Godzilla: Banging Wars

BY : J.W.BurningGoji54
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Chapter 16: Goddess Of Gold 

A week has past since the battle in Beijing and the destructive demise of SpaceGodzilla. From then on, the victorious Godzilla had set off on a constant ocean-going patrol of the globe, swimming along coasts and battling any unlucky monsters that he had stumbled upon in his journeys. Now finding himself on the North Atlantic island of Bermuda, Godzilla could at last enjoy the blissful luxury of sleeping. Waking up in the morning after a brilliant slumber, the King of the Monsters sits up straight with the sun on his back as he lookw away into the distance, into the shiny blue sea. Having flopped to the ground on the only open green-space he could find on this crowded island last night, he unknowingly slept on the island's golf course - startling a great many golfers that came for a morning game! Catching sight of a humpback whale surfacing up and shooting water out of its blowhole, Godzilla took in a deep breath to soak in the fresh oceanic air. 

As he stood himself up and got ready to resume his policing of the world, he then heard the distinct flapping of wings approaching him. Turning around, he saw nothing. Turning around again, he still saw nothing. Instincts kicking, his heart began throbbing, pumping adrenaline into his bloodstream as he prepares for a surprise attack. And what he heard next certainly was a surprise! Along with the flapping of wings he could also catch a faint ringing that he could recognise anywhere! "Mothra?" Godzilla smiled mischievously as he looked left and right. "Is that you?" He exclaimed. Then the next thing he knew: Ambush! Godzilla felt arms wrap round his body as he is forced to the ground, rolling on the floor until stopping on his back with a kaiju on top of him. Shaking his head and looking up, he saw his beloved Queen beaming back down at him. 
"In the flesh!" The Goddess of Peace exclaimed as she went down and locked lips with her valiant King. 
"I missed you so much, babe!" Godzilla whispered. 
"I missed you too, honey!" Mothra returned as they continued kissing. 

"I heard about your victory against SpaceGodzilla." Mothra sat up and placed her hands on Godzilla's stomach. 
"We and the kids don't have to be afraid of him anymore. He's gone." Godzilla comforted her.
"But is he gone for good this time? I don't want you or our children going through that hell again." Mothra gave him a worried and serious look.
"I'm quite certain I got him good this time!" The reptile assured the moth with a laugh.
"Well done, Goji-San!" Mothra smirked and went back down to kiss at his neck and chest. 
"Did you also hear that I got us a new mate?" Godzilla wondered.
"Mm, yeah! Rody and Ang brought her home to meet us. And like with Gigan and Femuto, I instantly fell in love with her!" Mothra kept on caressing her alpha's body. "The kids really like her as well! They all love to play with her!" The divine moth added. 
"And uh, did you get the chance to see what she's like in bed?" Godzilla looked down at her.
"We had a nice long threesome with Battra in the cave while the kids were all in the hot springs. She does not disappoint!" Mothra tittered as she stopped and rested her head down on him.
"I knew you'd love her! You like a girl that's just as playful and cheeky as you are!" Godzilla held onto her soulmate. 

"So how did your battle with the clone go?" Mothra questioned.
"It was alright. Though I must admit, it might have turned out rather differently if Rodan and Anguirus hadn't tagged along to fight alongside me. I owe them a lot because of that." Godzilla stroked the divine moth's back.
"Well, I guess it's a good thing I got them to help you after all!" Mothra bit her lip and waited for his reaction - which came straight after. 
"Wait... That was all your doing?" Godzilla's head bolted down to look at the goddess.
"Y-yeah?" Mothra worriedly replied as a broad smile appeared on her face. Grinning at her, the King rolled himself and his Queen along the ground. Giggling together, they then ground to a halt, with Godzilla now being the one on top. "Stop it Goji-San!" Mothra laughed as Godzilla licked and kissed all across her wonderful face. "No I won't!" Godzilla remarked as he kept on going. 
"I should at least get a 'thank you', you know!" Mothra continued giggling while her alpha went down to her neck and chest as she did before on him. 
"I'll 'thank you' in my own way!" The giant lizard stated, now having made his way to his girl's mesmerising rack, he started guzzling and groping her tits while Mothra squirmed with happiness - until that is, she saw something... abnormal...

"Goji-San?" She asked.
"Not right now, I'm busy!" The alpha predator was still enjoying himself with his mate. 
"No seriously look at that!" The divine moth pointed with her hand, only for it to be brought back down again to her side by Godzilla. 
"I'd much rather look at you instead!" The King persists on being playfully uncooperative as he reaches down to her pussy. 
"Okay, if you're gonna be like that then, fine!" Bringing up her left leg, she throws it over Godzilla's back before hurtling them round, now she was back on top. "Just look at it will you!" She pointed once again.
"So much for our happy reunion..." Godzilla mutters before doing as he's told. Looking all the way out to sea, a truly gigantic, thundery storm had appeared over the horizon. Dark and thick, it zoomed unusually rapidly away into the distance. "It's just a storm honey, it's only nature having a temper, now come on let's get back into it!" Godzilla slid his hands back up and squeezed at Mothra's breasts. 
"No that's impossible, no storm moves that fast!" The divine moth glimpsed at her chest and made the King keep his nosy hands to himself. "I say we follow it!" She proposed. 
"Do we have to though? I'm comfy here-." Godzilla stopped himself as he sees Mothra give him an angry expression from the high ground. "Okay we'll follow it!" Godzilla complies and raises his hands in defeat. He knew better than anyone to never, EVER, make Mothra mad. Getting off the ground, Godzilla entered into the water with Mothra hopping into the air straight after. Heading off in the same direction as the hurricane, the King and Queen of the Monsters got themselves into a heavy pursuit of the mystery storm.

Trailing the tropical storm west, Godzilla and Mothra are eventually forced on to land as the hurricane makes landfall on the North American continent. Sweeping away swathes of forests, tearing up whole towns and villages, and flooding entire landscapes that laid in its path. "No time to waste, lets keep going!" Mothra encouraged the King once retracting her wings on the now inundated coasts of North Carolina.
"Or... We could just presume that it really is just a big storm, and turn back now." Godzilla proposed childishly.
"Come on!" The goddess rolled her eyes and sighed as she tightly held onto her mate's hand and pulled the reptile along, resuming their chase. 

For a while the two chased the storm further and further inland, stomping through the many farmlands and fields that dominate the landscape in this state of America. The storm was still in their sights but was gradually escaping them, and most unusually, it hasn't seemed to have lost strength or size at all. "That's weird, how is that storm still staying strong after this long? It's lost it's supply of energy from the sea, so it makes no sense it can maintain all its power." Godzilla pointed out. 
"I told you something smelt fishy! Now come on let's keep going!" Mothra encouraged. For hours they kept on following the hurricane, stomping onto the muddy and wet pastures that it had ruined beyond repair, with nothing else much happening as they kept on following. 

However as they made it into the heart of North Carolina, something incredibly bizarre did occur, right in front of their eyes. The terrifying, rowdy storm just suddenly... disappeared. The dark clouds that are still present, prevented Godzilla and Mothra from seeing what is going on as it went behind a string of hills, but they didn't need eyes to tell them what is happening, for the next thing the two monsters heard, were the high pitch roars of another kaiju. And by the sound of it: A big one. "I don't like where this is going." Godzilla muttered as he shook his head, and the closer they got, the more they could hear. Gunfire, cannon fire, helicopter rotors, and the horrified screams of humans. As the greyness eventually dissipated and the King and Queen got themselves to the peak of the hill, they could finally see what was going on. A massive refugee camp as it turns out has been set up here (probably one of the largest on this side of the United States), and it is now under attack. Forewarned of the incoming threat, many of the humans have been evacuated by both air and ground, but there are still hundreds left to be rescued - most resorting to just leg it and flee into the fields. With only a small military garrison stationed here to protect the civilians, they were doing their very best to distract the monster and buy the chinooks and army trucks as much time as they could to get the people out of here and into safety. 

Stepping on and neutralising the last of the tanks that had dared to attack it, and watching the remaining attack helicopters flying away to protect the chinooks and vehicles leaving the scene, the monster had then senses it has company. Hissing like a snake, the Titan turned round to see who had been brave enough or foolish enough to challenge it. Though they were more than ready to do battle with whatever monster they come across, Godzilla and Mothra couldn't help but stand absolutely astonished at what they found themselves up against this time.

Skin being the grand colour of gold, the kaiju was bigger than Godzilla himself. Supported proudly up by two powerful legs, the monster unlike any other had three horned heads that greatly resembled that of mythical oriental beasts, and each of which were connected by long, serpentine necks to the main body - extending the Titan's height as the top of Godzilla's head only reaches just over half way up her necks. The monster also fosters two giant, bat-like wings, tipped with three, clawed hands connected to them at the joint where the wings fold. Also having two twin tails whose ends are barbed with sharp spikes, and yellow eyes and red pupils, it is clear who Godzilla and Mothra are up against. The golden God of the Sky, the terrifying three headed dragon: Ghidorah. Despite only controlling and having this kaiju for around one Earth year, this monster had conquered countless planets for the Xiliens, and had thus been labelled a favourite by the aliens. Many times did this extra terrestrial monster species attack Earth in the past, but none of them were as fearsome as this one, and in all honesty, none of them were anywhere near as beautiful. For this Ghidorah, is a female. 

Sounding its tail like a rattlesnake, the monster raises and spreads her wings apart like a cobra would with its hood as she snarls at her enemies. But as intimidating as she maybe to any other monster on the planet, to Godzilla and Mothra however, it had no such effect. To them, this display made her even more of a golden beauty that she already is. Straddling proudly on her chest was without challenge, the biggest pair of orbs either monster had ever seen, and to the King and Queen that is saying something. Even the goddess felt she should congratulate her for having such a busty figure. The two smooth, round mounds ravishingly radiates such powerful beams of elegance, and her cute, darker nipples on their peaks just makes Godzilla's mouth water so intensely. Moving their eyes down, the alpha and divine moth could bathe themselves on the rest of her fluent and fantastic frame. Her waist and hips are so adoringly perfect, they just wish she could twirl round and also show them her gorgeous ass as well. And thanks to her imposing posture, her parted legs revealed her tiny slit underneath. So cute and so shy, it hid so fearfully behind the rest of her luscious figure. 

"Why must so many of the best looking girls be on the bad side?" Mothra moaned quietly. Godzilla was with her there, he was trying so desperately to hamper down his lusts. He so badly wants to have this girl and his Mothra lay side by side on the ground and spread their legs for him while he fucks and fills their holes with his seed, making them scream his name as he rails the dragoness and goddess without mercy. But his fantasies must be put aside, this is another alpha kaiju he and Mothra have found themselves up against, and is therefore a major threat that must be dealt with. Finished analysing the enemy, the King and Queen of the Monsters roared simultaneously at the opponent, which was met by Ghidorah's own blood curdling roar as all her heads speared forward. As the reptilian apex predator sprinted down the hill and made it to the flat ground, the dragon alpha charged up to greet him with equal speed, while Mothra launches off into the air above them.

Colliding together, Godzilla and Ghidorah smashed so hard that the impact created a visible atomic boom that expanded outwards as they proceeded to ferociously wrestled one another. Grabbing the left and right heads in his claws, Godzilla lunges forward and bites down on the middle neck as they all screech and writhe to get out. Eventually shaking the theropod's hand off her skull, Ghidorah's right head bares her teeth before it clamps down onto the lizard's wrist. Screaming out loud, Godzilla then looses his grip on the left hand as it turned to bite on his bicep. As the King sees the lead head about to aim for his jugular, his Queen appears from behind the golden dragon as she grips onto the middle neck and forcefully yanks the beast away. Spinning round, Ghidorah manages to keep herself from falling over by digging her claws into the soil, creating deep marks in the ground. Hissing menacingly back at the two monsters as they stood united against her, the dragoness then becomes subject to a double volley of fire. Dorsal spines lighting vibrantly up, Godzilla blasts his atomic breath at Ghidorah, with Mothra doing the same by unleashing her antenna beams at the nemesis. Smirking, Ghidorah unfurls her wings and swings them forward, blocking the incoming barrage as she skids further back from the force they applied to her. 

Realising that their attack had failed as Ghidorah withdrew her shield and revealing her untouched body behind it, the two Titans then saw her throats and eyes beginning to glow and rapidly pulse a bright yellow. Jaws opening wide, electric-like beams then came streaming out the golden kaiju's maws in retaliation against the lizard and moth. Hastily firing back again, Godzilla and Mothra meet Ghidorah head on as their strikes slam hard against one another. With each monster stepping forward and increasing the pressure inside the growing sphere of radiation at the centre, the million degree ball soon as a result erupted furiously into a firework of sparks between the three Titans. Flapping her wings and flying towards the recovering couple, all three of Ghidorah's heads spew out more gravity beams sporadically at and around the King and Queen as Godzilla wraps himself round Mothra to protect his mate. 

Flying round in circles, the alpha dragoness hurled out more lightning strikes at the two monsters. Beams battering his scales, Godzilla then felt a giant explosion form on his back from the continuous bombardment, burning him as he falls to the ground with a heavy boom. "No! Goji-San get up - AGHH!!" Mothra shook his downed King before feeling herself being picked up off the ground and into the air. Struggling to pull Ghidorah's legs away as they latched onto her waist like leaches, the goddess' arms then get pulled away by the dragoness' left and right heads. With her body vulnerable, Ghidorah's middle head fires a gravity beam straight into Mothra's chest, sending her flying back down to Earth as the alpha female lets her go. After Mothra crashed mightily into the fields, Ghidorah could now refocus her attention back on the rival alpha. Whilst Godzilla just about got up, the three headed dragon collided again into the radioactive reptile, his arms held in place by the enemy kaiju's powerful jaws while Ghidorah's middle head wraps round the monster's neck. Squeezing his windpipe, the female alpha plans to suffocate Godzilla to death. Tightening her grip on him, the saurian wheezes as his lungs get starved of oxygen. 

However just as she thought she had everything in the bag, Ghidorah saw Godzilla's spines and the inside of his mouth flash blue right before her eyes. As he called up his reserves of energy, the King of the Monsters lights up as a blue atomic pulse bursts out of his body. Launching her right off, Ghidorah screams as she stumbles backwards. Free of her entrapment and taking a series of deep breaths to refill himself with air, Godzilla shoots another atomic ray at Ghidorah, finally bringing her fully to the ground. Still disorientated from what just happened, the dragoness nevertheless had all three of her heads blast electrical beams directly at Godzilla. Preparing once again for a lot of stinging, Mothra out of no where barrel rolls past in front of the alpha, producing a massive cloud of glittery golden scales from her wings in her place. The particles effectively reflected Ghidorah's attack, saving Godzilla before it dissipated away. Coming back around, the Queen zoomed this time towards the dragoness as the nemesis is about to launch another batch, this time aimed at Mothra. But just as the gravity beams were brewing up in their long throats, the divine moth spat out a giant, sticky web projectile at Ghidorah's faces, glueing them together just before they had the chance to shoot at the goddess. 

Screeches muffled as the golden monster tried to wipe the webbing off with her claws, Mothra called out to her King. "Now Goji-San! Finish her!" She made sure she's clear and out of the way. Charging his dorsal fins back up as well as clenching his fists and securing his feet to the Earth, Godzilla leans forward and unveils a potent, steady of his atomic breath. Hitting at her necks, Godzilla's ray severs all three of Ghidorah's necks as they fly off into the air and land some distance behind her. Beheaded by the executioner, the now headless three headed dragon collapses back onto the floor, the fresh stubs bleeding out black blood onto the grass as the body lays completely motionless.

Panting heavily, Godzilla holds onto Mothra as the two look on with both happiness and sadness. Happy that they eliminated a dangerous kaiju, and getting one step closer to beating the Xiliens, but also sad that they couldn't keep her alive and live a pleasant life together with the dragoness. "Probably one of the more horrific victories I've had..." Godzilla mumbled. 
"Is it a victory though?" Mothra rested her head on his chest. "It would be nice to try and save her if the chance was there." An upset Mothra mentioned. 
"I know, honey. I wished we could've rescued her too." Godzilla kissed her on the head as the two turned away to embark on the long walk back to the coast. That is, until something behind, them stopped them...

Turning round ever so slowly, Godzilla and Mothra could see the body of Ghidorah beginning to squirm back to life as her legs and tails wiggled and curled. "W-What's happening?" Mothra was almost afraid to ask. Godzilla for one was too dazzled to even speak. Emerging out of the three bloody stumps, new heads began to sprout, like hatchlings appearing out of their eggs. In a matter of seconds, each head and neck has been fully restored. Ghidorah, is still alive. Sitting up, the dragoness groaned lightly as their heads dizzily bumped into each other, it's almost like she's been violently yanked out of a trance of some sort. Glancing at each other, the King and Queen make a slow and cautious advance, wary of the potential threat she could still pose. "Umm... Are you uhh.... Are you okay?" Mothra peeked round as she hid round Godzilla's arm. Raising her heads, Ghidorah looked at the two monsters with great suspicion, each head switching sights between the two kaiju. 
"I'm... I'm fine." Ghidorah spoke softly as she stood herself up. No longer hissing or rattling her tail, and with her wings resting by her side, Ghidorah was no longer in the hostile and aggressive mood she was in just a few minutes ago. 
"You... you saved me!" Smiles gradually appears on the dragoness' faces. It has been so long since she felt so lively, so in control of her own self. 
"Yeah uhh... I guess we did!" Godzilla laughed nervously. Leaping forwards and outstretching her wings, Ghidorah enveloped the alpha and divine moth all in one go, startling the two Titans, but were both more than happy to go with the flow. 
"Thank you!" Ghidorah's left and right heads nudged at the lizard and moth's.

"I don't know your names." The three headed monster utters. 
"I'm Godzilla. And this my mate Mothra." The alpha introduced.
"I'm Ghidorah. Well, Queen Ghidorah actually." The dragoness shrugged. 
"Oh you're a Queen just like me!" Mothra happily mentions. 
"I'm also a dominant alpha on my own planet, I rule a world just like your Earth along with my four sisters." Ghidorah adds as beamed back at Mothra. 
"Hmm, you're an alpha just like Godzilla then too!" The goddess' shook her partner beside her, but she then realises that his mind was some place else. Godzilla's eyes locked onto the mighty golden rack in front of him. Bigger than his head, Godzilla is left absolutely speechless as he fixes on her supple, honey tainted nipples. 
Heads turning round, Ghidorah notices this too. "Is something the matter?" She grins down appealingly.
"No. Nothing's the matter at all." A half smile then grew on his face. 
"I think Godzilla here likes you!" Mothra giggles. 
"Oh does he?" The dragoness flickers her tongues. All three heads scanning this handsome male, he ain't half bad for a big lizard. Ghidorah takes her time admiring the well-built male while Mothra looks on from the side with pleasure. She would very much like to see his Godzilla handle a female of Ghidorah's size. 

"I guess I have a lot repaying to do after you rescued me from the Xiliens." Ghidorah got closer to Godzilla as her heads coo, their attractive feminine faces putting Godzilla in a trance of his own. 
"I suggest we should get straight into it." The male alpha whispered as he ran his hands softly along her shapely hips. 
"You don't mind me stealing your mate away from you for a while, do you Mothra?" The dragoness' left head smirked at the goddess. 
"Be my guest!" Mothra sat down to enjoy the view, now is the perfect opportunity to see what Godzilla gets up to on his long global patrols (both in peace and wartime). With permission granted, the left head moved back to rejoin the others. As Godzilla locks eyes with the middle head, the two leaned eagerly forward and kissed each other deeply. All closing their eyes, the other two heads licked and caressed at the kaiju King's neck, while Godzilla and Ghidorah's lead head taste one another's mouths as their jaws inter-lock. Later parting, several separate strings of their saliva form as they take a quick breather before going back in. Their wet tongues twist and twirl in their open mouths as their mixed spit drop onto Ghidorah's tits, catching Godzilla's attention. Realising what he's gonna next, Ghidorah gently shakes her body as she smirks at the King. Her gargantuan orbs sway so stimulatingly for the saurian, hooking him into her net. And it didn't take long for Godzilla to pounce at Ghidorah. 

Raising his arms from her sides, the King of the Monsters out stretches his fingers and places both his hands onto Ghidorah's busty breasts. Her nipples peeping between his index and middle fingers, Godzilla squeezes her jugs firmly, squishing and kneading the largest duo he ever laid his hands on. All of Ghidorah's heads leant back as they moaned lightly in glee. She could tell this alpha predator knew what he is doing, she knew he has had plentiful experience handling girls in his grasp. Confidently massaging her tits, Godzilla revels in her soft cushiness, and after plucking plentiful kisses across the base of Ghidorah's necks, he gets down onto his knees, putting himself on eye level with the dragoness' magnificent mounds. After the two kaiju gave each other a naughty glance, Godzilla opened his mouth to guzzle freely on the girl's right breast. Ghidorah gasps and lets out adorable mewls as she looks down to see this King suckling and pleasing both himself and her. Now focusing on her nipple whilst he carried on moulding her breasts, Godzilla sucks passionately on her teat, circling his tongue around it as he followed her areola. She felt so soft, Godzilla thought to himself, her off worldly taste was just so flavoursome, the apex Titan fell absolutely in love with it. But for kneading and sucking on are not all these breasts are bound to be good for. After having his fill and standing back up onto his feet, Godzilla has the alpha female lay down on her back for him. Smiling back up with her tongues lolling out in excitement, she blithely waggles her two twin tails, beckoning Godzilla to come forward and meet her. 

The King of the Monsters could see in all her magisterial glory, Queen Ghidorah's sensational snatch. Situated between her incredible thighs, Godzilla couldn't wait to step up and claim her for himself, but before he does that, he wants try something else first. And after he had spent so much time with her breasts, Ghidorah harbours a slight idea on what the atomic lizard was up to now. Moving in and perching himself on top of the dragoness, Ghidorah's jaws drop with exhilaration upon laying her eyes on Godzilla's monstrous member. Protruding prestigiously out from his body, stands what is undoubtedly the largest cock Ghidorah had come across, and as it throbbed and oozed out his precum, she could tell Godzilla was ready action. "I bet you tamed countless girls with that big cock of yours!" Ghidorah gave Godzilla a lascivious smile. 
"And you're about to be one of them!" Godzilla smirked back. Once again grabbing ahold of her jugs, Godzilla shifts his cock in between the two mountains, sliding through and along her narrow cleavage as he closes the gap on his dick. Ghidorah's heads scan from every angle the reptile's raging rod as it pokes out with much to spare on the top end. Each of the heads go in and take a deep whiff through their noses as their nostrils widen. The three headed dragon titters with delight, as they smell Godzilla's scent. He has the musk of an assertive King, the musk of dominant alpha. Ghidorah already knows she's gonna have a lot of fun with this male. 

With Godzilla's cock as hard as it could be and Ghidorah becoming ever more impatient, the giant lizard starts his engines. Drifting in back and forth, the King of the Monsters ploughs his way through Ghidorah's tits. The alpha predator grunts in ecstasy, it feels so astronomical and heavenly to thrust his diamond dick into the dragoness' pair of pillows, to feel his length grind so smoothly against her warm skin. Ghidorah must praise Godzilla for handling her with such firmness, she loves how he gropes and uses her massive orbs for his enjoyment - and why not make that enjoyment a little bit better for him? The first to lean forward, the middle head uses her snake-like tongue and licks at Godzilla's tip whenever it gets up close, and following up, the other two heads also do the same as well. Making brief flicks, Ghidorah gets her first little taste tests of Godzilla's powerful manhood, and she is far from being displeased. Godzilla is finding it increasingly difficult to compose himself as faint gasps escape his maw. This was reminding him of the lovely time he tit-fucked Mothra all those days ago back on Monster Island. Ghidorah was making this experience just as memorable and intense as the one the divine moth gave him. And as the apex predator decided to fuck her breasts faster, he gave Ghidorah all the telltale signs of what to expect next. Pressing the dragoness' mounds more securely onto his shaft, Godzilla could no longer handle all the excitement that this monster girl has been granting him. With Godzilla growling through his teeth, a thick stream of his hot seed blasts violently out the tip of the King's cock. Heads collected together and mouths already wide open, the male alpha's gloop spurts across Ghidorah's faces and necks, immediately gulping down all the cum that so quickly overfill their jaws. Blast after blast, Godzilla kept on ejaculating, the taste of his jizz was just so phenomenal, so yummy. Ghidorah couldn't get enough of it, and thankfully for her, her new mate has plenty to provide - all for her. 

Pulling out and heftily jerking, Godzilla then aims his dick down onto the Titan's body as he empties the rest of his burst all over Ghidorah's monumental rack at point blank range. Splashing across her breasts, they become glazed under warm white towels as they drop down into her crevice and stomach, or over cliffs and onto her wings. As Ghidorah downed the last of his cum and licked her eyes clean, restoring her sight, the first thing the golden dragoness sees is the still solid cock that looms impressively over her as it continues spit out smaller streaks of sperm onto her orbs and necks. Each head giving Godzilla a suggestive look, Ghidorah then went down and got to work cleansing her jugs free of the alpha kaiju's splooge. Their long necks and long tongues allowing them to clean every little inch in a matter of moments. It felt so good seeing this kaiju babe clean his cum off her tits, to see her collect his hot cream in her maws before in the end, swallowing it all done her lengthy throats in great mouthfuls - then re-opening wide and revealing their empty mouths to the King. And seeing how she loves taking cum down her throat, Godzilla wonders how much she would like it up and deep inside her core. Rumbling with smug, Godzilla shuffles down Ghidorah's shapely body, before arriving at her cunt. 

The dragoness was already dribbling with her fluids, hungry for the King of the Monsters to fulfil her every urge. Spreading apart the three headed kaiju's thighs, Godzilla places his thumb on her spherical, golden clit - pleasuring her in a circular motion as Ghidorah lets out more cute moans for Godzilla while all her heads stare dreamily at him. Grinning at the Titan, knowing she loves the feeling, Godzilla heads in as he implants his face into Ghidorah's cunt. The dragoness squeals with happiness as the King's tongue slides up her slit, running up between her soggy labia and marvelously stimulating her nerves. Ghidorah's pussy tastes even more wondrous than her jugs, her runny syrup tingling his tongue, her exotic flavour unlike anything he's tasted before. The three headed monster was absolutely bewildered, he for sure knew how to tease a female and simply make her implore for more. She so desperately wants him to get a move on, to shove his subjugating cock inside her watery cunt. And with his dick yearning for more action, Godzilla felt he should get a move on as well. Planting a final kiss on her salivating snatch, Godzilla kneels up straight with one hand holding onto one of Ghidorah's titanic thighs, and the other clutching at his colossal cock. 

This is it Ghidorah thought to herself. This is when he comes to claim her as his own. Queen Ghidorah had mated with monsters in the past back on her home planet. She bred with the strongest males of her kind, but never before has she mated with a Titan other than her own species, let alone a Titan that is also an alpha and whose power was enough to rival her own strength. Purring enticingly at the reptile, Ghidorah implores Godzilla to step up and take her - a King to take his Queen. And take her the alpha predator will! Prodding at her small slit, Godzilla feels for an opening before finally discovering it. "Time to put you in your place, slut!" He exclaimed. Propelling in, both kaiju groan in elation as Ghidorah slowly but surely swallows up more of the King's dick. While Ghidorah's legs get wrapped round Godzilla's back, the dragoness' slick and wet walls get peeled apart from all sides as the alpha heads further into her sex. It has been so long since she got a male inside her, being under the influence of the Xiliens meant she couldn't have the same luxuries as she had back when she was a free monster. She wishes she can savour this moment for as long as she wants! Godzilla begins grunting as he meets such unparalleled resistance. For a kaiju so large she isn't half tight! But nevertheless, Godzilla still made this Queen yield to her new King, and after giving her a frisky smirk, Godzilla shows her the true might of the King of the Monsters. 

Bit by bit Godzilla conquers more of her pussy, stretching her snatch as he smashes her like she his toy. The giant lizard so badly wants to make a bitch out of her, to have the dragoness become another one of his cock sleeves that he will fuck day and night for his pleasure, and seeing as how things are going so far, that dream may very well become a reality. Ghidorah squeals as this lizard nails into her body, grinding her moist tunnel with such fiery fury, with such masterful majesty. As her body jolts up and down, so did her colossal rack, the monster's breasts were already jiggling from the ending motions, capturing Godzilla's eyes as he kept on pillaging her to his liking. Though she may be an illustrious Queen, more prominent than any other kaiju in the universe, Ghidorah would always be more than willing to let deserving males worthy of her attention to completely ravage her grand self. She would be glad to allow those she would otherwise have mastered to utterly subdue and master her, to force the dragoness to reveal her inner self as a cock-cuddling, cum-craving slut. And that, is exactly what Godzilla will be setting out to achieve. 

Again and again, Godzilla pounds this dragon cunt with his pulsing penis, using his immense tail to propel his hips into Ghidorah. 
Godzilla was just so unrelenting in his attack, so suppressive in his nature. He makes Ghidorah feel so owned, her body no longer her's but his. She may be Queen on her own planet, but this is Godzilla's world, here she is nothing more than a slave to his tremendous, insatiable dick. Throwing her heads back, Ghidorah absorbs the furious onslaught, mewling as she feels Godzilla's cock slam at her cervix, finally filling up all of her glorious pussy with his meat. And in the midst of all this, she spies the alpha male chuckling down at her. Godzilla acclaims her unquenchable debauchery, amused at his achievements in fucking this slut silly, reducing her into a pile of space dust. Thus as Ghidorah brings up her hands to fondle at her rack, the three headed dragon begins to experience a sensation she had not felt in forever. It comes like a raging tsunami, building up strength and growing in size as it approaches the great landmass. Her squeals turn into screams, her heart rate increasingly thumps in her chest, and her tails waggle even more rigorously. Thus as her pussy becomes absolutely drenched in her silky sap, it becomes ever more evident that the floodgates could no longer handle the incoming torrent. Canal collapsing in on itself as Godzilla feels her wet walls squeezing all around him, Ghidorah lets out her iconic roar as she becomes overwhelmed by the universal orgasm Godzilla has given her. Necks all arching back as she smiles in ecstasy, Ghidorah squirts out her honey that had been trapped inside her for far too long. Bursting out and drenching her fucker's cock, Ghidorah's cum splashes all across Godzilla's abs before dripping and sliding down to the floor between them. 

Electricity courses through Ghidorah's veins, enhancing and elongating her climax even more as she spurts out more of her honey out for the King. He truly deserved it after gifting her such a mesmerising release that no other mate had come close to granting her before. Godzilla couldn't help but feel honoured to make this slutty Queen cum so strongly and so potently, and now as Ghidorah more or less settled down from her all time high, all she would have to do is wait for Godzilla to give her a present in return. In her time, Ghidorah had given birth to and raised many young, cementing her bloodline and strengthening the future of her ruling dynasty. Any offspring that shall come out of this will undoubtedly grow to be the most powerful of them all. With the children having the combined traits of two dominant alphas in their prime, the dragoness would not want to miss this golden opportunity. 

Now sprinting in the final leg, Godzilla thrusts as intensely as he could into Ghidorah. Leaning forward and grabbing ahold of her tits in his claws, the King of the Monsters hollers as he finally feels the build up of cum in his dick. At this momentous occasion, there is nothing more in the entire universe that Ghidorah could want than to have Godzilla finish off inside her, to fill her milf cunt to the brim with his delicious seed and fertilise her treasured eggs. She wishes Godzilla to cum for her, she begs Godzilla to cum for her. Flashing a wilful sneer, Godzilla's saliva dribbles back onto the dragoness' jugs, overjoyed with the thought of deluging this bitch as his own like no other, to make her pregnant with his children, to mark his property like he did with so many other kaiju sluts on his Earth. Godzilla absolutely adores how Ghidorah pleads for him to give it to her, she simply could not wait any longer... and luckily for her, neither could Godzilla! Soon finding it increasingly impossible to suppress it down as he feels his cum rushing up to his tip, the King of the Monsters lets out a thunderous roar into the sky - with Ghidorah joining in too. And at long last, he came. Locked in place by the golden kaiju's legs, Godzilla pushes as far in as he could, his head emerging past her cervix before ultimately unleashing the payload. 

Firing inside the trembling Titan, Godzilla growls as his first pump instantly floods Ghidorah's womb, rushing into her core. While the theropod still makes spaced but enormous humps into her vagina, the wailing Ghidorah's tongues hang loosely out her jaws, with her eyes also rolling back in pure joy - allowing blissful euphoria to take over her entire body. Pumping more inside the squealing slut as he grins down at her, Godzilla could see her belly expanding so rapidly, stretching her womb as he keeps feeding Ghidorah his cum. Alongside this, the alpha male's splooge also bursts blindingly out of her plugged pussy, dirtying the floor between her thighs. With Ghidorah's legs drastically weakened, Godzilla breaks out of her chains as he gets back onto his feet. Exiting himself out of Ghidorah's conquered cunt, Godzilla then jovially sprays the rest of his massive burst all over his squirming toy. Coating the dragoness with such thickness, her entire body gets washed by swathes of the saurian's sperm as cum explodes fiercely out of her open pussy. Panting heavily with her womb filled to the brim with gloopy seed, Ghidorah raises her heads up to gaze sultrily at the King of the Monsters as he smirks straight back down at her. Cum rushing past his feet, Godzilla's desires however are still not yet satisfied, his throbbing dick staying as hard as great strings of cum hang from his tip. Ghidorah too was still longing for more action, a year's worth of no sexual pleasure would do that to any kaiju! She wants to wholly make up for all the lost time! Despite acknowledging each other's yearns, they feel they should at least wait for Ghidorah's snatch to finish pouring out Godzilla's splooge before he could rail her mercilessly again. How reckless of him to pack her pussy up with so much cum so quickly! If only the King has another one of his sluts here to fill in for Ghidorah now. Oh wait... He does!

Turning round, Godzilla's eyes lock onto Mothra as she stares back with eager anticipation on her mates next move. Both motioning her to come and join them, Godzilla and Ghidorah see the girl walking so temptingly towards them. Her breasts lightly jumping and hips elegantly swaying, she's such a remarkable sight to admire! Exchanging cute smirks and titters with Ghidorah, Mothra steps into the growing puddle of cum between the golden kaiju's legs, standing just in front of Godzilla with her back to the alpha. "You didn't think we'd let you miss out on all the fun now did you?" Ghidorah spoke alluringly while Godzilla creeped his hands up to fondle Mothra's tits. 
"How very thoughtful of you two!" The goddess giggled.
"I for one am just so caring and compassionate aren't I?" He chuckled arrogantly as he kissed along the divine moth's right neck and shoulder before forcefully bending her body down and making her gasp aloud. 
"Caring and compassionate, my ass!" She laughed jokingly as Godzilla's hand is pressed onto her back, keeping her still while the radioactive reptile prepares himself for the next round. 
"Which is now about to be my ass again!" Godzilla taps the underside of his dick against her butt cheek before inserting it up the Queen's succulent snatch. Biting her lip as her cunt rejuvenates with her best friend and moaning as she spreads her legs, Mothra gazes back round to her partner. 
"Turn me into what you made Ghidorah! Show me again why it is you owns me! And no one else!" The goddess shakes her booty delectably with Godzilla's dick inside. 
"As you wish!" The King licks the side of Mothra's magnificent face before making a massive thrust into her pussy, and causing the girl squeal out loud. 

Shifting both his hands to Mothra's hips, Godzilla secures his slut in place as he proceeds to ram his robust rod repeatedly and ragingly into the beautiful Queen of the Monsters. Godzilla adores making his sluts bend down for him while he pounds the fuck out of them, making them scream for him to go faster and harder as he rails them pitilessly from behind. And as for Mothra, she mewls in delight in the thought of being utterly repressed into doing her King's bidding, to let herself be once again under the total mercy of her mate. Just seeing Ghidorah writhe under all that warmth and knowing she'll soon be joining her alongside is so tantalising in on itself. Mothra could already feel Godzilla smashing at the entrance to her womb, his enormous penis grinding the ribbed walls of her sex so powerfully. It always feels amazing to be ruthlessly drilled into by her one and only King. Grinning at Mothra as she too gets in on the action herself by shifting in and out on her end, Godzilla playfully spanks the goddess' ass, sending such wild sensations through her wobbling buns as the moth squeals in happiness. "AGHH FUCK!! Tell me Mothra, who is MY bitch?!" Godzilla demands stiffly as he continues smacking her round ass. 
"ME!!! I'M YOUR BITCH!!! I LOVE BEING YOUR BITCH!!! JUST PLEASE!!! DON'T STOP!!!" Mothra's mouth began to water to from all the rapture, her ass beginning to redden. "That's right!! And forever will you remain my bitch!! You belong to me, and me ONLY!!" The King of the Monsters sneers with such power. 

Godzilla just kept on going, kept on riding the slutty Queen. Mothra for one does not know how much longer she could last, she could feel her stomach bulging out whenever her mate strongly slams back into her pussy, her mind discarding all her troubles and responsibilities out the window as Godzilla sails her luxuriously away into the sunset. Her wails begin to louden, her legs start to quake, Mothra could sense something rising from her bottom, all the way up to her top, she can finally feel it taking shape. And she was begging for it. She implored for it. Godzilla was going to make Mothra cream all over his cock. Her juices were already dripping on to the cum covered floor, and there's going to be a lot more where that came from. With one enormous cry of elation, the Goddess of Peace lets it all break lose. As Godzilla kept on pounding her, Mothra squirts strikingly at him and the ground, all while she clutches for dear life on her rack. The King couldn't deny it, it felt just as amazing to make Mothra cum as he made Ghidorah, and he might as well give the divine moth the same bonus he gave the dragoness as well while he's at it!

Snatching Mothra's arms away from her tits and holding her straightened limbs by the wrist for both their support, Godzilla further spaces apart his legs before he resumes the barrage. The alpha predator was now thrusting even more strongly into the divine moth, the female jolting powerfully forwards and would be sent launching forwards onto Ghidorah if it weren't for Godzilla holding her where she hung. And speaking of Ghidorah, with the golden beauty propping her body up with her elbows as cum slides down her breasts and abdomen, the dragoness was absolutely loving the show. The two Queens beam affectionately at each other, with Ghidorah greatly enjoying the view of the divine moth's giant jugs as they jump and hang freely from her chest. The dragoness couldn't wait to get back in on the action with both these two monsters now. And luckily for her, that shouldn't be too long from now!

With her entire body quaking with glee, Mothra could feel Godzilla humping away ever more friskily at her cunt, now able to grind against her inner walls that much more pleasurably thanks to how soaked her snatch had become. Pressure building once more, Godzilla could sense that this is going to be a big one. Hammering his great shaft as fast as his hips could allow him, the alpha predator groans thrillingly while he grins at his slut. Mothra like Ghidorah had done before her was beckoning for her mate to give her what she deserves, imploring like a slave to her master. Hence as Godzilla clenches tightly at the goddess' wrists, the King of the Monsters blows off his boiling steam. Still riding the bitch out as he growls in pure ecstasy, Godzilla rapidly overfills Mothra's uterus at the click of a finger. Ghidorah on the other side could see the moth Queen's belly inflating more and more after each of Godzilla's great pumps. And beyond that, the dragoness could also see the waterfall of white plummeting from her corked cunt. She couldn't put into words just how wonderful it all looks! 

Suddenly letting go of her toy, Godzilla releases his firm clasp on Mothra's wrists, sending the goddess falling straight on top of the slimy Ghidorah. Cum gushing out of her pussy and adding onto the lake of spunk, Mothra giggles together with the golden Titan as the moth slides down onto the dragoness' left wing. With both females now looking up, they see the formidable Godzilla towering above them as he strokes his mighty manhood. Aiming down at his two sluts, Godzilla hurls out volley after volley of his seed, coating the both of them as they laugh and gasp like kids playing in a pool. As he showers them so persistently, Mothra and Ghidorah lay back in relaxation amongst each other, letting the King of the Monsters excessively spray mark them both, all in one go. Completely painting their bodies, Godzilla buries them under endless layers of his cum, covering their heads, covering their breasts, covering their abs, covering it all. 

But even the most fantastic of things must draw to a close. With his colossal climax eventually but unfortunately coming to an end, the two females are left lying in the extreme warmth that Godzilla had so cosily tucked them into. Nicely stuffed with the theropod's fabulous seed, the two kaiju sluts bask in all the extraordinary atomic spunk that so pleasingly heats them up both internally and externally. With Ghidorah's left head going round to wipe the sperm off the divine moth's eyes and cheeks with her tongue, and her right head going down to suckle at the goddess' grand orbs, Mothra eagerly engages in a passionate snog with the dragoness' middle head, moaning lightly in each other's mouths. And while they set about licking each other's bodies clean of the mess Godzilla had left them in, the alpha predator could only chuckle over the thought that they shall be doing so much more of this over the following hours of this eventful and fabulous day.

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