Godzilla: Banging Wars

BY : J.W.BurningGoji54
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Chapter 2: Unexpected Ally 

Surfacing out of the coastal waters of the South Eastern Pacific rim, Godzilla scans directly ahead as he catches sight of scattered explosions and billowing smoke emerging from the capital city of Peru: Lima. This is it, this is where he needs to go. Once the water becomes shallow enough to stand on, Godzilla stomps his way warily towards the beachfront, and as soon as the apex predator steps afoot on the solid, dry ground, he could hear the distinct crumbling sounds of falling rubble echoing in the sky around him. And it is not long later until his eyes eventually locked onto the culprit of all this destruction, a frightening shadow in the midst of the black smoke was already making itself known. Advancing into the hellfire of the city, the bold Godzilla roars thunderingly into the obsidian fumes, immediately drawing the attention of the kaiju.

The monster of the smouldering forest quickly and completely emerges itself out of its mire. Growling as the opponent came calmly forward, Godzilla could finally see the titan he's up against. Having dark blue skin, the kaiju was almost as tall as the King himself. It has a horn protruding from its head, a beak for a mouth, and a crimson visor as a pupiless eye. The monster also has smaller sharp spikes along the back of its neck, top of its tail and in particular, a row running down the length of its abdomen. With three red sails on its back as wings, the kaiju also appears to have the capability to go airborne, and so is not just limited to the ground unlike its rival. And to finish it all off, the monster has a giant, metallic claw attached to each of its two arms. Surprise, surprise, it's Gigan.

Hailing from a species of Titans notorious for their brutality and savagery, it is unknown whether they are from Earth or are from outer space. Whatever the answer maybe, Godzilla only knows that they've been on this planet just as long as he has. Their reputation and abilities as ferocious fighters had even captured the attention of Commander X, who without reluctance, hastily authorised the creation of an enhanced, cyborg version of this barbaric species.

However in contradiction to all those frightening traits, there's one major thing that rather did stick out. Godzilla finds himself gazing in bewilderment, for this 'barbaric' titan was not so much a 'he' as the King previously thought, but rather more accurately: a 'she'. 

On top of that, as intimidating as the monster was, especially after the Xiliens probably gave her those frightening hooks on her arms in the first place, she certainly proved herself to be quite the sight. Her magnificently fine frame was enough to instil wonder in ones eyes. The way her curvy hips, tail and arms all swish majestically from side to side, warming up her bewitching body for the following duel is for sure a vivacious view.

The kaiju even carries a tremendous couple of orbs that swing amorously in sync with the rest of her imposing movements. And thanks to her legs being nicely spread apart, Godzilla could even just about spot a glimpse of Gigan's enticing snatch hidden between her shining thighs. He couldn't deny it, simpering at the terrific sight, she undeniably was sexy, and had definitely earned the alpha's admiration, but must he have to destroy her? It would be such a waste to rid the world of this tantalising marvel!

Though no matter how visibly complimentary Godzilla was of her, it did nothing to change Gigan's view of him. Her dull red eye boiled steamingly with anger as it narrowed, contracting sharply as it focused intensely at her former alpha. Already in her battle stance, Gigan knows what she must do, she (like every other monster the Xiliens' have cruelly manipulated into doing their bidding) has been ordered to destroy what the humans have worked so hard to build, eradicate any pockets of resistance she may come across, and in turn render Earth utterly defenceless for her new master, allowing Commander X to claim this planet as a new critical colony in his growing Xilien empire.

Arching forward and roaring at her adversary, Gigan readily catapults herself at the King of the Monsters. Slashing and kicking, she violently attacks Godzilla with the giant lizard skilully doing his best to defend himself. The reptile could feel her claws scything and scraping into his scales when all of a sudden, a red laser emitted from Gigan's eye shot at Godzilla chest, the concentrated ray seared at his skin as he is forced back hopelessly. Trying to counterattack with a swipe of his claws, Godzilla ends up missing as Gigan leaps into the air and hovers mockingly around him.

Giving off another roar, Gigan rapidly zooms like a missile towards the King, gnashing and splintering his right shoulder with her hook, leading Godzilla to howl in pain as he is subsequently knocked to the floor. Landing gracefully some distance away, Gigan then fires two extension ropes from the underside of her hooks that then wrapped swiftly around her rival. Struggling to get them off, Godzilla does all he can to get away as she scarily brings him closer and closer, the tips of her claws gleaming brightly under the equatorial sun. Gigan yearns to reel the prized catch in, impale the struggling monster with her metal hooks, and finally incinerate him with her high-intensity laser.

With the gap shrinking drastically between himself and Gigan, the apex predator leans as far back as he could to apply as much weight as possible, but seeing as it is doing little to get him out of the entanglement, he's forced to resort to a different method. Dorsal fins starting to glow, Godzilla charges up his primary weapon. The whirring of his spines grow louder and louder until finally, looking at Gigan straight in her eye, Godzilla blasts his iconic atomic breath straight into her torso.

The sheer force of the blast launched the female kaiju back into a skyscraper behind her, and since Godzilla was still caught in her chains, he too ultimately was flung forward. The alpha crashed into the half spooked female with him on top as their fighting ceased for the moment. Shaking their poor heads in bemusement, the two Titans try to recall in their dazzled heads what had just occured, until the creaking of the building caught both their attentions. Gigan gasps in terror as the whole structure began to tumble freely onto them. Looking up to see the top half of the building come falling down, Godzilla hurriedly covers Gigan with his body, shielding her from the incoming hail of concrete rubble and glass as it all pounded into his back. 

With the dust of the collapsed tower eventually settling, Godzilla shakes off the pieces of debris and urgently checks to see if Gigan was alright. Despite her previous ruler saving her from getting pummelled, Gigan strains unsuccessfully to throw Godzilla off herself and continue the duel as she roars and growls at the monster. "Get off me you overgrown lizard!" Her soft and pleasant voice surprised Godzilla as he forced himself to pin both her arms against the ground. 
"Snap out of it, Gigan!" He shook her. Now really isn't the time to think this, but damn she's undeniably even prettier when up close the alpha admitted. As Gigan continues to hiss and snarl in his face, Godzilla carried on. "You have been brainwashed! You and so many others have become pawns in the Xiliens' scheme to ravage the Earth." Not only was he desperate to try and rescue her from the aliens' control but also desperate to avoid glancing at her stupendous rack, which was only a kaiju's inch away from grazing his chest. "Do you want to live a life where you are dictated by others and forced to become a mindless slave?" Gigan looked on wrathfully, straight in the alpha's eyes - his beautiful, benevolent eyes - in silence, her influenced brain screams over and over to fight him, but her heart whispers otherwise. "Resist them, Gigan! This isn't you! You know this isn't you!"

Godzilla could feel that Gigan was no longer writhing to escape, her arms no longer trying to unshackle themselves free. The previously malicious monster, now pacificied to a docile Titan, goggles up to Godzilla, whose snout is just about hovering over her beak. Confidently releasing one of her arms from his grasp, the King places a hand against the side of Gigan's face, gently stroking her cheek. The female's pupil dashed between from staring at Godzilla to his hand, which so softly caresses her head. Adding this on top of the awkward situation the two monsters find themselves in on the floor, Gigan begins to flush. With one arm now free, she could at anytime spike the reptile and finish the battle off right here and now, but something inside her must have snapped. With Godzilla starting to blush visibly as well, he braved himself even further, and went down to give the titan he was meant to destroy a gentle and subtle kiss. Eye wide open, Gigan was completely dumbfounded by this unexpected action, her mind buzzing for the last time before something... hit her.

As Godzilla's tongue dug its way past Gigan's beak and into her mouth, venturing like an explorer into the new, uncharted lands of her maw, she hereafter yields to the instinct she had lost amidst the Xiliens' clutches. Slamming her eye shut and groaning, Gigan hears a high pitch ringing in her ears. Lifting his head out of the way, Godzilla cups the kaiju's head in his hands, scared and worried for the monster. Her brain throbbing intensely for only a few seconds, it all soon passes as the pain along with that glass shattering ring she experiences soon dies down. Breathing heavily, Gigan tilts her head to the side as if she had lost consciousness. "Gigan? Are you alright?! Gigan?!" Godzilla shook her again. Grunting lightly the girl slowly opened her eye, the kaiju's visor had brightened significantly, becoming a more radiant red in colour compared to before. And along with that, a gleaming, light cherry pupil also appears to have been restored. 
"NGH, my head..." Gigan moaned before looking back up to the alpha titan. 
"You gave me quite the fright just now!" Godzilla chuckled as he looked straight at her recovered pupil. 
"Sorry about that!" Gigan giggled. "Now uh, what were we doing again?"
"This." With just a single word, the monsters collided into each other, this time with Gigan also firing back at the King, both their tongues soon intertwining amongst themselves. 
"Thank you. For saving me." Gigan spoke quietly as she stared wondrously into Godzilla's eyes. 
"Anything for a beautiful girl like you!" The reptile replied before resuming their kiss.

Being the kind of monster who always enjoys getting a nice feel of his kaiju sluts before diving into the deep end of the pool, Godzilla with both hands grabs ahold of Gigan's breasts, facilitating himself with her admirable bosoms before moulding them in his grasp. She titters in happiness as her King gropes her gorgeous orbs. Reluctantly stopping their kiss, Godzilla goes down to suckle on her tits, desperate to see how they taste. Gigan loves how he rolls his tongue around her nipples, softly sucking along her curves. They were definitely different to any other pair he's suckled. Gigan's was more tangy, so unique that Godzilla almost just can't get over how delicious they were. This girl's breasts were just as good to taste as they are to grope. Gigan lets out an harmonious gasp in return after her lover slowly fills his mouth to the brim with her left orb, encasing it with his wet lips as his tongue circled round the peak endlessly to her pleasure. Her cute moans are like music to the King's ears, so why not make the whole experience even better?

Suddenly feeling something prod between her legs (something hard!) Gigan looks to see what it was, Godzilla too looked down see what had diverted her attention as well. Sprung from his body, the giant lizard's pulsing cock had already sprouted, ready for action as it taps at the entrance of Gigan's womanhood. Giggling at the occurance, the two knew exactly where this was gonna go from here. Holding her by the hips Godzilla readies himself to insert his great length deep inside her awaiting pussy. Slipping past her outer rim, the King of the monsters excitingly finds himself deep inside the monster babe after as he eagerly thrusts into her. Godzilla could almost feel the wondrous sensations transmitting throughout Gigan's body, the tensing of her legs to the twist of her waist, he could hear the girl just pleading for him to take her - and take her he shall.

The kaiju become engulfed in the moment as they savoured in each other's presence, they could feel the thrill building as soon as Godzilla pulls his dick half out and shoves it straight back in. Gigan's orchestral moans grew louder with every thrust, never had she had a manhood as large as Godzilla's dig into her vagina, never had a male gift her with such revitalising energy as the alpha predator himself. "AHHHH!!! It feels so fucking good!!" The girl exclaims, and Godzilla could say the same as well in return. Out of all the cunts he's claimed in his time, this is a choice one, her pussy was like a cozy warm glove that nicely engulfs his length. The titillating sight of Godzilla fucking a titan bitch never ceases to amaze, and the kaiju King grins with smug as he proceeds to pound harder and faster into this slut.

Gigan's tail waggles from side to side, jolting every time Godzilla pleasurably punches the entrance to her womb. "Your pussy's so - AGH!! Fucking tight!!" Godzilla grunts as his eyes travel down from gazing at the monster babe's gorgeous face to her bouncing breasts, jiggling in pattern to his powerful thrusts further below. Gigan continues to shudder in ecstasy, the radioactive reptile's cock bulging her stomach as it fills her canal to the max. All this stimulates her nerves so nicely, and all she wants now is to give Godzilla the honour to gift her the orgasm she desires and deserves, and since the giant lizard hasn't ceased to change his course of direction, she soon gets what she longed for. Feeling his dick become clamped from all angles, Godzilla hears a loud jubilant squeal escape from his new slut's drooling beak. Slamming shut her eye and tensing her abs, a grandiose stream of Gigan's runny honey bursts out of her pussy, splattering across Godzilla's scales with such pressure and such longevity. 

Godzilla couldn't put into words how amazing it felt to give her with such a powerful release, to make her feel on top of the world after the ordeal the Xiliens had put her through against her will, and what better way to claim this bitch as his own than to return the favour and cum for her. Bellowing aloud, the King of the Monsters drills as deep as he could, driving right into her untouched uterus. And with his cock virtually on the brink of explosion, Godzilla lights the fuse and bombards the luscious Gigan with his seed. The girl could feel her lover expanding her womb with his spunk, fertilising her as she becomes more deluged than a flood plain. With each pump, a new wave of cum spews out of her plugged pussy, Gigan couldn't help but scream in all that simmering warmth, panting heavily as she, like every slut before her becomes overrun with the alpha predator's cum. "AGHH!! There we go!" Godzilla chuckled as he licks and kisses along the sides of Gigan's face while she lays there getting dumped all that homely heat, wishing for just a quick respite. But the King of the Monsters has other plans!

Promptly taking his dick out, Godzilla causes a tremendous torrent of cum to burst out of his slut's pussy as loud and fiery as a violent storm surge, staining the ground below under a thick layer of creamy slime. Then smirking under his breath, the apex predator benignly pulls Gigan off the ground, and stands her up straight. Gigan gasps excitedly in astonishment, not only could she feel a reservoir's worth of cum pouring down from her widened pussy, she could also feel her lover's jizz sloshing and swirling inside her belly, weighing her down. 

Bending her down slightly, Godzilla rapidly shoves his cock back into her now slippery snatch, and impatiently resumes the devastating railing of her luscious cunt. Gigan's breasts shake insanely all over the place while mountain sized dollops of splooge plummet from both her pussy and the King's cock - with the squelching and squishing of cum eminating across the smoking city. 

After slapping Gigan's butt cheeks silly, Godzilla then slides his hands up her smooth body, grabbing ahold of her wobbly tits and fondling them firmly within his great clutch to both their pleasures. Tongue drooping from the side of his dribbling jaw, Godzilla rails his newfound slut so relentlessly, so mercilessly that he ends up causing Gigan to climax again only a few minutes from the first. Wailing euphorically again, the kaiju girl's fluids waters down the alpha's viscous seed that persists in oozing out of her body. Taking his hands off her tits, and placing them on the underside of her thighs, Godzilla lifts the sexy kaiju babe up, holding her in position with his deceptively powerful arms as his cock one again burrows up inside the bitch. As Gigan and his dick slide up and down, Godzilla rests his chin against the slut's shoulder, grunting joyfully throughout and till the end. Shrieking in pure ecstasy as a new, more powerful wave of atomic seed satisfyingly shatters her insides, Gigan's belly bloats even further as both her knees go completely insane. Godzilla roars euphorically as he once again subdues another slut into submission, and what a slut this one has turned out to be. Rumbling appreciatively, the King of the Monsters ultimately stops his devastating offensive.

The two kaiju fall silent in the ruined city, with only their heavy panting and the enormous drops of splooge falling down to the Earth, being audible to their ears. Lifted off his dick, Gigan moans loudly as the King's cum rushes out of her, creating deafening splashes as it all smashes against the ground. Once lowered down, Gigan finds herself stumbling like a toddler trying to walk for the first time as she collapses on her front into the sea of white beneath her. Trembling uncontrollably, breasts and belly squished against the floor, her position gives Godzilla a splendid view of her gaping cunt under her waving tail, constantly leaking out his delectable sperm. At last given time to rest for a minute or two, Gigan plans to do her King one last favour for the day.

Lifting herself off the gloopy floor, with much of the alpha's spunk now stuck against her front, Gigan knelt down adorably under Godzilla's shaft - to the alpha's concern! "Now uh... I don't think those hooks of yours will do any good, if you know what I mean." The kaiju spoke worriedly with a nervous titter as he pointed at the deadly claws. Smirking without saying a word, Gigan detaches her claws off her arms, revealing a pair of four fingered hands where the hooks once were as they clang to the floor. 
"Will these be alright?" She flexed her fingers. 
"Yeah they'll do." Godzilla grinned. Grabbing his cock in her sleek hands, Gigan begins pumping his shaft and looks cutely up to the pleasured lizard. 
"Let me clean your cock." She smiled seductively. First sucking his head, Gigan swivels her silky tongue round Godzilla's tip, purring endearingly as she could finally have the chance to taste the cock that sent her over the moon. Then dragging her tongue down his length from each and every angle, the monster babe collects all of the cum off her lover's shaft and into her mouth. Opening wide, she reveals to her King just how much spunk she had gathered, before swallowing half down her throat, and the other half left free to dribble smuttily out of her beak and down her smooth neck and breasts. Stroking Gigan's cheek as she looks courteously up to him like a loyal and obediant pet, the alpha monster whispers with a smug face, "Thanks for that, Gigan!"

As the female rises onto her trembling feet, holding onto her lover for support, Godzilla finalised the decision he's been thinking about ever since he first laid eyes on this stunning female. Following the numerous hours spent pleasurably fucking and breeding the day lights out of the countless kaiju sluts he stumbles across on his long voyages to safeguard the Earth, Godzilla (after gladly gifting them what every female desired from the mighty alpha) would leave the enraptured and indebted bitches where they laid, completely stuffed, draped and drowned in his cum, before he sets off to resume his kingly duties. This encounter with Gigan, maybe quite different. 

"Come with me." Godzilla urged. "Come home with me, back to my island, where you'll be safe, happy, and without fear of being manipulated into causing mindless violence ever again." A smile slowly grew on Gigan's face as she heard what else her King had to say. "I love you Gigan, and I would be honoured to have you become my and Mothra's mate." Godzilla proposed, heart pounding with atomic power. 
"Would... Would Mothra be okay with this?" Gigan brought up innocently, wishing not to become a problem. 
"Our Queen would want this just as much as I would. I guarantee that." The alpha promised as he slowly stroked the monster's head. Mothra and Godzilla had long wanted to scour the globe in search of the Earth's most endearing and perfect of females to share their undying love with, hoping one day the couple could find girls that both the King and Queen can affectionately call their beloved mates, with whom they can laugh, live and cherish with for the rest of their lives. Beaming sweetly, Gigan accepted her alpha's proposal, nodding in confirmation before Godzilla smooches with the kaiju and the two held each other passionately in their arms. 

Looking at the sun, the alpha notices it's already nearing sunset, he needs to get moving in order to engage with other enemy kaiju. "We might not be able to go back to Monster Island just yet. I still have one more place to go to before we can go home to regroup. You fancy tagging along?" Godzilla asked after they finished their cuddle.
"Sure! Someone's got to watch your back after all!" Replied Gigan eagerly with a titter. And with that being said, they both headed towards the ocean, leaving the silent city behind them as they stepped into the water. "Where are we headed to anyway?" Questioned Gigan after quickly cleaning herself and putting her claws back on her arms. Raising his snout into the air and utilising his acute Titan senses to determine where the next closest enemy kaiju is, the radioactive reptile points with his finger towards the location of their next destination. 
"To the North, to the higher continent we must go." Godzilla simply stated and turned to the kaiju. Thusly, with the girl finished cleansing and informed of their next course of action, the King of the Monsters dives into the sea with spines above the waterline, leading the way for Gigan to follow him from above.

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