Fed Up and Horny

BY : ThinWhiteDuke
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Disclaimer: Disclaimer: I do not own Star Wars, or any of it's affiliated characters. This is an adult fanfiction, if you are under 18, turn away now. I make no money from this, I'm just a horny writer.

Author's note: Hello everyone! I am so glad people are enjoying my work. TBH, I thought nobody would read my stuff, and the people who read it would call me a degenerate and stuff. But it seems that this website is full of fellow degenerates. If you guys want to see anything, just request it in the comment section. I wil write anything that interests me. I'm pretty messed up, so go nuts.



The underworld streets of Coruscant were filthy, but Jaina had lived on the ecuminoppolis for most of her life. Clutching a box of Bilbringi meat pies, she sidestepped bags of garbage and piles of excrement as she made her way back to the apartment. The street she was on was quiet. It was the dead of night, and nobody was about, save for the occasional drunken goattel, but as she walked, she could feel someone- or something watching her, and following her. Pausing, she wheeled around and looked down to see a feral anooba, snarling and drooling as it looked at her pie.

“Oh shit,” she thought, “He wants my pie,”

“I’m sorry” she told the creature “You can’t have my pie, I’m bringing it home to my brother,”

Still, the anooba snarled up at her. Jaina was beginning to feel uneasy now. She started slowly backing away.

“Ok, here,” she said, opening the box “You can have one slice,”

Pulling out a slice, she tossed it on the ground in front of the anooba, yet still, he snarled up at her.

“Ok, ok, the whole pie then” She said, gently putting the box on the ground.

For a moment, it seemed the anooba was placated, he walked up to the box, and his snarling seemed to fade a little, but instead of eating the pie, he simply walked over the box and stood in front of Jaina.

“What do you want!?” she asked “Go away! If you don’t want the pie why are you bothering me?”

Her question was soon answered as the beast suddenly sprang forward and tackled her to the ground. From her new position, she could now see under the beast and the angular red penis hanging from it’s abdomen. 

“Oh, my” she said, beginning to stand up, “I’ve actually always wanted to try this, but can we do it somewhere a little more secluded?”

The anooba did not seem to comprehend her words and instead roughly pushed her back onto the ground.

“Ok, ok. The middle of the street is fine too.” she said. Turning herself over, she pulled down her leggings, revealing her pink mound to the animal in heat. Looking back she could see the red cock begin to lengthen even more, and drip precum. Still snarling, the beast climbed up onto her back, and promptly buried himself in her love tunnel. Crying out with pleasure, Jaina’s pussy clenched around the phallus in orgasmic bliss. The beast’s cock was bigger than anything she had ever felt before, even her own brother’s sizable member, and the beast wasn’t even halfway in yet. Thrusting fiercely, the beast’s cock pistoned in and out of her, stretching her hole to the limit, and voraciously rubbing the ridges inside her vagina. With each thrust, the beast went deeper and deeper into her hole until she could feel the knot pressing against her sopping lips. For what seemed like an eternity, yet still not long enough, the beast pushed and pushed, but he just could not get the knot into her tight pussy. Frustrated, the beast pulled out nearly all the way, and slammed back in, it’s knot nearly ripping Jaina in half as it finally embedded the knot in her vagina. Feeling her pussy stretched to its limit, Jaina climaxed one more time, the mixture of pleasure and pain manifesting itself as an ear shattering scream that echoed through the Coruscant underworld. Feeling her pussy clamp down on his cock, the anooba howled as he shot his seed deep into her womb, plastering her insides with white paste and causing her stomach to inflate a little. 

Still secured tightly by the knot, both of them fell over and lay on the ground panting. Looking up, Jaina saw that the sounds of their procreation had attracted a few spectators.Three other anooba had crept up, and from her position on the ground, Jaina could see their cocks lengthening as well. In addition to her beastial spectators, a small crowd had begun to form, with some people recording the encounter, and not a few people removing their own clothes and pleasuring themselves to the sight of the girl on the ground. The three anooba padded forward and began to sniff Jaina. One of them grabbed a hold of her sleeve with his teeth and began to tug. Another did the same with her other sleeve. The third beast grabbed onto the original anooba, still panting on the ground, he began to pull on him. Jaina could feel the penis moving inside her. The knot began to press on her inner walls, as the three anooba tugged her away from the original. Moaning, she felt her pussy open up again, as the knot popped out and white cum leaked from her gaping hole. 

Finally consious of her surroundings, Jaina felt a heat rising in her as she looked at the animal cocks in front of her face, and alien sex organs being rubbed around her. Grabbing one anooba, she flipped him onto his back, and impaled herself on his cock. Moaning loudly, she leaned forward and began to suck on the other anooba's cock, while the third climbed onto her back and started to tease his penis into her asshole. Bobbing her head up and down, she repeatedly gagged around the cock in her mouth as it hit the back of her throat and went down her esophagus. She moaned even harder into the cock as the beast on her back finally got his cock in her asshole, the enormous member stretching her out and making her stomach bulge. 

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw that the people of the crowd had come closer. A man was rubbing his cock up and down as he stared longingly at her body. A woman was lying on the ground, rubbing her flowing pussy pointed towards Jaina. She even saw a circle of men passing around the original anooba, using it’s butthole for their pleasure. Shooting her hands up, she grasped the cocks of the closest men and pulled them down so that they were pointed directly at her face. Still getting pounded by the tree anooba, she began to rub off the men, until thick white streams of cum emanated from their cocks and painted her face and hair. Giving them a light shove, she grasped the next pair of men and began to rub them too. 

Soon, she had brought each man and a couple women to orgasm twice, and her body, hair and face were all sticky with human and alien semen and she refocused her attentions on the anooba. Grinding her hips into the two anooba fucking her lower holes, she grasped the one fucking her face by the begind, and shoved as much of him as she could down her throat. Her esophagus bulged and her windpipe squeezed shut as her mouth filled with the beast’s knot. Convulsing fiercely, the beast began to shoot seed down her throat, and soon she looked and was feeling like she had just eaten a large meal with her stomach bulging out. The one under her easily knotted itself in her stretched and ruined pussy as it added it’s cum to the original anooba's. Still not being able to breath, and feeling the cum sloshing around inside her pussy and stomach, she orgasamed again, this time harder than ever before and sprayed juices onto the abubas behind her. Seeing her vision begin to fade, and black edging in, she began to panic. She began to try to back away from and push at the anooba knotted in her mouth. Instead, all she managed to do was force the final knot into her ass. Jaina’s final memories of that night were of cumming again as the knot stretched her out, her stomach inflating further as the third beast injected into her and someone who looked oddly like her brother walking down the street.



“Kyp! Wurth! Over here!”

“Damn Jacen!” shouted Kyp as he ran up “That’s pretty fucking hot!”

“No kidding,” agreed Wurth

Jaina was laying on the ground, plastered in cum, the white substance drying and flaking on her skin, her hair stiff like cardboard and her stomach large pressed against the anooba under her. Three Anbua were knotted in to each of er holes, while a handful of people masturbated around her.  A woman cried out and sprayed Jaina with her pussy juices, washing off some of the cum that clung to her buttcheek.

“Since when was she pregnant?” asked Wurth “I hpe that wasn’t your doing Jacen, she’s too hot to be ruined just yet,”
“No, she’s not pregnant, at least I hope not,” said Jacen, walking towards his slutty sister “Ok everybody, make way, make way”

A few more splashes of cum hit his unconscious sister’s face as the crowd parted. Reaching out with his boot, Jacen nudged the anooba away from Jaina’s face, pulling it’s cock out of her mouth. Bending down, he checked her pulse.

“Jacen,” she mumbled

“Well, she’s alive. Kyp, get those beasts out of her,” he said, unbuckling his pants and beginning to stroke. When the cocks of the beasts were finally out of her, cum began to spill from her orifices as her belly began to deflate. Propping her up on her knees in the puddle of cum, and lineing up his cock with her ass, he said to the crowd, “Form an orderly line, you’ll get your turn,” and he once again began to fuck his sister.



When Jaina came to, she was vaguely aware of the man begind her thrusting into her pussy, but she was keenly aware of the ass on her face. Sputtering, she began to paw at the woman jamming her face into her pussy. The woman screamed as she squirted, the fluids choking her and going up her nose. Soon, the woman got up, and only then did she notice the burly man pounding her hole. Peeling her back from the ground, she looked at her surroundings. She was completely naked, her entire body was coated in cum, and she sat in a puddle of it. The anoobas were nowhere to be seen and her clothes were in a cum soaked pile beside her. A man thrusted in and out of her hole, her belly slightly bulging from the cum inside her. Behind him was a line of other men waiting their turn, among them Kyp, Wurth and her brother. Propped up on her elbows she shouted back at him

“Jacen you asshole! How long have they been fucking me?”

The man began to shudder and shoot his load into her

“Just a few hours. I mean, you were asking for it,”

The man pulled out of Jaina, some cum leaked from her pussy

“What the fuck, what do you mean ‘I was asking for it?’”

Another man walked up and began thrusting in her ass

“I mean, you were lying naked on the ground with the cocks of three anoobas in you”

“Ok, fair. Can we go home now? I’m tired.”

“Well we can’t go now, these boys are still waiting their turns! Or, their something-teenth turns”

“Fine” Jaina sighed “Let them finish”. With that, she laid back and decided she might as well enjoy this.

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