed brightly. 
"Alright if it'll make you happy!" Hokmuto joyously replied. "Do you wanna play with us, Auntie Femuto?" Lea asked sweetly. As everyone turned to face her, hopeful that she would, the towering kaiju gave them her reply. Pausing for a little while before a smile appeared on her face Femuto gave her answer. "Yeah alright! But only for a quick one!" She responded happily. 
"Yes!" The kids all cheered in unison upon hearing the reply. With Femuto taking Hokmuto's place while he went over to help the other team, the game joyously resumed. 

After cleaning themselves under the giant waterfall and a few minutes of walking, Mothra and Battra finally arrive at the children's cave. "I really don't think we should disturb them." Battra hesitated. 
"Don't be a pussy, come on!" Mothra exclaimed, pulling her in. Slowly meandering through the brightly lit tunnels, the sisters could hear faint giggling gradually getting louder and louder the further they delve into the cave. Eventually they make it to a large chamber, it was decked out with luminous, white crystals on the ceiling, and was decorated with large, exotic glowing flowers on the walls that emit a light fragrant smell. But it's what they saw in the centre of the chamber that caught their attention. Mirai was surrounded by all four girls, who were all gently caressing his new and well built body. "Aww! Look at them! They're so cute together!" Mothra complimented to her sister quietly. Battra admittedly nodded in agreement, happy to see how much her son has grown. "Do you think we should do it?" Hana asked her siblings. 
"Yeah! No harm will be done, right?" Azami said excitedly. 
"H-Hang on." Mirai interrupted them, this really isn't exactly what he expected them to be doing at all. "Are you sure we should do this? Like, wouldn't our Moms..."
"Nah, they don't have to know! We aren't little kids anymore! And besides, it's only for fun!" Azami countered with as equal anticipation as her sisters. Hesitating at first, Mirai agrees to proceed, there's no harm in experimenting after all. Squealing and gigglibg eagerly, the girls all flustered heavily as their heart beats fasten, "I wanna go first!" Screamed Akira. Being the boldest and bravest of her siblings, she lays herself down on her back, holstered her body up with her elbows before spreading her legs apart.

Kneeling down, Mirai comes in to meet her, his dick throbbing as it grows greatly in size. Akira's sisters all gathered around her, their eyes locking onto his cock. "Aren't you a big boy!" Hoshimi tributes as all the girls became more and more wet down below as they gently fondled their perfect orbs and tight love organs. Lining his length with Akira's sex, Mirai himself to be frank couldn't wait to get started as well. Mothra and Battra looked on in silence at their kids until the goddess hatched an idea. "Since our kids are now mature enough for mating and are clearly showing such strong signs of desire, why don't we as the adults step in and give them a lesson or two about... you know... sex 'n that?" Battra was baffled by her plan. 
"You sure they wanna go ahead with that?" The dark moth whispered. 
"Only one way to find out!" Walking out of the darkness, Mothra tiptoes to the children, and while at it, she also wants to have a bit of fun and scare the living daylights out of them when they're at they're most vulnerable.

The kids were all too drawn to even notice the goddess as she approached them. "Mothra! Get back here!" Battra whispered, still hiding behind in the cover of darkness. "Shh! It'll be great!" The Queen mouthed back. As Mothra turned round to resume her sneaky approach, Battra could not help but foster a cheeky grin for her sister. Inching closer and closer, she bends over the kids who are all huddled in a little circle, and finally just after Mirai and Akira gasp as his rod enters her snatch, Mothra makes herself known. "Whatcha doing?" She said in a soft voice. "Mom?!" The startled girls screamed as they were launched on their backs, with Akira scrambling off of Mirai's cock and the boy leaping to his feet and covering his crotch. "Relax kids, there's nothing to be embarrassed about is there?" Mothra assured as she removed his hands from his enormous erection. "N-no Auntie." Mirai spoke, smiling weakly. 
"You see?" Mothra kissed him on the cheek. "And I'm sure your Mom would say the same." As she said that, Mirai turned his head to the left to see his mother standing behind him. "Oh uh, h-hi Mom!" He spoke softly. 
"Hey, Mirai." Battra smoothly stroked his head.

Walking over to her girls, Mothra helped each of them up to their feet. "Would it hurt to just knock or something?" Hana exclaimed as her mother pulled her up. 
"I would've, but Auntie and I were rather intrigued with what you kids were doing just now." Mothra said. 
"So what are you gonna do to us now? Punish us?" Hoshimi asked miserably. 
"Sweetie, me and Auntie had our first goes when we were your age. We all have our urges to satisfy every now and then." She makes her point whilst stroking her cheek. 
"How much did you see?" Mirai questioned plainly. 
"Enough." Battra smiles and shakes his shoulders.
 "Enough for me to make my mind up." Mothra continued. "What we think..." 
"What YOU think." Battra corrected. 
"Okay what I think you kids need is: a nice little lesson on uh... making love."
"What do you mean?" Asked Azami. 
"What I mean is that if you want, Mommy can teach you a few tricks she knows on how to please your mate, and how your mate can please you." The kids remained silent, but Mothra could sense they wanted her to go on. Getting her girls together, she embraced all four of them in her outstretched arms, facing Battra and her son.

"I can show you what you can do and how to do it properly without hurting yourselves, it will be fun." She looked at Akira whilst finishing. "I promise." Whom she looked down to her feet. "We could even have Dad to help us if you want." As she said that, all the girls looked left and right to each other as they were all suddenly filled with a wave of inner excitement. "So you wanna do it?" The Queen asked her kids as they continued looking at one another. 
"Yeah okay." The four of them eventually replied with smiles appearing on their faces. 
"And what about you? Do you wanna do it?" Mothra then looked to her nephew. Looking up to his mother then back to his Aunt, Mirai made his decision. "Yeah alright." He nodded. 
"So when do we start then?" Hoshimi asked. "First thing tomorrow morning. Is that alright?" Mothra answered. 
"Aww! Why not now!" Hana moaned playfully. "It's getting late now, honey. But I promise you the wait will be worth it, cool?" "Fine..." They replied, all joining together in a giant cuddle. After a good few seconds, the family finally released one another. "Promise Mommy that you girls won't have another pop at it with Mirai today, wait until tomorrow, you'll each have plenty of time to do it then, alright?" 
"Okay, Mom." They agreed in a sulky but cheeky manner. 
"Now come on, let's leave the kids alone." Mothra gestured to her sister as the girls flocked to Mirai. The two moths waved goodbye to their children before exiting the cave and started making their way back to the inland lake.

"How did you know that getting Goji to help would get them going?" Battra wondered as they walked back through the tunnel. 
"Because... When we hatched from our cocoons, you for a time started crushing on our Dad." Mothra grinned. 
"I did not!" The dark moth blurted out. Though it was dark, Mothra knew her sister was blushing.
"Battra. I knew you had a crush on him, Mom knew you had a crush on him, heck, even Dad himself knew you had a crush on him. Why else did he want to spend so much time with you if you hadn't developed such strong feelings for him?" Mothra revealed as they reached the outside of the cave. Slowing down and stopping in her tracks for a moment as she took in what the Queen told her, Battra couldn't help but smirk lightly at her before jogging up to the goddess' side. 

Back outside at the inland lake, puddles of cum lay all over the place as Godzilla and Gigan were still fucking each other stupid. Now lying on top the rock Mothra had used earlier, Gigan finds herself getting unrelentingly railed by Godzilla's cunt crushing cock. As he pulverises her slimy snatch for his fancy, the King grabs her jiggling tits, squeezing with them to enhance his enjoyment. Gigan becomes increasingly unable to bear the overpowering waves of pleasure, she makes up her mind and calls for an end to the pillaging she brought onto herself. "G-Goji!!! I - AHHHH FUCK!!! Don't think... I can... go on!! AHHHHH!!!" Gigan implores as she grabs onto the lizard's wrists. "AGHH!! You wanted a challenge, slut!! Well I'm giving you one!! Fuck this feels so good!!" Godzilla grins almost evilly, he fosters no intention to give his toy an easier time (if anything quite the opposite). She shall pay the price of underestimating her King. 

"Goji please!! AHHHHH!!! I... I can't... do it any longer!!" Gigan felt she was going to explode from solid ecstasy if Godzilla was to have his way, and knowing him, he certainly would! "You need to stop... it's... too mu - AHHHHHHH!!!!" Screaming her way through what was astoundingly her third and most powerful orgasm today, Gigan's head almost shot off her shoulders from all the rapturous excitement, and it was only intensified by the eventual following of Godzilla's own orgasm. Rumbling through his fangs, the giant reptile groans victoriously as he once more inflates his marvellous slut with his atomic seed, thrusting and growling titanically with each overwhelming burst. Seeing his splooge squish its way out of her rims and pours down the side of the boulder was so satisfying for the eyes, and along with her ever expanding and moaning abdomen, the whole experience was positively divine for Godzilla.

Taking his cock out of her pleasured snatch, the alpha then aims his member in the sky and joyfully shoots the rest of his cum onto her lovely body, coating her dark blue skin in a thick layer of creamy white. With her frame painted, her belly swollen and enormous masses of jizz streaming out of her gaping pussy, Gigan (like Mothra had warned) lays completely lifeless on the rock, her body fucked to smithereens by the King of the Monsters. "Am I too late to join the party?" Godzilla turned round to see Femuto standing there as she eyed her shivering and spiritless friend. "Is Gigan alright?"

"She's taking a time out." Godzilla answered in return. "Alright if I substitute in for her?" Femuto enticed lustily, squeezing her gargantuan orbs and swaying her hips captivatingly. Like with the luscious Gigan before her, Godzilla is so glad he ran into this sexy, young milf in San Francisco, what a girl he had claimed for himself. "Be my guest!" He spoke courteously before the two kaiju slowly walked towards to each other. As Godzilla lightly strokes her face, Femuto naughtily catches her lover's index finger in her mouth, sucking his digit like a dummy.  

Placing his free hand on her lower back, Godzilla reels his girl in closer until their breasts and stomachs pressed into each other. "I want what you did with Gigan, I want you to use me like the pet that I am." Femuto ceases sucking her King's fingers and instead drove her and tongue and lips on his neck and collarbone while Godzilla kneaded her massive ass. "Treat me like the slut that I am!" Acknowledging her strong desire, Godzilla will be glad to re-awaken his own urge to match her's head on. Sliding his hands down from her peachy rear, the alpha Titan shifts them to the back of Femuto's thighs and heaves the kaiju up and off the ground before lowering her down onto his hungry dick. "I hope you're prepared for what I'm going to do to you!" Godzilla warned his girl of what laid ahead. "Take me! I'm all yours!" Femuto wrapped her arms round Godzilla's neck. With the talking all out of the way, the alpha manourvers his hips up and down, propelling his King-sized cock in and out of her pussy. 

Catching and guzzling one of her tremendous tits in his jaws, Godzilla pounds faster for Femuto as he grunts with his mouth full. Crying out in extraordinary elation into the sky, the young milf holds tightly onto her lover, her breasts jumping alongside her amazing body. Godzilla could feel Femuto's heart accelerating as it thumps in her chest, he could hear her breaths growing heavier and heavier as her body implores him to go on. A minute passes and already, Godzilla's cock and legs became drenched under Femuto's juices, she was nearing so much closer to the point of no return that she couldn't voice her signal to her lover. But luckily for her, Godzilla already sensed full well how close he's bringing her to climax.

Feeling his penis beginning to build up the pressure as well, Godzilla hurriedly went down on his knees and lowered both he and his slut on the ground. With her legs wrapping round her King's back, Femuto could see Godzilla's eyes slammed shut and his teeth gritting as the pleasure was piling high within his member. Her moans weren't helping his situation either, the harmonic mewls Godzilla causes this young mother to sound were only making his eventual release come closer and closer. "So... fucking... warm!" Godzilla raises her arms and clenches Femuto's neck with both hands, not so tight that it'll choke her but tight enough to show the little bitch he's the one in charge. Convulsing radically and gleefully, Femuto finally arrives up to the point they had so passionately built up to reach. Godzilla too had already felt his orgasm lingering right in front of him for quite some time now, and had been trying desperately hard to delay it for as long as he can. 

The alpha's mouth dribbled with his saliva as he was almost roaring to contain the outbreak of rapture, until at last, his Femuto gave way. Squealing for Godzilla to cum with her, the King was too delighted to dismiss it. His body was howling for him to release his load, demanding that he stop ignoring the necessity to get it over and done with. Godzilla couldn't force it down any longer, he must get it out of his system - literally. With the giant lizard gripping harder on the Muto's throat to counteract the influx of exaltation, and the Muto clamping the giant lizard down against her body to lock him in place, Godzilla and Femuto scream in utter bliss as their orgasms spark and ignite in unison. The saurian' sperm as if locked in a dungeon for centuries, break free as they sprint from Godzilla's shaft and burst out of his head, while Femuto's silky honey blasts it's way out of the monster's tunnel and collides smack bang into another monster's crotch as soon as both parties make their escape.

Retrieving his member and collapsing onto Femuto's body and subsequently her bulging belly also, Godzilla triggers the thunderous flushing of an oceans worth of his thick jizz out of Femuto's open cunt, creeping unabsorbed along the sand and creating a massive expanse of white across the floor behind them. After a few more moments of laying and Godzilla kissing and licking her face, the Muto ushered to her Goji. "Is that all you've got?" She panted. Gazing straight back down at his slut's eyes, her remark must have triggered something in Godzilla, for if she thought the almighty alpha predator couldn't handle anymore, she should damn well think again! "You must be joking! The fun's only just begun!"  The alpha smirked. 

With the aid of a radioactive rush of adrenaline, Godzilla speedily gets back on his feet, unexpectedly grabs ahold of Femuto's arms and lifts her off the ground, and pushes her back down onto her hands and knees. Femuto lets out a cute giggle over what her little mock has resulted to, though her titteriny was quickly silenced with a when Godzilla slaps her ass. "Quit you're laughing, slut!" He slides his firm, coated rod between her cheeks. While the milf jiggles her slimy ass about to appease her King, Godzilla takes one last memorable look at her snatch as she effluxes his seed, before gripping onto her rear and he re-enters her glorious pussy. Godzilla couldn't control his passion, he felt like he could rail this bitch for all eternity and still want more. And for Femuto, she just doesn't want any of this to end. She begs for Godzilla to never cease the rhapsodic fluttering of sensations he's gifting her. Mightily rocking his girl back and forth as he pounds her cervix, Godzilla felt that if he slammed away any harder, Femuto might launch off his cock halfway through. But if the young milf wanted rough, then he'll give her rough!

"AHHHH!!! KEEP GOING, GOJI!!! GO FASTER!!!" Femuto throws her head back as Godzilla keeps on drilling deep into her cunt. Doing as his slut commands, the alpha clutches harder onto her soft cheeks as he conjures more of his atomic power to smash Femuto's pussy like no other kaiju could. And it will only be a quick while later when the results of his work begins to sprout. Squealing ever more jubilantly as she clenches a handful of sand in her hands, Femuto fires her honey once again for the King, squirting strongly and unendingly, with her canal contracting so tightly around Godzilla's length as he continues to pummel away at his own free will and pleasure.

As Femuto's lengthy orgasm came and went, and his thighs once more become soaked by her fluids, Godzilla himself becomes ready to cum for his girl in return. "I'm gonna blast it in you again, my little slut!! Hope you're ready for more!!" With his cock at its limit once again, Godzilla without hesitation let's her have it. The alpha kaiju sends torrent after torrent of his fertilising spunk deep into Femuto. With her entire body shaking and after one last thrilling thrust by Godzilla, the Muto launches resistlessly forward, becoming free of the reptile's dick as her top half collapses onto the floor, projecting sand into the air upon impact. Seeing all his cum come rapidly expelling out of Femuto's demolished vagina, Godzilla sprays the remainder of his payload all over the moaning milf. The alpha Titan ejects stream after stream of his hot spunk, splattering her captivating ass, down her smooth back, and all the way to her head - gorgeously glissading the female under his spunk. 

After Godzilla in due time finished unloading his haul, The hot milf swivels round and begins to pump his gargantuan shaft, with cum sliding down her back as a result . "Still hungry for more?" Godzilla smirked. With one hand jerking him off and the other massaging her stretched pussy, Femuto hastily takes his long, thick dick in her mouth. At first sucking and teasing his lightly oozing head before going farther and farther down his length, with the lizard's cock slowly but surely making it all the way down her throat. Godzilla simply grumbles in gratification at how Femuto takes him so deeply, with the female making appreciative moans in response. The giant lizard found it so heavenly to have Femuto plunge his cock straight down her warm throat, with several strings of her spit dripping to the floor between them as she works her way devotedly. Slobbering and drooling uncontrollably for minutes, Femuto's rough and rowdy oral in time grants Godzilla his final climax for both the girl and for this phenomenal day.

Grabbing her head with both of his hands, Femuto's eyes shot open as Godzilla sternly humps into her adorable face. One could hear the girl straining as she lets out cute muffled murmurs, but she doesn't care! She likes it! "AGHH!! You look so sexy deepthroating my cock like that!!" The King compliments his toy, battering her kaiju oesophagus. And thus as the radioactive reptile groans louder and louder, Godzilla ruthlessly ejects more of his jizz for the slutty monster. Cum infinitely flooding down her throat, Femuto pats at her lover's legs, signalling to him that's enough... but the trouble is: He does not stop, he deliberately does not stop. Godzilla's cum explodes out violently from her mouth and nose, she chokes and gargles as her gullet gets beleaguered by Godzilla's massive shaft, with endless streams of splooge plummeting down into her very bowels. "That's it slut! AGHH!! Drink it all up!" The King grinned as massive bubbles form and pop satisfyingly in the process. Finally loosening his grasp, Femuto slides off of Godzilla's sloppy dick as his radioactive spunk dirties her lovely face and slides endlessly off her sharp chin and down her neck and breasts. Still holding on to her head with his right hand, Godzilla continues to expel more from his restless rod as countless tonnes worth of cum is yet to be discharged.

Coughing and spluttering, Femuto smiles weakly as so much cum rains down just for her. And eventually being forced back as the hard-hitting pressure simply becomes too much for her weary body to withstand, the girl collapses on to the soft sand behind her, her body spread out across the ground. But Godzilla wasn't not done just yet... Hollering arrogantly all the way, Godzilla strokes his length ever more mightily as he fires more spunk onto her bare body, like a hose shooting out water to a flower bed. Femuto's dark skin now being entirely recoloured in a thick layer of Godzilla's gunk, glazing her face, breasts, body, loin, arms, legs, everything!

Blasting his seed all over his mate for what felt like eons, Godzilla was very much having the time of his life with this breeding bitch. But all great things must (unfortunately) come to an end. As Godzilla's orgasm diminishes and his softening dick finally stops spurting, he takes his time to applaud his fabulous work of art. Lightly quaking, Femuto just lays there, fervidly moaning and basking in all that luscious heat. Her womb excessively overfilled (again) and her pussy leaking uncontrollably (again). Her facial expression is left in a state of ecstasy, her mouth gaping as spunk continues to pour out from the sides and spout into the air. Like Gigan, she is left in a complete, mucky mess.

Just as the King of the Monsters pulled back to have a well-deserved rest, Mothra and Battra finally made it back to the inland lake. "Goodness! What did we miss?" Exclaimed Mothra as the sisters glance at Femuto and Gigan as cum slides off both their curvaceous bodies. "Take a look for yourselves!" Godzilla gestures to the worn out sluts. Laying down beside the Muto, Mothra slid her hand along Femuto's breasts before licking her fingers clean. Battra did the same with Gigan, starting from below she slurped up cum the from her pouring pussy, and gradually making her way all the way up her stomach, orbs and face. Seeing the two girls clean his mess off of Femuto and Gigan is undeniably rewarding after a hard days work.

Having then gone off to expend the rest of his energy enjoyably mucking about with his kids after his little rest, it is safe to say that the day went rather quickly in the eyes of the King of the Monsters. With the sun slipping over the edge, Godzilla sits comfortably at the top end of the lake, with Mothra and Battra huddling closely and leaning on his shoulders at either side of him. Nice and clean after a long scrub, the enervated Gigan and Femuto were also of course present, sleeping snuggly in the arms of the divine and dark moths. And joining them after an exhausting day of non-stop playing with his new family, the young Hokmuto slumbered on as he fell asleep against the alpha's chest. Just the two of them, Godzilla and Hokmuto together for half the afternoon and evening, jovially played ball games in the fields, childishly playwrestled in the sand, leisurely swam in the reefs, daringly dived for giant, irradiated ocotopi on the seabed, hungrily feasted and shared their many seafood catches, and much, much more. The two boys in just a few hours without a shadow of a doubt had the fun of a lifetime, and Godzilla for one couldn't be any happier to end up fathering such an irresistably lovable child.  

"You know this peace won't last very long. Soon, the Xiliens would strike out again, and who knows what dirty tricks they'll use to try and beat us." Battra commented. 
"Yeah, but we'd be ready for em, won't we?" Mothra confidently stated as she looked to Godzilla. 
"You know, sometimes I have my doubts about us winning this war, it's hell out there..." Rodan's comment rings ominously in Godzilla's ears, echoing eerily. "...Yeah, and we'll be waiting for them." The King struggled to put on a smile as he gently stroked his son. 
"But, we should enjoy this peace while it lasts." The goddess continued with a more joyous tone in her voice. "Plus, we've got some fun things planned for tomorrow." She beamed. 
Godzilla was confused. "What things?" He questioned. And after the sisters eyed each other heartedly, Battra replies with a simple statement. "You'll see."

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