Godzilla: Banging Wars

BY : J.W.BurningGoji54
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Chapter 11: One Day

After a leisurely walk diagonally down the diameter of the island, the four monsters in the fullness of time eventually reach the children's playing field. All the kids were gathered around Minilla, whose eyes were sharply focused on a pile of rocks stacked for him in the distance. "Come on you've got this, you just have to believe in yourself!" Mirai energetically encourages his cousin.
"You must be patient, with patience on your side, you can achieve anything you want!" Hoshimi kneels next to her little brother and runs her hand down his back.

Seeing Godzilla and the gang park behind them, Hana walked up to meet them. "Hey baby, you doing alright?" The doting King bent his knees lifted his daughter up with her arms and kissed her fondly. "Yeah I'm fine, Dad." Hana answered jovially after returning the gesture back to her father. "But Minilla isn't." The girl added more dully. The kaiju then hear a light whirring noise coming from the little reptile. Minilla's miniature spines start to glow blue from the tail up, with his mouth also beginning to illuminate through his teeth. 
"Come on! Keep on going!" Lea motivates him. Taking a deep breath and filling his lungs with oxygen, Minilla shoots the flames at the target. But like every other time, the same thing just happens again and again.

Instead of firing a concentrated beam of pure radiation like his father, Minilla only manages to shoot a blue smoke ring instead. Travelling sluggishly towards the pile of rocks, a mere 'puff' is created once it hits them, barely budging the target upon collision as the smoke ring dissipates into thin air. "ARGH!! This is hopeless!!" Minilla screams in frustration. Kicking the grass under his feet, the monster storms away from his siblings in an agitated manner. As Hokmuto and Hana lowered themselves off Godzilla, the concerned alpha predator chased after his son while everyone looked on with sadness for the young Titan.

Making his way to the beachfront, Minilla continues to kick away at the earth and curse himself, believing he will never strive to become the great Warrior King his father is. Beginning to tear up, he grabbed a handful of sand in his claws and furiously threw it out to sea before giving off a rage-filled roar into the horizon. "Hey, hey! Calm down, Minilla!" Godzilla rushed up and knelt down to hug his son tightly. 
"I'm a failure, Dad! A failure!" The boy sobbed on his father's neck. 
"You're not! You're not a failure! And you never will be! You hear me?!" Godzilla rested his snout against the top of Minilla's head. 
"I can't even do a stupid atomic breath!" The kaiju slammed his tail against the ground.

Chuckling at himself, Godzilla tells his son a little story. "You know Minilla, your Daddy was just like you when he tried to breathe his first atomic breath. Time and time again all I ever managed to blow were rings... and bubbles." Godzilla grinned down to his kid. 
"Bubbles?" Minilla sniffed.
"Yeah! And you thought rings were stupid!" The King said as his son began to giggle. "Now come on you used to sneeze bubbles when you were a baby!"
"Yeah? And how old were you?" Minilla countered. 
"...That's besides the point." Godzilla tried to avoid the question. "I also remember that your Grandad would always threaten to hit me whenever I do it wrong."
"You're not gonna hit me are you?!" Minilla sounded worried. 
"What? No, don't be ridiculous! Daddy loves you too much to do such a thing!" The Titan kisses the top of his boy's head.

"What are Grandad and Grandma like?" The juvenile wondered, now nice and calm. 
"Well, Grandad... he was a very strict monster. He would never take 'no' for an answer and was always serious about everything. Which was why he always wanted to hit me, even though he never did. And Grandma she..." Godzilla paused for a quick moment before continuing with a radiant smile. "She was just like your Mommy. Kind, caring, always wanted play with me, and was always there to pick me up whenever I fell down." He nods gently at the memories. 
"Can I meet them, Dad? We always meet Mom's Mom and Dad but we never met your's." Minilla asked jovially, after which Godzilla's smile gradually fell apart. 
"They're not here anymore, Minilla. They've moved on now. But I'm sure that one day, you will see them. They would be proud to see their grandkids." The alpha monster cupped the boy's face.

"There's one thing Grandad and I used to do back when I was little." Godzilla said as he took Minilla by the hand and led them into the shallow water. Standing behind him and placing his hands on his son's shoulders, Godzilla rested the side of his head against Minilla's as they both look down into the water below them. "One day, you will grow up to be big and strong, just like your Daddy. One day, you will find a mate you'll love, and together you shall raise a family of your own. And one day, when Daddy's no longer here, you will take his place, and become the new King... of the Monsters." Seeing his father's reflection beaming back up to him, Minilla spoke in a downhearted tone. 
"But I don't want you to go! I want you to stay here with me forever!" He cried.
"I know, Minilla." Godzilla held onto him more firmly. "Daddy doesn't want to leave you either. You and your brothers and sisters mean more to me than anything in the whole wide world. But I promise you, Daddy will make sure that he lives long enough to see you have beautiful children as he did." The atomic Titan closes his eyes as he held his boy, just for a little longer.

"How can I be a King, Dad?" The boy shook his head. "Look at me! I'll never live up to what you and everyone else wants me to be! How can I be an alpha predator if I can't even breathe a single atomic ray? No matter how hard I try, I always fail!" Minilla persists in playing himself down. 
"You try you fail, you try fail. The only way you'll fail is when you stop trying!" Godzilla explains.
"What do you want me to do, huh?" The child questioned.
"...Try again." The King instructs solidly.

Listening to his old man, Minilla reluctantly agrees to give it one last shot. Already back with others along with Mothra, Gigan and Battra who had just recently joined them after a dunk under the waterfall, Godzilla stood supportively alongside his son. Charging up his own spines, the King blasts his primary weapon at a stack of stones just next to the pile already erected from before. The rocks shatter and crumble as they fall to the ground. Taking a step back so that he now stood behind Minilla, Godzilla gives his son some final words of encouragement in his ear. "Remember Minilla, don't stop trying, and you don't risk failing." Standing up, the King holds onto Mothra's hand as the goddess trotted over beside him.

Silence descended as everyone was too nervous or excited to even make a sound. Feeling he had enough time to prepare, Minilla turns the key and fires up the engines. The first trace of light starts to appear from the tip of his tail, slowly creeping its way up his back and neck. Clenching his fists and digging his toes into the floor, Minilla inhales a great chunk of air, his chest expands as his jaws once more emanate a shining blue. When all the kaiju around him stared with anticipation at Minilla's face and the child himself was just about to fire, Godzilla suddenly lifted his foot - which drew the attention of Mothra. Stepping on the boy's tail, Minilla shrieks softly as his eyes widened and his pupils contract. Mouth gaping open, a throaty rumble is made as a long and intense bright beam comes blasting out of his jaws. The continuous stream reaches the pile of rocks and obliterates it with nothing left to spare.

With his atomic ray coming to a close, the monsters gazed at the sight of the explosion where the stack used to stand, before swivelling their heads back to Minilla. His tittering turned into laughter as everyone cheered exhultantly for the adolescent kaiju. "Dad! I did it! Did you see me?! I did it!" He turned round to cuddle with his father. "I'm so proud of you, son!" Godzilla ruffled his child's head with his hand. 
"Mommy couldn't be any more happy for you, sweetie!" Mothra praised as Minilla shimmied over to embrace his mother. After the youngster shifted back to have a titanic group hug with all his siblings, the Queen ushered into Godzilla's ear. "What did you do?"
"Just something my Dad did which led me to breathe my first atomic breath." Godzilla smirked. 
"But isn't that cheating? Minilla might not be able to do it again on his own!" Mothra commented. Wrapping his arm round her shoulder, the King assured his Queen. "Mothra, once you've unlocked it, the trick just sticks with you!"

Following that, Minilla shot another perfect beam at the ground in the far distance. "I can do it! I really can do it!" He squeals after finishing. 
"I told you you could pull it off!" Hokmuto expressed as the two kids started to fool about. 
"It's just how it works." Godzilla kisses his mate's head as she looked on with both joy and disbelief. With a smirk on her face, the goddess plucks a kiss on her partner's cheek in return. "Out of all the Daddies in this world, your kids are so lucky to have you as their's!" The couple smooched fervently.

As the two parents looked on at their children as they frolic and laugh with one another, Rodan and Anguirus appeared from behind the trees. "Godzilla?" The Pterandon asked to which the theropod turned. "It's time." The bird gently jerked his head. The hubbub of the kids quickly died down. "Dad? Is something wrong?" Minilla asked. Slowly whirling back round, Godzilla looks at each of his children individually before settling down in front of them. "Daddy needs to go and fight now, so I want you all to stay safe and don't cause any trouble when I'm gone, okay?"
"How long will you be out for?" Leo questioned. "Not long." His father assured him as he ran his hand down his bumpy body. "Just a few days that's all."

"But... what about that space monster out there? Must you have to fight it? What if you..." Hokmuto halts. The King soundlessly looked down at himself for a moment, the screeching roars of his old nemesis echoing in his ears. Sensing the distraught in her mate, Mothra led Rodan and Anguirus away for a serious talk. 
"I want you to do something for me." The goddess asked for a favour. 
"Sure, what is it?" The spiky shelled monster replied. 
"Godzilla won't like this one bit... but I want you two to be at his side when he engages that clone of his. I'm entrusting you two, as his closest friends, to protect him against SpaceGodzilla. Will you do it?" Mothra placed a hand on each of them. 
"I guess we do owe you one for this morning now that I think about it." Rodan muttered. "We'll do it." The two monsters nodded confidently to their Queen. Kissing them both, the divine moth thanked the kaiju for their help before they walked back to the group.

Raising his head, Godzilla lifted the Muto's chin and gazed into his red eyes. "I have to face him Hokmuto. I have to finish him off for real this time, or he will just keep coming back. And the last thing I want is for him to come back and hurt you or anyone else here. He already tried taking you and Minilla away from me before, I'm not going to let that happen again." Leaning in, Godzilla places the tip of his snout against the child's, just like he had once done with his mother. And like his mother, Hokmuto clicks passionately in a display of great affection, Femuto in the background placed her hand on her heart as she smiled at the memorable sight. "I already lost one Dad... I don't want to lose another..." Hokmuto shook his head as he and Godzilla wrapped their arms around each other. "You won't, Hokmuto. I promise you that you won't." The alpha couldn't hold back his sobs.

Coming forward, the rest of the children joined the alpha predator in a wholesome family hug. "I love you all so, so much." Godzilla kissed each and everyone of his children. "Listen to Mommy and Auntie Battra, play about, muck about and I'll be back home with you very soon." He finishes before ending with Minilla. "Stay on this path, Minilla. You're so much tougher than me when I was your age. You'll make a hell of a good King." Implanting a long kiss on his head, Godzilla stood himself up as he walked off to the beach along with Rodan, Anguirus and Gamera while Femuto and Gigan bid their own farewell to the kids for the time being.

"Everyone else has gone so we need to get a move on." Rodan pointed out.
"Gamera, you are to protect the Arabian peninsula." He informed the guardian turtle. "Understood." The kaiju replied. 
"We will be over in South East Asia and patrolling there." Rodan continued. 
"And I take it I'll swim about and patrol the globe like I always do?" Godzilla hoped. 
"...Like I said: WE will be over in South East Asia. You, me and Anguirus." Rodan corrected him. 
"Three monsters in one region is a bit overkill isn't it?" Godzilla voiced concern. "I don't think you'll need me there."
"It's... for the best." The Pteranodon plainly responded. 

"Goji-San!" Mothra called from behind. As Godzilla moved away and made his way up to his mate, Gamera stepped in to express his thoughts. "Why are you having three monsters stationed there?"
"Mothra wants us to be with him when he fights SpaceGodzilla." Anguirus told him quietly as he crossed his arms. 
"And... Godzilla doesn't know about this?" The turtle presumed.
"Godzilla doesn't know about what?" Gigan came in with Femuto as the males tried to hush the two females. 
"Me and Rodan helping Godzilla fight that clone of his." Anguirus repeated. 
"What's so wrong with that? It'll be useful if he had help." Femuto was confused. 
"No, he doesn't know we are gonna help him." Rodan first confirms to Gamera. "And knowing Godzilla." The bird then turned to Gigan. "He will try and take on SpaceGodzilla alone because it's obvious he's treating it as a personal matter, which in a war, isn't always a good idea. He wouldn't want anyone else involved in his... vendetta."

"What is it, honey?" Godzilla looked down at Mothra. 
"Please take care of yourself, okay?" The goddess held the reptile's hand firmly. "I know what you're feeling. Just don't let your emotions cloud your judgment, Goji-San." She insists. "Remember what I said to you in bed."
"I can remember quite a lot of things you say to me in bed." Godzilla titters inappropriately. 
"Goji-San this is serious." Mothra attempts to get through to him. 
"Look, you have nothing to worry about! Trust me, I know what I'm doing. I won't let you down." Kissing her ardently the couple warmly cuddled each other. "I love you, Mothra."
"I love you too, Goji-San." The monsters whispered. As the two partered, Godzilla then turned to Battra who trottee up beside her sister.
"Battra, promise me you'll take care of our Mothra while I'm away." Godzilla held her hand and caressed her charming face. 
"Of course I will!" The dark moth nodded and smiled before the two leaned in for a pleasant smooch. Once finished, Godzilla slowly pulled back and beamed once more at the Queen.
"Please, wait for me." Kissing Mothra one last time on the cheek, Godzilla went back to rejoin the group.

"He won't like that you're keeping this away from him." Gigan said.
"But it's probably for his own good." Gamera suggested. Seeing Godzilla return, Rodan without warning changes the subject. "Uhh... Femuto and Gigan, you'll be stationing yourselves in Europe. You can take the Hollow Earth Tunnel to get you there quickly." Raising an eyebrow at this sudden change, the females realised that the King of the Monsters was approaching. "O-oh yeah, we got that." Femuto followed along. 
"Yeah that's cool." Gigan nodded.

"Everything alright?" Godzilla wondered. 
"Yeah everything's good." Rodan responded. Looking up at the position of the sun, he realised that they've wasted more than enough time standing about chatting. "Okay we really have to go now." The fire bird remarks. 
"Quite right, happy hunting everyone. Try not to get killed." Stomping into the clear, Gamera laid on his stomach before retracting his head, tail and limbs into his shell. Igniting his engines, the hurricane winds blast sand at the kaiju before he levitates into the air and darts over the horizon faster than a comet.

"Peugh! That wasn't necessary!" Rodan screams at the mere speck of grey in the sky while brushing his barraged face with his wing. "Alright, we'll see you boys soon!" Gigan exclaimed before she and Femuto fervently kissed Godzilla goodbye. 
"Yeah see ya." Anguirus swung and dangled his tongue like a dog in an attempt to clear his mouth of the course, rough and irritating sediment out his jaws. While Femuto dived into the sea with Gigan flying just above her, the monsters waved a final goodbye to their friends and family back on the island.

"Okay. Let's go." Rodan announced after exhaling sharply. Wading into the sea, Godzilla walked steadily with the bipedal Ankylosaur treading beside him and the Pterasaur hovering above in the air. Swivelling his head round, the alpha sees the kids gathering behind Mothra and Battra. With all of them waving silently, the radioactive reptile smiles back at his family before continuing his stomps through the water. Halting for a moment, Rodan and Anguirus too looked back at the island. As Mothra gave them a final nod of appreciation, the pair gave one another a dutiful look whilst following alongside their kaiju King.

"Hey, you okay?" The dark moth gently rubbed the goddess' shoulders. Mothra doesn't take her eyes off of Godzilla as he plunged himself below the water line, with just his dorsal fins peaking above the water like a shark. Knowing that two of his partner's oldest companions will be there to support him in his hour of need, bolstered Mothra's confidence in Godzilla coming back home to her, their mates, and their kids. Smiling brightly, the divine moth finally replies. "Yeah. I'm okay, sis." She raised her chin up. 
"Come on your highness, there's a bunch of kids that want to play with us." As Battra left her alone to rejoin with the juveniles, Mothra gave one last hopeful look at her Goji-San over the horizon, before turning back and following her kin and kids.

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