Godzilla: Banging Wars

BY : J.W.BurningGoji54
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Chapter 12: Masseuse Mothra? 

It was well past midnight by the time the kaiju trio arrived on the remote eastern banks of the island of Borneo. Godzilla, Rodan and Anguirus all collapsed limply as soon they made it to dry land. The alpha volunteered to stay up on watch while the others tried to snatch a few hours of sleep before they had to get down to business. The King sat stationary, staring out into the vast Pacific - in the direction of his home while the sun steadily illuminates him from the face down.

"You could've woken me up to take over for you, Godzilla. Were you really up all night?" Anguirus awakens by his side, his vision hazy. 
"I don't need rest." The alpha responded without taking his eyes off course. 
"That's not like you. The Godzilla I remember liked to sleep his ass off whenever he can." Anguirus returned. 
"Well you remember wrong." Getting up with a low rumble, the monster belly flops back into the water for a local prowl of the nearby seas.

Opening his eyes as Godzilla swam away, Rodan lifted himself off the ground as he brushed the sand off his body. "You heard that?" The spiky kaiju sat up and he slid his thorny tail from side to side. 
"Only all of it." The flying monster gazed with unease at Godzilla as he turned a sharp bend south into the Indonesian archipelago. 
"I'm worried for him, Rodan." Anguirus admits. "Yeah, I know buddy. I'm worried for him too."  Placing his wing over his companion, they watch their age-old friend disappear over the side of a rocky headland, leaving only the ripples in the waves behind in his tracks.

While daylight had only just shined over East Asia, the sun was already high in the skies above Monster Island. Walking back from the play area, exhausted after early morning combat training with his mother and cousins, Mirai enters the cave and sits himself down, resting his back against a flat rock bench at the far end of the chamber. Closing his eyes, he reclines and relaxes, calming down to bathe in the coolness of the cavern. Exhaling deeply, the kaiju suddenly then hears a pleasant voice from over the bench. "Oh hi sweetie!" Jumping out of his skin, Mirai gasps aloud and tumbles onto his side. Quickly trying to compose himself, Mirai looks to see who it was. 
"Sorry Auntie I didn't see you there." He puffs.
"And I didn't see you here either." Mothra smiles as she lifted herself up with her arms. 
"What uh, what were you doing back there?" The dark moth questioned. 
"Mmm, just cleaning." She replied innocently, though Mirai could see her trying to wipe her hand against her butt. "Anyways, come sit by me!" The Queen pats the rock twice.

"So how was training?" Mothra asked as Mirai came and sat down beside her. 
"Alright I guess, I just really didn't expect Hoshimi to escape after I pinned her to the ground just now."
"How did she get out?" The divine moth wondered inquisitively. 
"I forgot to secure her legs and so she kicked my back and sent me flying forwards. I then ended up getting pinned by her." They chuckled. "Why must Mom have to get me to train so early? I hate it when I have to wake up so soon." Mirai whines. 
"Aww, you're just like your Uncle!" Mothra threw her arm round and brought the two closer together. The child's eye ended up staring at the mouth watering orbs right at the corner of his eye. The roundness and suppleness of Mothra's rack was enough to drown the young kaiju in flames of arousal. "It's a mean world out there. You have to be ready to defend yourself, right?" The goddess continued.
"Yeah, yeah you're right." Mirai strived to snap himself out of his daydream. "Mom uh, always said I should - watch my back." He tried to collect himself.

Peering down and smirking slightly, Mothra knew exactly what was... disturbing him. "You alright, honey? You seem tense." Mothra gently shook him. 
"N-no... I'm fine." Mirai tried assuring her. 
"And uh, why do you have your legs crossed like that?" Mothra pointed with the arm around her nephew. Looking down, one leg was indeed over the other, with his hands also covering his crotch. "Come on, you have nothing to hide from me." Sighing in defeat, Mirai slowly unraveled his legs and moved his hands out of the way, revealing his humongous cock as it sprang up impressively. "There you go, now isn't that more comfortable?" Mothra brought him even closer to her. Mirai's heart increasingly thumped against his chest, but nevertheless managed to brave himself to speak. 
"You like what you see?" He asked boldly. 
"Very much, it's a lot bigger than I remember." The Queen compliments as she ran a finger down his length.

"I couldn't help but notice that you keep staring at my tits." Mothra included.
"You realised that too?" Mirai asked.
"Yeah I did. You can feel them if you want." She turned her body to give him a full, first rate view of her great rack. "Don't be shy, it's just us two in here!"
Having already spent enough time admiring the view, Mirai swallowed his shyness and decided to nosedive straight in without further delay. Lifting his arms, he perches his hands on Mothra's breasts. They are so squishy and yielding, and so addictive to play with - they wobble like jelly whenever he jiggles them from side to side. "Want to see how they taste?" The divine moth offers. "You've made it this far..." She justifies. After a quick gaze at his Aunt, Mirai beamed at the way this was all turning out for him. Puckering his lips, the boy bent down to do just that.

Guzzling like he's parched beyond belief, Mirai quaffs one then the other, all the while unceasingly fondling them passionately. The Queen moans lightly through her breaths, caressing her nephew's head as if he were her own. Seeing a drop of precum ooze from the tip of Mirai's member, Mothra extends her free right arm and readily grapples his rod. Inhaling and catching a pleasant waft of her angelic scent, Mirai gasps cutely as the Queen pumps his iron shaft. Thirsty for more action, Mothra briefly stands up, creating a strand of saliva between Mirai's mouth and her bosom. Kneeling down, she positions herself between Mirai's legs before recommencing their love making. "I see it's not just good looks that you've inherited from your father." She jerks him off more ardently. "You're still growing and yet you're already almost as big as him!"
"How would you know?" Mirai tilts his head to the side. Winking at the dark moth, the Queen shuts him up as she goes down and engulfs his dick all in one go. Closing his eyes, Mirai wallows in the warmth and coziness he finds himself in, he could feel his head repeatedly drubbing against the back of her throat as she bobs her head.

Taking her head out of the way, Mothra then sandwiches Mirai's dick between her Titan tits. Holding them in place, she shifts her body up and down, pumping the kaiju's shaft with her two palpable pillows. "Seeing you like them so much why don't we put them to good use?" With Mothra also proceeding to twiddle and play with his head with her lips and tongue like a popsicle stick, Mirai has finally reached his climax. "Mothra! I'm about to cum!" He groans through his teeth. Without ushering a word, the divine moth hastens her speed, bobbing her breasts more quickly and sucking more intensely. With the sensations soaring through the roof, Mirai let's it all go. Releasing inside Mothra's mouth, his spunk bursts out in such high pressure, splattering her face and boobs as she gasps for air. His streams of cum catapulting in all directions let alone Mothra's body. Mirai clenches tightly on his seat, growling and trying to hold himself down until the ongoing orgasm soon enough dies away. Just about regaining consciousness as a result of the sheer size of the orgasm he just had felt, Mirai looks down to see how the goddess had coped with it all. His seed dripping off her lower jaw in a dozen spots, Mothra wipes her eyes clean before smiling happily back at the boy. "This sure beats training any day, doesn't it?" Mothra licks around his meaty girth. Mirai couldn't possibly agree more. "Come on sweetie, let's do it for real this time." She whispered. Holding his hand, she leads Mirai behind a taller flat top rock in the left hand corner of the room.

Lifting her left leg and laying it on top of the boulder, Mothra gives Mirai a scenic view of both her massive ass and her shining pussy. "Don't tell them this, but you're so much hotter than your daughters!" The dark moth admits, almost drooling. 
"If you promise to show me all you've, I might just remember to keep it between us." Mothra titters. Approaching the goddess, the chuckling Mirai slides his hand all over her left butt cheek, clutching them and admiring her peachy roundness and smoothness before grabbing ahold of his dick. Tapping his tip against the entrance to the Queen's pussy, Mirai slides his cock up and down her soaking labia, to Mothra this was more like torture than teasing! "Oh, get a move on! You're killing me right now!" She grows ever more desperate to have his hunk of meat grinding her little snatch. "Alright then, here it comes!" Mirai exclaims with a cheeky grin. Pushing past her barrier, he finally finds himself inside the divine moth.

Both moaning, Mirai starts to hammer deeper into her sex. Resting the side of her head against the rock, she could feel her body jolting forwards more powerfully as Mirai pounds more potently into her cunt - her squeals growing louder as the number of thunderous thrusts increase. Repeatedly slapping her ass, and building up the speed of his smashes, Mirai greatly accumulates the experience for the both of them. Mothra's screams bounce off the chamber walls, as does the endless squelching of his cock against her slick and moist inner walls. The divine moth's moans just turns the young kaiju on so much, Mirai wants nothing more than to completely ravage Mothra senseless.

Unfortunately, just as it was getting good... "Mom? Is that you in there?" A voice calls from the tunnel on the opposite side of the cave. Both Mothra and Mirai halted in their tracks. 
"Get down! Get down!" The goddess had the boy hide behind her while she desperately wiped the splooge off her breasts and face. "Hi honey!" Mothra called out sweetly, acting casual as Azami came into the light. 
"I heard screaming, are you alright?" The daughter wondered. 
"Yeah I just uh, saw this... big spider that scared me... it's dead now." She propped up her arms and rested her chin on her palms. 
"R-right okay." The girl replied with a hint of suspicion. "And are you sweati-"
"I thought you're training with Auntie." Mothra changed the subject. 
"Y-Yeah I am, Auntie Battra just wanted me to look for Mirai. We don't know where he's gone. Have you seen him?"
"No sorry I haven't seen him." The divine moth shook her head.

While the two continued talking, Mirai got back on his knees and began to voraciously and courageously eat the moth out. Toying with her ass cheeks, Mirai dug his face between them and furiously flickers his tongue for her. Mothra squeaks in rapture, and urgently endeavours to repress her euphoric moans. "Mom are you sure you're alright?" Azami sees her trying to hide what sounded like laughter. 
"Yes I'm perfectly fine." Mothra nudges Mirai with her foot in an attempt to stop him - but of course he didn't! "Off you go now, Mommy loves you baby!" Incredibly confounded by her mother's behaviour, Azami shakes her head and leaves her alone. 
"Okay, please yourself." Giving it a few more seconds after she went out of sight, Mothra breathed a great sigh of relief. 
"What are you trying to do to me?!" She giggles and kicks Mirai. 
"Big spider?" He chortles. "What do you have in here, Kumonga?"

"Just shut up and finish me already!" With her arms Mothra lifted herself back on the rock, this time facing the ceiling. Holding and spreading her legs in the air, Mirai gets right back in the action. Fiercely fucking her without any further disruption or delay, Mirai in due time eventually brings Mothra over the peak of the mountain. The Queen clasps onto the rock, screaming the boy's name. And a few more hefty slams later, Mirai delivers the long anticipated release Mothra had been begging for.

Shuddering and squealing mightily, the moth's walls cave in with Mirai still tunnelling inside, her fluids splutter across her thighs and all the way up to the dark moth's lower abs. Shifting his hands away from her legs and up to her shimmying tits, Mirai prepares to join the goddess for a heavenly release of his own. Wrapping her legs around the boy, Mothra locks him in place for the final leg of the course. She wants Mirai to give her what she so desperately desires. Lost and trapped in a world of blissful pleasure, Mirai has no choice but to untether it all in one go. Rushing through, his cum speedily swells inside the female, her uterus once more, heaving heavily with sperm. Mothra could feel and hear her core grumble from all that has been fed into her. Drained and enervated, Mirai falls faintly onto Mothra as his cum comes gurgling out of her cunt. "How did it feel?" Mothra stroked his head. 
"Wonderful!" Mirai held onto her more tightly. 
"I'm not gonna get you pregnant am I?" His head shot up with worry. 
"What? Nah you don't have to worry about that." She laughed. "You're too late, your Uncle already beat you to it..."

Dozing off straight after, the moths lay asleep for almost an hour until an alarm clock rang and woke them both up unexpectedly. "You said you were gonna have a little rest on the side and join us again straight after." This time a different female voice called. Eye lids shooting open, the Mirai and Mothra stared startled at one another before hesitantly turning to see who it was. "H-hey Mom!"
"Hey sis!" The two each put on a guilty smile. 
"How do you know I was here?" Mirai questioned as Battra came up to them. 
"Well you've gone missing and Azami told me your Aunt was acting strangely, put them together, and there you have it." Battra puts her hands on her hips. "Now go and chill out at the hot springs with everyone else, I wanna talk to Auntie for a bit." Battra pointed to the passage way behind her with her thumb. Lifting himself up, Mirai obeys his mother. 
"Thank you for all that by the way, Auntie."
"Don't mention it!" Mothra sat up and gave him a giant kiss on the forehead and hug before he headed to the exit. 
"You're not mad at me are you?" Mirai looked back at his Mom. Battra gave him a shrewd, piercing look, but mad as she maybe, she couldn't keep it up for long. "I swear, if I didn't love you so much I'd spank the living daylights out of you."
"You don't have to be that har-"
"And that goes for you too!" Battra stopped Mothra in her tracks as she held up her hands in surrender. 
"Alright, I'll see you two later." Mirai strolled into the tunnel. 
"And I want you to make up for bunking lessons!" Battra called out to him. 
"Yeah yeah, whatever." Her son shrugged back lazily.

"Speaking of which, I wish you could help out in training the kids. My whole body's knackered to bits." The dark moth stretched her arms. 
"I did say I had some cleaning to do in here." Mothra countered. 
"Well you're not doing a very good job of it." The guardian moth eyed all the puddles of her child's mess across the floor before sitting down on the bench. Hopping off her rock, Mothra scooted behind her sister, crossing her legs around Battra's waist as she firmly massages her aching shoulders. "I feel like the older that boy grows, the wilder he becomes." Battra closes her eyes to let the divine moth do all the work. 
"He's becoming more and more like his father, isn't he?" Mothra carries on working on her. 
"Yeah, he is. It frightens me... but in a good way." The sisters giggle together. 
"Never for one second think that he's not with you." The Queen wraps her arms around Battra. "Because he always is. He's in Mirai, and he's in you." She places her hand on her sibling's heart. "And if you love him as much he loves you, you can even hear his voice. He only speaks in whispers, so you have to listen closely." As they sat there, Mothra could then feel a drop land on the back of her hand, and following it up, she could hear the first few sniffles beginning to break loose. 
"I really don't where I'd be without you. Even in my most darkest moments you never lost hope in me, never abandoned me."
"That's what families are for. We look out for each other." The Queen of the Monsters steadies her head against hers. "You're my sister, Battra. And I love you no matter what."

After the two sat in momentary silence, holding each other attentively, Mothra brokered a little smirk. "Is your body still hurting?" She asked.
"Yeah... w-why?" Battra slowly swivelled her head. And faster than the speed of light, the Queen fleetingly laid her sister down flat on the bench with her back facing upwards. "What are you doing?" The dark moth chuckled as her counterpart wrestled to get her into position. 
"Just stay still and enjoy yourself! Let me work my magic!" Once sitting comfortably on Battra's back, Mothra impatiently commenced the session. Majestically spreading her wings as if she had just emerged from her confined cocoon, they began to glow a sparkling gold, brilliantly brightening the area around them. Following that, her hands too started to illuminate the same awe-inspiring colour. Prepped and primed, the Goddess of Peace's hands ran from the dark moth's waist, along her ribs and up to her shoulder bones, applying steady pressure across her body - transferring her mystical energies deep into Battra to liberate the kaiju from whatever stiffness that may be trapped inside her. The dark moth could feel her soreness disappearing wherever her sister's hands passed and laid. "How are you liking it so far?" Mothra questioned mid-way. 
"Oh, whatever you're doing up there, don't stop." Battra exhaled longingly in bliss. 
"As you wish!" The Queen joyfully responded. After a few more electrifying minutes, Mothra frees the dark moth's back from any numbness that had plagued her from this morning, now to work on the other side!

"Turn around for me please, sweetie." The goddess briefly raised herself up to give her patient room to switch positions. Doing as the doctor ordered, Battra's eyes and mouth gaped open upon seeing the lustrous sight. "Mothra!" She gapingly gazed at her stunning wings. "You look amazi-"
"Shh, I'm not done yet." The Queen placed her glowing finger on her lips. Setting both hands down between her thighs and outstretching her fingers, Mothra anxiously creeps her way up Battra's stomach as she gives her a spicy stare into her gracious face.
And before they knew it, the moth was all over her, passionately feeling up her sister's orbs, kneading them firmly in a circular motion - whether this was part of the massage or not, Battra doesn't mind! The dark moth trembles with contentment, her gargantuan jugs just as sensitive and just as fun to toy with as Mothra's. 
"I can feel your heart dancing in your chest, don't be so nervous!" Bending down and calmly wetting her lips, the Queen helps herself to Battra's left breast, swirling her tongue along her areola, instantly hardening both the monster's plum coloured nipples as the goddess' teasing sends substantial stirs of intense glee. "AHHHH!!! Mothra!! How are you so good at this?!" Battra gasps in surprise, finding herself unable to move, pinned against the bench while the Queen moved her arms to massage her kin's shoulder joints and arms in the meantime. Letting out a little titter in appreciation, Mothra unremittingly keeps on gking.

"Where in the cosmos have you been?!" Azami yelled at her cousin as he made it to the volcano. 
"I um... went for a... a stroll of the island." Mirai stumbled.
"For a whole hour?" Hana queried.
"Your Mom got me circling the entire island looking for you, If you were 'strolling' around I would've seen you." Azami continued. 
"Weird huh?" The dark moth answered before stepping into the hot pool with rest of the kids, budging in between Minilla and Hokmuto. 
"If we have to put up with training, you have to as well!" Akira raised her arm from under the water and pointed sternly at the boy as he rested back to soak in the warmth. 
"Because we'll be the next generation to safeguard the planet." Hoshimi sulked, echoing her father's words. "I always wonder what it's like to go out to do battle, wonder what everyone does out there while we just sit here." Leo conveyed. "Like Dad..."
"Oi! That's my claw you jerk!" Ebirah screamed after Godzilla ripped away the overgrown crustacean's left limb as they splashed about in the middle of the South China Sea. 
"Uncle Rody..."
"Fucking bug off!" Rodan flapped his wings in frustration in the air above Saigon as the humanoid-looking Megaguirus buzzes blindingly around him, the female insect tauntingly cackling at the fire bird. 
"Uncle Ang..."
"Take that you runt!" The Ankylosaur smashes the Ceratopsian-like monster: Jiger against the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur with his spiky clubbed tail, winding the monster and knocking him unconscious before one of the buildings collapsed onto him. 
"Well wherever they are around the world, I hope they find some time to have a little bit fun." Lea slipped more of her body into the water. 

Screaming her lungs out, a thin expulsion of fluid from between Battra's legs splatters far from the bench. "H-how the hell did you do that?" She wheezed. "You didn't even lay a finger down there!" Releasing the dark moth's nipple from her mouth and transferring her hands from her tits
to her cheeks, Mothra hovers her head just over Battra's. 
"Well if you and Dad didn't spend so much time together, then maybe Mom might have had the chance to teach you as well!" Mothra tittered. Going down, the kaiju inter-lock as their cushiony lips invite the other inside their abode, with the Queen lying completely flat on top. 
"It's not my fault that I'm a Daddy's girl..." Battra sulked. While Mothra chuckles and sets about pecking along her sister's jaw and neck, the dark kaiju could see through her closed eye-lids the bright golden hue beginning to fade upsettingly away. "Wait... what happened to all that sparkly glowy stuff?" Promptly pausing, the divine moth takes a quick glimpse at her back-to-normal hands and multi-coloured wings. 
"Huh... must've run outta juice." Mothra appeared disappointed. "But hey, no worries, because if there's anything better for the body than a massage, it's this..." Rotating her body round, Mothra excitedly lines her head with Battra's sex, in turn giving her kin a striking view of her smashing snatch as well.

"I see my Mirai has left his mark." Battra collects a pinch of gloopy white between her thumb and index finger from her sister's labia. 
"Why don't you be an absolute love and clean it up for me?" Mothra pulled apart the dark moth's legs, unlocking the doors to the hallway behind. "Very well then!" Battra moulds the whopping pair of peaches right above her face. Licking their lips, the girls yearningly plunge into each other, aiming to give the other the greatest oral pleasuring they could possibly provide. The divine moth rubs her fabulously silky tongue on the Queen's clitoris, building up the pressure on this sweet spot, while Battra on the opposite end licks frantically all over her vagina, savouring the flawless, flavoursome combo of her son's jizz on her sister's snatch. "I just love the way you taste!" Mothra licks thirstily down Battra's sodden pussy, absorbing the fresh, finger-licking fluids into her mouth. And Battra was certainly with her there, Mirai's cum on Mothra's cunt is like the cream on top of the pie for her!

The monsters' muscles tense with zealous zest, their adrenaline spiking high above the clouds as they each drilled deeper into the other's ecstatic depths. Suddenly shifting round, the divine goddess raises her sister's left leg in the air, resting her foot on her right shoulder as she parks her womanhood right by Battra's. Grinning lustily back in return, the dark kaiju was more than obliged to partake in the arousing act that shall finish it all off. Tilting her body sideways, she hands over all the controls to Mothra, with the titillated Titan already set to get things back in motion. Firmly holding onto Battra's thighs, the Queen of the Monsters shifts her hips to and fro, grinding their wet pussies together as she rides the dark moth through into the final stretch.

"S-SO CLOSE!!!" Battra holds hands Mothra as she rocks backwards and forwards, her breasts jiggling with every movement. Fire and lightning raged within them, soon both were breathing as hard as their clits rubbed against each other. "CUM WITH ME!!" The goddess screamed out, "I WANT US TO CUM TOGETH-AHHHH!!!" She humps the dark moth as fast as her curvy hips could allow. Battra could only present a few nods in reply, her squeals suppressing any attempt to speak, her mind wandering in the middle of a desert of euphoria. Exhilaratingly grasping at each other's hands, the kaiju give off a reverberating mewl as they pass the specked finish line.

Clamping their eyes shut and curling their toes they become completely consumed by an all too familiar, overwhelming warmth. Great pulses between their legs are instantly followed by the explosive busting of dams, unleashing the gigantic reservoirs behind them. The sisters' combined cargo gush heavily down the drop-offs of the rock. Standing up energetically on the bench, the goddess fervently fingers her excited sex, spraying fierce jets of her honey even all the way up to Battra's magnetic face, the exotic fluids racing down the sides of her head and dreamy curves. Soon settling down from their climaxes quite a while later, Mothra slumps beside her sister, perching her weary head on the dark moth's soaked shoulder. They laid there for several minutes, trying to regain their breaths as they held each other adoringly, staring into space. "I wish we could just stay like this forever." Mothra yearned as she brought her hand onto Battra's chest, running her middle finger along the guardian's narrow cleavage. Bringing her kin closer towards her, the dark moth gently kisses Mothra on the forehead, "Until one of the kids just comes barging in, I don't see why we can't."

Eventually managing to neutralise all hostilities in their corner of the world, Godzilla, Anguirus and Rodan have regrouped together and are now on a final patrol of the northern Philippine island of Luzon. Policing the Pacific coastline with the red sun scampering away over the landmass, the three walk along a sandy bay. Scoping around them, they could see under the light of the orange sky: fallen trees, charred wood and ashes, countless claw marks in the dirt. "The hell happened here?" Rodan posed the question that stuck in all three of their minds. Skipping ahead, Anguirus climbed up a viridescent hill to get a better view of his eerie surroundings. Gazing down the other side, Anguirus shrieks in alarm and jolts so hard he rolls and tumbles back on his shell. Looking at each other with distress, Godzilla and Rodan raced over to help their friend back on his feet. "What Anguirus? What is it?" The fire bird asked. 
"T-there's something over there!" The Ankylosaur stutters.
Treading in the direction Anguirus pointed at, Godzilla peeped his head over the mound of earth to see what had startled his companion. What the kaiju King saw shocked him to his very foundations. On its front, a monster lays motionless with its mouth gaping open. Black, winged, multi-limbed and having a triangular head, the creature is unmistakably a Muto (or at least it was one). And behind it, stood three broken, brittle spore-like structures laid horizontally next to one another.

"It's dead you numskull!" Rodan guffaws back to Anguirus after he too crawls up to view the scene. "Can you believe it Godzilla? The tenacious Anguirus, spooked by a little corpse!" Rodan nudges his friend as he sniggers loudly. 
"Godzilla? Hello, you in there?" The Pteranodon taps on his arm, trying to get his attention - but to no avail. 
"The Xilien Commander and his monsters ambushed me and my partner at our home in the Philippines... We fought to defend ourselves, but we got no where... My partner... He was murdered by them." Godzilla's heart thumped as Femuto's voice resonated inside his head. 
"Rodan, Anguirus... That's Femuto's mate right there, Hokmuto's father." The alpha spoke melancholily. 
"Seriously? Don't be ridiculous!" Rodan tried to stifle a laugh. As Godzilla turned and stared sharply at the fire bird, his smile swiftly disappeared as he and Anguirus looked at each other at the corners of their eyes. "My god..." The Titan whispered to himself, not needing to have to say anything else. 
"Femuto told me back when I first met her that she and her family was attacked here by the Xiliens. This must be their nest." Hopping over, Godzilla could see the radioactive matter already affecting the fauna around the body, plants of all colours sprouting out of the ground. 
"What should we do?" Anguirus brought up the question after he and Rodan went over to the alpha Titan. 
"Well we should at least bury the poor fellow." The flying reptile suggests. 
"Rodan's right. We can't just leave him like this." Godzilla wholeheartedly agrees, it's the correct thing to do, it's what Femuto would have wanted.

With dusk just about making its way over Asia, night had already long befallen back home. Everyone is fast asleep in the cave, lying side by side with their heads against the wall. Battra is snuggling with her son on the left, Mothra with Hana in her arms on the right, and the rest of the kids are all slumbering in between - or at least most of them are. Sitting himself up after quietly and discreetly shimmying out of his cuddle with Akira, Minilla rubbed his eyes before taking a brief glance at his family either side of him. Sighing silently and holding his head in his hands, the young kaiju stood up and walked quietly out of the chamber, making sure not to wake any of the other monsters as he does so. Sauntering up to the beach a quick walk west of the cave, Minilla sits himself down onto the sand, gazing for some time at the millions of twinkling stars that speckled the sky. "What's wrong, sweetie?" The monster then turned to see his mother standing in front of the trees. 
"Nothing, Mom. Just... just thinking." Minilla brooded back. 
"About Dad?" Mothra sat beside her son and wrapped an arm around him. 
"Is he gonna be okay?" The youngster muttered faintly. 
"Daddy's gonna be just fine, baby. Once all this is over, everything will be just fine." Holding each other as they lay down on the floor, the mother and son catch a blinking glimpse of a streaking comet sprinting across the sky before falling back to sleep. A comet that even the father, who is thousands and thousands of miles away, has also caught sight of.

Eyes following the ball of ice for a brief and dashing second, the monster King again stood facing out into the vast ocean. "We've cleared the whole area, Godzilla. There's no reason to stay on guard tonight." Rodan knelt and laid down on the ground. Thanks to Anguirus' digging abilities, the trio finally gave the Muto an appropriate burial, resting just in front of his family's spores. And by the time they had finished the grave, sundown had already passed and the monsters (two of them at least) are eager to grab some shut eye after a hard days work. "You never know, the Xiliens might send more reinforcements like they always do." Godzilla countered. 
"Not at the rate we've been wiping the floor with their kaiju." Rodan replied.
"Just take a nap at least for God's sake. You want to conserve your energy for the battles to come don't you?" Anguirus spoke with his eyes closed, getting more and more irritated at his friend's annoying attitude. 

The alpha knew he wouldn't get his way with these two, though reluctant to admit it openly, his body is indeed too tired to even fight with words let alone fight with fists. Grumbling in defeat, Godzilla stomps over and slumps heavily onto the Earth, forming mini sand storms as he exhales deeply through his nostrils. "G'night boys." He mumbled to his mates.
"Goodnight, Godzilla." Rodan and Anguirus yawned. While the others in no time tucked themselves in for the night, Godzilla could only glare perturbedly at himself, his thoughts as muddled as a tangled ball of multi-coloured wires.

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