Godzilla: Banging Wars

BY : J.W.BurningGoji54
Category: G through L > Kaiju Eiga/Japanese Monster
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Chapter 13: The Beijing Brawl

Dashing down through the atmosphere, punching through the clouds, the crystal menace SpaceGodzilla, has finally returned to Earth. Noticing the appearance of an unidentified object on their scopes, a task force of jet fighters on a lower altitude (straight in the monster's flight path at that) had changed course to engage the incoming bogey. With the planes ascending towards SpaceGodzilla and SpaceGodzila descending towards the planes, the two were headed on a face-to-face collision course. Unveiling their payload, the squadron unhesitantly fired upon the monster, all their missiles scoring a direct hit as SpaceGodzilla screeches in aggravation. Pulling up out of the way just in time, most of the jets managed to avoid the creature as it continued to speed through the sky with its trajectory unhinged, though some were not as lucky. While the fighters banked agilely around to lock on to him again, SpaceGodzilla gives off a malevolent grin before he retaliates with a gift of his own. Emitting strings of red lightning-like beams, each and every pilot in the cockpits scream in terror as they and their fighters simultaneously snap out of existence, leaving only flaming metal debris to fall back down to Earth in their place. Flying out without a scratch and with no more pesky interference to bother him, the monster in no time made it to the ground.

Landing heavily and directly on top of the Forbidden City, the kaiju obliterates the world's largest palace complex on the planet under his very feet. The wooden walled buildings of the imperial residence shattering and splintering before being incinerated by the smoking explosions he had created. As the billowing dust and toppling tremors gradually subside, SpaceGodzilla finds himself back in the very city he had been defeated in all those years ago: Beijing, the old place sure has changed quite a bit since that dreading day he was last here. Evacuated long ago, the inhabitants had left their cultural capital a ghost city like all other major metropolises around the globe. The big problem is that the kaiju can't exactly enjoy the city's splendour all by himself... he would rather have an old friend to admire it alongside with. Raising his chin and filling his lungs to the brim, SpaceGodzilla roars hellishly into the air, his voice echoing around the world, but as loud as it may be or however many living beings could have heard it, the deathly message this roar carried was of no significance to any Titan, except one...

"Dad!! Please get up!!"
"Keep going, Goji!!"
"I'm disappointed... You've lost your touch... Your failure... my revenge... is finally... complete!" As the crystals came falling down onto his battered body, Godzilla's eyes shot open, his mind frazzling, his heart racing, his lungs starving, his skin sweating. Scrambling up on his feet, the alpha finds he's still on the same beach he rested on last night, and could catch sight of Anguirus and Rodan tending the grave behind the hill - it was just another nightmare. Eyeing the sun through his narrowed eyes, he realised that the flaming star is already past its peak in the sky, the tired Titan really did miss his beauty sleep. But before Godzilla could wonder or do anything else, the alpha heard it... Blowing at him like a long gust of wind, the wretched roar from across the seas sends shivers down his sturdy spine. He's back. It's time. 

"Can you hear that?" Anguirus scanned the sky around them. 
"Yeah I can." Rodan too does the same. "Godzilla, do you know what that..." The fire bird stopped abruptly as he notices the King of the Monsters is no longer lying where he was just a few seconds ago. Glancing at each other with concern, the two kaiju looked over the hill to see Godzilla stepping into the water with his back towards them. "Godzilla! Where are you going?" Rodan demanded just before the atomic lizard was about plunge into the sea. 
"...Just patrolling." He desperately hoped for an easy exit. 
"We weren't born yesterday. Where are you going?" Anguirus repeated the question, to which Godzilla could only stand in silence as he looked down at his feet.

"That sound, that roar... is SpaceGodzilla's isn't it." Rodan peered at the reptile. 
"Look this has nothing to do with you two so just stay out of it, alright?" Godzilla spun round. 
"Oh for crying out loud! Seriously, what the fuck has gotten into you, you asshole?" The Pterasaur screamed at the top of his voice. 
"Don't you dare talk to me like that!" Godzilla bellowed in return as he pointed straight into his eyes. 
"I dare, because Anguirus and I have known you longer than any other living thing on this planet. And I can tell you this much: This is not the Godzilla we call our best friend." Rodan retaliated without an inch of regret. 
"Well can you blame me? That bastard has returned from the dead, is after my hide, and even tried to kidnap my two little boys! How can I not feel this way?" The radioactive reptile turned to the side to control his temper. "This. Is not. Your. Fight!" He growled.
"Yes. It. Is." The fire bird stomped in return. "As I remember it, you asked for OUR help to fight the Xiliens. And this space monster, wherever he came from, has aligned himself with the invaders. This makes him in every way, an enemy of us all. We are going to help you fight him, whether you like it or not!"
"Godzilla, it's up to me and Rodan to make sure you can get back home to your kids in one piece." Anguirus spoke softly. "And that's what we're gonna do." The two kaiju stepped up towards the King. Godzilla could see their determination as clear as day, if he was to go and fight, they want be there by his side, every step of the way. Grunting reluctantly in approval and shaking his head in frustration, Godzilla ultimately gives in. "Alright... Let's go..." With Rodan and Anguirus now officially tagging along, Godzilla spearheads the trek, following the roar of dismay to its source. The enmity between the host and the clone must be settled once and for all...

Navigating their way north, the three monsters puncture through into the waters of the Ryukyu island chain, passing King Caesar's old home on Okinawa in the process. "Are you sure we're headed in the right direction? I still can't pick up anything!" Rodan shouted down to Godzilla as he flapped his wings. 
"Neither can I!" Anguirus swam by the saurian's side. 
"SpaceGodzilla's roar was directed at me, so it makes sense that only I will be able to trace its echo. Just stay quiet and keep following." The King raised his head before replying to the both of them. Keeping their mouths shut for the rest of the journey and trusting in their friend throughout, the kaiju in just a few hours make their way deep into the Yellow Sea, before running out of the azure tarmac and forced to land ashore on Bohai Bay in Northeastern China. Nearing closer and closer to their unknown destination, the monsters find a massive obstacle in their way: the coastal concrete jungle of Tianjin city. "So what do we do now?" Anguirus shook the water off his shell. 
"Well, we can't go over it." Godzilla started.
"I can!" Rodan smirked smugly.
"...We can't go under it." The King pretended he didn't hear him.
"I can!" Grinned Anguirus. Clenching his fists, Godzilla resumed before he could lose anymore of his temper at his two comrades. "So... we'll have to go through it." As he stomped heavily in irritation past the abandoned ports and into the city itself, the chortling Rodan and Anguirus couldn't resist a little Titan high five before catching up to him.

Mile after mile they battled their way through, squeezing through narrow districts and grazing the sides of buildings, or in many delightful cases, barging through them altogether if any of these stony mountains dared stand in front of them. Poor Rodan was even barred by Godzilla from flying in case he accidentally razes the entire city with his gale force winds, if the alpha had to endure the hardships of the bush, the fire bird would have to as well. By the time they finally made it out of the forest and into the shrub lands of the suburbs, the sky had already begun to transform into an ocean of fire. "This SpaceGodzilla better be exciting to fight if he's worth all this trouble searching for him." Anguirus longed for action. "Trust me buddy, you won't be disappointed when you meet him." Godzilla's eyes dart sporadically all over the place in search of any clues of his clone's whereabouts. 

As dusk disappeared and the navy blue of nightfall creeped into its place, the kaiju King finally found something that may be of some significance to their hunt. "What's that city over there?" Godzilla pointed at the enormous collection of bright buildings in the distance, separate from Tianjin behind them. "Uhh, I think Jet calls that place... Beijing." Rodan presumed. Having learned about many things such as the geography of the planet back when he was under the service of the humans, his knowledge has proven useful to when he became one with the Titans. 
"And why is it... glowing? I thought all large cities had been shut down and abandoned." The alpha referred to the white luminescence it is currently exuding in all directions. "Can't say mate." The giant Pteranodon shrugged. "But I guess it's worth taking a quick look." Cautiously walking into the outskirts of the capital, the faint shining light they saw a few miles back steadily grew even more vivid the closer the kaiju approached, and the atmosphere only became worse as they ventured deeper into the city itself.

"It's not the buildings that are glowing, it's these... things." Anguirus placed a hand on an abnormal, sharp cone-shaped structure. 
"There's even more of them over here!" Rodan's head circled round the tip in examination. 
"They're his crystals. He uses them to draw power to become stronger. This is the place." Godzilla can solidly confirm. "This is where the call came from." And the more they explored this gleaming fortress, the clearer the devilish signs became. The crystals grew bigger and ever more abundant, impaling countless roads and buildings, with their rays of light escaping through the windows from within. But as one may even dare say how beautiful it all looked, it was ominously overshadowed by what stood at the very centre of the Northern Capital. Surrounded by a ring of protruding crystals taller than the King of the Monsters himself, the vein-shaped CITIC Tower, the highest in the city, stands infested by SpaceGodzilla's handiwork. Smaller crystals jutting out from every side and every floor, the building became spikier than Anguirus' tail. "I don't like the looks of this." Rodan remains focused on the 500 metre tall, mineralised skyscraper. And if things couldn't get anymore unnerving, every building, traffic light, road lamp and vehicle within the vicinity unexpectedly began to flicker and flash around them (as if the whole city had come back alive). "What the hell is going on?!" The fire bird exclaimed in agitation. After lining their backs against each other amidst the middle of all this discomposing chaos, the three Titans suddenly hear a low, growing rumbling emanating from right above their heads.

The first to look up, Anguirus screams to his friends as he sees a colossal object plummeting down towards them. "Guys watch out!" The armoured monster cried. Grabbing ahold of the kaiju either side of him, Godzilla launches himself and his friends out of the way, narrowly avoiding getting completely crushed under the hulking weight of the falling object. The ground shattering boom of the collision was immediately followed by the total wipe out of the city's colours, leaving only the lambert lights of the crystals left switched on. "Certainly took you long enough!" The crystalline monster's course voice spoke through the fog of brown and grey before he himself emerged out of the mire. "And you've brought friends."
"Believe me I didn't wanna bring em." Godzilla returned. 
"But since he did, there's now three of us, and only one of you." Growled Anguirus. 
"And because of that, you my friend, are gonna get your ass kicked!" Rodan sneered confidently. Giving each of them a chuckle shortly after, SpaceGodzilla jeered at his clueless opponents. "Don't be so certain..." 

Hearing a series of low rumbling noises to their right, Godzilla, Anguirus and Rodan could see something nearing closer towards them under the concrete, cracking the surface above it as it swims through the earth. And without warning, a kaiju leaps out of the ground and lands on its two feet, roaring a roar that sounded awfully similar to the King of the Monsters', though a closer interpretation of the Titan itself would explain why. Standing upright, it has a rectangular skull with a light blue-grey, slender theropod body and three clawed arms and feet. On its back lies three rows of curved, aqua-coloured triangular dorsal plates which end at the tip of its thin tail, and on its throat, hung an iguana-like dewlap. The answer may as well be written out in bold: it's Zilla, a member to a forgotten sub-species of Godzilla's. Throughout their coexistence, they had always been bullied and intimidated by their larger cousins - they were the coyotes, and them the wolves. 

However just after they'd finished analysing this monster, another rumble occurred, only this one being far more powerful. The whole city began to shake beneath their feet, with all three monster's trying to maintain their balance throughout the enormous tremor. Emerging out of the ground from their right, four green like tentacles shot out of the earth, it looks as if they have fang-filled mouths as well. Then out came more, and more, and more, until the kaiju itself emerged out of the ground. The trio's eyes followed this monstrosity as it grew larger and larger both vertically and horizontally. Having eventually stopped growing, the monster was for sure one of the tallest, and by far the biggest kaiju Godzilla, Anguirus or Rodan had ever seen. With a massive head, it's crocodilian-like jaws (its maw lined with rows upon rows of teeth) was big enough to gobble up a small Titan in one munch! It's pure white eyes were tiny, it had massive tusks on the sides of its jaws, just like SpaceGodzilla, and it's giant belly was glowing red with God-only-knows-what. And it turns out those tentacles were more like vines than anything, and it had more than a dozen of them at that! This thing was an abomination! A hybrid of a kaiju and a plant! Roaring at its enemies, it sounded like a mix between Godzilla's roar and the cries of a distressed being. This is for sure one kaiju that was not natural to this world. 

"You wanted excitement Anguirus..." Rodan gaped in horror.
"What... What is that?!" Godzilla muttered. 
"That, is your sister: Biollante." SpaceGodzilla introduced. 
"Bio-what?" Anguirus muttered, still mesmerised by her sheer size. 
"She, like me, is a clone created by the Kilaaks. Created to fight you. Only she unfortunately never got the chance to. This is the result of them fusing your G-cells with that of a rose plant. Pretty isn't she?" SpaceGodzilla grinned before Biollante let out another blood curdling roar. "She doesn't speak very much, but she makes up for that with her rather brutal nature." The Astro monster explained. "But enough of the chatter, lets get down to business!" With the two teams growling at each other, the great kaiju brawl of Beijing at last commenced.

Already sprinting, Anguirus engages Zilla as they both stride towards one another. Swivelling round once in range, the ankylosaur smacks the side of the lizard's head with his spiky tail, before jumping up and biting down on her neck. Launching off into the air, Rodan has a hard time avoiding all of the incoming attacks from Biollante's vines as they shoot out after him. Landing on the plant monster's back, he bites and pecks at the kaiju's neck with his beak and digs his clawed feet into her body, gauging sticky holes into her flesh. Exchanging snarls, Godzilla charges at SpaceGodzilla with arms out in front, with the crystal kaiju hovering in the air and flying towards him at equal speeds. Colliding, SpaceGodzilla grabs at Godzilla's throat while he's still in the air. As his enemy tightens his grip, Godzilla grabs both his arms and pull him back to the ground with his stronger limbs, leading to the ground to shake as his feet crush trees and cars under him. After biting down on SpaceGodzilla's wrist, the monster soon lets go of his grasp on the alpha kaiju before being whacked full on with a tail smash against the side of his body, forcing him back. 

Using both her hands, Zilla pries open Anguirus off her jugular before pushing him to the side. Screeching at the opponent as he tried to swing round to get another strike with his tail, Zilla as she thought on her feet, clamped down on Anguirus' tail with her jaws. Spinning him round in a 360 degree circle, she then flings the screaming monster like an athlete, launching him shell first into an office block in the near distance. Flailing her tendrils over her head as Rodan unremittingly continues being a nuisance, Biollante has three of her vines bite down on the Pterosaur's wings and neck, and with a mighty tug pulls the Titan off her back and onto the ground in front of her. Feeling the air escaping him as he slams to the ground, the vine biting Rodan's choker lets go and begins to wrap round his neck, constricting him like a snake as his windpipe slowly gets squeezed. 

About to summon more tendrils to attach onto her prey, Biollante could see that Rodan was no longer writhing to get out. Looking up to the rose kaiju, the fire bird's two horns on its head begin to glow orange, with small, faint rings of electricity circling round the crest.  And after opening his mouth, a concentrated, purple heat beam blasted out of Rodan's beak. Firing at Biollante's body, he then directs the ray at the vines attached to him, slicing the through the tendrils as the fresh wounds spurt out yellow-green sap. Breaking free and shaking off the dead vines, Rodan launches more waves of his beams to cover his retreat from the mutant. Their feet grinding against the concrete as they push each other back, Godzilla charges once more into SpaceGodzilla, taking advantage of the situation while the crystal monster gets ahold of his bearings. Making it into breathing distance of the opponent and his claws already up to score in a slash straight in the face, SpaceGodzilla's head arises as he conjures a crystal shield in front of his body. Too late to abort and his eyes wide open, Godzilla bashes full on into the shield. Stopped in his tracks, the atomic lizard finds himself fully repulsed back as he roars in bewilderment. Casting away the shield, SpaceGodzilla draws energy from his crystals around him and unleashes a hail of corona rays at his host. Randomly winding in the air, they all smash at the alpha predator's body, manifesting sparks which envelope Godzilla before he falls to the ground.  

Raising his chin, and sharpening his vision Anguirus could've sworn that Zilla was beginning to illuminate. And illuminate she did indeed. Her light blue dorsal fins began turning a bright green, and soon enough as did her eyes. 
"Oh shit!" Anguirus scrambled back onto his feet. Bursting out of Zilla's jaws, out came a thick, steady stream of a mint green beam that blasted out at Anguirus. Scurrying along, the ray followed the spiky Titan as he raced on every street, obliterating buildings and forming explosions as the beam was always just a few metres from the tip of Anguirus' tail. Pausing only to reload, Zilla eyes the Ankylosaur as he kept on running, and once locked back on target, she fires a fresh strike towards the monster - punching the side of Anguirus' body as he is sent flying through the air like a rag doll.

Brought down back to the ground as vines around Rodan's legs yank him to the floor, the radioactive Pterasaur screams in pain as two sharp tendrils pierce through his wings. Pulling them both out with his hands, and revealing two holes that gorged right through his flesh, Rodan looks up to see Biollante's stomach glowing vibrantly. And after opening her mouth, some kind of shining liquid came spewing out of her maw directly at him. Covering himself with his injured wings, the liquid (or acid more like) seared at Rodan's skin, burning him as the yellow-green sap stuck to him. Hurling out more waves of the corrosive acid, Rodan then felt his wings being forcefully unfurled around his body, exposing him to the next incoming wave of attack as it splattered across his face, chest and abdomen. Crying out in anguish as he could no longer open his eyes, Rodan fell onto his knees, panting as he tried to wipe the sap off his flaming face. Advancing forward using her root-like feet under her great mass, the roaring Biollante strikes at the downed kaiju, using her many vines as whips as they smack against Rodan. Absolutely drained and unable to put up anymore of a fight, the Pteranodon's body gets launched into the air after a blinding upward swipe by half a dozen of the plant monster's vines. 

Growling menacingly with his teeth big and bare, SpaceGodzilla summons his crystals around him, sending them flying horizontally into Godzilla. Charging up his spines, the alpha predator fired his atomic breath at the incoming spikes, obliterating many upon impact, but his ray's duration was too short, and the astro monster's volleys too long. Crashing into his scales, the crystals explode as Godzilla growls in agony, getting pushed further and further back - losing ground to SpaceGodzilla while he advances. Brought down onto his knees by another corona beam, Godzilla could see right at his left, Rodan as he groans on the floor, semi-conscious. "Rodan! Wake up! This is no time for a nap!" He shouted to his friend, but is soon cut short when he felt four fangs dig into his flesh from behind. Tugged and reeled in as he tried to get away, the King is then turned round to see his other clone snarling down back at him. With more vines coming in to latch onto him, Godzilla becomes secured in place, unable to move when Biollante spits out another hail of her sizzling sap. Smoking and crackling as soon as it lands on his skin, Godzilla is left writhing as he tries to wipe the acid off his face, his wounds and scars burning as the sap sticks to him.

Panting as he is swivelled round again with a tendril constricting his neck, wrists and ankles, Godzilla faces the space kaiju once more. "Once I finally get rid of the pest that you are, the Xiliens will award my actions, and give me total control over the fate of your family!" SpaceGodzilla sneered. 
"You leave them alone!" Godzilla uttered in response, the tendril around his neck tightening. 
"That is not up to you to decide!" The crystal kaiju pointed. "Once I tell them Daddy will not be coming home, I will have your kids tortured, maimed and beaten beyond belief. They will feel nothing but pain! They will beg for me to give them death!" He carried on. "And Mothra... I will ravage her, every day and every night. Her body will break, her spirit will shatter. Your kids will hear nothing and see nothing, but their broken, moaning bitch of a mother, as their master rapes her again, and again, and again!" As Godzilla was on the brink of rage and tries to unshackle himself of these green chains, SpaceGodzilla takes a step back as his shoulder crystals pulse with light. "And there's nothing you can do about it!" Launching his corona beam from the front and Biollante hurling out her acidic sap from behind, Godzilla roars in pain as he collapses onto his stomach once the plant monster's vines release their grip on him. 

"What do you think of that?" SpaceGodzilla pinned his host down onto the ground with his foot. Godzilla could see under the Titan's feet that Rodan was still knocked out on the ground, with only his chest moving up and down as he breathes. And looking in the opposite direction the radioactive reptile sees Anguirus trying desperately to swipe at Zilla with his claws, his tiredness however, dragging him down. Leaning forward and biting down on his neck, Zilla drags the Ankylosaur along the floor using her powerful jaw muscles, and flings him to just a few metres away from the King of the Monsters and his clones. Even as SpaceGodzilla continues to threaten him, kick him while he's down, the alpha's mind seems to be elsewhere. "Your love for everything you fear to lose is what keeps you going..." Mothra's soothing voice spoke in his head, drowning out the crystal monster's evil desires. "SpaceGodzilla may not have anything to lose, but he sure as hell has nothing to fight for either... So the next time you fight him... Everyone and everything you love, will be urging you on, to win!" 

Snapping back to the present, Godzilla's pupils contract as he stares at his nemesis as he steps back once more to deal in the fatal strike. "Any last words?" SpaceGodzilla sneered. Slowly getting back on his knees the alpha could feel his body being fed with new waves of energy, his determination and resilience empowering him to continue the fight for everyone and everything he holds so dear. Spines starting to glow and sound more brightly and loudly than they ever did before, Godzilla stands fully straight, startling both SpaceGodzilla and Zilla, as well as Biollante behind him. After all that beating, how could he still be willing to fight? They all thought. Throat, gills and eyes illuminating blue with such unparalleled might, Godzilla stares furiously at the crystal kaiju. "If you think you're gonna lay a claw my family, think again!" Blasting out his throat and mouth, a fierce flow of pure radiation slams into SpaceGodzilla, crushing his chest as he flies back and away. Turning and seeing Biollante bringing up tendrils to counterattack, Godzilla severs them all in half as they explode into plant mush. While the mutant pulls back, Zilla leaps into the King of the Monsters as claws and bites her way at the alpha, only to be blown away as the final salvo bashes against her at point blank range. With all three enemies eventually getting back on their feet and glaring menacingly at the alpha kaiju, they readied themselves to send the return fusillade at the cornered King. 

Growling at them all, Godzilla (and soon his rivals) then heard the unmistakable roar of engines sounding all over the sky. As everyone on the battlefield looked around them, a barrage of bright orange missiles emerged out of the night behind Biollante, exploding at the plant monster's back, the giant iguana's side, and the astro Titan's front, illuminating them all with fire. While they yelled in anger, the jets themselves made themselves known as they flew over the battlefield, the humans have entered the stadium. Following on top of that, entire tank battalions rolled up on the scene on the battered streets, crushing cars under their tracks as they fired upon the enemy. Adversaries all distracted, Godzilla rushed over to aid his friends in getting back in on the fight. "You okay buddy?" He gets down beside Anguirus as he helps him up. 
"I'm fine, check Rodan!" The Ankylosaur replied as he shook his head. Awakening back to life Rodan was already on his feet, feeling the sap on his skin wearing away as it loses its potency, and because of that, he could stare coldly at Godzilla as he approached him. 
"Don't give me that look, you wanted to come along on on this trip!" Godzilla laughed. 
"These wounds will heal..." Rodan points at the holes in his wings. "The ones I'll give to you however... will not!" He pointed at his King. 
"At least your sense of humour is still intact. Now let's get back to work we've got a battle to win here!" Godzilla exclaimed.

With many of the jets buzzing around and concentrating their fire on SpaceGodzilla (hoping to avenge the squadron that he annihilated earlier), the trio could focus their attention on the elephant in the room as she gets plagued by metal fleas. She's got to have a weakness somewhere. She may have Godzilla's genes, but she's still part plant. And being part plant makes her more fragile than most. "That red stomach of her's glows every time she fires that yellow sap." Rodan brings up. "It must be an energy storage of some kind." He theorised. 
"So maybe if we destroy the stomach, it could destroy her." Anguirus finished. Though just as he was about to lead the attack, Godzilla got driven away as Zilla climbed back on the alpha, using her weight to pull her away from Anguirus and Rodan. "Forget about me! You handle that girl, I'll handle this one!" Godzilla struggled to shake Zilla off. Obeying their King, the two did just that. Launching himself through the walls of vegetation, Anguirus uses his armoured shell to smash against Biollante's stomach, clawing away and biting the sack. But like what his Pterasaur friend discovered earlier, it is not the best idea to attack this thing at such close range. Lifting him up by the legs and tail, Biollante shoots out more of her sap, hitting the top of Anguirus' head, neck and shell before being tossed aside.

Back over where Godzilla is, he finally manages to get Zilla off his back, and with each blasting their own atomic breaths at one another, the two monsters were sent skidding back against the concrete as the shockwave blew at them like a sudden gale. Screeching as missiles and tank shells prick at her skin, Zilla makes one last charge at Godzilla. Seeing her jumping up high with claws at the ready, the King of the Monsters with a snarl, rotates round and whacks the kaiju right in the stomach. The sheer strength Godzilla applied to Zilla sent her zooming across the city, colliding against the ground and smashing her head against the side of a skyscraper so strongly, it knocked the Titan unconscious as the structure tumbles onto her. 
"Sweet dreams, sugar!" Godzilla states before rejoining the battle against Biollante. After helping Anguirus wipe the acid off him, Godzilla hopped over beside Rodan as he fired round after round of his heat beams at the clone's weakening bowels. With one more hit ought to do the trick, Godzilla and Rodan powered up one more time and by fusing their blue and purple rays together caused Biollante's sack to burst like a balloon. She screamed as she could feel the life leaking out of her, her yellow blood spilling out onto the floor as her body slowly started to turn into glitter. "It's working!" Godzilla shouted. 

As the minutes rolled by, even more human reinforcements arrive. More fighter aircraft, self-propelled guns and even newly developed maser tanks were entering the playing field - long range rockets were even being used. And all this support is especially needed now when SpaceGodzilla finally dealt with the ones bothering him. Helping to fill in the gap, Godzilla went in to battle the rival once again. Absorbing energy, SpaceGodzilla sends more volleys of his primary attacks against alpha, only to be immediately retaliated when the apex predator blasts a burst of his atomic breath at SpaceGodzilla's head, disorientating the target and giving Godzilla the chance to obliterate as many crystals around him as he can, to deplete his supplements - just like with Biollante.
As he ran his beam across the battlefield, the crystals disintegrate, shattering into a million fragments, but after he did so, something intriguing caught Godzilla's attention. SpaceGodzilla continued summon yet more power, but not from his crystals around them. Eyes following them to its source, Godzilla noticed that his enemy was acquiring the energy he needs to fight from the crystallised CITIC Tower. The skyscraper pulses whenever energy beams leave the building and gets absorbed into SpaceGodzilla's shoulders. That building must be what draws and probably amplifies the energy from the crystals and feeds it to SpaceGodzilla, Godzilla hypothesised. If he can sever the artery, he can starve the kaiju of power, and that may just be the key to defeating him once and for all.

After getting Rodan to distract SpaceGodzilla for him (to the Pteranodon's irritation), Godzilla leapt over to the tower to see if he can destroy the source of all their problems. The outward facing ring of Titan-sized, mineral spikes makes it impossible for the alpha to knock it down by hand, so he'll just have to do it the 'old Godzilla way.' Inhaling deeply, the lizard launches two sturdy rays at the skyscraper, but just before they could hit the tower itself, the beams instead smash into a crystal shield just like the ones SpaceGodzilla generates. Not even the powerful Godzilla way could tear down this super-tall structure. 

But the answer isn't up, it's down. Looking at the base of the building, Godzilla had another idea: The overground structure of the tower may be protected, but what about the underground structure? If they could some how destroy the supports of the buildings, the rest of the skyscraper may just go with it. "Anguirus! I have a mission for you!" Godzilla turned round. 
"I'm a little preoccupied at the moment!" Anguirus was drowning under the endless numbers of the Biollante's tendrils. Rushing in to rescue his friend, Godzilla helps tear off the vines that wrapped around Anguirus' body and momentarily pushes the mutant back with an atomic ray before it once again gets distracted by the humans. Seizing the chance, Godzilla informs the spiky monster of his special task. "That tower you see over there is what channels the energy from the crystals to SpaceGodzilla, allowing him to regenerate strength and keep on being a pain in our asses. Above ground, the building is shielded, but it may not be the case underground, so you need to dig down and destroy the foundations!" Godzilla instructed as fighters dart over head and explosions light up around them. 
"I guess it's a good thing we came after all!" Anguirus smirked and followed his orders without delay, leaving Godzilla to handle his 'sister'. She's dying, but not dead, and until she's dead, she's still a threat. Grabbing her prey, Biollante has had enough, if she's going down, then she's taking Godzilla down with him. Pulling him towards her as the reptile grabbed onto her vines, Biollante opened her crocodilian jaws wide as she intends to eat her prized catch - head first. 

Shaking the rubble off her body at the very edge of the battlefield, Zilla groaned while she held the side of her rectangular head with her hand, squinting as some kind of throbbing and ringing in her brain gradually recedes. Opening her eyes, she sees SpaceGodzilla picking up Rodan in his aura, and flinging the winged monster into one of the few standing buildings in the arena. She can also see her alpha in a pickle of his own as he drew closer and closer to the maws of the floral monstrosity. Her identity and instinct restored, she knows what she has to do. 

Along with trying to eat her host up for a late, midnight snack, Biollante has a number of her vines (remaining and intact) to dig into the ground as they chase after Anguirus who by now made it underneath the ring of crystals around the CITIC Tower. Looking back at the tunnel he dug, he could see the toothed tendrils snapping their jaws as they approach him. Judging by how long it's taking his friend to destroy the skyscraper and the screams he's making under the dirt, Godzilla knew he was in trouble, but probably not as much trouble as he finds himself in right now! The reptile could see up close all the teeth lining the inside Biollante's mouth as he tried to pull away, but when he finally was crunching distance, Godzilla could see at the corner of his eye, a monster jumping up and gnawing at the clone. It was Zilla. With the plant monster's attention drawn away, Godzilla has his opening to finish Biollante. "Come on, now's your chance! Fire your beam in her mouth!" Zilla screamed to Godzilla. Agreeing with his apparent new ally there and with an open goal in his sights, the alpha predator charges up his spines and fires a volley of his atomic breath straight into Biollante's jaws. The blast ruptured the Titan, her back exploded as she bled and screeched. 

Free from his entanglements, Godzilla distanced himself from the imploding monster as Zilla leapt over beside him. Nodding at each other, Godzilla and Zilla lit up their dorsal fins as streams of blue and green escaped from their mouths and bashed against Biollante's empty stomach. Rodan and SpaceGodzilla even paused their battle to see what was going on. Thousands of tiny golden orbs emerged from the plant kaiju's body whilst all her tendrils wilted and died. Wailing out into the sky, Biollante gave off one last roar before her entire body evaporated, releasing out radioactive energy that had been trapped inside her body. With most of the glistening orbs ascended into the atmosphere, some of it got absorbed by Rodan and Zilla, their scars and wounds become eradicated and their strength becoming fully restored. As for Godzilla, not only could he feel greatly revitalised, the radiation ended up overcharging the reptile. His spines and body for a second flashed a radiant red, it was as if the alpha had just been reborn all over again. With everyone turning round, they could see SpaceGodzilla was backing cautiously away, he now found himself all alone as both monsters and humans closed in on him - and as if things couldn't get any worse... 

A massive puff of dirt erupted from the foot of the CITIC Tower as it began swaying from side to side. SpaceGodzilla was left astounded as he stared at the sight. Unable to hold itself steady anymore the entire skyscraper came falling down, smashing into oblivion as glass, metal, concrete and crystal disintegrate upon collision, and once the dust clouds had settled, SpaceGodzilla could finally see who was responsible for this. Bursting out the Earth, Anguirus landed on his two legs, grinning back at the astro Titan. "You're in big trouble now!" He snarled. And just to be on the safe side, even though SpaceGodzilla could still just draw up energy directly from the crystals, Rodan has an idea to settle this problem. 

Outnumbered, SpaceGodzilla realises that the enemy (even the humans) began targeting the giant crystals on his shoulders. He knew as much as them that he needed these crystals to absorb power into his body. Without them, he won't be able to gather the energy he needs to fight. Starting with his right shoulder, Godzilla, Rodan and Zilla fired at their collective target. The combo attack heats up the crystal, lighting it up before fracturing it, leaving a flat stump in its place. And for the other shoulder, it is time for the humans to deal some real damage. Focusing all their missiles, shells and laser beams at one point, they too led to the destruction of the second and last shoulder crystal.

Unable to summon energy or use much more of his supernatural abilities, SpaceGodzilla becomes more vulnerable than he ever was before. Subjected to more waves of bombardment from his rivals, SpaceGodzilla's skin erupts into sparks and explosions, and even summoning what's left of his power to create a crystal shield didn't help either. Charging forwards and building the momentum, Anguirus rolls into a ball like an armadillo and launches himself spinning into the shield. The Ankylosaur causes the crystal barrier to shatter before bashing into SpaceGodzilla's abdomen, bloodying him before unraveling and scoring a swipe against the space kaiju's head with his spiked club at the end of his tail, creating giant gashes on the left side of his evil face. 

With now him being the one to go down on his knees after another three pronged beam attack slams against his wounded chest and stomach, the astro monster is left panting as blood drips from his mouth and torso. Realising the danger he is in, SpaceGodzilla comes to the conclusion that retreat may be the best option now - as did the Xiliens. Appearing over the crystal monster's head, as if emerged out of thin air, a Xilien ship opened up its gate and began withdrawing SpaceGodzilla out of the city. "Oh no you don't!" Godzilla growled. With the ship already under heavy fire by the humans, the UFO gets a solid hit at its belly by one of the kaiju King's heat rays, tipping the vessel. The attack was so devastating, that another direct hit like that would certainly cause the ship to come crumbling down to the ground. 

Making a last minute, hasty decision, the ship withdraws away and ditches SpaceGodzilla. "WHERE ARE YOU GOING?! GET ME OUT OF HERE!!" He cries at the aliens, but they didn't listen. Turning their backs on him, the Xiliens zoomed away into the darkness, deserting him. With everyone focused back on the space monster as he tried stumbling away from them, they could all see him beginning to glow and pulse red, the life inside him ebbing away. He's dying. Stomping forward and stepping on the kaiju's tail, Godzilla looks down at his clone as he collapses and turns to face him, too weak to put up anymore resistance. "Brother!" SpaceGodzilla muttered as he held up his hand to the alpha, begging him, pleading him for mercy.

Spines illuminating a vibrant crimson with streaks of radioactively enchanced electricity buzzing between the monster King's plates, SpaceGodzilla could see Godzilla's throat and mouth growing a raging red before looking up to his blazing scarlet eyes. "I'm not your fucking brother!" The alpha predator yelled. And as SpaceGodzilla screamed in pure, unbridled terror, the King of the Monsters unleashes a savage red spiral ray down at the kaiju, incinerating his flesh and vaporising his bones. A gigantic explosion was birthed, a collage of flames engulfed the monster as the outburst of fire and Godzilla's fury shook the entire capital. 

Hearing one last unearthly roar from SpaceGodzilla, glimmering glitter arises out of the bonfire, heading up into the heavens - just like with what was left of Biollante. With him and his comrades absorbing the remainders of the monster's radiation, empowering them even further, Godzilla roars victoriously into the air, followed by Anguirus', Rodan's and then Zilla's. Their sounds lighting up the night sky. The host finally defeated the clone. 

All around them, the crystals disappeared, the last remainders of SpaceGodzilla's presence on Earth, gone. The nightmare is over. This one was at least. As the humans launched flares up into the sky in celebration before rolling away and exited the city, Godzilla walked back to join up with his colleagues. "You sure he's not gonna come back from the dead again this time?" Rodan joked, with a hint of worry in his voice. Looking back, Godzilla gazes at the furious fire that was slowly dissipating away, revealing nothing but burnt concrete behind the flaming curtain, and then up to the moon lit sky as the final orbs disappear beyond view. 
"Pretty sure." Godzilla nodded and smirked as he turned back at the chuckling bunch. "Thanks for your help you two, and uh... sorry being such an idiot to you yesterday." Godzilla apologised to Rodan and Anguirus. 
"What are you talking about you've always been an idiot you giant lump of scales!" The spiky kaiju retorted with a chortle. 
"And Zilla, if it weren't for you, I would've ended up being Biollante's last meal." Godzilla laughed. 
"Thank you." He smiles in appreciation.
"This girl's always happy to help her King in need!" She responded jovially. 

"So... Now what do we do?" Rodan looked around at the quiet city. 
"I don't know about you guys, but I simply feel too alive to just rest after absorbing so much energy." Anguirus admits.
"I think I can help with that..." Zilla smirked. The three boys all looked at each other in confusion at that remark. 
"How?" Godzilla wondered.
"I heard stories from some of the girls you bred with in your time, on how fun it can be to get fucked by our alpha." Zilla stepped away and held her hands behind her head and stood titillatingly back at the males. Even though they had been so focused on the battle, how could they not have even caught a single glimpse of her phenomenal frame. She has got to have one of the most brilliant figures of any female in all of Godzilla's kingdom, absolutely deserving a place up top alongside all four of Godzilla's treasured mates. 

Her light, blue grey skin shining like the sun, smooth as the finest fibre. Her voluptuous body, so slender, so delicate looking, one wouldn't believe just how deceptively durable she really is. As the boys' wandering eyes moved further up, they arrive at her plushy pair of monumental orbs. The natural gloss of her breasts under the moon glimmers as dazzlingly as the Milky Way, and tipped with perfectly balanced, luminescent blue nipples and areolae, those massive mounds straddled on her chest made Zilla a magical majesty of nature. "So do you boys wanna show me what it's like being a pet for the rest of the night?" The young female winked with one of her glistening turqoiuse eyes. Well after such a long day of fighting one of the most challenging battles the three had ever been in together, who couldn't resist rewarding themselves with this tantalising girl? 
"What do you guys say? You up for a bit of fun?" Godzilla smirked. 
"One should always try and find ways to enjoy themselves when at work." Anguirus grins.
Grinning amongst themselves, the three victorious kaiju gaze back at Zilla. The most heart pumping action of the night may have only just begun... 

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