Fed Up and Horny

BY : ThinWhiteDuke
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Disclaimer: Disclaimer: I do not own Star Wars, or any of it's affiliated characters. This is an adult fanfiction, if you are under 18, turn away now. I make no money from this, I'm just a horny writer.


Jacen was fed up, his twin sister, Jaina had been teasing him  all week, flashing him a hint of her pale milky breast, just enough to see a dark, puffy nipple peeking out, or groping his groin areas as they passed each other in the hall. He had had enough. Storming into his sister’s room, he stood in front of her. The stunning brunette was wearing nothing but an oversized t-shirt and the tiniest pair of panties jacen had ever seen.

“You’re gonna fuck me” He demanded

“What?” she said, incredulity staining her voice “No I’m not, you’re my brother”

“And I don’t care” he began to peel off his pants “you’re hot, I’m horny, and you’ve been grabbing my balls and shit for a week”

“Yeah, that dosen’t mean I want to fuck you, I was teasing you”

Now pantsless, he glowered down at his sister “You misunderstand, I’m not asking you to fuck me, I am telling you that you will”

“What, are you gonna-”

Before she could finish, Jacen had rounded to the side of the bed and slapped her in the face, sending her reeling

“Ow! You bitch! What was that for?”

Jacen didn’t answer, his only reply was to grab her by the throat and pull her in towards him. Feeling the blood rushing in his ears, the adrenaline pumping through his veins, he ripped off her shirt, exposing her bare breasts and mashed his face into hers. Jacen felt something wholly unlike anything he had ever felt before. He had fucked other women, but this was exciting and exhilarating in a way that he could never have conceived of. Riding high on the wave of excitement, he shoved his tongue down her throat, and began to rip at her panties. When they were finally off, he flipped her onto her stomach, propped her ass up on her knees and pressed her face down into the pillow. For a moment, he stopped and looked down at the girl beneath him. He marveled in her curves, the way her full yet firm breasts rippled and swayed with her breaths, the flaring hips and voluptuous curves of her ass and the pink shaved mound upon which was perched a glistening slit. Pressing up against her body, he positioned his sword near her sheath, and leaned forward.

“I’m gonna fuck you bloody” he breathed,

“No! Jacen, I’m your sister! Don’t do thi- Ahhhh!” feeling her body impaled by her own brother’s member, Jaina let loose a scream, she attempted to get up, but Jacen easily pushed her face back down and began to thrust. Jacen reveled in the ease with which he glided through her pussy, his sister was no virgin, oh, no. Her vagina was still tight, tight enough to pleasure him, but not too tight. He pistoned his penis in and out of her, feeling every ridge, every bump and every groove inside of her canal. As he picked up the pace, she started to moan, louder and louder, until the honeyed sound of her sultry voice filled the room, and that only made Jacen go faster and faster.

“You know” he grunted, “I’ve dreamed of this every day for a long, long time. Every time I jerked myself, or fucked someone, I’ve imagined it’s you. We shared a womb, we are connected in ways nobody else can conceive of. You belong to me.”



Jaina’s only response was more moans. She had stopped resisting him, and simply buried her face in the pillow, feeling him inside her, and despite herself, feeling whole. It was as if there was a part of her that was missing, but she did not know it, until that void was filled by Jacen’s throbbing cock. Soon, as Jacen thrusted, she reciprocated, and backed her ass into his torso in kind. As Jacen fucked, his balls swung back and forth, slapping into her clit and pushing her, pushing her closer and closer. Jaina lifted herself onto her elbows, squeezed her eyes shut, and bit down hard on her lip, as she felt herself convulse. As a wave of pleasure washed over her, she threw her head back, a sound of pure pleasure escaping her lips as she felt her pussy tighten around Jacen’s cock.

“Enjoying this now are you?” asked Jacen

“Yeah,” she gasped, “Kinda, yeah,”

“Well, then you’ll love this”

Jacen stopped thrusting, and pulled out of his sister. Leaning down, he gathered a mouthful of saliva and spit on her asshole. Taking a single finger, he worked it around. 

“Oh god, Jacen, I’ve seen the pornos, I don’t think I’m ready for anal yet,”

“I think you are”

Knowing there was nothing she could do, Jaina put her head back down on the pillow and braced herself for Jacen’s intrusion into her anal cavity. After what seemed like an eternity of fingering, something much larger than a finger prodded at her entrance, and slid itself in. A burning sensation from the friction began to manifest itself around her sphincter. Feeling tears well up in her eyes, she pressed her face down harder into the pillow, and choked back a sob.



Jacen moved slowly at first, inching in, and out, and in and out, but soon he was all the way in. Pulling back so that the tip was barely inside, he admired the stretchiness of her ass, then savagely thrust back in. In and out, and in, and out, while Jaina screamed and sobbed under him. Soon, Jacen was close to his climax, and he pulled out of her ass with a pop.

“I hope you’re on the pill” he said as he inserted himself back into her pussy. He thrust a few more times, and pulsed into her. He could feel his sperm shooting out of his cock and into her womb, where an egg sat, waiting to be drowned in a tide of sticky, white fluid



Jaina was relieved when Jacen pulled out of her ass, lifting her head from her tear soaked pillow, she turned and looked into Jacen’s eyes. What she saw was wholly unlike him. There was nothing of the brother she knew, all she saw was a monster taken by lust, and she really wanted to fuck it.
“I hope you’re on the pill” he said

“Nope,” she thought, knowing what he was about to do. She felt him thrust his cock back inside of her, and felt him unload into her womb. She moaned into the pillow one last time as she felt the hot cum splash through her cervix and enter her oven. She shuddered as she felt the cum slosh around when he pulled out of her. She could hear the rustle of clothes and the clink of a belt buckle, and as she kept her face pinned to the bed, a secret smile spreading as she thought of the pounding she had just received.

“I trust you’ll be kind enough to indulge me again someday sister”

And with the sound of the door automatically sliding shut, he was gone.

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