Godzilla: Banging Wars

BY : J.W.BurningGoji54
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Chapter 4: Jackpot Joy

After travelling thousands of miles up along the two American continents, Godzilla and Gigan eventually steam to a halt just off the US West Coast, with both monsters finding themselves staring at the catastrophic carnage that spanned the Californian capital city: San Francisco. Tiny explosions and fires lighting up the dark sky, the two can just about hear a roar amidst the chaos. "Did you hear that?" Godzilla asked Gigan who is flying just above the water. Unique in sound, deep and blaring, with occasional crackling and snapping, the kaiju girl knew exactly what it was. 
"Loud and clear. It's a Muto roar." She was confident in her presumption. 
"You mean, we're up against one of those... parasite things?" Queried the King. 
"That's right." Gigan nodded. 
"Charming." The alpha sighed longingly. 

Approaching the landmass, the monsters come across the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. Flying over this world heritage site, Gigan turns back to see Godzilla brutishly barge through the iconic landmark in one swift push. The Titan causes entire chunks of the bridge to plummet into the ocean below, creating skyscraper high waves as heavy metal clashes with the surface of the water.

Stomping his way through into the San Francisco bay, the alpha kaiju caught the female glancing between him and the devastated bridge. "What's wrong?"  
"You could have done it a bit quieter." Gigan pointed out. 
"Now where's the fun in that?" Though the King of the Monsters meant no intentional harm to humans, he always enjoyed smashing their work up whenever they got in his way!

The crackling of fires soon become audible to the kaiju as they make their way onto the dry ground. Stomping uptown, Godzilla and Gigan closely walk side by side, scanning their surroundings for anything unfriendly in the area, and it is not long before they do indeed catch sight of something. 

Amidst all the dust, Godzilla and Gigan could see a figure staring menacingly back at them. Standing upright, it was just as tall as Gigan. The kaiju has a dark greyish body, with a lighter shade covering its front from its throat, down its thorax and abdomen, before ending at its crotch. Along with this, the Titan has a triangular head and triangular jaws, and narrow scarlet eyes. As well as two legs, it has three sets of arms. It's middle, primary pair are more humanoid-like compared to the others in aspect. A slimmer, more slender pair are straddled on the back of the monster's shoulders, hanging flamboyantly whereas the smallest set are subsided underneath the humanoid arms on the sides of her ribs. Gigan had guessed correctly, it is a Muto. 

But more specifically: a female Muto, and god does she not look half bad either! Sporting an enchanting rack on her chest, they are truly massive! Shining like polished, plushy balls under the bright white moon, they are just as big as Mothra's! And as a matter of fact, her whole body appeared to be glimmering spectacularly under the gleaming light! On top of that, this luscious female even possesses such slim waists and whopping wide hips - the perfect ratio. And her snatch, don't even get started! The rose pink hue of the inside of her lower lips contrasts so vibrantly and luminously from the rest of her skin as it peaks shyly between the beaming light grey of her outer labia. 

"Gigan? What are you doing?! We need to kill him!" The Muto shouts aggressively. Hoping to try and reason with the monster, Gigan gives it a shot. 
"N-now just listen to me for a moment, I- WOAAH!" With the Titan abruptly cut short, the Muto charges at full speed into both her and Godzilla. Feet scraping against the floor, the two kaiju put their arms out in front, trying to put their full weight against the attacker, in an attempt to force her back. 
"Well it was worth a shot." Godzilla strained. Eventually stopped in her tracks, the Muto arches back up and lands a solid bash into Godzilla's chest with her fist and a hefty whack against Gigan's arm with her leg. The sheer strength of this Titan was phenomenal, each of her hits strong enough send monsters flying if they carelessly misplaced their footing. 

Together at the same time after managing shove the monster off themselves, Godzilla and Gigan fired their atomic breath and laser at the Muto, driving her back against a apartment block and causing the structure to crumble down onto her as she grunts in aggravation. Shaking the debris off her body and getting back up, the Muto clumsily tries to counterattack, but with the swipe of his muscly tail, Godzilla swiftly smashes her to the side of another building. "ARGH!!!" She cries. Grabbing her by the shoulders the radioactive reptile pins her to the building. 
"Stop! We want to help you!" The alpha exclaims, after all there is no harm in trying again. 
"Let go of me!" The female demands, writhing like a worm to get out. 
"Do you even know what you're doing?" Godzilla briefly eyed the destruction around them. "Can't you see you're being controlled by the Xiliens?" 
"I'm well aware of that!" The Muto looked deep into his eyes with her teeth bare. 
"Wha-... then why are you doing this?!" Godzilla wondered confusedly as he and Gigan glimpsed at each other. 

After a few moments of resistance and struggling, her breathing calms as she reveals to Godzilla the reasoning behind her actions. "Not long ago, the Xilien Commander and his monsters ambushed me and my partner at our home in the Philippines. We fought to defend ourselves, but we got nowhere." Godzilla began to look at her with pity. "The Commander tried brainwashing us, but we managed to defy him. So instead, to get me on their side, my partner he..." The Muto paused for a moment as her eyes started to tear up. "He was murdered by them, and threatened... that if I don't submit to him... he will kill me... and... my son."

"Son?" Godzilla exclaimed. Hearing some rubble fall from behind, he saw a small creature just peep around the side of a ruined glass building. It was another Muto, he looked just like his mother only of course smaller and had notable wings on his back, which Godzilla knew was what distinguished their sexes. The child seemed scared and appeared agitated, realising this, Gigan hurried over to give him some comfort. 
"Stay away!" He shouted as he innocently tried to protect himself. 
"No no no, it's okay! I'm not going to hurt you!" She reassured as she took off her hooks and knelt down to nurture him.

Holy shit! Godzilla thought to himself, this ridiculously sexy kaiju is also a mother! He just scored the |7|7|7| jackpot here, for he always enjoyed the extraordinary experience of fucking and filling up a young monster milf with his seed. Godzilla slowly lets go of the Muto from his grasp. "I don't have a choice, I have to do this for the sake of my only child!" She sobbed as tears trickle down from her eyes. 
"You do have a choice." The King heartened. "I untangled Gigan from the Commander's net, I can save you and your son from him too!" The Muto looked at Gigan and her child then gazed up to Godzilla, she could sense his intentions were for the greater good, and she just knew that she could trust him to keep her and her son safe from the Xilien Commander.

"It's never too late, I can take you back to my island with me, and live happily with other kaiju as good natured as you. And there's also my own children, they're all about your son's age!" Godzilla smiled. Like he had done with Gigan before her, Godzilla placed his hand on the kaiju's cheek, caressing it fondly. The Titan looks up to Godzilla, her cheeks blushing - as did Godzilla's.  
"And what else can YOU give me?" She beamed. 

Smirking, Godzilla placed his snout up against the female's. The Muto's eyes began to flash in love and courtship, her vocals clicking and croaking with affection, and after cupping her head with both hands, Godzilla closes in and kisses the Muto. Allowing him entrance into her mouth, she returns the gesture and both their tongues begin to dance. Outstretching his saurian hands, Godzilla enfolds the girls terribly tremendous tits with his hands, pressing and squishing them amorously. "AHHH!!! Like that!!" Muto moans in delight after exiting their kiss. 
"You like that don't you?" Whispered Godzilla as he pecks along her neck. 
"Please, call me Femuto." 
"As you wish... Femuto." The alpha replies chivalrously.

With Gigan having taken the child by the hand and lead the both of them away to give him and Femuto some privacy, the apex predator could now get down to business. Lowering himself onto his knees, Godzilla starts to suckle insatiably on her gorgeous set of breasts, his theropod muzzle submerging satisfyingly into the great cushions. Godzilla could only congratulate this astonishing marvel, her finger-licking flavour was wholly mind-boggling, completely out of this world. Meticulously nibbling at her dark grey nipples, Godzilla wished he could savour the moment for as long as time would allow.

"You're tits tastes amazing, Femuto!" Godzilla remarks as he briefly inhales her fragrant scent through his nostrils up close. 
"But I know what will taste even better!" Femuto strokes his newfound lover's head with her arms. Stepping forward with her heart racing with excitement, the milf bends tantalisingly down and squeezes her ass cheeks for her King. "Eat your fill!" Crawling forward, Godzilla once again becomes absolutely bewildered by this sexy slut. Her rear was frankly fabulous! They were some of the biggest he'd ever seen! Seeing them shimmering brightly as much as her over-sized orbs, Godzilla hastily places both of his hands firmly on her butt. They are so irresistible and addictive to touch, they are just as doughy and fun to play with as her grand rack. Pulling them apart, it gives the alpha predator a dreamy view of her snatch, and what a beautiful pussy it was, she was already dripping mentally with her cum. How does it taste? He was about to find out! 

Keenly leaning forward, Godzilla helps himself to her charming cunt, voraciously eating the girl out. Slurping her pussy from the bottom up, he could taste just how wonderful her vagina was, just like the finest lavender. After licking around her moist rims, Godzilla shot his tongue inside the kaiju, squeezing his way deeper into her sex. "OHH SHIT!!! You're reaching so deep!!" Femuto whimpers as her ass begins to tremble more and more. Never has she had anyone suck her so ravenously, never has she felt so amazing from having her pussy feasted upon, and the King of the Monsters needn't have to continue much longer before bringing her over the tipping point. Smiling in acknowledgment as her moans grew louder and her pussy pouring out her honey ever so much more fervidly, Godzilla plans to finish this appetising starter with a neat little trick hid Mothra had taught him. Pressing his mouth as far as he could into her vagina, the cheeky atomic lizard rapidly and strongly manourveres his tongues all over the kaiju's pussy, and this act made the unsuspecting Femuto go crazy! "AHHHH AHHHH!!! F-FUUUCK!!! AHHHHHH!!!!" Knees shaking sporadically, the kaiju sprays her glorious load straight into Godzilla's awaiting maw and all over his awaiting face.

Closing his eyes, the alpha indulges himself in this shower of deliciousness, swallowing down the oceans of tasty cum that made it into his mouth. "Fuck! I didn't think you could make me cum so hard!" She panted heavily, it has been far too long since she had been given such an reinvigorating orgasm. Grinning at himself, Godzilla stands up and grabs his throbbing, concrete cock in his hands. His member pulses in anticipation of what is to come, so much so that it is almost too painful to wait any longer. "Care to let me give you another?" The reptilian locks eyes on her cunt. Immediately sensing what Godzilla was up to, Femuto jiggles her superbly moulded ass and peels apart her pussy lips. Her gestures says it all: Be my guest! Stroking his dick with one hand and grappling her rear with the other, Godzilla hungrily enters her sex. Both groaning in pleasure upon his entry, Femuto's walls expand massively as Godzilla's gargantuan girth spreads them apart from all angles while he penetrates far into her core. Having Femuto bend over for him like the slut she is, Godzilla cannot wait to assert his dominance over this young milf. With the strength of a God, the King slams his cock into the screaming slut, quickly picking up the pace, drilling her harder and faster with every slam. The atomic kaiju wishes he could have a little bit more time to get acquainted with this lovely snatch before thrusting in and out, but the end, he's got a girl please. 

"FUCK ME SILLY, GODZILLA!!! AHHHH!!!" Femuto begs heartily to the reptile, wishing for this phenomenal mating to never end. The sounds of the serene smashing of his dick into her pussy added onto her celestial moans, were fine music to Godzilla's ears. 
"OH FUCK!!! Your pussy feels so good!!" Clutching tenaciously at his slut's ass, Godzilla applauds at how homely his penis feels within the great depths of her warm snatch. Increasing the ferociousness of his pounding, the King of the Monsters proceeds to push even deeper into Femuto's salivating cunt, eager to conquer what ever space was in there and selfishly take it all for himself. Shifting his hands away from her ass, Godzilla grabs a hold of Femuto's largest pair of arms, and with them as support, the alpha predator is now able to slam away at the milf with such unthinkable and devastating destruction! With her smallest set of arms, she curls them round her erect teats, squishing and pinching them while her two remaining free limbs grasp at her wobbling ass and rub rapidly against her sensitive clitoris. 

Femuto can feel herself beginning to tense, her whole body building up to that one thing she craves for more than anything else. Shivering and fluttering, she implores to her King, praying for him to grant her her wish. "I'M S-SO C-CLOSE!!! GO FASTER-AHHHHH!!!" Doing as his slut commands, Godzilla shoves his length in and out with greater momentum, wanting to give the girl an orgasm the she will never forget! Climaxing harder than she could ever think possible, Femuto squirts her fluids all over Godzilla once more, splashing and spreading across his crotch before it rains or slides down the ground in great drops. "Mommy!" Exclaims the young Muto, running to his mother, looking up with worry and concern. 
"N-not right now, Hokmuto!! OHHH!!! FUCK!!! M-Mommy's busy!! AHHHH SHIT!!! G-Godzilla?! I th-ink you're gonna cum inside of me!! AHHHHH!!!" The squealing monster thought correctly. 
"AGHH SHIT!!! Here I go!!! OH FUCK YEAH!!! I'm almost there!!!" Godzilla moans ecstatically as he fucks his bitch jubilantly. 
"Come on sweetie, let Mommy and Godzilla finish." Gigan spoke soothingly as she gently pulled Hokmuto to the side and away from his mother and her fucker. 

The kaiju King couldn't be anymore engulfed in the moment, the alpha had his mind solely set on nothing but to release inside of this monster babe and quench his thirsty desires of the night. About to climax hard as well, Godzilla thrusts into Femuto as fast and as hard as he could, before finally, following a giant grunt of fulfilment, a grand flow of cum bursts violently from his immense dick. Spewing so rapidly and furiously in such enormous quantities, his spunk completely floods his slut's vagina, surging up past her cervix and wholly filling up her defenceless, unprotected womb. Femuto cries out in utter pleasure as hot sperm is continuously shot inside her, all rushing up and racing to fertilise her precious eggs. The kaiju King is determined to pump as much of his radioactive cum inside this young, squirming milf as possible, refusing to even stop smashing and let his seed settle inside the girl as he ceaselessly rides his orgasm out. 

Femuto could feel her womb expanding monumentally in size as more of his lover's ejaculate is blasted into her core. All the while, Godzilla grins complacently down, so much is being shot out for her, and she loves it! For all Femuto cares about now is all the cum that so mercilessly inundates her and the Titan that delivers it. And while all this is happening, unimaginable amounts of Godzilla's splooge splatter out onto the ground below, slimy drops the size of buildings plummet to the ground like asteroids, creating a tremendous lake-sized puddle at their feet. How could Godzilla produce so much gunk is a mystery not even nature could provide an answer to. 

What felt like an eternity later, Godzilla ultimately ceases his relentless attack and stops rampaging her (or from now on, his) pussy. As soon as his final pump comes and goes and his dick stops spewing seed, the King of the Monsters gives off his iconic roar into the moonlit sky, boasting arrogantly to the whole world that this slutty female now belongs to him. Having marked his property, no one shall dare try and take this milf away from him. Femuto is left panting excitedly, her ass completely coated in his seed, and as is Godzilla's crotch. The King vauntingly snarls with thrill, enthralled by not just gaining another mate, but also subjugating this kaiju slut as his own personal breeding bitch, and having the sexy milf utterly enslaved to his dick and desires for the rest of her life. Without taking his penis out, the satisfied alpha wraps his arms around the female kaiju's waists and using the destroyed building behind as a rudimentary seat, the King sits himself down with Femuto perched exhaustedly on his lap.

"Hmm, I hope you liked that!" Mumbled Godzilla in her ear whilst he kissed her along her flawless jawline and neck and played with her breasts. 
"HAHH!! Fuck me! My pussy feels so warm on the inside!" Femuto uttered whilst placing her hands on her bloated belly. Along with the small fires still burning around them, the trickling of jizz can be heard oozing out of Femuto's vagina, spilling off the King's enormous sacks and falling gracefully into a puddle between his thighs. 
"So do you wanna come home with me?" Asked Godzilla with a smile. 
"More than anything!" Femuto stated as she rested her head back on his shoulder. Accepting him as her new partner, Femuto rests completely back on Godzilla's buffed body, while her womb grumbles with his cum.

Once the two lovers have recuperated after a few more minutes, they slowly lifted eachother off the building, the entire skyscraper falling down as their combined weights shook the already unstable building to its foundations. Getting up, Femuto could feel Godzilla's seed sloshing heavily within and pouring out of her gaping sex as she is no longer plugged by his massive shaft. "Ooh its so full!" She mumbled as she held onto a building for support, knees slightly bent and legs apart, staring at the milky white sea that is expanding so rapidly beneath her feet. 
"Are you two finished already?" Gigan smirked with Hokmuto between her legs. 
"Don't worry, there'll be plenty more fun waiting for the both of you back on the island." Godzilla assured his mate with a mischievous grin. "Speaking of which, should we head off to your new home now?" Godzilla then turned to Femuto as she waited for her expanded belly to shrink some more. 
"Hmm? Oh-oh yeah sure! Let's go!" She responded innocently, the memorable events of the last hour still imbedded in her dizzy mind. After Godzilla and Gigan had finished sniggering, all four kaiju headed off to the quiet coastline.

Racing up to his Mom, Hokmuto asked with uneasiness in his tone. "Are you okay, Mommy? Was he hurting you?" Smiling down, Femuto replied to her son sweetly. 
"Mommy's perfectly fine baby, in fact, Mommy couldn't be any happier right now, alright?" Picking him up and carrying him in her arms she plotted an elongated kiss on his head. 
"Yeah alright." He replied slightly more merrily. 
"I see you've done the trick, she's certainly a lot more cheerful now." Gigan said to Godzilla, walking side by side with him, following Femuto. 
"I have to say that was a job well done myself as well." Placing his arm over her shoulder and kissing her on the forehead. Godzilla will make sure he gives Femuto the love and care she truly deserves, and will see to it that he endears the young Hokmuto as if the little kaiju were his own. And in the long run, the alpha would hope to fill up as much as he can the gaping holes in their hearts that the Xiliens have so brutally bored. With all four kaiju halting at the beachfront, Godzilla dives into the sea with Femuto alongside, and holding his hand, Gigan and Hokmuto launched into the sky, following the trail from above.

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