Godzilla: Banging Wars

BY : J.W.BurningGoji54
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Chapter 9: Attack Of The Clone

Just when he thought his life and everything he loved was thrown down an erupting volcano, Godzilla saw a bright light appear through his eye lids, and heard a fiery explosion just a few metres above himself. A gigantic fireball obliterated the crystals just before they very nearly impaled the monster King. Racing towards him, it then zoomed up to SpaceGodzilla and smashed into his abdomen as he yelled in both pain and astonishment. With the evil kaiju on his knees and clutching his stomach, Godzilla turned to look behind him, as did the kids. Flying in from the sky, a wildly spinning object came descending into the city, taking out a handful of Xilien drones on its way in. Grinding to a sudden halt between Godzilla and the children, it created hurricane strong winds that blew debris and trees out their roots, briefly blinding the three monsters. A few seconds later a pair of arms and legs shot out of each of the four corners of this ovular object, and then out popped a spherical head and a short tail before it finally landed on solid ground with a deafening thump, felling two buildings under his feet. As the smoke and dust withered away, the appearance of this entity became clear. He was a giant, bipedal kaiju who with a massive shell on its back, he was if anything a massive turtle that was almost as tall as Godzilla himself. The monster has five sharp clawed fingers and toes on each limb with a sharp boney spike on its elbows. He also has several armour plates protecting its underside, a mouth filled with teeth, and a pair of tusks protruding upwards from its lower jaw.

Slowly raising his head, the monster growls menacingly with smoke flushing out of his mouth, and gives off a high-pitch, resonating roar at SpaceGodzilla. Getting back on his feet, the crystalline Titan called out to this new contender. "Who are you?!" He demanded angrily. But all he got was silence, and the two had an epic standoff amidst this mineral fortress. Looking back over his shoulder to Godzilla, who is still staring straight at him, the monster spoke in a cool, casual voice, "Get the kids." It stated. With his bombshell arrival over and done with, the giant turtle and the space monster outstretched their arms and collided, palm against palm, with a tremendous earth shattering WHAM! Pushing SpaceGodzilla back with his feet grinding against the floor, the shelled kaiju jerks his head up, fiercely wacking the nemesis' lower jaw. Bringing round his elbow spiked elbow, he then swipes across SpaceGodzilla's chest, creating a bleeding gash across his chest.

While the two monsters are busy finding themselves in the mess they've created, Godzilla, once the energy field dissipated, manages to get back off the ground, shaking the crystal fragments and dust off his back.
Rushing over to the cages, Godzilla makes his way to Minilla's cell. "I wanna go home, Dad!" The young kaiju pleaded to his father. 
"You will! Just hang on, Daddy's gonna get you out!" Scanning to see if there is any possible weakness in these crystals, Godzilla muttered "Screw it!" and punched robustly at the spikes. Faint cracks began to form as he smashes repetitively at them, "Cover your eyes!" The King warned. Doing as his father says, Minilla turned and knelt down, protecting his face with his reptilian arms. Swivelling, Godzilla smashes his tail against the crystals with enough force that they at last shattered into numerous pieces. Free from his cage, Minilla reached out to receive the alpha's hand, who pulled him out in an instant and the two then held each other tightly. "Stay here and don't move, I'm gotta get your brother!" Godzilla instructed his son as he brought him round his back.

Unloading a barrage of his ray at point blank range down onto the back of his opponent's neck, SpaceGodzilla finally rids himself of this menace as the turtle kaiju backs off in retreat. Once far enough away, the crystal monster grabs ahold of the giant turtle with his telekinetic powers. Figuring out the situation he is in, he retracts his tail and two legs back into his shell and ignites his blue flame thrusters in the two empty sockets. Banking round he tries to blast away from SpaceGodzilla's clutches, stepping as hard as he could on the accelerator. It was all unfortunately, no use. Grinning maniacally, the astro monster flings the struggling kaiju over Victoria Harbour and into the skyline of Hong Kong island. Shutting off his engines and swiftly retreating his arms and head back into the safety of its carapace, the monster braces for a high velocity impact.

Launched straight into the most highly concentrated cluster of buildings on the entire planet, the giant turtle is flung like a living frisbee into the skyscrapers, imbedding himself within them. The high rise towers vaporise within seconds as they fall onto the monster. Regaining strength from his crystals, SpaceGodzilla discharges more of his corona blast over the straight, shattering every building around the kaiju, creating enormous explosions and fires that engulf this entire side of the island. A raging inferno is born, illuminating the straight in a bright array of red, orange and yellow, it's thick, black smoke lifting up and polluting the atmosphere overhead. The flames were so vigorous that it almost reached up to the Xilien UFO as it continues to sit back and watch the carnage with everlasting enjoyment.

Roaring victoriously at the forest of fumes SpaceGodzilla's attention is then brought back to his arch rival. "It's gonna be okay, I'm here now." Godzilla soothed his distraught little Muto. Grunting deeply, he applied as much force as he can to weaken the crystals with his fists. However, now caught off guard, a beam from SpaceGodzilla curls towards the monster King's side. Like a thousand hot rods thrust into his skin, Godzilla groans in great affliction. "Can't I ever get goddamn a break?!" Getting up from his knees, he once again turns to face his persistent counterpart. But the searing storm that has suddenly manifested on the island opposite has put Godzilla in a brief state of bewilderment. The bright barbaric blaze irradiates against his sore scales so intensely, that he could almost feel the hellish heat it endlessly emits. "You're next!" SpaceGodzilla sneered at his foe. With the radioactive reptile unleashing his atomic breath, his counterpart unveiled his own return package. Their projectiles collide in a thunderous lock, and with neither able to get the upper hand, the highly concentrated knot of radiation at the centre builds up to the point that it could no longer withstand the two incoming blasts. A massive eruption of sparks is created, producing a strong gale that bashes against their bodies.

No longer wanting to just stand idly about, Minilla decides to aid his friend and hops over to Hokmuto, still encased within his cage. "Help me pull these two crystals apart!" The young lizard told the Muto. "If we can separate them enough, it might create a big enough opening for you to squeeze through!"
Accepting his plan, the two monster each grabbed ahold of one of the two crystals that Godzilla had previously worked on before he had been called away. Grunting and growling the boys call up as much strength as their bodies could provide. 
"Come on! Move already!" Hokmuto screamed through his teeth. Seeing what those noisy brats were up to, SpaceGodzilla rapidly assembles another batch of his crystals, and cruelly sends them rocketing at the unwary children. Stomping up to his kids, Godzilla interrupts the incoming spikes as he flings himself directly in the line of fire. Prodding into his body, he rumbles painfully as he struggles stay on his feet. "You will all die by my hands!! Why even bother risking your life for those runts?!" SpaceGodzilla bellowed in frustration. 
"Because there are some things on this planet that are worth dieing for!!" Godzilla returns with a weak snarl.

Just as the King of the Monsters finished his reply. A hive of activity begins to occur over at Hong Kong island. Instead of the fires expanding out, it begins to contract back in. Staggered and even frightened, SpaceGodzilla slowly backs away, crumbling buildings as he stumbles. The fumes shrivel up, revealing the charred but extinguished remains of fallen skyscrapers in their place. Eventually focusing on one point small point where the giant turtle had been last seen, a shadow amongst the flames arises as the last of the inferno retreats into this glowing orange object. With the natural grey colour of the kaiju returning back to normal, the Titan roars into the sky as he is re-energised and re-invigorated. He is still alive. "No. This cannot be!" SpaceGodzilla denies what he is seeing. Staring furiously back at him, the monster could see a faint glow forming within the turtle's mouth. "Get up Godzilla! You're not dead yet!" The kaiju briefly looked at the alpha before locking back on to their common enemy. Fully regenerated, he launches a steady stream of pure plasma at SpaceGodzilla.

Feeling his robust skin being unbearably grilled, SpaceGodzilla is forced further and further away and even smashes into his own crystals behind him. Joining in on the offensive, Godzilla powers up his dorsal fins and fires a potent volley of his atomic breath at his clone. Utterly overpowered and attacked from perpendicular angles,  SpaceGodzilla grudgingly feels that now may be a wise time to retreat. Finally budging, the two crystals are beginning to create an exit for Hokmuto. Slipping his way through with help from Minilla, the boys rejoice in one another as they hug in blissful relief, both now free from their entrapments. After a messy dogfight, the drones begin to lose their momentum as the handful of human fighter aircraft gain the advantage. Falling back to their mothership, they all get absorbed back into the vessel with only just a few of them having survived the battle.

Ending their bursts, Godzilla and the turtle kaiju close in on the weakened enemy. Smoking heavily and scales visibly burned, SpaceGodzilla leaps into the air. "This isn't over! I'll be back to finish you off for good! Death is coming, Godzilla!" Hovering up to the UFO, he takes one last sinful look at the two monsters before he too disappears back up to the ship. As he went, so did all the crystals back on the ground - disappearing into dust. Closing its teleportation hatches, the Xilien UFO slowly begins to depart, before pressing down the pedal and shooting off into the distance.

Now that the sun's rays could now shine upon the city, it revealed the sheer destruction the monsters had inflicted. The world's most famous skyline now completely unrecognisable. Wading through the water and setting afoot on the continental peninsula, the kaiju monster keeps his eyes focused on the fleeing vessel, while Godzilla walked back and wrapped his arms around Minilla and Hokmuto. "Are you kids okay?" Godzilla asked greatly concerned. 
"We're fine." Minilla replied. 
"But what about you?" Hokmuto placed his hand on Godzilla's chest, next to a faint reddened patch. 
"I'll be alright, it'll all heal in no time." He lovingly stroked and kissed the both of them on the head. Standing up, the kaiju turn to face their saviour who in return looked back at them. "You know my name. But I do not know yours. Tell me my friend, what do they call you." Godzilla held on to his children either side of him. After a fleeting moment of silence, he responded. 
"I am Gamera. Guardian of the Universe." He announced proudly.

"Where are you from, Gamera?" Godzilla asked. 
"I'm from here, I'm from Earth. But I've been out all across the stars fighting monsters that could pose a threat to our galaxy. And it's been quite some time since i left home." He looked around at the carnage inflicted. 
"A race of aliens called the Xiliens are launching the biggest invasion I've ever seen. We could use your help to defend Earth from them." The kaiju King added. 
"I know, that is why I've returned. And I know who the Xiliens are as well, I've seen their handiwork on many planets. But we don't have time for a story like that now, we should get you and your kids back home." Gamera smiled.

Agreeing wholly, Godzilla led the way back to their sanctuary far far way. "So what's your name anyway?" The turtle asked the miniature kaiju on his side as they entered into the water. 
"My name's Minilla, Gamera." The boy answered, his voice still incredibly distraught after the whole ordeal that he has been through. 
"And what about you little one? What's your name?" Gamera looked to the winged child as he climbed on to Godzilla's spiny back. 
"H-Hokmuto." The child attempted to hold back his whimpers as he briefly smiled back.
"Forgive them, no child should ever be torn away from their parents' arms." Godzilla spoke on their behalf as he entered into the sea. After a quick glimpse back to make sure everyone was ready, the monster King paved the road ahead, with Gamera and his son following behind him.

"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT THING?!" The Xilien Commander screamed at the top of his voice after kicking his chair immaturely. His subordinates keeping quiet if they knew what's best for them - except for one... "WHAT?! DON'T ANY OF YOU KNOW?!" He continues yelling.
"Well whatever it was, it foiled your plan." Argon spoke. "This is what happens when you don't think ahead. You should have expected something like this could've happened, like our old boss would've done. Sometimes I wonder why we're even here if you don't want our help." He rashly moped.
"Well maybe you'd all like to join your 'old boss' instead then..." The Commander pulled his blaster pistol out. 
"You and your big mouth!" Neon hissed at Argon as they all clutched the arm rests of their chairs. 
"Maybe we're just getting ahead of ourselves." Gamma rushed herself in the way and brought the gun to the Commander's side. "Godzilla may have survived, but his heart will now be in turmoil. The trauma that this event inflicted on him and his family will haunt him for weeks to come, maybe forever. It will make destroying him in the future, that much easier." She reasoned with her superior. "In the meantime, we must call back our monsters. There's no point in carrying on with your operation. Save them for later." She recommended. 

Turning round and cursing in his mind, Conmander X gazes at a series of screens showing his kaiju engaging with the enemy down on Earth. Jet Jaguar against Scylla, Gorosaurus against Hedorah, Varan against Gyaos, the list goes on. Clenching his fists, he reluctantly agrees. Xilien UFOs descend across the planet, hurriedly collecting the monsters even though they barely even started to do battle. After retrieving the Titans, they immediately dashed off without a trace, leaving the defending monsters and humans confused as they looked dazzled to one another. "But I don't want anyone down there getting comfortable." Commander X pointed at his lieutenants. "Once they're ready, scatter our forces across the globe. Keep the enemy busy and awake. Oh and uh... don't expect me to take in anymore of your so-called 'advises' ever again!" 

"As if you ever listened to us in the first place..." Argon mumbled under his breath. And with a single flap of his cloak, the Commander disappeared into thin air, teleporting himself elsewhere and leaving the four lieutenants alone in the command centre as they all breathed a deep sigh of relief. 
"I can't stand him! Even a kid would have thought of a back-up plan to put into action if the first had gone to dust." Xenon growled. 
"What part of 'overpower him' did he not understand? We outnumber the enemy 3:1, and yet he only sent in one monster and a couple of drones to engage Godzilla! Is he insane?" Neon added. 
"If he had bothered to let us help in the planning and executions of the campaign from the start, we wouldn't be in this mess! I swear, he is going to be the death of us!" Argon clenched his fists. 
"Relax boys. His overconfidence, ignorance, and lust for glory will be his downfall. Gamma leant back against the wall." If he continues on being like this, then the whole campaign will soon turn around and put a hole through his head, and he'll be the one to join the ex-Commander. Not us." She smirked slyly. 

"I knew I should have gone after him! What if something went wrong?" Mothra exclaimed in fear as she walked in endless circles around Femuto. Down on the sand, the Mutk holds onto Leo and Lea for comfort, too distraught to voice even a simple reply. The same could also be said about Mirai and Mothra's daughters as they sat with their heads on their knees. "Have faith, everything will turn out okay." Hana assured her mother as they wrapped their arms around each other. "Guys! Uncle Rodan's back!" Mirai informed. Coming in, the Pteranodon lands exaltedly onto the sands in front of the kaiju. "You're back early." Azami stated bluntly.
"I had been fighting Methuselah in Egypt for only a few minutes when the Xiliens' ship took him away. I then flew over to your Aunt Battra in uhh... Israel, and she told me the same thing happened to her with Orga.

Speaking of which, the dark moth also arrived back to the island, and so did everyone else who went to fight. "What happened to that 'all-out-attack'? My fight ended before it even started!" King Caesar exaggerated. 
"Yeah so did mine!"
"And mine!" Anguirus and Baragon expressed their concern.
"I guess it happened to everyone then." Rodan concluded. "But why?"
As soon as he asked that question, a recognisable roar could be heard in the distance. Godzilla, with Hokmuto in his arms, Gamera and Minilla were wading through the wavy sea towards the island. Mothra and Femuto bolted away from the crowd and ran into the water to meet them.

Steam rolling ahead, Minilla wrapped his arms round his mother, with Hokmuto launching off of Godzilla and flying straight into Femuto's chest. Kissing their children all over, the two kaiju girls clamped tightly like there was no tomorrow. "Mommy was so scared for you!" Mothra sobbed as she rested her forehead against Minilla's. 
"My poor baby! A-are you hurt?" Femuto sniffed.
"I'm okay, Mom." Hokmuto burst into tears. At almost the same time, the boys both rushed into Gigan's arms as she came to join them. 
"We're sorry! We're so sorry!" Minilla pleaded for forgiveness. 
"Shhhh. It's okay, your safe now and that's all that matters." Gigan kissed each of them on the head. Looking up to see the battle bruised Godzilla, Mothra collided into her partner with teary eyes. 
"Are you alright?" She cupped the reptile's face. 
"I'm fine." Sliding down her hands to his chest, the divine moth views the several battered patches of scales. 
"Look what they've done to you!" She looked back at his face. 
"It's nothing, really." The alpha assured her. "Hang on, what happened there?" Godzilla then  examined the holes in her wings. 
"Oh uh, it's nothing, really." She mimicked with a smile.
"We really can't leave each other alone, can we?" The King smiled down to his Queen. 
"Never in a billion years." Mothra hugged her mate. 

"So... who's that?" Gorosaurus pointed to this new, giant turtle standing next to Godzilla. 
"This everyone, is my friend, Gamera. He is here to help us fight the Xiliens." Godzilla the atomic titan introduced. "He saved my life, and helped rescue my two little kids. For that, I'm indebted to him." He placed his hand on the Kaiju's shell. "You... helped save the boys?" Mothra questioned.
"All three of them." Gamera grinned promptly at Godzilla. Beaming brightly, Mothra envelopes her arms around him, surprised at this sudden move. 
"Thank you!" She whispers in his ear. 
"It was the least I could do!" The monster chuckles in return as he too wraps his arms round her.

Making their way back to dry land, Rodan had whole gang gathered at the inland lake for a critical conference he needed to hold, sending all the kids away, save Minilla and Hokmuto who stayed with their parents. "While you had chased after the boys, the Xiliens had launched another global attack." Rodan told Godzilla. "I find their strategy strange. Why would they want to launch a massive attack, which they know would not work?" As everyone stayed in silence trying to develop an idea, Gamera had already come up with a theory. 
"Because, it was a distraction. The Xiliens probably wanted to divert all of you guys away from Godzilla while he went for the kids." Everyone looked at the turtle with intrigue. "The Xiliens laid a trap for Godzilla, a trap where he would have to fight their monster alone. They ended up sending a creature that was probably among the best of their league, we barely managed to defeat it. And god knows what else the Xiliens have in stock for us."

"Hang on." King Caesar interrupted. "If you two beat the kidnapper, it will explain why the 'all-out-attack' had been called off straight after it had kicked off."
"Yeah, because there's no incentive for them to  create a distraction if there is nothing to distract us from." Manda added.
"Well what I see is that, this Commander, whoever he maybe, is either brave enough or stupid enough to do anything to achieve world domination. Even if it means doing the most unimaginable of things or throwing everything he's got at us as frequently as possible." Jet Jaguar concluded. 
"What are you saying?" Mothra asked. 
"I'm saying that we should all position ourselves strategically around the planet. That way, it'll be easier and quicker to fight the invaders when they attack again."
"If it needs to be done, then it needs to be done." Baragon stated.
"We should get ready to set off tomorrow." Rodan announced. "Jet and I will tell each of you where to position yourselves before leaving." He added. "And Battra, I'd want you stay with your sister to watch over the children while we're away, understand?"
"Yeah sure." The dark moth obliged.
"I guess that concludes everything then." Rodan Rose to his feet. With the meeting ended, everyone went their separate ways. 

The evening came quickly and quietly, with Godzilla staying rather silent all the way to bed. Mothra and Minilla, Femuto and Hokmuto, Gigan and Battra all joined him for the night. The apex predator just sat in silence as he stared at the moon-lit lake for what seemed like hours on end. Everyone else around him was lying on the floor, also awake, unable to sleep. "What was that thing that took Minilla and Hokmuto?" Gigan questioned. 
"Why?" Godzilla replied plainly. 
"Because it is obvious you need someone to talk to about it." Once the kaijh had completed her sentence, everyone else slowly sat up. 
"Just tell us Goji, it's clearly keeping everyone here awake." Battra commented. After a deep breath, Godzilla finally told them what had been tormenting him. 
"His name is SpaceGodzilla. A group of aliens called the Kilaaks created him to fight me when they tried to take over Earth many decades ago. We had several battles but I finally managed to beat him in Beijing. I flung him into the air and blasted him with a red spiral heat ray. He got cast out of the atmosphere and died... or so I thought."

Everyone remained speechless as Godzilla continued with his ominous bed time story. "Now he's returned... somehow. And I guess he still has it against me that I defeated him, and he won't stop at nothing until he changes that... Even if it means bringing in those I love to get me to fight him one last time." He strokes Minilla and Hokmuto as they looked up to him. 
"How come you never told me about this... clone of yours when you first met him?" Mothra wondered. 
"Why would I have to? Back then he was just another kaiju to swat." The alpha responded. "We will have to fight again, and he knows just as well as I do, that I have much to lose if I fail." Godzilla looked at everyone around him. 
"Yeah? Well let me tell you something." Mothra looked at the King straight in the eyes. "Your love for everything you fear to lose is what keeps you going. Your fear of losing Minilla and Hokmuto drove you to make sure such a thing will never happen. SpaceGodzilla may not have anything to lose, but he sure as hell has nothing to fight for either. Whereas you do! So the next time you fight him, you must remember that the whole world, everyone and everything you love, will be urging you on, to win!"

"When did you learn to speak like that?" Battra smiled.
"A Queen's gotta do what a Queen's gotta do. She must always support her King, no matter what."
"No matter what?" Godzilla echoes.
"No matter what." The divine moth nods. With everyone's mood enlightened thanks to Mothra's inspiring speech, they all laid back down on the sand. "If it will make you feel any better, me and Femuto have something to give to you and our new friend Gamera tomorrow." Mothra brought her hand over and ran it across the reptile's healing chest. 
"You deserve it!" Femuto rubbed the top of her head against the reptile's shoulder.
"Oh god! Eugh!"
"You only just met the guy!" Minilla and Hokmuto complained. Giggling and smirking, Godzilla, the girls and the kids, calmly closed their eyes before peacefully drifting away.



SpaceGodzilla Origins:

The Kilaaks were a race of aliens hailed from a planet not too far from Earth. They were an incredibly advanced civilisation, and were obsessed with creating life, or more specifically: creating kaiju. The Kilaaks had set their minds on conquering and colonising Earth (for its similar, breathable atmosphere). They managed to successfully overwhelm the defending humans with their Titans, but then however encountered Earth's King of the Monsters in their path. Since none of their current kaiju able to put him down, the Kilaaks concluded that the only way to destroy him, was to use a monster of the same calibre. 

After a brief but bloody battle between Godzilla and their green, knife-headed kaiju called Guiron, the Kilaaks managed to acquire scales belonging to the atomic lizard at the sight of the conflict. Using their extensive knowledge on kaiju creation, the aliens fused the scales containing Godzilla's cells with a highly unstable space crystal. After casting them into a black hole, the radiation caused the cells to mutate and multiply radically with the crystal, eventually leading to the manifestation of SpaceGodzilla. The Kilaaks then unleashed their new weapon against the original host. A lengthy and tiresome multi-round duel commenced, but the alpha predator just about managed to overpower his astro counterpart, flinging him into the skies above Beijing before finishing him off with a red spiral heat ray. 

SpaceGodzilla's defeat and a series of 'failed attempts' to create additional Godzilla clones, marked the end of the Kilaak invasion against the planet. Having exhausted their fighting strength and forced to retreat back to their home planet, the aliens secluded themselves to a life of isolation - never recovering from their defeat on Earth. This whole fiasco occurred decades ago in 1968, and now in the present day, what's left of the Kilaaks were ultimately vanquished and their technologies and monsters stolen by the Xiliens, just before they initiated their own attack on Earth. 

It was also thanks to luck that they had stumbled upon the dormant crystal monster floating aimlessly in space when their invasion force was on its way to the Solar System. Reviving the creature, they found it unnecessary to brainwash SpaceGodzilla into doing their bidding, as the monster was more than willing to support their cause, swearing vengeance against the one who had left him for dead. It is also from SpaceGodzilla did the Xiliens first hear about this indestructible, God-like atomic monster which they'll soon meet for themselves.

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