Godzilla: Banging Wars

BY : J.W.BurningGoji54
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Chapter 3: Redemption 

Hours before Godzilla made landfall all the way on the other side of the Pacific Ocean in Peru, Mothra arrived at The Land Down Under in Melbourne, Australia. Touching down as graceful and light as a feather in the centre of the city, she realised that all around her the Emerald City was in absolute ruins. Even under the loom of a shadowy rain cloud overhead she could see the city had been charred by raging infernos, with thousands of buildings lay razed to the ground and entire lengths of road torn out of the earth. The once gleaming gem now crushed and reduced to nothing more than dirty dust.

Cautiously stepping her way through the mauled and mangled metropolis, Mothra constantly finds herself swivelling round, the slightest of noises triggering her acute senses, attracting her every attention until a movement behind an intact skyscraper to her right instantly drew her awareness away. "Who goes there?" The moth shouted in the direction of the motion. She could have sworn she saw what looked like the tip of a tail shortly before it went completely behind the tower. Inching closer to the target as the first rumbling from the clouds start to sound, Mothra readies herself into a defensive posture. "Show yourself!" She demanded, steadily stepping forward until the goddess finally made it within touching distance of the building. Heart racing rapidly, Mothra flings herself round the side of the block, arms raised and ready to fight. What the Queen saw, shocked her to her very foundations.

It was indeed a kaiju, but one she really did not expect to see here, of all places. The monster she was staring utterly bemused at was mostly black in colour, with a yellow and dark red underside. It also has a giant horn on its head along with two tusks on each cheek, and a row of intimidating claws on both sides of its body. It's a larva. But not like her own offspring. This larva - a larva she could recognise anywhere - is her sister's son, Mirai. Mothra's nephew. She hadn't seen him since his family's awakening back in 1992 under the depths of the North Sea.

"M-Mirai? Why are you here? Where's your Mom? Is she here?" Exclaimed Mothra in her strict parental voice. Without saying a word, the larva looked on in an sorrowful expression before gazing to just left of Mothra's head. Confused by this, the divine moth turned around swiftly and looked momentarily in the same direction before turning back again. "What are you looking it?" Hesitating, the child finally broke his silence. 
"I... I'm sorry, Auntie." The child closes his watery eyes and turned his head to the side. 
"What? What are you tal-ARGH!!!" Suddenly picked up off the ground and briefly lifted into the air, by an unknown force, Mothra gets violently slammed as hard as a hammer on stone into another building some distance away, with claws clutching tightly at her shoulders. After shaking her dizzy head to regain a clear sight, she finds herself staring straight at a furious face barely touching hers.

The kaiju that pinned her to the side of a building was exactly the same size and build as the Queen of the Monsters herself, only being dark in colouration and fostering striking wings with streaks of red and yellow running dazzlingly across them. The Titan also has distinguishable yellow horns on its head, like the larva, and it's face, full of hatred, had sizzling red eyes that could incinerate all things imaginable. More corrupted than ever before, it is without argument, Mothra's fallen kin: Battra.

Hurling her to the ground behind them, Mothra lands roughly as she rolls along the rubble specked floor. "Well, look what we have here..." Her voice pleasantly vicious. Propping herself up with her elbows, she sees the larva crawling next to his mother, with his head solemnly down in sorrow. Taking the opportunity while she might, Battra smirks in amusement. "I see you've still been treating yourself well." She eyed her sister's fetching frame. Gazing back at her sibling, Mothra couldn't resist a small giggle. 
"I can say the same to you!" Like the Goddess of peace, the dark moth has a phenomenal figure. Proudly displaying a resplendent pair of mountainous orbs on her chest, shapely waists and hips that will make anyone run a mile to snap, and sleek skin softer than the finest silk from the orient, Battra like her kin, is a true wonder of the cosmos.

"Aww, that's nice of you!" She says as she teasingly sways herself in a titillated manner, however her smile was sweepingly wiped off her face as she is brought back to the matter at hand. With the thunder cloud turning more violent and a heavy downpour of rain beginning to fall, Battra spreads her legs apart as she prepares herself for battle. Rising back on her feet, Mothra reluctantly does the same, readying herself for the duel, and with a flash of lightning, the two monsters rocketed into each other. Being the hostile aggressor of the two sisters, Battra was the first one to go on the offensive. Slashing and kicking, Battra strikes at her counterpart with clear-cut coordination, but are all skilfully deflected by the goddess as she fends off her attacks with equal precision. Having both been trained by their parents and had spent milleniums practicing against one another when they were still precious soul mates, they could more or less foresee the other's upcoming attacks. Thinking on her feet, the Queen blasts Battra with her yellow antennae beam at point blank range, managing to score a direct hit at Battra as she stumbles backwards. Though the stalemate had been broken, the dark kaiju was able to launch an immediate counterattack by firing her own purple prism beam from her eyes - hitting Mothra's frame and causing her to fall back too. Now separated from one another, the two use the chance to catch a quick breather before round two commences.

"I bet you wished you had locked me up after all!" Battra brought up whilst she mockingly brushed herself off, flicking the rain water off her shoulder. 
"You don't have to do this!" Mothra urged, still holding out hope as everything grew darker and darker. 
"Then stand aside! Don't make kill you!" Battra growled. 
"You are being deceived! Can't you see that?!" The goddess continued desperately. Ignoring her pleas for reconciliation, Battra with a flutter of her wings, shaking off more water like an umbrella, projectiles herself towards the Queen and slams Mothra against the floor with ground shattering strength. With her hands Battra grasps the divine moth by her throat and right wrist, and secures Mothra's left arm with her right leg. The goddess becomes fixed to the Earth as courses of electric-like energy emanate from her kin's hands and feet, stinging her potently.

"You are not going to get in my way! With the Xiliens' help, I will finally wipe the humans off the face of the Earth, once and for all! They will pay for what they've done to the planet!" The fire in Battra's eyes were as clear as day to Mothra. Ever since the dark moth emerged from hibernation, she has been incandescent with fury over how the humans and their damaging actions had been upsetting the planet she holds so close to her heart. 
"Are you insane?! - When the Commander destroys all who oppose him - he will loot the entire planet for himself! Can't you see that?!" The divine moth strains to speak as Battra's hand constricts her throat. 
"Liar!" The dark guardian sneered as she tightens her grip and strengthens the intensity of her energy shock.

Hearing thunder sound around them as the rain incessantly drips from Battra's chin onto her face before sliding right off, Mothra gulps down another mouthful of air. "If you continue to follow the Xiliens - the planet you love so much... will die!" Seizing the chance whilst Battra stumbles in conflict, the Queen powerfully kicks her with full force from behind. 
"ARGH!!" The dark moth screams as she tumbles forward over her sister and landing straight on her back. Breathing heavily and grabbing her throat, Mothra stands herself up as the energy attack she had been submitted to subsides across her body. 
"You're not one of them Battra! This is not the way! Think of your son!" Getting back up, the tireless Battra unremittingly snarls at Mothra as she sprints once again towards the Goddess of Peace. Leaping up and twirling in the air, Battra smacks the bone-weary goddess with the back of her hand, before firing another barrage of her deadly optic beams from her eyes - smashing Mothra against one of the only remaining skyscrapers left erect in the city, causing it to crumble down on to the diminished kaiju.

The larva looks on worriedly, he knew as much as anyone in the family there is more than meets the eye when it comes to explaining Battra's descent to evil. Her already bitter view of humans only grew more sour when Mirai's father unfortunately died not long ago in Japan, after he vented his anger over the humans by levelling the cities of Kyoto and Osaka. This tragedy drastically changed Battra, and subsequently drove her to the extreme, with the kaiju's harmfully negative outlook on humans ultimately leading her into conflict with her own sister. Mirai doesn't show sympathy for humans (no dark moth would), but he also doesn't blame them for the death of his father either for they were only protecting themselves - which is more than what Battra could say as things currently stand. Helplessly spectating from the side, he could feel his heart imploding in on itself as he sees his mother flying high and diving down as fast as a comet onto his aunt, who is now far too enervated to put up much more of a fight. Punching at her sister, it really looks like Battra was indeed going to finish her off! He couldn't take it anymore, he loves his mother and aunt too much to see them like this. Braving himself up, the larva shouts out in protest and defiance to the dark moth's actions through the thunderous weather. "MOM STOP!" He screamed, but his mother, whether she heard it or not, persisted on. Mirai figures he must act fast or he may end up losing the both of them. While wriggling towards them, the dark larva hurriedly powers up his larval horn, firing a beam of energy into the sky in preparation before discharging a furious electric blast forwards in front of him. 

Just after Battra lifted her lightning induced arm in the air to deal a final fatal blow, a massive fountain of sparks and smoke and dirt emerges beside her feet as she shrieks in alarm, startling her enough to stop her right in her tracks. Crawling up to his mother's leg once the explosion dissipates, Mirai pleaded desperately to Battra, praying for her to stop this nonsensical fight. "MOM, PLEASE STOP!!" He implored. "Please! Please listen to her! Do you really think Dad would have wanted this?!" He cried.

The stream of energy Mirai shot in the sky broke through the thick thunder cloud which oversaw the duel, incidentally vaporising the darkness and ending the torrential rainfall as the dispelled clouds finally allowed for the shimmering sunlight to pierce through to the city below. Looking down at her weeping son, and then up to her exhausted sister, Battra sees a tear travel down Mothra's cheek as it reflected the sun's gleam back into her. Puffing and panting, the battle moth's eyes dart all over at Mothra's battered body as she slowly lowers her arms back down to her side. Suddenly hit with brief but memorable flashbacks of the most heart warming times before their great fall out, when the two were the best of friends and were as close as sisters could be, she had at last come to realise what she had become. Battra's desire to combat Mothra any longer hastily past like a fleeting shadow, and now she is left feeling nothing but guilt and remorse. Gazing down at her shaking hands, the guardian whimpers back at the Queen. "M-Mothra?" She spoke weakly as she placed her palm on the side of her face. 
"Battra..." Mothra rejoined. Lightly cupping her sister's face, the goddess brings her closer and kisses her sincerely on the forehead. 
"I'm sorry!" Battra cried amiably, as she herself had a tear trickle down her face. "I'm so sorry!" It always hurt Mothra to see her cry, but on this occasion, the divine moth couldn't help but beam brightly and embrace her sibling passionately in her arms.

After a few more moments of a rejuvenating hug, Battra collapses onto her knees, her head facing downwards. "The Commander told me that if I helped him in  destroying the humans, h-he promised to keep Earth safe in return..."  Getting down on to eye-level with her, Mothra places her hand on the side of her sister's neck. 
"Battra, the Xiliens only wants to plunder the planet, and to leave the Earth barren and desolate. If the aliens have their way, the damage they will do can never be undone." Battra's breathing became more erratic, angered at the thought of being deceived and merely used as a dispensable pawn. 
"That bastard!! IT WAS ALL A LIE!!" She screams in agitation, cursing at the Commander for his treacherous deceit.

"Not all humans are bad, sis." Mothra rested the side of her head against the top of hers. "Sure there are those that tend to cause trouble, but once this is all over they will see they're wrong doing. They will realise just how precious our home is, and work with us to protect it." Battra's breathing slows as she absorbs her sibling's words. "I've come to take you home, I want you two to live with me and my family on Monster Island. So what do you say?" Mothra proposed as she smiled at Mirai and his mom. 
"I'm up for it!" The larva stated happily. 
"And how about you?" The Queen then asked Battra. After lifting her arm to caress her son's face as he nuzzled against her chest, Battra views the carnage she had caused all around them, now regretting it, she wants to make up for it all, she wants to do what is right. Looking back at her sister, she solemnly nods in agreement.

Giggling in gratitude, the two kaiju helped each other up. "I messed up big time, didn't I?" Battra muttered.
"Yeah you did. You're still bad Battra, but thankfully, not evil. And that's good enough for me!" Mothra tittered as they stood up.
"We never visited your island, did we?" The dark moth brushed Mirai's head as he beamed back up to her. "Or seen your family again for that matter."
"And speaking about my family... There is just one person I'd like you to meet above all else." Mothra smirked. 
"...Who?" Battra queried.
"Mirai sweetie, could you leave me and your Mom alone for a bit please?" Mothra winked at her nephew. 
"O-okay..." Knowing his Aunt's nature and thinking he understood the message she sent, Mirai obeyed and wiggled behind some tower blocks a short distance away.

Beaming seductively, Mothra circles round her sister, driving her soft hand across her smooth dark skin, sweetly caressing her alluring body. From behind, the Queen then lightly runs her left hand against Battra's tremendous tits, fondly massaging them while her right hand went to clutch at the guardian's plush ass under her little abdomen tail. The dark moth could feel her orbs tingling and teats instantly hardening under her sister's delicate hands, every sensation making her whole frame shudder with joy. "Yeah, he's gonna enjoy you very much." The goddess of peace whispers as she plucks pleasant kisses along her shoulder.

"You really haven't changed have you? We've only just gotten back together and we're doing it already!" Exclaimed Battra as her sister places both hands on her perfect tits, fondling them lovingly. 
"It was one of our favourite pastimes right? We've always fancied each other's attention above everyone else's!" The divine moth giggles as she slides one of her arms down and eagerly settles it on her siblings freshly dribbling pussy. Battra inhales distortedly with her eyes rolling back and shutting as Mothra focuses her attention on her clit, rubbing the spot in a circular motion with her middle finger. Even when they were young, there's no one Battra could feel more comfortable with than her own Mothra. 

Eager to get a move on, Mothra slithers her fingers a little further down, inserting one, then two, the goddess curls her fingers as she stimulates Battra's g-spot, leading to all the dark moth's nerves to quiver in elation. Eons of mucking about with Battra means the goddess knows exactly where all this kaiju's sweet spots are, and is proud to say she knows just how to trigger them all!

Slipping in an extra third finger, Mothra proceeds to slide in and out of Battra's vagina at an increasing speed. As every second passes, the dark moth's crotch grows wetter and wetter, her moans growing louder and louder, Mothra could sense her nearing climax. As the dark guardian rests her head on the Queen's shoulder and Mothra nestles her head against Battra's, the divine moth continues to slam her fingers inside her sister, all the while kneading her breasts more fervently. "That's it! Just let it all out!" Mothra uttered whilst kissing her cheek. Being the Goddess of Peace, she certainly knows how to make anyone cum in mere moments.

Grabbing her crotch with one hand and the back of Mothra's head with the other, Battra squeals in fulfilment as her whole body judders from her refreshing orgasm. A waterfall of cum sprays out of her pleasured pussy, soaking her thighs and Mothra's hand with her fluids. The kaiju's juices excessively dribble down her legs and spurt as powerfully as a jet of water onto the ground in front. With Mothra still crazily vibrating her hand, the whimpering Battra collapses completely back onto the Queen, leading the two of them to fall onto the floor, laughing with each other. "I see you haven't lost your touch!" Battra puffed.
"You have no idea how much I missed playing with you!" whispered Mothra as she takes her hand out of her pussy and hovering it just above Battra's mouth. Parting her fingers, Mothra reveals several strands of Battra's cum between them, and the dark moth knew exactly what her sister wanted her to do. "Fine..." She sighed friskily, sucking and licking her hand clean of her cum. 
"Good girl!" The goddess returns as she lands a kiss for her kin.

"If it's alright with you two I'd like to get going now. You can carry on with your... bonding when we get to the island." Mirai interrupted as he appeared from behind the buildings he was waiting impatiently behind. The sisters looked at each other. 
"I don't know sweetie, should we go now?" Mothra shook her sister. 
"...Yeah alright." Battra lept off the goddess helped her up onto her feet. Leading the way, Mothra flew off into the sky, with Battra behind and her larva following suit from below. "You still haven't told me who's 'he' you know." Remarked Battra as she sped up to get alongside her. 
"You'll find out tomorrow, sis! Be patient!" Seeing her zoom off faster, Battra rolled her eyes and sighed in irritation. With her larva speed boating his way through the water, the dark moth accelerates out after Mothra into the horizon.

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