Godzilla: Banging Wars

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Chapter 15: A Mommy's Girl 

Pinning Akira to the ground of the play area by the neck with her fist and elbow raised in the air, Azami emerges victorious after a lengthy training brawl with her sister. Each stifling a playful little giggle, Akira submitted to her kin. Clapping, their mother, Aunt, cousin and siblings congratulated them both for their efforts while Azami helped her sister off the ground and hugged her warmly. "Wonderful work, girls! Well done!" Battra applauded. 
"I'll get you next time!" Akira smirked.
"I'm looking forward to it!" Azami kissed her on the cheek before Akira walked off to sit next to the dark moth in her arms. 

"You sure you don't want to give it a go?" Battra turned to face her sister as she lazed about with Mirai. 
"Nah I'm alright!" She sighed longingly in relaxation. 
"Of course, if you're... scared you might get beaten by your own daughter... I understand!" Azami teased. Everyone turned to see Mothra's dazzling eyes narrow, with a mischievous grin growing on her face. Standing up, the divine moth casually walks up and joins Azami in the ring, standing a short distance away from her contender. "Now that's better!" Battra tittered. As the mother and daughter got into their positions, the dark moth gave the signal to go. "And... fight!" She announced, bringing her hand down. 

Side stepping and circling round, the two lock on to the other before Azami made the first move. Activating her wings she blasted off into Mothra, spinning round 360 degrees and outstretching her right leg to score a heavy hit at the goddess. Thinking on her feet however, Mothra raised up her left arm blocked her incoming attack with such speed and accuracy. The Queen was surprised at the ferocity of Azami's attacks, she could see Godzilla's side of her kicking in here. Swinging round again, this time in the opposite direction, Azami whacks at Mothra's right, but just in time again, the divine moth deflects it with her arm. Pulling out, the daughter ditches the idea of just using brute strength like her father would, so instead takes leaf out of Battra's own book: A combo of strength and agility. 

Limbs moving faster than lightning and body spinning as elegantly as a gymnast, Azami strikes effectively at Mothra, who is now stuck in defence. Despite Azami being only an adolescent, she and her siblings have proven to be far superior than any other kaiju their age. Mothra couldn't help but feel so proud of her kids. The fluency of her attacks were just as smooth as water but also just as solid as rock. Though as skilled and talented Azami had become, there is one thing she forgot to take into account, and she ended up playing right into her mother's hands. 

Azami's attacks slowly started becoming weaker and more sluggish. She forgot to pace herself in battle. Suddenly parrying one of her daughter's moves, Mothra now is the one on the offensive, exploiting the situation now that Azami had used up so much of her energy. With the divine moth kicking and swiping at her, Azami blocks them all with equal precision as her mother, but it is clear she is beginning to tire. And with one mighty forward kick, against Azami's chest, she sent the girl flying through the air before landing on her back.

Trying to get back on her feet, panting heavily, Azami blasts off back into Mothra, sprinting towards the goddess with her hand ready to throw in a punch. But as she made it into reaching distance, Mothra stepped out of the way, leading to Azami missing her punch and tripping as the Queen sneekily put out a leg in her way. Gasping as she is about to fall flat on her face, Azami feels her wrist being clutched on from behind. Looking back, she sees her mother holding her arm, preventing her from plummeting to the floor. "Submit?" Mothra suggests. 
"No!" Azami laughs. Smirking, Mothra then momentarily lets go of her daughter's wrist, frightening the girl as her eyes stare down at the grass below. "AHHH!! Okay okay! I submit!" She exclaims, finally admitting defeat. 
Pulling her back onto her feet and holding her closely, Mothra hugged her daughter as Azami rested her head against her shoulder in exhaustion. Everyone cheered and applauded the mother and daughter for the entertaining show they had put on. "Well done, baby!" She kissed Azami's forehead. "You were a lot better than when I was your age!" 
"Thanks, Mom!" Azami hugged and kissed her back. 
"Alright everyone that's enough training for one day." Battra wrapped things up. While she walked the kids away to muck about in another part of the play area, Azami stayed with her mother. 
"You should know I only let you win just so you wouldn't look bad in front everyone else!" The cocky girl pointed out to Mothra. 
"Well thanks for looking out for Mommy then sweetie!" The goddess kissed her once more. 
"What do you say we go treat ourselves to a nice cold shower together?" Mothra proposed. 
"Yeah that sounds good to me!" Azami answered happily. Starting their engines and flying off hand in hand, the two flew off deeper into the interior of their home.

Dashing over rapidly, Mothra and Azami in no time make it to the waterfall. The sound of hundreds of tonnes of water flowing down the several hundred metre tall, several hundred metre wide, crescent cliff face was just so relaxing to listen to - it makes you want to lay your head back on the softest sands on Earth and drift away to your dreams. Hidden in the middle of the tropical forest away from everyone else on the island, the two kaiju stepped right in. Closing their eyes and facing up into the sky, the clear, clean water splashes majestically onto their bodies, sliding down their smooth skins as they briefly but strikingly unravel their wings in the water. 

Gliding her hands across her arms and legs, Azami washes the sweat off her body, and as she moved her hands over her stomach, the girl could feel her mother shifting in behind, beaming at her as she does the work for her. "It's been a while since Mommy cleaned you hasn't it?" Mothra ran her hands down Azami's curvaceous lines and bringing them round to rub her navel. "Yeah, and I always loved it when you did!" Azami perched her head against Mothra's collarbone as her back pressed against the Queen's giant jugs. Giving total control to her Mom, all Azami had to do was just enjoy herself. With much of her daughter's body all well and scrubbed, it's time to move on to the more... sensitive parts and areas. Sliding her hands up the girl, Mothra's hands land on Azami's beautiful breasts. Eyes opening slightly, the girl giggled before closing them shut again. "We need to make sure we clean everywhere don't we?" Mothra kissed her girl as she kneads her doughy orbs, her soft, inviting hands making Azami moan cutely under her breath, she couldn't possibly agree more. 

After a good few more moments of soothingly squeezing Azami's tits, Mothra discreetly lowers her right hand, following the water as it streams down her daughter's perfect body. And after spying and noticing the smiling Azami still had her eyes closed, relishing the experience as she left herself in her mother's hands, Mothra went in for the kill. With the goddess' hand pouncing on and massaging her clit, Azami gasped and tittered as her body jolted back into life. "Hmm, you like that don't you sweetie?" Mothra giggled along with her child. With water constantly dripping off the Queen's hand and Azami's snatch, Mothra decided to up things a little bit. But before they do that, it's always a load of fun to cannonball into the waterfall's giant plunge pool after a good scrubbing! "Hold your breathe!" The divine moth warned. 

Picking her daughter up with one arm under her knees and another under her back, Mothra leaps into the pool a little further from where they stood under the waterfall. The force of the impact created a gargantuan splash, catapulting water in all directions, the explosion subsiding as soon as the laughing Titans emerged out of the surface cuddling each other. "Mom, can I ask you something?" Azami floated in the water with her mother in front. "Sure honey, what is it?" Mothra stroked her cheek. 
"Were you by any chance screwing around with Mirai in the cave the other day?" The girl raised an eyebrow and gave her mother a mischievous look. Smirking naughtily, Mothra took in a mouthful of water and gently spewed it onto Azami's adorable face. "Let's get a move on shall we?" Mothra tittered as water dripped off Azami's face. 

Stepping out of the pool and onto the banks, Mothra has Azami sit down between her legs, with girl's back leaning against her front. "Just sit back. Mommy's got you, baby!" The goddess sneaks her right hand back down to her lower regions while her left hand continued to fondle her rack. Immediately inserting three fingers into her vagina, Mothra deserted the thought of starting slow, and instead began speeding right off the spot, fingering the girl until her hand turned into a hazy blur. "AHHH SHIT!!! MOMM-AHHH!!!" Azami squealed as her body wriggled and squirmed. The girl's breasts trembled with such velocity, and as Mothra bit her lip and fingered her faster, Azami's entire body went beserk. With the Queen making sure she kept the girl in place, she could quickly feel her hands growing wetter and wetter, and its not just the water that's doing this. "IT'S T-TOO F-FAST!!! MOMMY!!! I'M... GONNA CUM-AHHHHH!!!!" With her abs tensing, Azami sprayed her juices so violently into the distance as she screamed in bliss. Both collapsing back, Mothra attentively held her daughter in her arms, planting kisses on her daughter as they rested before Azami rolled round and fervently snogged the goddess, thanking her.

Lips and tongues mashing in union and breasts tantalisingly compressed, Mothra reached down to caress and squeeze her daughter's peachy butt. "Even though we are doing this, just remember to show me some respect! I'm still your mother!" Mothra smiled as Azami went down to lick at her neck, chest and jugs. 
"Well in that case, let me do just that!" The daughter gave Mothra one last sloppy kiss before pulling her up off the ground 
"WOAH!!" The divine moth laughed at this sudden change. Lying down flat on her back, Azami gestures for her mother to come forward. Twinkling down at her, Mothra steps forward and in her own time lowers herself onto Azami's chest. 
"It's only fair that I return the favour, don't you agree?" The daughter beamed up. 
"That's my girl!" Mothra played with her daughter's antenna before moving in to her sit on her face. Inhaling in, Azami could smell the aromatic fragrance emanating from Mothra's snatch. With just a single whiff, she had fallen utterly in love with the Queen's magnetic scent. "Your father always tells me I taste even better than I smell, why don't you see if that's true or not!" Mothra stroked Azami's face. It's always nice to have a second opinion after all!
"Anything for you, Mommy!" The child grappled onto her mother's thighs and lunged her head into Mothra's sex.

Tongue darting all over the Goddess' pussy, Azami licks with such passion, lapping and sliding up between her labia and flicking her sensitive clitoris. The girl could feel her tongue tingling as her mother's fluids stick to her, making her taste buds dance jovially in her mouth. Clutching her tits in her grasp, Mothra moans in delight as she looked down over her breasts, gazing lovingly at her little girl as she pleasures her so zealously. "You're making Mommy feel so good!!" Mothra's heart pumped and pumped. 
"I learnt from the best!" Azami went straight back in. 

Faintly manoeuvring her hips back and forth and pressing Azami's face into her cunt, Mothra's coos grew in intensity along with her daughter's pleasing. When at last, it came. The Queen could feel her pussy on the verge of bursting, her daughter's face was already coated with her honey, and the girl is about to receive a whole lot more... Now squatting just above Azami's face, Mothra releases her hold of her daughter as she rapidly swipes her pussy from side to side.  "OHHH YES!!! HERE IT COMES, BABY!!! YOU'RE MAKING MOMMY CUM!!! AHHHH FUCK!!!" Mothra's voice was quaking with her body. And with one last massive scream, the Queen is brought over the edge. As Azami opens her mouth wide with her tongue sticking out, Mothra's cum comes shooting out her pussy, spurring out in such massive quantities as it splatters all over her beautiful face and sprays into her maw. 

Almost tumbling forwards from the excitement, the puffing Mothra looks down to see how Azami had faired from the bombardment. Opening her blue eyes once the offensive had ended, Azami swallowed all the cum in her mouth in two great gulps, revealing an empty maw as she beams back up to her mother. "Such a good girl!" Mothra wiped her juices off Azami's cheek and allowed her to suck her hand clean of her fluids. Smirking at her mother, Azami leans up to lick at her soaking thighs and soaking snatch. 
"You know what, I think Daddy's right... You do taste better than you smell!" She implants a kiss on Mothra's vagina before resting back down. 
"Thanks for your feedback, sweetie!" Mothra swabbed what's left of the wet patches on Azami. "What do you say, should we have one more for the road?" The Queen of the Monsters grinned. 
"Yeah why not!" The girl smiled as Mothra hopped off and helped her off the ground.

Leading her by the hand into the calm river constantly fed by the waterfall, the mother has her daughter sit in the ankle-high shallow water just after the plunge pool. With the two monsters now laid down opposite each other and spreading their legs apart, the goddess eagerly gets the both of them to do some scissoring. As the two monsters shuffled in closer and each brought a leg over the other's as their two cunts kissed, the giggling girls get right into it. Water brushing past their wrists and legs, Mothra and Azami mewl as they both shift their hips, their watery slits rubbing so sensually against each other. Streams of ecstasy course through their bodies, stimulating and encouraging them both to pleasure the other. Azami just couldn't stop staring at her mother's tantalising tits as they jump joyfully on her chest. As for Mothra, she couldn't draw her eyes away from Azami's face, she looks so precious when being fucked, especially when an explosive orgasm was directly in both their sights. 

"M-MOM!!! AHHHH!!! I'M GONNA CUM AGAIN!!!" Azami whimpers as she grabs one of her orbs in her hand. Azami had already felt his orgasm brewing a little earlier, but she desperately wants to hold it back and release at the same time as her mother, the pressure reaching critical level - ultimately becoming too much to bear. But luckily for the girl, she wouldn't have to wait much longer. "KEEP GOING, BABY!!! MOMMY IS CLOSE TOO!!!" Mothra bends her head back as her mouth gapes open. Manoeuvring their hips ever more ardently, ever more vigorously, the two moths finally release in unity. Squealing harmonically into the sky, Mothra and Azami blast their fluids at one another. Their juices launch up the other's bodies, scurrying up their stomachs, breasts and faces. Eventually settling down from their energetic climaxes, both Mothra and Azami find their shaking limbs unable to hold up their weights, resulting in the two Titans falling onto their backs, completely drained, completely enervated.

Resting back on the dry banks and letting the breeze dry their skin a short while later, Mothra affectionately spoons Azami as the girl rests her weary head on her mother's arm. "Did you enjoy our little shower together?" The Goddess of Peace wraps her other arm around Azami to calmly caress her breasts. 
"Loved it, Mom!" The daughter kisses the Queen's hand and snuggled affectionately with her. 
"You know baby, no one, in the whole world, loves you more than me, Azami. No one." Mothra rests her head against her's. 
"Really? I think Daddy might disagree!" Azami grinned.
"He can try as hard as he wants, but I'll always end up on top!" The divine moth confidently replied as she cuddles her child more endearingly. However this sweet moment was interrupted by the arrival of two irradiated dinosaurs back to the island. "Rodan, Anguirus? What are you guys doing here? Shouldn't you be protecting Godzilla while that clone of his is still out there?" Mothra sat up, questions blurting out her mouth in worry. 
"I don't think he'll be needing our help anymore." The fire bird replied warmly.
"And you needn't worry about SpaceGodzilla anymore either." Anguirus happily added.

A smile gradually grew on both Mothra and Azami's faces upon hearing the news. "A-And is Dad okay?" Her eyes darted between the two monsters. After giving the spiky monster beside him a quick glance, Rodan broke it to the concern titans. 
"Your Dad is perfectly okay!" Rodan is pleased to assure the girl. Launching off the ground the teary eyed moths slammed themselves into the two kaiju as the four Titans adoringly hugged and squeezed the lives out of one another. 
"I can't thank you enough!" Mothra fervently kissed each of them. 
"We should also tell you it didn't all end with us beating the space monster." Anguirus spoke after Mothra let go of him.
"Even in the midst of a battle like the one we had just fought in, Godzilla still managed to pick up another girl for you." Rodan revealed. 
"Way to go Dad!" Azami acclaimed.
"Did you bring her home? Can we see her?" Mothra leaned impatiently. 
"Of course you can! And she's been dying to meet you as well!" The Pteranodon complied. Calling her up, the kaiju in question appeared from around the trees and walked up between Rodan and Anguirus. 

"Mothra, Azami, this is Zilla!" Anguirus introduced.
"Hiya!" The lizard waves heartily. 
Both moths are left in applauding awe as they meet this new captivating arrival to their family. "Hi there!" Mothra and Azami greeted back, eyes scanning her luscious frame. 
"She's a work of art isn't she?" Rodan accolades. 
"She certainly is!" Mothra kept on gazing at the now blushing monster. 
"Go on, give us a twirl!" The goddess wishes. Swivelling round fashionably, Zilla gives everyone there a top grade view of her blessed body. "You. Are. Gorgeous!" Mothra praises as the reptile hops over excitedly and squeeze in between them, wrapping an arm around each of their waists. "Well we must be off now, there's still a war going on." Rodan and Anguirus were just about to turn until Mothra stopped them right where they were. "Hang on you two, before you boys return to the hellfire of battle, don't you want to umm... stay for a quick snack?" Mothra suggested as she gave them an enticing look. "It'll be my treat!" Hesitating at first, the two monsters knew as soon as she offered it they couldn't resist. 

"Alright, but only a for quick bite!" Rodan remarked. 
"Good enough for me!" Mothra responded. "Zilla honey do you wanna join us?" The Queen proffered. 
"Oh I think I already bit off more than I could chew with these two and your Godzilla yesterday! Thanks for the offer though!" Zilla politely declined. 
"You're loss!" Mothra beamed. "Azami sweetie do you wanna go and play with the rest of your siblings now?" She then looked over to her daughter.
"Oh no, I wanna see how this turns out! I've never seen you do it with anyone else other than Dad!" The girl countered.
"Alright but only if you behave and stay quiet!" Mothra laid out the conditions. "Do you think you can look after my little girl while I'm busy?" She then asked the saurian next to her. 
"I think I can manage!" Zilla gently shook Azami on her other side. And so with all that out of the way, they wasted no more time in getting started.

With Azami lounging closely next to her new Auntie, they watched in the dry as Mothra stepped back into the river with Anguirus and Rodan at both her ends. Bending down, Mothra calls for them to come closer, with the spiky monster in front and the fire bird out back. Stroking his length, Mothra looks cutely up to Anguirus as he caresses her face, gazing back down at her sparkling eyes as they twinkle and wink. Employing her tongue, Mothra flickers Anguirus' sensitive tip before then suckling on his head, kissing him without losing eye contact. Such teasing was torturing the ankylosaur, his shaft jolting with impatience. And being unable to take it any longer, Anguirus brings up a hand, places it behind Mothra's head and has the girl open wide as he pushes himself in. 

The sounds Mothra makes when pleasuring Anguirus was just so arresting. The slurping and sloshing of saliva inside her mouth as she sucks his dick like an ice lolly was absolutely breathtaking. It certainly has gotten Rodan caught in her net as well. Swaying her ass from side to side and peeling apart her lower lips, Mothra begs for her other age-old friend to join in with them. Never being one to keep his Queen waiting, the smirking Rodan accepted her invitation. Sliding one hand across Mothra's gleaming white pair of peaches and squeezing them firmly, Rodan holds onto his pulsing length as he slides his tip up and down her soggy vulva, before pushing past the gates and into the tunnel itself. Mothra lets out a sweet set of moans as her pussy takes in a visitor, welcoming Rodan inside as he makes himself comfortable - and at home he felt indeed. 

Holding onto the goddess' hips to keep her steady, Rodan grinds through her snatch as if she were his own. The Pterosaur digs deeper with each thrust, spreading Mothra apart as he causes the Queen to jolt forwards when his dick pounds at the entrance to her womb. Increasing his speed, Anguirus made Mothra swallow up more of his cock, his length plunging deeper into the divine moth's throat, making her gag and mumble ever more loudly as strings of her spit hang and drop off the rims of her mouth. Both Rodan and Anguirus grin with satisfaction, smug over making their Queen yield to them like a true slut. Azami had never seen this side of her mother before... and she likes it! 

As a result of the boys fucking her faster and harder as time progressed, Mothra soon than expected reached the peak of the roller coaster ride. And after a suspenseful break before the vertical fall, the divine moth comes diving back down to Earth. Letting out a muffled cry as she clings on to Anguirus' legs, Mothra turns the tap as her fluid gush out of her sex. Her cum sliding down off Rodan's balls and legs and into the river as her snatch clenches around the Titan's dick for dear life. The way Mothra's mouth and cunt contract around their cocks were driving both Anguirus and Rodan crazy. The moistness and warmth sending them over the cliff as they feel a promising build up in their lengths. Mothra knew very well what was about to come, and she wanted it badly.

Beginning to groan louder as they slam at the slut with a heightening ferocity, Rodan and Anguirus growl and grunt into the air. The winged kaiju clasps more tightly onto Mothra's rear while the clubbed monster slid one hand down to grab at the underside of her neck as his speed surges like a rocket, and it is not long later when the surprise ending they'd all been waiting for had made itself known. Furiously bursting out, the two males ejaculate for Mothra, one filling up her pussy and the other her throat. Rodan's cum blazes out her snatch, falling in massive streaks and drops to the water below. The viscous seed piling as it sluggishly gets washed away. On the other end, Mothra chokes aloud as her mouth and nose spew out Anguirus' own load as even larger amounts of cum invade her system inside. With their bursts coming to close, the two slowly pull themselves out of the Queen. Withdrawing first, Rodan causes his thick splooge to explode out of Mothra's love hole as the moth's bottom half collapses onto the floor. Following after him, Anguirus does the same. After swallowing the cum in her mouth and Anguirus let her go, Mothra smiled up to them both before getting on her knees and ending it all off by cleaning and jerking both their cocks for them - resulting in the two males to eject out the remaining streaks of their lengthy bursts onto Mothra's face and body, lusciously draping her frame while she beams back up to her friends. 

Taking a quick dunk in the plunge pool to cleanse herself off of the boys' gunk, Mothra went back to rejoin the four kaiju down at the coast. "Thanks for the meal, Mothra! Very delicious!" Rodan grinned.
"Anytime!" The divine moth replied as she held her daughter. 
"I've just informed Zilla everything that's been going on and what to do when she is to go out to fight with us. But until then, is it alright if she stays here for a bit?" Rodan questioned.
"Of course! I'll give her a tour of her new home and introduce her to Battra and the rest of the kids while we're at it! Does that sound good?" Mothra held onto her new mate as well.
"Yeah that's sounds great!" Zilla answers happily. 
"Oh and uh, if you bump into Godzilla again, could you tell the big guy, I love him?" Mothra wondered.
"You should go and tell him yourself." Anguirus smiled back.
"See you soon everyone!" Rodan bid farewell as the two kaiju departed, headed back to the war front. 
"Bye guys!" Zilla and Azami waved as Anguirus dived back into the sea with Rodan flying overhead.

"You okay there Mothra?" Zilla lightly shook the divine moth. "Yeah, yeah I'm fine." She beamed back after looking at the boys. 
"Come on, Mom! Let's show Auntie around!" Azami took both Mothra's and Zilla's hands. Altogether, the three females ran off cheerily back into their island home, while behind them, the two males disappeared over the distance, back to do battle with the Xiliens Invaders. 

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