Godzilla: Banging Wars

BY : J.W.BurningGoji54
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Chapter 14: Sex In The City

Being the King of this world, Godzilla would always get the first serve. Keeping his cool and stepping forwards, the alpha kaiju walks up to the enthralling Zilla, stroking her cheek with one hand and moulding her breasts with the other. Purring ever so cutely, the two lizards leant in for a kiss, their reptilian jaws connecting as they close their eyes and relish in each other's company. Running both his hands down along Zilla's curvaceous lines, Godzilla brings her closer to him, their stomachs touching and her tremendous tits compressing against his muscly chest. 

Wrapping her arms round the alpha kaiju and running her hands across his back, Zilla halts their snog as she lowers herself down, kissing and licking his body until she gets fully onto her knees. Godzilla's manhood had already emerged from his outer scales, standing proudly while Zilla admires his great length and balls. "You're so much bigger than I thought!" She compliments, already getting to work at pumping the King's shaft, her tail waggling like a puppy with excitement. 

The tip of Godzilla's cock was already oozing out precum as it pulses mightily. Readying herself, Zilla places her hands flat against the side of Godzilla's thighs, before the King gently pushes her head into his dick. The reptile grunts lightly as the girl works on his rod, clutching on one of Zilla's hands as she shifts her skull in and out. The female moans adorably throughout as she casually sucks Godzilla's dick, her alpha's hand behind her head keeping her at work, glucking sexily as his length soon enough enters her little throat. Godzilla groans as he gazes into the sky with his eyes half closed, luxuriating in the warm sensations she's giving him, feeling her manoeuvre her soft tongue and swallowing up even more to maximise the experience for the apex Titan. 

But hang on, she said she want to be shown what it's like being a pet slut of his... Godzilla knows that if he wants to truly make her his bitch, he will have no choice but to up his game, and as nears his optimum, he soon shall. Feeling Godzilla hold more tightly at her hand on his thigh, the radioactive reptile pushes Zilla all the way into his crotch as she opens her eyes fully in surprise. Releasing the floodgates, Godzilla ejaculates deep inside Zilla's gullet while he now holds her head securely in place with both his powerful arms. "Quit stalling slut and drink up!" Godzilla snarls with a smirk. 

Mewling desperately, she is forced to swallow all of the cum Godzilla is making her drink. From the sides, Rodan and Anguirus as they stroke their lengths could see Godzilla's spunk bursting out noisily around her jaws and out her nostrils. The atomic seed slid down her mouth, neck and breasts, glazing her front. Godzilla pushes her head as far as she could go into his cock, adoring the loud gulping sounds she makes when made to down all the cum Godzilla is feeding her. The alpha grins broadly as he looks ahead, his tongue drooping from the side of his mouth while rumbling with rapture.

Around a dozen more gargantuan gulps later, Godzilla releases his hold of Zilla. Both letting out a giant gasp, the female lizard becomes free of Godzilla as she moans and giggles with a mouth and belly full warm of cum. No longer swallowing, Zilla lets all the jizz in her mouth and throat cum slipping out from all corners of her jaw while he held her chest and played with her rack as cum came gushing down onto them. And with his burst still not yet finished, Godzilla in the meantime rains down more cum onto her body as he grumbles and jerks his throbbing shaft. Zilla could only raise her chin and smile back up to her King as she gets splattered by heavy hitting streaks of cum that then drapes down her sublime body. 

Godzilla always enjoyed forcing a slut to choke on his Titan dick, to drink up his cum, to flood her stomach with radioactive seed. But if there's anything more fun than to fuck a slut's throat, it's to fuck a slut's cunt. Picking up the tittering kaiju off the ground, Godzilla flings her onto what is probably the last untouched building in the area, the block just about holding up Zilla's light weight as she lands on top of it, face down. "Now we're getting somewhere!" She seductively spoke as she raised and wiggled her tail in the air, inviting the King to come. 

Pulling her legs further over the side of the building and shuffling in between them, Godzilla gets given a wondrous first-rate view of her slippery snatch. Almost as if it was glowing a bright blue like her gorgeous nipples, Godzilla just couldn't take his eyes off her. "Like everyone of my sluts before you, you're gonna become a broken, cock-addicted cum bucket by the end of tonight!" Godzilla smirked as he held Zilla's legs by her thighs. 
"Take me Daddy! Make me your obedient pet!" She gazed back, licking the gunk off her lips. Acknowledging her desire to get a move on, Godzilla thrusts into her without any more delay. 

"AHHH!!! FUCK!!!" Zilla gasps aloud as she feels this giant rod slip past her lips and into her cuddly canal. Godzilla grunts as he tunnels inside the girl, revelling in her moist tightness as her snatch adjusts itself to take in this massive, foreign object. Starting off slow, Godzilla quickly hastens the pace as he shows no remorse for the bitch. "S-So... good!!" Zilla's claws grip onto the concrete roof. She just loves how Godzilla's muscular hands grip onto her thighs while he pounds away at her vagina as she submits to him. 
Zilla's pussy was starting to spurt out her fluids more and more, wetting her walls and Godzilla's dick as he kept on railing her from behind. "That's it, slut! Cum for me! Cum for your King!" Godzilla bent over and playfully licked and kissed the back of the girl's head. Eyes rolling back and squeals growing louder, Zilla does as she is told. All the muscles in her lower half erupted into a quaking spasm, her inner walls of her sex squeezing all around Godzilla's ploughing shaft as she squirts her lovely, runny honey for the King, her cum falling to the floor like giant rain drops. 

Settling down from such a powerful and vigorous orgasm, Zilla could sense Godzilla was preparing to give her a present in return. Straightening his back, the alpha shifted his hands from Zilla's thighs to the base of her tail, holding her steady as he slams her harder and faster than before. Zilla knew exactly what was coming, and she wanted it more than anything! "AHHHHH!!! PLEASE GODZILLA!!! GIVE ME YOUR CUM!!! IMPREGNATE ME!!! MAKE ME YOURS!!!" Zilla screams to her lover, she like so many others wants to be utterly owned by her alpha predator. 
"AGHH!!! That's it slut!! Beg for my cum!! Beg for me to breed you!! Beg for me to make you mine!!" Godzilla grunts, there's nothing he'd like more than to subjugate and fuck such naughty monster girls to pieces, to have them bear his offspring. 
"YES!!! I BEG YOU!!! BREED ME, GODZILLA!!! MAKE ME A MOMMY!!! MAKE ME YOUR BITCH!!!" She implores like the pet she is. Henceforth, growling with euphoria and increasing his speed for the homestretch, Godzilla at last lets her have it!

A fresh, new load of cum comes spurting from the tip of his royal rod, rushing up and blasting up her cervix and into her womb, filling her up in the blink of an eye. Zilla kept on mewling, her legs shuddering and legs curling, cooing from all the wild sensations Godzilla is giving her as the alpha kept on drilling her, kept on stuffing her. The kaiju King carried on humping, his half-opened mouth and snout slowly raising to face the sky once more as he grins with complacency. His splooge kept on bursting out of Zilla's corked cunt, plummeting so intensely down onto the Earth. Gazing back down, Godzilla finally stops his rapid shifting and makes three last heavy slams deep into the squealing and Zilla. With Godzilla pulling out, Zilla's blue pussy is left contracting as cum spills out like a fountain. So, round one and round two were pretty good, but there's still plenty of time for more!

Pulling the giggling Zilla off the building by the tail and throwing her onto her back on the ground behind him, Godzilla lowered herself on top of the Titan, his arms hoisting him up firm and stable. Smirking down at Zilla, still puffing heavily from the last act, Godzilla plunges back into his newly claimed, slimy snatch, subsequently stopping the cum inside from leaking out onto the floor. Raising her legs and holding onto her lover's wrists beside her head, Zilla gives Godzilla the hints to go.

Thrusting back and forth, the King of the Monsters shoves vigorously into Zilla's cunt, her body jolting up and down in sync with the alpha, her tail bolting happily around - as did Godzilla's as he builds up the steam. To Zilla, seeing her hunk of a King loom like a dominant master on top of her little body as he pounds her senseless is an experience she will never forget. As for Godzilla, he just loves hearing the squelching and squishing of his cum inside his slut's deluged sex as his cock smashes her to shreds. The addictive sounds do nothing but encourage the lizard on, making him ever more determined to render Zilla into another overly-used toy for his dick. 

The young female kept on pleading to Godzilla to defile her vagina, her lovely voice being such a turn on for the saurian. By now, Godzilla's cock was reaching places Zilla didn't know a dick could, and it feels so damn good! She felt like the happiest kaiju on the planet! The immense sensations of glee were once again beginning to swallow her whole body as she approaches her second climax of the night. 

Clenching at Godzilla's wrists, Zilla's entire body trembles as a result of all the bountiful delectation Godzilla rains down on her. The Titan squeals as she spews her juices, sliding down and around the rims of Godzilla's gigantic lengths, creating rivers of her cum that streak out across the floor. Oh how amazing it feels to make a girl cum, especially a girl so eager on becoming his property as Zilla. And with Godzilla establishing an ever growing rhythm that rocks the female lizard under his body so passionately, both monsters increasingly groan in such exquisite ecstasy. Grabbing and juggling her jumping jugs in her hands, Zilla beckons to Godzilla to use her as he wishes, to fuck her like she is the last girl on Earth. And with Godzilla about to cum too, the alpha will be beyond glad to do so.

Lifting his right hand off the floor, Godzilla pins Zilla's head against the ground, causing her to moan in bewilderment at this rough turn of events. Shifting his other hand away to fondle the female's orbs in his grasp, Godzilla hollers as he rails his bitch strongly, destroying her young cunt like she implored. While Zilla smiles under the King's grip, Godzilla could feel the pressure in his cock reaching its limit, he needs to release it fast or he'll ended up popping like a balloon. By now, Rodan and Anguirus were growing more and more anxious and impatient, just seeing Zilla's massive tits jiggle and bobble was enough to drive anyone overboard. Luckily for them, Godzilla doesn't want to keep them waiting for too long, but before he shares his prize with either of them, he wants to make absolutely sure that this sexy slut gets pregnant with his offspring and not any of theirs! 

No longer able to hold it to himself, Godzilla sprays his fumes. Saliva dripping from the tip of his reptilian tongue, the alpha predator sneers and rumbles delightfully down at the grateful bitch, fixing Zilla to the ground while he shoves as far as he can, inserting his cum deep into her already inundated uterus. All four monster's could hear Godzilla's jizz murmuring as it overfill's Zilla's womb. "Fuck!! There we go!!" The King empties the last of his burst before going down and snuggling with his pet. "Heheh! There's a good girl!" He releases his grasp on his slut and plants affectionate kisses across the side of her face. 

"OHH!! Felt... so... good!! " She breathes wearily, thankful for something so celestial to be bestowed onto her. Rising back up, Godzilla looks down to see what he had created. Swollen to the brim with his luscious cum, Zilla's belly stands bloated beyond her imagination, his splooge seething so pleasantly inside her core. Slowly exiting out, Godzilla's cum comes drastically discharging out, endlessly flooding onto the destroyed roads, streets and parks like a tsunami. "Hope you're still up for more though, my friends want in on the action as well!" Godzilla grinned. Once all the cum had been flushed out of her system, Godzilla got her back to work, this time with Rodan and Anguirus joining in on the fun.

Lying on his back, Godzilla had Zilla sit comfortable on top of his stomach, with Rodan moving in over his head and Anguirus down at the opposite end over his tail. Neither of the alpha kaiju's friends want to smash Zilla's snatch, not until all of Godzilla's cum had finished leaking out. So until then, they'll be more than happy to settle with her other glorious holes while Godzilla once more domineers her pussy. Rodan opts to take control of the female's mouth, while Anguirus masters her ass, and one by one, the males dive inside Zilla. 

The fire bird holds onto her head while she sucks on his aching shaft, closing her eyes and getting straight to work on relieving Rodan of his tension. Moaning, Zilla could feel her anus being subjected to invasion as the Ankylosaur bit by bit pushes himself deeper into her narrow asshole, feeling the slut making room as he advances further. Thus with Godzilla also finding himself back inside the vagina he conquered so ardently, all of Zilla's holes have become filled by such massive dicks belonging to such powerful male kaiju. Zilla is beginning to feel glad that the Xiliens had briefly taken control of her, for if they didn't and the drastic turns of events that followed just a few hours back hadn't occurred, then she wouldn't have had the chance to taste such delicious cocks and have them impale her every love hole! 

Grasping her head more firmly, Rodan humps harder into the slut's face, gagging her as his massive length gets thrown down her throat. Slapping her ass cheeks, Anguirus' on the opposite end drives into Zilla's rectum, grinding so stiffly against her tunnel, claiming her anus as he grins back at Rodan, who was having just as much fun with this slut. All the while down underneath, Godzilla using his powerful legs thrusts passionately into Zilla's cunt as she kept on exuding his flavoursome sperm. Running his hands along her waist and hips, the alpha predator rests his saurian head completely back, absorbing the heavenly entertainment. And a good while later, they all let themselves loose. 

Stepping to the side so as to not have his cum drip down onto his buddy Godzilla, Rodan jettisons the cargo down into her bowels as Zilla gargles and mewls with happiness. Anguirus came second as he dug as far as he could before unraveling his present, his cum swelling right up into her core. And last but not least Godzilla gave her his fourth gift for the lizard bitch, the King's spunk rushing up and refilling her besieged uterus. As Zilla just knelt there, accepting all their treasures at once, the female could only imagine what else these three males have in store for her.

For hours the boys were going out at her, pounding the young female to smithereens all the way until the moon had slipped away behind view, allowing daylight to reveal the viciousness of the attack... Lying on her back with her arms and legs spread out like a starfish, Zilla is left in a world of pleasure and astonishment, left a real cum dump. On the inside, her womb had become wholly inflated, her rectum completely flooded, and her stomach utterly deluged. On the outside, her entire body has been buried under layers upon layers of seed, swathing her with such warm, thick blankets. Godzilla, Anguirus and Rodan had each passed her round, ravaging every little hole in her body for their contentment (though 'little' may no longer be a suitable word). Stretched and gaping, her pussy and ass ceaselessly streams out all the cum the boys had binned inside her, adding to the expansive ocean to which Zilla is lying straight bang in the middle of - the impermeable concrete keeping the splooge up on the surface and preventing it all being absorbed into the Earth. 

"We certainly fucked her silly!" Anguirus sits laid back. 
"She won't be able to stand for days!" Rodan cockily remarked. Lounging a far enough distance away where the cum can't reach them, the trio of Titans congratulate themselves for their hard work. 
"She seems like a nice girl doesn't she?" Godzilla turned to face his friends.
"Yeah she ain't half bad, I mean she did last longer than most!" The spiky monster chortled. 
"I think I might keep her. Mothra will love to have Zilla be her mate." Godzilla smirked and nodded.
"How many mates do you even have right now?!" The fire bird questioned.
"Evidently not enough..." Anguirus sighed. 

"Anyways I'm off. You boys take her back home once she's awake." Godzilla stood up and gazed at the wrecked slut in front of him. 
"By the looks of it, that might take a fortnight!" Anguirus laughed.
"I'm going off to patrol. LIKE I WAS MEANT TO DO IN THE FIRST PLACE!" Godzilla made it clear to his friends as they sniggered. "Yeah yeah! Off you go big guy!" 
"Take of yourself, cos you won't have us around to bail you if things go bad!" Rodan and Anguirus shouted out to the tittering Titan as he walked victoriously out of the battered Beijing battleground.

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