Godzilla: Banging Wars

BY : J.W.BurningGoji54
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Chapter 5: Sharing Is Caring 

The next day has arrived at Monster Island, with the sun breaking the surface of the water over the far horizon. The four kaiju that arrived from San Fransisco fell asleep straight on the beach as soon as they made it. Godzilla was laying on his back, with Gigan and Femuto snuggling up next to him, along with little Hokmuto who was nestled comfortably in his mother's arms. Feeling a sudden shadow and coolness creep over his head, Godzilla slowly opened his eyes to see someone peering down on him. Looking down adorably and tilting his head, Minilla grunts softly in a greeting manner, and after smiling back at him, Godzilla nuzzles with his beloved son. They were however cut short when Godzilla feels movement on both his left and right as Gigan and Femuto have also started to awaken. As everyone lifted themselves up off the ground, the two female kaiju caught sight of the child below in front of them. 

"Oh, hi there little guy!" Gigan spoke softly. 
"What's your name, sweetie?" Asked Femuto as she bent over to stroke his head. 
"Minilla." The child replied winsomely to the monsters. 
"I'm Femuto, and she's Gigan." The Muto introduced themselves.
"Nice to meet you two!" The boy was well mannered. 
"Aww, he's just as much of a gentleman as his Dad!" Gigan praised as she gently tugged Godzilla's arm. 
"That's my boy!" The alpha arched over and kissed his little Prince. 
"Who's that?" Minilla them asked inquisitively. Turning to where he pointed, the three adults could see Hokmuto trying to hide awkwardly behind his Mom's legs. 
"It's okay honey, don't be shy! Come and introduce yourself!" Femuto spoke soothingly as she knelt down and brought her son forward. 
"Hi, I'm Minilla, what's your name?" The young lizard asked. The young Muto was hesitant at first, but soon managed to ignore his timid nature and gathered enough courage to speak. 
"Hokmuto." He replied nervously. 
"That's a cool name, Hokmuto! Come on, let me show you around!"

The adults all smiled merrily at the scene, with Femuto resting her head on Godzilla's shoulder and the King affectionately holding her closely by the waist. As the two children ran off together, Mothra, her sister and her nephew approached to greet the new arrivals. "Hey everyone!" The Queen exclaimed cheerfully, waving her arms about. 
"Hi Mothra!" Femuto and Gigan returned jovially before they warmly introduced themselves to one another. The goddess' eagerness to meet the two females couldn't be any greater, and Gigan and Femuto in return just cannot wait to get to know the very kaiju that will be their future mate. 
"I heard from somewhere that there was some kind of fall out between you two, is everything alright?" Gigan expressed concern. 
"Fall out? What fall out?" Battra raised an eyebrow.
"Everything's always been tickety-boo between us!" Mothra wrapped her arms round her sister's neck from behind. 
"Oh well, maybe my mind's just playing tricks again." Gigan shrugged off. 

After sneaking in a wink at Mothra, Battra's eyes suddenly lock onto the towering dinosaur standing behind Femuto and Gigan, as he stared suavely back at her. "You remember my Godzilla don't you, sis?" The Queen whispered cheekily, but Battra didn't say a word in reply. "Why don't you take a closer look?" Mothra then gently pushed her sister towards the King. 
"Hey what? Wait, what are you-!" Battra stutters. Giving the two some space, Gigan and Femuto hopped over to Mothra in eager anticipation to see what'll happen next. 
"I take it you two both had a bit of fun with Godzilla right?" Asked Mothra as wrapped her arms round their hips.
"Might have done!"
"Possibly!" Gigan and Femuto replied cheekily with no shame, they knew they had nothing to hide from their Queen. 
"Nice! But, she hasn't!" Mothra pointed at Battra. Tell me I'm hallucinating! Godzilla spoke in his head. Was she always just as voluptuous as his Mothra? How did I not see it coming? Battra also thought to herself. Godzilla was the 'he' Mothra was talking about back in Australia. 

Once the two finished their inner speeches, the dark moth became the first to do to the speaking. "Well uh, it's nice to finally meet you again after all this time." Battra started. "I must admit though, I had almost forgotten everything about you when I woke up from hibernation. And so when Mothra tried jogging my memory a bit for me, I didn't exactly believe everything she said... and still don't." She mumbled bravely whilst examining him from the top down. 
"Careful, Battra!" Warned Femuto. 
"He could smash you to a pulp!" Exclaimed Gigan. 
"Shush, you two!" Mothra laughed. 
"I don't know, can you?" Asked the dark moth. 
"If you're gonna keep on being a bad girl, then we'll find out soon enough." Godzilla looked down smugly as he tried to get a feel of her skin. But by swiftly grabbing his wrist, Battra prevents the alpha from doing so. And after cringing deep down in embarrassment, she walked off back to the girls, her cheeks a vibrant red. "She's got a nice ass too..." Godzilla muttered.

"So what'd you think?"
"You like him?" Asked both Gigan and Femuto while Godzilla trotted away, heading into the island interior. 
"Shut up..." Battra grumbled walking through them. 
"She likes him." They all nodded in a teasing agreement. 
"Hang on a minute, Goji-San!" Mothra then flew up to Godzilla just as he was about to step out of the beach and into the forest. "Be at the lake in about an hours time, alright?" the moth whispered to her mate. "Oh and uh, well done!" she then sneaked in a gratified kiss before hurrying back to the girls. Having a good idea on what she was on about, the alpha predator let off a little chuckle as he continued his walk.

"Hey Gigan, Femuto, I've got a little something planned for Godzilla and Battra later, so don't spoil it alright?"
"Don't worry we won't." Femuto chuckled. Swivelling round, Battra turned to face the giggling kaiju. 
"Guys, where's my son?" She raised. Everyone gradually stopped laughing and too began scanning their surroundings in search for him. 
"He was just with us, wasn't he?" Mothra presumed. 
"Mirai?! Mirai?! Honey where'd you go?!" Battra called for him. When suddenly they all see a bright light emitting from behind a cluster of trees. As the three kaiju walked over cautiously to see what it is, beams of electricity are then thrown out in all directions. Narrowing their eyes, they are soon finally able to make out what it is. As the bright rays die down, they see Mirai, only no longer a larva, but as a transformed, and adolescent dark moth.

"You could've told me you were about to transform." Battra stepped forwards to her son with a smirk. 
"Well I didn't want to disturb you." Mirai replied, beaming to his mother. "How do I look?" The young moth asked as he flexed his new pair of dazzling wings. Lean and well built, his frame was enough to catch the attention of any kaiju of the opposite sex. 
"Like your father." Battra stroked her son's cheek and kisses him proudly on the forehead. 
"So what do you have in mind for us then?" She turned to face her sister. 
"Besides flirting with Godzilla?" Mothra teased at Battra as she flushed and looked away. "I thought I'd give you four a nice tour of your new home, sound good?" The Goddess of Peace puts an arm around her handsome little nephew. With everyone but the dark moth nodding in agreement, Mothra asked "And you Battra? What do you say?" Mumbling irritatedly after a pause, she replied, 
"Lets just get it over and done with..." The guardian crossed her arms. 
"Alrighty then! Let's get started!" The divine moth announced. Following alongside her, the other kaiju set off with their Queen as they all go on an epic explore of Monster Island.

"Hey guys! Come meet Hokmuto!" Minilla exclaimed excitedly to his larvae siblings as they made their way into the children's play area.  
"Hello Hokmuto!" Leo and Lea both spoke in a warm manner. 
"Hi." He returned timidly with a smile. 
"It's alright! Don't be shy!" Lea said as they crawled towards him. "You'll fit in just fine!" Comforted Leo. 
"So what do you guys like to do here anyways?" Questioned Hokmuto, feeling a little more comfortable. 
"Let's show you!" Minilla exclaimed eagerly.

Elsewhere on the island, Godzilla is there snoozing on his stomach next to his lake when he suddenly feels a flicker of sand hit at his face. Assuming it was Minilla he just told his son to not bother him while he's enjoying his most favourite pastime, until he had a little peep to see who it really was. With his reptilian eyes wide open, he immediately shot up from the ground. The kaiju has an elongated dinosaur-like face, with a single horn on the snout and a dozen or so at the back of his skull. The creature also has a spiky clubbed tail and a spiky shield on its back. Godzilla could recognise this guy anywhere! It's his oldest pal Anguirus! Laughing jovially with each other, the two good-hearted kaiju impatiently enveloped themselves in their arms. "Anguirus! You're back buddy! I'm so happy to see you!" Godzilla exclaimed. 
"So am I, Godzilla, so am I!" The bipedal Ankylosaur replied just as cheerfully. And just as they finished hugging, even more of his friends appeared from the blue. 

The whole gang has returned! Rodan, King Caesar, Jet Jaguar, Gorosaurus, Baragon, Manda and Varan all converged in front of their King and friend. "You're all here! Tell me, how did it all go out there?" The alpha welcomed them all back home. 
"It was alright."
"Easy going!"
"Just a breeze." They all responded at the same time to the giant lizard.
"Brilliant work you guys, I knew I could count on you! But this is just one wave, more attacks will soon follow, and we must be ready for them. For now though, rest. You deserve it!"
"Thanks, Big-G!"
"Awesome!" They all shouted. With Anguirus and Baragon off to play with the kids as they always like doing, and everyone else off to hang out in their favourite places on the island wherever they may be, Rodan stayed with Godzilla to briefly inform him of the current situation on the war front.

"So what's your view on all this?" Godzilla asked as his Pteranodon companion sat down next to him. 
"I think the guys have been a exaggerating a bit just then." Rodan responded solemnly. 
"How so?" Godzilla's head turned to face the kaiju. 
"We were all knee deep in their shit. Some of us weren't even able to finish the enemy off - the Xiliens' ships would take them back before we could get the final hit in." Rodan regrettably revealed. 
"Is it so bad to send them running?" Godzilla questioned softly. 
"Of course! Because it means they'll live to fight another day. Which will only prolong this bloody war." The Pterasaur sulked. 
"And how do the humans fit in all this?" The alpha predator brought up. 
"Their forces are spread thin. Their armies can barely protect their own people let alone attack the enemy. I mean did you see any jets or tanks in any of the battles you were in?" Rodan looked up to Godzilla. 
"...No." Godzilla replied deeply, understanding what he was implying. The two age-old friends sat in silence as the light sea breeze brushed against their downed faces. 
"You know, sometimes I have my doubts about us winning this war, it's hell out there." Standing up, Rodan spreads his wings catapults himself towards the towering extinct volcano on the North Western side of Monster Island, swaying the trees as his high winds agitate them. 
"I wouldn't say that." Godzilla soothed himself as he swayed his hand across the silky sand.

"This is such a beautiful island you've got here, Mothra!" Femuto complimented, dazzled by the  unique surroundings of her new home. 
"Thanks Femuto! Because of our presence here, the fauna has increased in size and diversity more than tenfold." She explained. 
"And uh, is the island safe? I mean, couldn't the Xiliens find out about this place and attack the island at any moment." Gigan questioned worriedly. 
"Nah there's no need to worry about that! Long before this invasion, I took the liberty to create a force field that shields the entire island from incoming attacks. The beauty is it even recognises the benevolent monsters from the malevolent. The good it lets in, and the nasty it keeps out. At least that says something about you girls." The Queen describes. "Here, I'll tell you what you need Mirai, you need some company of your own age. Follow me!" Turning a bend, they reach the mouth of a giant cave. "My eldest kids spend most of their time in here nowadays. They hatched from their cocoons and transformed into imagos not long agonjust like you did!" Mothra added. "Hey girls? Can you come out for a minute please?" Her voice echoes as it bounces off the cave's walls. After a few moments of waiting, the Titans outside could hear inaudible chatter amongst multiple voices from inside, until four different kaiju emerged out of the cave.

All mid-adolescent in age, they looked nothing like their younger larva siblings Leo and Lea, but rather resolutely resembled their mother in appearance - besides being slightly shorter than their goddess mother herself. "Why now? I was so close!" One muttered quietly to herself just as they came out into the shining sun. "Oh, hello!" They were surprised to see that they have some new faces in their home. "Akira, Hana, Azami and Hoshimi, I'd like you to meet some very special friends of mine!" The divine moth exclaimed excitedly. "This is Gigan!" 
"Hey, girls!" The monster happily waved. 
"Hi, Gigan!" The girls greeted back warmly. 
"This is Femuto!" Mothra continued as she hopped over to the kaiju. 
"Hi, everyone!" The Muto smiled. 
"Hey, Femuto!" The young moths answered happily. 
"And this... I'm sure you'll recognise..." Mothra eagerly started. "Is your Auntie: Battra!" Mothra held her sister adorably by the shoulders. Upon laying eyes on the dark moth, the girls' initial response this time, was rather different. 
"B-Battra?!" The kids all gasped at once, never did they think they would ever see her again. 
"You mean, this is the same Auntie Battra that you told us started hating you and never wanted to see you again?" Azami asked conspicuously. Seeing Gigan cross her arms with a smirk implanted on her face, the dark monster decided to speak. 
"Well we're alright now, aren't we!" declared the guardian as she held onto Mothra. 
"Oh... That's good to hear! Nice seeing you again Auntie!" Hoshimi smiled. 

"And last but not least, I want you to meet your cousin! You remember him, you used to play with him all the time when you were young! He's done well for himself hasn't he?" Mothra introduced her nephew as she brought Mirai forward. 
"Hey, everyone!" the dark moth greeted kindly, but before anything else could happen he noticed they all gaped at him. "Is there something wrong?" He wondered. 
"N-no! Nothing wrong!" They all started to act awkwardly.
"Sorry, is that... you, M-Mirai?" Akira asked just as they managed to put themselves under control. 
"Y-yeah that's me." He confirmed with confusion. 
"I see. Hey Mom, Auntie Battra, is it alright if we steal Mirai here for a bit? You know, to catch up on old times?" Hana asked. 
"W-well uh..." Stumbled Battra.
"Sure!" Mothra happily allowed. 
"Cool! Thanks, Mom!" They all relied happily. 
"Have fun!" Whispered Mothra to her nephew as she kissed him on the cheek. With that, the four girls grabbed Mirai by the hands and led him impatiently back into their cave, squealing with excitement. 
"Are you sure you that's such a good idea?" Battra placed her hands on her hips. 
"Yes yes, it'll be fine!" The goddess replied enthusiastically, assuring the dark moth. "Now come on, not only is there more to see, but I also have something organised just for you at the end." Mothra pointed at Battra before she gathered them all up and continued the tour.

After showing them the volcano and the many hot springs in the North, the great crescent  waterfall in the island's centre, as well as making quick stops here and there to say hello to all the monsters that just returned from their quests, the four kaiju eventually make it to the end of the trek. Trotting down a path, they soon arrive at the inland lake, where Godzilla is already there sitting patiently as Mothra had requested. "So what is it that you have organised for me then?" The dark moth questioned as she looked around them. 
"Battra..." Mothra rest her hand on her sister. "Tell me, when was the last time you mated?"
"Excuse me?!" The guardian cried out. Giggling, the Queen then gestured Godzilla to come over. 
"I know you haven't done it in a while, sis. And since I can only do so much, I thought you ought to spend some time with Godzilla, and see what HE can do for YOU!" 
"But, but... He's your mate, not mine!" Battra stutters randomly. 
"He's all our mates now, sharing is caring after all!" Mothra pointed out. 
"I don't care! I won't go through with this!" Battra's cheeks blush as she stamps her feet like a child. 
"This will be a tricky one to tame." Godzilla mumbled as he grinned down at the two moths. 
"Of course you will, sis!" Mothra guaranteed, and without wasting anymore time, she gently pushes Battra down on to her back.
Sitting on the floor against a giant rock, Mothra positions Battra to lay between her legs, with the dark moth's head resting comfortably on the Queen's stomach.

Lying on their sides against the ground, Gigan and Femuto watched on with hungry eyes. With Battra searing red, Mothra raises her hand and beckons to the ravenous Godzilla in front of them. "Come claim her!" Doing as his Queen commands, the King of the Monsters gets down onto his knees, stroking his pulsing length as it proudly emerges from his scales. He cannot wait to shove his dick up this cute kaiju and flood her with his fertilising seed, like he had done with every other one of his sluts. With the alpha's claws gripping onto her thighs for support, Battra shudders as the head of his massive shaft moving in to probe around her rim. The faint tease sends flickers of delight through her, causing the female to croon softly. With his tip lightly rubbing her slit, seeking an entrance , Godzila then begins to push past inside her.

Both kaiju groan with pleasure as surges of euphoria make themselves known while Battra slowly but surely swallows up more of his rod. "Fuck that's tight!" Godzilla grunts approvingly, delighting in her wetness, in her luscious heat. The pleasure within Battra magnifies with each thrust as the radioactive reptile heightens his pace, her pussy firmly constricting his cock. Throughout all this, Battra does her very best to hamper down her moans, trying to show everyone she is still this all powerful force of nature that does not show any signs of weakness - but she's certainly having a hard time doing this! "Aww, it's okay sis! There's nothing to be afraid of!" Her soothing voice and kiss that followed after almost brought her to the very brink.

With Godzilla slamming away harder than she could think possible, Battra could no longer hold down her screams. Her once stubborn nature is being worn away frantically by the kaijus at either end of her. She can't take it anymore, gritting her teeth she finally gives in as her endearing whimpers transform into squeals. "MMHH-HAHHH OHH FUCK!!!" The dark kaiju's moans are surprisingly light in tone deeply contrasting with her evil (but adorable) appearance. 
"Broken your will have I?" Godzilla growls with smug. History reveals that no female could ever resist his smashing cock, and Battra as it seems, is no exception! However villainous she may look, she certainly is cute when rendered into the King's new pet! Reaching out, Battra then took Mothra's hand, squeezing it tightly while her other hand dug and clenched into the velvety sand beneath.

By now Battra is wheezing with joy, never has she felt so good before. "Make sure you give her a good one, Goji-San!" Mothra encouraged Godzilla, and the atomic monster could only be too pleased to do bestow. The extraordinary sensations of raging rapture surge in the guardian as she mewls loudly every time Godzilla's dick smashes at her cervix. Battra could feel her orgasm edging closer and closer, her body convulses delectably ever more potently. And with a massive scream of unadulterated elation, the dark kaiju fires formidable streams of her cum out into the open. Her orgasm just kept on rolling, never ceasing to stop squirting so vigorously for her new lover, and accompanied with her gorgeous screams, it was a brilliant combo. For Godzilla, the way her sleek pussy contracts is such a tasteful feeling, pulsating around the King's mighty cock as he ploughs ahead, moaning ecstatically as her tunnel tightens up even more for his member. With her climax eventually drawing to a close, Battra had hoped that Godzilla would give her have a chance to rekindle her breath, but unfortunately for her, the apex predator feels she hasn't yet fulfilled her end of the bargain to deserve a rest. 

Sliding the girl down the sand towards him, Godzilla switches his posture over Battra. With his arms straight, he hoists himself above the titan, and in this new position Godzilla can now fuck his new slut with as much ferocity as he pleases. Grinning down at the panting Battra, Godzilla sees the kaiju beaming back up to him, and as if reading each other's minds, the two collided their faces with a colossal snog, salivating in each other's mouths before the alpha helped himself to kiss and lick the moth's cheeks and neck. "Take me like no other, Goji!" Battra strokes Godzilla's face once he finished pecking her. "I want to be your's forever, make me dream of no one but you!" Ardently smooching once more, the alpha will be beyond pleased to fulfil his girl's every desire. And after Battra raises her legs into the air and placed her hands on his chest, Godzilla gladly resumes the overwhelming onslaught. 

With the helpful propulsion of his massive tail, the King of the Monsters thrusts his hips mightily into Battra's sex, battering her cunt without remorse. With each ram into the moth's sex, Godzilla and Battra distance themselves farther and farther from their surroundings, losing themselves in their own pleasure-filled world of glee. Godzilla finally edges nearer to bursting point. As hard and as fast as he could, the King rails this delicious bitch as robustly as he could. "AGHH!! I'm gonna cum inside you, slut!! OHH FUCK!! Here it comes!!" Godzilla growls in conceit. 
"YES, YES!!! HARDER, GOJI!!! FLOOD MY WOMB!!! MAKE ME PREGNANT - AHHHH!!!" Battra whimpers in absolute delight, beckoning her King to give her what she so desperately yearns for. And so, after letting off a rejoicing roar, the King without a care in the world, unleashes a monster-sized package for his sexy slut.

A giant torrent of cum blasts into Battra's womb, pummelling her invaluable cavity with his atomic payload. Godzilla's seed bursts out consistently, with each pump just as intense as the one before, all whilst her deluged egg chamber grumbles melodically in the process. Tongue straightened and poking out of her mouth, Battra whines as she feels her lover retrieving his member out of her body. Godzilla's cum gushes out of the shivering slut's sweet snatch, blanketing the fine, beige sediment below with a thick layer of viscous white. As Godzilla pulls back to give the dark moth some space, Battra is at last given time to recuperate from the exhilarating ordeal. Looking over her breasts and expanded stomach, Battra sees yet more of Godzilla's splooge shooting restlessly out of her cunt. The guardian could also glance her King's pulsing cock beyond that, still spewing streaks of splooge into the air before landing and sliding off her body.

Placing her hands on her slowly shrinking stomach and resting her head back against the floor, Battra gazes at Mothra before giving her sneaky smile. This was all the divine moth's dirty work, and Battra won't let her get away with it! Swiftly and without warning, Battra heaves herself off the ground and lifts the Queen up off the sand. With Godzilla's cum sloshing inside her as she does this, Battra then gently places Mothra on the rock behind her. "WAAH!! Battra!!" She giggles in surprise. 
"What? You didn't think I'd let you miss out on all the fun now did you?" Battra smirked. Bending down, she pulls the goddess' legs over the ledge as the guardian then places her soft hands on Mothra's thighs. Licking her lips and giving one last naughty glimpse at her sister, she dives right in.

Up then down, left then right, Battra generates flickers of joy to stimulate throughout Mothra's body. It has been far too long since the last time the dark moth laid her tongue on her sister's snatch, and judging by her appetite, Mothra could tell she misses it dearly! Steadily swaying her hefty ass from side to side, Battra's imposing movements immediately draw Godzilla's attention to her. The giant lizard's mouth begins to water uncontrollably, seeing his cum fall consistently down in a stupendous stream from his newly claimed cunt is such a sight to admire. "What are you waiting for Goji?" Battra paused temporarily from pleasing her sister. "I'm still warm and wet inside, don't you want me anymore?" Looking back at Godzilla, Battra promptly interrupts the ongoing waterfall between her legs with two of her fingers, and after bringing up to her mouth, she appetisingly sucks it clean of the alpha predator's spunk. "My pussy isn't going to fuck itself now will it?" Grinning broadly at Battra as she flashes a winning wink at him, Godzilla approaches the enticing girl and guiding his penis inside, he re-enters his slut once more. He wasn't finished with her yet. 

With the Titan's walls all nice and sleek from the previous pounding and pumping, Godzilla can now slam away more strongly than ever before with this girl. Collapsing back onto the rock, Mothra closes her eyes as she lightly grabs her sibling's head, keeping her in place - urging her on. As well as pleading for the robust reptile to ravage her cuddly cunt, Battra also applies even greater speed on Mothra's snatch, sucking and licking more passionately and indulging her glorious taste.

Hammering her snatch like tomorrow will be the end of the world, Godzilla's dick squishes and squelches the spunk in Battra's lovely canal as he grinds her pussy for his and her enjoyment. Grunting and smiling through his pants, Godzilla constantly smacks against his slut's ass with his hands, her reddening rear wobbling like jelly as the dark moth squeals in painful pleasure. Battra begs him to keep on ruthlessly pounding her, to use her like the fuck toy she truly is, and Godzilla will be only too honoured to treat her as such. Like the other three females with them at the lake, Battra now belongs to the King, and he will unconditionally love and pleasure her, just as much as he unconditionally loves and pleasures his other treasured Queens. 

Moaning cutely with each other, it will prove to be only a short while later when the girls ultimately reach their pinnacle of sexual excitement. "I... I'M GONNA CUM BATTRA!!! AHHHHH!!! D-DON'T STOP!!!"
"I'M CUMMING TOO!!! OHHH SHIT!!! AHHHHH!!!" Mothra and Battra scream in joy. Squeezing and slapping her cheeks more intensely, Godzilla does his bitch a favour and fucks her even faster. With Mothra pressing her kin's face into her vagina, and Battra sucking as voraciously as she possibly could with Godzilla banging her barbarously from behind, the two sisters let off a near deafening squeal of joy. "AHHHHHHHH!!!!"
"AHHHHHHHH!!!!" Mothra sprays her cum all over Battra's face and straight into her open mouth, drowning the dark kaiju in endless spurts while she sprays her volley at her lover's loins and ground, spattering randomly and thumping avidly across the floor. 

As the two females recover from their enlightening orgasms, Godzilla himself is ready to release his final load for Battra. With a gloating growl, the alpha shoots out another blazing load for the beautiful kaiju, depositing even more his splooge in her already inundated cavity. Along with his pumping penis, the female could feel Godzilla's new haul of cum simmering so soothingly in her pounded pussy... she wants more... she needs more... Eyeing each other, Mothra and Battra knew what they both wanted to do. 

Sliding herself off Godzilla's still spewing cock with a squelching pop, a long, spouting volley of the lizard's cum surges out of Battra's snatch as she kneels and turns to face her alpha. And while wave upon wave of sperm discharges from her kin and splatters all over the floor below her, Mothra hurriedly leaps off her rock to join Battra on the sand. Surprised at this sudden change of events, Godzilla smirked and was more than willing to go with the flow. Stroking his exploding cock, he looked down to see the girls gazing up to him, eyes and mouths wide open, with tongues sticking out like obedient pups as streaks of cum rain down onto them. Just by looking at them the King of the Monsters could tell there will be no end to satiating their hunger for his radioactive seed. 

Without stopping, Godzilla ejects more giant streams of his spunk straight at their heads. The King bombards them with a seemingly infinite siege, his cum lands forcefully all over the girls' beautiful faces, right into their awaiting maws and rushing thickly down to the rest of their perfect bodies. Moaning cutely, the sisters revel in this spectacular splendour, greedily gulping down as much of his hot jizz as they could while they erotically rub themselves all over in his seed. And in no time at all, Godzilla overly glazes both his wonderful bitches under countless layers of his steaming sperm.

Finishing it all off, Godzilla directs his fire directly at his sluts' mouths. They close and open systematically, impatient to swallow it all, but of course, it is just too much. The King's cum causes Mothra's and Battra's mouths to overflow drastically with his spunk, the two have become twin erupting volcanoes that have awoken from a thousand year dormancy together. After a few more spurts and gulps, Godzilla reluctantly ends his offensive. Devouring all the seed left in their mouths, the two kaiju quickly make their way to Godzilla's cock, both sucking and licking his length simultaneously, each battling to get the biggest mouth full. As Battra licks Godzilla's tip with little flicks and Mothra voraciously suckles at the reptile's immense jewels, the alpha Titan fondly strokes his girls' heads, thankful for their services to their King. After his cock becomes nice and clean, the girls each gave Godzilla's member a sweet kiss before the King of the Monsters took a step back to leave them be.

Turning to face one another, the sisters snogged and caressed each other lovingly, their tongues extracting whatever cum may be left inside their mouths before swalllwoing it down their own throats. After they had done that, they exited each other and both proceeded to lick each other clean of Godzilla's splooge. "I love you, Battra!"
"I love you too, Mothra!" The sisters exchanged before ending it with a final smooch on the lips.

"You girls certainly seemed to have enjoyed your lunch!" Gigan smiled happily as she and Femuto walked towards them. 
"Yeah we had our fill, didn't we?" Mothra replied as she stroked Battra's cheek. 
"S-so much cum..." The dark moth murmured dreamily to herself as she placed her hands on her gurgling belly. "Sorry, what was that?" She snapped out and looked innocently at her sister.
"See! Even she liked it!" Mothra giggled and nestled her head against Battra's. 
"Quick question: How much do you reckon he's got left in there?" Gigan quietly questioned, hinting at Godzilla. Laughing, Mothra answers jokingly. 
"We've made love with each other more times than I remember, and not once did he ever run dry, no matter how hard we ride one another. Even if he can run out, you'll sure as hell conk out before you get to find out!"

"If you want you can try and prove her wrong." Godzilla approached the four kaiju. 
"If it's a challenge you want, then it's a challenge you'll get!" Gigan grinned back at the smirking Godzilla in agreement. "Femuto, you wanna help out?" She then turned to face her female mate.
"Yeah in a bit, I wanna see how my son's getting along first." The Muto answered. 
"Speaking of which, I wanna see how your son's doing with my daughters." Mothra turned to her sister. 
"S-should we? I mean they might not want to be-."
"Yeah, come on! We'll take a quick shower first and then we'll go check out on them!" Grabbing her hand, Mothra and Battra in a dash, disappear into the island.

Walking closer, Gigan and Godzilla gaze lovingly into each other's eyes. "Do you think you can handle him alone while I'm gone?" Femuto asked. 
"I'll be fine. Just... be quick alright?" Gigan responded, keeping her sights on the King. Rolling her eyes comically, Femuto strolled away, leaving Godzilla and Gigan all alone in their little paradise. 

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