Godzilla: Banging Wars

BY : J.W.BurningGoji54
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Chapter 10: A Gift From Two Queens

"You mentioned that you knew who the Xiliens were." Godzilla asked Gamera as they walked unhurriedly along the western banks. Here, a colossal sandy bay dominates this entire side of the island. 
"Towards the end of my patrol of the galaxy, I had come across numerous planets which were, if you like, dead or dying. Entire civilisations eliminated, with their resources completely depleted. They had become windy wastelands. And I suspected that the Xiliens were responsible for this, because only they were capable of such destruction." Gamera answered. 
"And were your suspicions correct?" Godzilla continued. 
"They were, my theory was confirmed when I followed the trail of destruction all the way back here, to Earth. I've seen what they've done, I know what they'll do, and I won't let that happen." The guardian was solid in his intentions.
"Welcome home!" The kaiju King shook his shoulder.

Originally, Godzilla told his friend that they were going to have a nice dunk in one of the many bubbling hot springs at the Volcano in the North West of the island. Though half way there, Godzilla suddenly made a turn right, into the trees. "Wait, where are you going? The volcano's over there." Gamera pointed to the dark grey cone in the distance. 
"I know. This is a shortcut." Godzilla paved the way down a beaten track. The King leads the turtle deeper and deeper into the island, so much so the ocean waves were completely drowned out by the songs of tropical birds and clicking of insects. 
"Godzilla how is this a short cut? We aren't getting any nearer to the..."

Making their way into and halting in a clearing in the dense jungle, Gamera sees both Mothra and Femuto sitting salaciously on two rocks side by side each other. "What took you boys so long?" Femuto puts on a frown.
"We're really bored right now, care to enlighten the mood for us?" Mothra deliberately parts her knees and moulds her sensitive rack. Everyone could see Gamera the Brave beginning to flush, his eyes sharply focused on the gorgeous girls. 
"You planned all of this didn't you?" He looked cheekily at the alpha monster. 
"Don't look at me, they wanted to do it!" Godzilla laughed as he pointed at the females.

Curling their fingers, the girls had the boys come forward as they got off their seats to meet them, Mothra then knelt down in front of Godzilla, and Femuto in front of Gamera. 
"We want to thank you for bringing our boys back home safely." The divine moth said.
"As their mothers we would do anything to have them back in our arms." Remarked the Muto.
"And so, we proudly present to you, your well earned reward!" Mothra finishes. Godzilla and Gamera's cocks sprang up in an instant, the guardian's was almost as large as the alpha predator's. Each grabbing a dick for themselves, Mothra and Femuto hastily stroked them as they looked appeasingly up to the males. "You could've at least told me you were gonna do this-. " the flying amphibian gasps lightly as Femuto's head dives straight down. 
"We wanted it to be a surprise!" Mothra answered just before she too went down upon her playmate. The Queen revels in the familiarity of her King's dick, craving his masculine musk, while Femuto becomes captivated by the off-worldly flavour of this new rod that so nicely cushions against the back of her throat, feeling the monster's length throbbing for excitement.

Deep throating them, the moth and Muto pause momentarily to swivel and curl their tongues round their gargantuan girths. The girls want to make sure they lick each and every inch of Godzilla and Gamera's shafts, burbling and murmuring as their silky saliva drop to the floor. Feeling the boys have gotten a good enough idea of what's ahead, Mothra and Femuto take their heads off of Godzilla and Gamera, their rods springing up and down once free. Getting back on their feet, the kaiju girls each send a loving blow kiss back before walking to their rocks. Bending down horizontally, Mothra and Femuto appealingly peel their soggy pussy lips apart for their mates, their love tunnels already oozing with their juices. Rods already in hand, the titillated Titans behind them grinned at each other and harboured no desire to waste anymore time just standing about. With Godzilla taking his Mothra and Gamera the Muto, the men stepped up to meet the two slutty kaiju in their backyards. Each parting the girls' cheeks, they savour the scene of their dripping pussies before hungrily digging themselves straight into them as they all groan in elation.

Once they've adjusted themselves inside the girls' canals, the boys decide to have a bit of fun while they're at it. "I bet you can't get your bitch to cum before mine." The giant turtle looks smugly at the King of the monsters as he caresses the moth's bright white ass. 
"Oh I bet I can!" Godzilla accepts his challenge. Holding their hips, the two kaiju shift in and out as fast as they could, eager to outrun and outpace the other. Grunting pleasurably, the boys dive deeper with each thrust, until they couldn't go any further. Their lengths fill up the girls' cunts so nicely, grinding against their moist, ribbed tunnels as they plant heavy kisses against the entrance to their wombs. 

Mothra and Femuto just adore such rough poundings, they just love the way Godzilla and Gamera dominate their tight little bodies, their cocks remaining so unyielding all throughout the relentless fucking. Every mighty thrust was like an orgasm of its own, and speaking of which, it will only be a little while later before the squealing young mothers finally reach their limit. The males couldn't even speak, they are so keen on trying to get their slut to cum first, and cum they will. With it all becoming too much to bear, both girls end up radically releasing at the same time, their fluids spraying out of their ploughed pussies, and long after, the pressure inside Gamera has reached tipping point. Clamping Femuto down onto his dick, the giant turtle gladly ejaculates far inside the squealing milf, with Godzilla quickly following suit with Mothra. Their tremendous loads burst out and surge stupendously into their satisfied vaginas, packing them with their rich and fertile fluids.

Panting heavily as their dicks finally stop spasming, Godzilla and Gamera turned their heads to face each other. "Call it a draw?" The turtle asked.
"Yeah I'll live with that!" The reptile agreed. Withdrawing from their cocksleeves, torrents of their thick cum came shooting out of their trembling rears, the mothers' knees shaking with all that wonderful splooge simmering within them. But a single great climax wasn't good enough, their carnal desires have not yet been fulfilled, and Mothra and Femuto were sure as hell not letting the boys go free before they've given them what they want. Eyeing eachother, the girls could read what the other now fancies receiving. "How would you boys like to stick your hard cocks up our tight asses?" Mothra bit her finger as she and Femuto lustfully jiggled their behinds. 
"You wanna swap sluts this round?" Godzilla looked at Gamera. 
"Let's do it!" The guardian replied. Switching places, Godzilla now finds himself behind his beloved sexy parasite. "I'm all nice and warm for you!" Femuto uttered to the alpha. As the atomic monster stared down at her bubbly butt, the female clenches her ass, giving Godzilla a little wink alongside. The King was left in awe, overwhelmed by the slut's erotic charisma.

One hand holding his cock and the other placed above her anus, Godzilla slowly but surely penetrates into her asshole. Both kaiju shudder as his head pushes past her rim, Femuto relaxes herself much as she could to accommodate this alien object inside her ass, until she admirably swallows much of her mate's manhood as she could. Femuto squirms as she feels her tightest hole being conquered, stretching her as far as she could go, luxuriating in the heat of his atomic presence. Godzilla for one hadn't claimed a slut's ass in a while, and starting again by railing this sexy Muto's rectum will be one hot experience to remember. With Gamera also readily inserted inside Mothra's ass which was just as pleasantly tight, the boys help themselves in continuing the onslaught. Biting their lips, the females strengthen their clutch on the rocks, the girls' moans growing louder as their partners grind faster, impaling their inner walls. 

"OHHH!!! My ass feels so hot!" The goddess plays with her labia.
"Go d-deeper... and harder!!" Femuto cutely whimpers. Removing his left off her butt cheeks and onto her left shoulder, Gamera holds Mothra in place while he increases the strength of slams. The Queen had always enjoyed a good anal fuck whenever she was in the mood, and as for Femuto, she had only ever been given one once by her late mate, she had almost forgotten how much she had been craving to have her tight hole obliterated again, and what a one she is receiving now.

Thanks to Godzilla hitting all the right spots, Femuto can now have her second replenishing climax. Chirping excitedly, more of her honey squirts from her snatch, making the still on-going outpour of splooge even runnier than before. Shifting the picture to Mothra, the divine moth also climaxes as she tenderly squeezes her squishy breasts. Now that they've given them the anally stimulated releases they've been demanding, it is time for the boys to release the floodgates once more for their bitches. Rumbling deeply, Godzilla and Gamera shove one last deep thrust before depositing their seed far into the depths of their bodies. Both Mothra and Femuto could feel the jizz building up inside their rectums, and with giant dicks plugging their asses, all that cum could only flow up further inside them.

After giving the two time to relish in the heat simmering up inside them, Godzilla and Gamera gradually shift themselves out. Pouring out, their semen now comes spilling pleasingly out from both of their widened holes. Flushing it out of her system, Femuto pushes down and spews Godzilla's cum out of her gaping anus, only to be halted when the lizard slaps her rear. "Keep the cum where it belongs, slut!" He growled. 
"Sorry, honey!" Femuto giggles as clenches back down, shrinking the flow to a dribble as her owner ordered. 
"You wanna take it over from here?" Mothra smirks to Femuto. 
"Fine..." She sighed playfully back to her mate. Walking over to the reptile and amphibian, Femuto laid herself down on her back and re-opened the gates to her vagina. Purring seductively to the voracious males, she welcomes them to take her as they desire.

Having fallen in love with the celestial feel of his manhood inside the young milf's cunt, the radioactive reptile helped himself to her sublime snatch, while Gamera was more than happy to take total control of her enchanting head. Sitting back on her seat, Mothra looked on smugly as the two formidable kaiju overpower her friend. Gotten down on their knees, Godzilla held onto the mother's thighs as he plunges his penis back into her pussy, while at the same time Gamera quickly guided Femuto's face into his cock.

Femuto's body trembles euphorically, she had never been in a threesome, let alone being at the total mercy of two thirsty males that sought to fill up every hole in her vulnerable body. The Guardian of the Universe in turn is immeasurably thrilled to have such pillowy lips and a mellow mouth working his titanic dick, who would've known that rescuing Minilla and Hokmuto would grant him the pleasure of pulverising their slutty mothers to shreds for his own enjoyment. As for the King of the Monsters, having the blissful luxury of senselessly smashing and completely creampieing the fuck out of this marvellous milf however many times he wants is undoubtedly an erotic experience worth living for. If she makes him cum inside and gives him a good time, too hell with what anybody else thinks, he wants the slut back home with him so he could bang and breed this mother every day and every night, living the life of a true King.

Hands already vigorously fondling her mighty orbs and sensitive clit, Femuto moans with her mouthful once more, her maw and snatch being invaded again so harshly, her body being attacked from two fronts. And being unable to to shore up her defences, Femuto is again taken over the edge of ecstasy. Her core constricts around Godzilla's length, her cum spraying against Godzilla's scales. This violent climax causes Femuto to suck even harder at Gamera's dick, causing the males to grunt with rapture as they have become subjected to even more unending waves of elation. Satisfied in their teamwork of getting this magnificent milf to cum for them one more time, the boys were just as eager to release as furiously for her.

Speeding up the rate of their thrusts, Godzilla and Gamera give off a series of exhilarating grunts and hollers as they orgasm for the bitch. The giant turtle discharges his flaming delivery, his cum rapidly rages down Femuto's throat, almost suffocating the poor girl as she coughs the monster's jizz across her face. And over on the other end, Godzilla's splooge swells in her uterus, giving the cum dumpster the all too familiar feeling of having her excessively exploited pussy flooded with the alpha Titan's radioactive seed. Growling complacently, Godzilla and Gamera speedily take their dicks out of her ravaged holes. Femuto hurls up Gamera's cum as she gasps desperately for air, while her un-clogged pussy shoots out the kaiju King's jizz at a blinding velocity into the space between her legs and beyond.

Standing over intimidatingly and wildly pumping their shafts, Godzilla and Gamera rain down their loads onto Femuto. Spluttering and panting she squirms about enjoying herself as endless streams pour down on her body. The males just don't stop cumming, they vent like there isn't a trouble in the world, with each single volley almost large enough to blanket the naughty milf, they soon bury Femuto under layers upon layers of thick, white duvets. What was probably sixty cumshot filled seconds later, their rods at long last stop spraying, their cocks gradually calming as they ooze and fire out that last drops and streams of their lengthy bursts to the floor. Taking a step back, Godzilla and Gamera give one another a kaiju bro-fist before gazing down with a jovial grin on their faces, taking their time to absorb the majesty of their work. 

Yet again left a cum covered and cum stuffed, mucky mess, Femuto lays in the centre of an immense lake of white. No matter how hard you search, it is impossible to find any remaining trace of her dark skin under that viscous coating. Great dollops slide off her sexy lines and feeding the ever growing body of fluids the male monsters have created. While Femuto continues to mewl in all that exotic heat, Mothra gets off her rock and slid over to meet the appeased kaiju. Getting down on her knees and onto the slimy floor, she inserts her head between Femuto's thighs and arches her dribbling ass up into the air - towards the boys at that. Hence without her suspecting anything, the goddess dives in and blocks up the torrential leak with her mouth. The Muto's legs shot up as she squeals in excitement, Mothra proceeds to insatiably lick and slurp up the gunk firing from her friend's cunt, indulging in the odd mix of both Godzilla and Gamera's cum all at once.

Smirking down at the Queen, Femuto waits for Mothra to go up for air before giving her a little surprise of her own. And when the moth had done just that, she pressed down and forces a giant gush of cum to splatter and span all over her face and into her mouth. After wiping her eyes clear and blinking rapidly, Mothra bolted up the tittering Titan and elegantly spewed the cum she had collected in her mouth onto Femuto's face. Giggling amongst themselves, the divine moth laid herself on top of Femuto's slimy body, playfully wrestling with her before calming down, meeting her straight in the lips, snogging one another as their tongues intertwined. Their immense breasts become compressed against each other and their arms and legs slide erotically along their bodies as they indulge in the other's company. After rolling across the floor, the girls gladly licked and sucked the other clean of the boys' splooge, taking it in turns to drive their faces along each other's frames, sometimes with Mothra on top and other times with Femuto. Sucking her fingers clean, the Queen of the Monsters turned to face the males who are still wallowing at the scene she and Femuto had drawn up. "You boys can go now, we will meet you up at the volcano once we're done." Each presenting a sultry wink, Mothra and Femuto carried on with their sexy cleaning. 
"Alright then, come on Gamera. Lets leave them to it." The King gestured. Leaving them be, Godzilla and Gamera took a trail North, and finally headed in the direction of the fire mountain. 

A hop and a skip later they arrived at their destination. The entire North Westerly region is dominated by a dark greyish colour, due to the solid igneous rock that is abundant here. The few small mountains that are the sources of the island's rivers are scattered throughout this corner, all located under the mystic loom of the  volcano. All of Godzilla's friends were here, enjoying Gigan and Battra's presence among them. "Hey, Goji! Where's Mothra and Femuto? We need to get a move on!" The dark moth exclaimed as she leant on King Caesar. 
"I don't know about you, but these boys are looking real hungry!" Gigan looks down to see the muscular Manda's endless tail coil up and round her leg and body while the towering dragon stands behind her, running his hands down her arms. 
"Don't worry they'll be here." Godzilla assured them as he and Gamera walked through the monsters. 
"What's all this about?" The turtle asked inquisitively. 
"Mothra wants to give them a little breakfast treat before they set off later today. We just had ours, now it's time for our friends to have their's!" Godzilla revealed to him. 

Making their way past the small crowd of kaiju, Godzilla and Gamera stop at a series of enormous hot springs, steaming delightfully with heat. Stepping into one of them, the two kaiju sat down and blissfully breathed in relaxation as the water soaked up to their ribs, the heat getting to work in soothing any remaining sores left from yesterday's oriental ordeal. After a few more minutes of them relaxing in the tub and Gigan and Battra mucking about with the Earth's defenders, the goddess and the Muto arrived at the volcano. "Sorry to keep you waiting, we wanted to have a little scrub first." Mothra approached them, while Femuto, deserving a break, went off to join Godzilla and Gamera in the springs. Giving him a flirtatious look, she sat down on the alpha's lap and rested against his robust chest. 
"What a handsome little King you are!" Femuto lays her head on Godzilla's right shoulder and kisses his neck. 
"I just can't seem to get enough of you!" The atomic Titan zealously gropes her mesmerising rack while the girl ruffles Godzilla's head with her left arm. Shaking his head and rolling his eyes, Gamera took his attention away from the lovely couple with a smirk on his face, instead diverting it to the striking show kicking off in front of him.

Jet Jaguar, Varan and Manda took Gigan. King Caesar and Gorosaurus laid their hands on Battra. And lastly, Mothra took care of Rodan, Baragon and Anguirus. With the girls spaced out, they prepared for one massive, monster-sized orgy. Lying on the floor Jet Jaguar welcomed Gigan as she laid herself on top of the robot. While he inserted his bionic shaft inside her cunt, Varan softly perched his deceptively light body on Gigan and impatiently gropes her navy blue orbs before shoving his length between the doughy mounds of fat. And finally, Manda after kneeling beside Gigan's head, guided his long and meaty dick right into the female's mouth, kneeling right beside her while he holds the girl in place, letting Gigan do all the work for him. Over on her left, King Caesar swiftly lifted the dark moth off the ground before lowering her onto his colossal cock, with Gorosaurus raising himself onto his powerful tail and thrusting his shaft up the girl's asshole from behind. Wrapping her arms around the lion-dog's neck, Battra bent her head back to revel in this double penetration. And last but not least, there is Mothra. The ravishing Queen was already on all fours with Baragon lodged in her mouth, Anguirus drilling her ass from the rear, and Rodan suckling and massaging her tits whilst shifting his rod in and out of the goddess' womanhood from below. 

Catching sight of Godzilla's erect penis through the steaming water between her legs, Femuto shifts herself up and hastily lowers her body onto the reptile's cock, catching Godzilla off guard. "OOF!! Stop squirming, Femuto!" He laughs whilst continuing to play with her jugs. 
"Just trying to get comfy, that's all! It's a long show!" Femuto responds as she soothingly rubs her clit with her middle finger. 
"Do you have a family, Gamera?" The Muto looked to the guardian as he rested his head back against his hands. "I do. I have a beautiful mate, whose given me two beautiful kids. A boy and a girl, about the same age as your Minilla." Gamera smiled. "Only problem is that they haven't woken up yet." 
"Everyone there's also in the same pickle. All their mates and kids haven't awoken from hibernation yet either." Godzilla referred to his friends. 
"You'll see them again soon." Femuto assured him. 
"Of course he will! And I bet you've got some great adventure stories to tell your kids when you do!" Godzilla added before they chuckled lightly together.

Hearing a series of loud, high pitch squeals soon followed by numerous deep grunts and growls, the kaiju see white glutinous globs explode out of the girls' sealed holes. The extraordinary experience of being flooded in three different places all at the same time sends uproars of rapture in Mothra as it envelopes her entire body. The goddess collapses onto Rodan, her orbs squishing against the fire bird's face as her mouth and ass blast out Baragon's and Anguirus' seed, with the two monsters taking a step back as thick strands of cum dangle down loosely from their shafts. 

Abruptly taking his cock out of Gigan's mouth, Manda hurriedly pulls back as both he and Varan begin to unshackle their loads onto the slut. Grateful for such bewildering tit and blowjobs, the glider and dragon discharge intense jets of cum that splatters across the kaiju's fabulous face, her beak already wide open to welcome them. "Oi, you two! What's the big idea?!" Jet Jaguar whined as he wiped their gunk off his metallic face.
"Sorry Jet!" 
"Forgot you were down there!" Varan and Manda raised their arms in apology, trying desperately to suppress their laughter. 

Loosening her grip on King Caesar's neck, Battra looks down over her side and sees a puddle form evenly under her body. Lifted off the two monsters' cocks, the dark moth moans lightly as their splooge all comes gushing out of her cunt and asshole as loud as a raging river rapid. "Umm, Mothra? I can't... I can't breathe!" Rodan mumbled. Looking down her chest, the Queen of the Monsters quickly removed her rack off the Pterasaur's face. "Oops! My bad, Rody!" Mothra strokes her face. 

Several swaps, positions and cumshots later, the kaiju girls fall onto the puddle plagued floor. They drag their glazed bodies towards each other, leaving endless rivers of jizz behind them in their tracks. Collecting themselves together with Gigan in the centre and with Battra and Mothra on her left and right, the cum craving sluts get up on their knees and briskly tucked themselves into a concluding and dribbling blowjob as the boys hurriedly huddled around them. Sucking warmly with their mouths and jerking comfortably with their hands, the girls make sure no one is left out, whether it be a blowjob or a handjob they are offering to the other monsters, it is beyond question that they are truly gifted in the art of sexual fulfilment. And so, just a short time later, the first light rain began to fall, and by fanning the flames more and more, the drizzle soon became a shower, and the shower soon became a thundering downpour.

One by one, one after the other, the boys begin to break loose. Swamping their mouths and inundating their bodies, the males induce an antagonistic avalanche that comes tumbling down from all sides, trapping the beleaguered females into a tiny spot in the centre of eight cloud scraping mountains. The girls become shroaded in swathes of steaming snow, it came skimming down their smooth skin from their heads all the way down to the ground around them. Breathing heavily, Mothra, Gigan and Battra, tumbled back as they splash splooge in all directions upon impact. Roaring and growling, the Earth defenders savour themselves in their triumph before leaving the drained bitches alone to themselves.

"I'm so glad you two were here to help out!" Mothra puffed after downing the last of the cum in her mouth. 
"Oh it's nothing, sis!"
"Yeah we're always here when you need us!" Battra and Gigan replied merrily as they all snuggled together and closed their eyes. 
"That's good, because unless their mates finally wake up, we might have to do a lot more of this in the future!" Mothra added before closing her lids and nestling her head on Gigan's right shoulder. Eyes shooting out of their sockets, the other two girls raised their heads to glare at the Queen before giving each other a rather distasteful look. Lowering their heads back down, Gigan and Battra clutched tightly at each other's hands as they stared up into the azure, spotless sky.

Flying in from the South, a miniature dark creature flapped its wings as it flew and descended towards the monsters. Gliding soundlessly over the cloaked, convalescing females lying motionless on the floor, the kaiju eventually landed softly between Godzilla and Gamera in the hotspring. 
"Hey sweetie, I hope you're behaving." Femuto smiled at her son.
"I am, Mom!" Hokmuto replied gleefully.
"You doing okay, buddy? What are you kids up to today?" Godzilla placed his hand on the side of his child's neck. 
"We're trying to help Minilla breathe blue fire like you!" Hokmuto exclaimed enthusiastically. 
"Can he do it?" Gamera asked.
"No, not yet, but he can do it! I know he can!" Hokmuto informed the guardian turtle as he swung round to face him.

"Well I think we should hop over to the play area and cheer him on, don't you think?" Godzilla looked down to Femuto and Gamera. 
"Yeah okay!"
"Let's get going!" The two answered.
"And uh, what's up with the Aunties?" Hokmuto gestured to the three monsters in white. 
"Oh um, your Aunties put on a show for us just now. They may have outdone themselves, and are just taking a nap now." Gamera explained. 
"Was the show... good?" The boy continued to ask.
"Oh it was very stimulating." The alpha answered, resulting in Femuto elbowing his chest for his naughtiness. With everyone arising up and out of the water, Godzilla stomped towards Mothra, Gigan and Battra. "Thanks for the show, girls! We'll be over at the play area with the kids if you need us." Godzilla knelt down over their heads. 
"See you in a bit." Gigan muttered wearily before tilting her head to the side against the dark moth's.

Raising Hokmuto in her arms, Femuto lifts up her son and has him nestle on Godzilla's neck. It's a bit spiky, but Hokmuto likes it nonetheless. "We all ready up there?" The King lifts his chin up to his passenger. 
"All ready!" The Muto responded joyfully. Holding onto the boy's legs as they hang down the sides of his head to secure him safely in place, Godzilla leads the crew out of the rocky volcanic lands and into the moist density of the lush forests ahead of them.

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