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Baptism by NightCandy

Summary: The dark side washes Rey and Kylo Ren is the sponge.
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Awareness did not come on suddenly for Rey. It was a slow process, as if part of her knew something was gravely wrong and did not want to face it. Her breathing became less regular as cortical thought interrupted the perfect rhythms of the brain stem's symphony of involuntary life processes. She swallowed, instinctively stretching slack muscles and stimulating salivation to stay the Jakku desert dry inside her mouth. Her lashes fluttered, but her eyes remained closed in a sluggish attempt to cling to sleep. Her brow was tense and her body felt heavy.

At last a conscious realization.

Rey let out a soft noise as she felt now the headache, the pain in her shoulders and how difficult it seemed to simply generate a thought. This was not a natural awakening. She was coming out of some hazy, drugged state and her brain couldn't make sense of why.

Images flitted through her memory. The subspace station near the asteroid belt. They had stopped for fuel there. Fuel and a breather. Food. Yes, she had eaten something, then. Her mind clawed toward another image, discarding that. A feeling. An echo in the dark, a summons. Her senses had warned her away, but her curiosity had driven her to look.

She hadn't even gotten the choice to pursue or abandon. A look had been enough to condemn her. That was the moment her memories faded, the images turned to the bleak reality of collapse.

Rey swallowed again, becoming more aware and steadily worried. She began to catalog her sensory perceptions. The surface upon which she lay was hard and cold, the room's odor an almost mechanical mixture of metal and cleaning fluid. When she discovered she couldn't move her arms, that's when worry became a brimming kind of panic that she had to work to keep under her control.

Her wrists ached. Her arms were bound behind her back.

The Force was gone.

Taking a breath, Rey willed herself to keep it together. She opened her eyes and fixed them on a dark wall only a few feet away. Her peripheral vision marked a closed door to the left and...a still figure.

When she turned her head, she jerked back involuntarily. A thrill passed through her chest and she started tearing through a myriad of escape ideas, most of which weren't feasible given her situation. He was there. Of course he was. Sitting calmly, dark eyes fixed on hers, Kylo Ren watched in silent fascination as if her awakening was more than what it was.

“How did you find me?” It was the first question on her mind. How? How in all the galaxy had he found her on some unlikely station in the back end of nowhere?

Kylo continued watching her face, eyes devouring each tick of emotion she betrayed. “It seems I've become quite adept at finding you.” He pointed a hand at his temple. “Those who have a will to ask gain the facility to receive. I focused and I followed the Force. What you should be concerned with is what will happen now that I have you.”

Rey repressed a shiver. “You'll crawl through my mind? You'll torture me, turn me? Spare me your intimidation. It won't work. You know it won't.”

At last those black, depths-of-space eyes flicked away. “I seek none of those things.” He pushed to his feet, then stepped all too near. “Come. We have an appointment.”

For a moment his hands hovered over her. “Don't touch me!” Rey hissed, and his brow knit in irritation as he ignored her. He took her by the arms, lifting her off the bench, then caught her as her legs almost gave way.

“The feeling will fade,” he assured her, pulling her up to stand in front of him. He was close. Too close. “Concentrate on your footing.”

“I know how to walk,” she snapped back, almost throwing herself out the doorway when it hissed open.

Immediately, Rey found herself on her knees and almost caved the rest of the way down. “Don't be a child,” he admonished, taking her arms again.

She would have bit back, but at the moment her head was spinning as he directed her forward. Once she got a hold of her dizziness, Rey took notice of her surroundings and the path they took. They disembarked a small ship into a large hangar and the faint smell of nature somewhere beyond the bay doors promised they were on a planet. Droids took notice of them, but didn't dare interrupt. Guards saluted the esteemed Master of Ren, but said nothing that would pause them in their path.

Within the structure the walls were made of some kind of polished stone, rich of texture, blue-gray trimmed by fine wood. The floors were carpeted in crimson. It was the dwelling of someone with money and power, not necessarily suited to the militant lifestyle she assumed was Kylo's custom. “Where are we?” she asked, not really expecting an answer.

“The Citadel of Ren. Well, that's what we call it, now that we have it,” he explained in the casual tones of a teacher. It annoyed her how easily he slipped from one aspect to another, first an enemy, then as conciliatory as an acquaintance, or even friend. He went on, “Where it is would mean nothing to you. It's far older than even the Republic as my grandfather knew it. For millennia the Sith were its caretakers. It is a great nexus of the dark side.”

Her mind sifted the information, then it struck her as she reached the meaning of his words and why she couldn't have guessed. “Why can't I feel the Force?” she asked, sidelining the history lesson. She turned her head to look at him.

Kylo's dark eyes moved from hers to her throat and back again. “Vocivium. A remarkable metal that suppresses the midichlorians. You're wearing a small amount, a very precious amount, that's enough to keep you subdued. It is also why you had no idea one of my knights was training a dart gun at the back of your neck. He wore it to conceal himself.”

Rey's jaw set at his reply. “Clever. And Chewie?”

He shrugged as if the matter were inconsequential. “Probably still wandering the station, trying to find out what happened to you. He'll never trail you here.”

Jerking her head face-forward, Rey tried to stem the anger rising within. It would be easy to give in to, but it would weaken her if she indulged. She concentrated on the good in what he had said. Chewbacca had been left alive. She could hope that whatever had happened after that dart had hit her, it was likely that no one else had been harmed. Kylo's confidence didn't matter. She would be found or escape. There was always hope.

She hoped.

The rest of their journey through the labyrinth of luxury and darkness was taken in silence. Rey was too irritated to speak, even to goad him. He felt closed off to her, revealing little, but there was just a faint undercurrent of anticipation and unease. Not that she wondered at that. She had sensed enough of him to know he was not unshakable. Still, she wondered what was ahead of them that could be getting under his skin, here in his own sanctum.


He led her down a flight of stairs and as they descended, she began to see the rich and lavish lifestyle recede into the more practical. The walls were strong, made to withstand attack, unadorned and gray. The lighting grew somewhat dimmer than above, as if this path was rarely tread. At the bottom was a mechanical door flanked by two men armored in black. His knights? He nodded a greeting, but exchanged no other pleasantries than that.


When the door hissed open Rey's eyes widened as she beheld a large circular room. An outer ring surrounded the outside, then four metallic bridges led to a center circle with an upraised platform in the middle. At her pause, Kylo's hand touched the small of her back to herd her within. Rey hissed and jerked away from him; the drug was well worn off.

Grabbing her arm, he pulled her inside and the door closed behind them. A locking mechanism echoed in the tall chamber. She could see the floors were made of metal and glass, and beneath she could see a huge object in the depths, touched by spotlights. It seemed to glow blood red. “What is that?” she asked, unable to stay her curiosity.

Kylo paused in pulling her, his dark eyes meeting hers, surprise at her interest written in his gaze. He raised one hand, motioning her to go ahead and approach the center. As she walked, he followed, and when they reached the platform she found she could see through it. It was a grated hatchway down. He put his hand on a control box inlaid on the railing and the hatch opened, revealing what lay beneath.

It was a large crystal, the color of Sith sabers. The color of his weapon. “The largest kyber crystal still in one piece,” he introduced, sounding ever the instructor he wanted to be to her. “The Sith kept this place hidden, pouring their darkness into the crystal, committing whatever vile acts of evil they could to fuel its power, washing it in the blood of Jedi and innocents. If you could sense it now, you would reel. You will sense it, soon.”

Rey felt sick inside. Her heartbeat felt harsh in her chest, like it was struggling. “And you've brought me here to fuel it?” she asked.

“Yes.” His naked honesty piqued her anger.

She turned her accusing eyes onto his. As every ideation that here lay nothing more than a monster was confirmed, Rey found herself trembling in anger or fear or both, she didn't know which.“You're going to sacrifice me?”

His expression was deceptively soft, yet without concession. “I'm going to baptize you.”


The sudden sound of the hatch closing made Rey tense. Or maybe it was his hand, finding her arm again, urging her nervelessly back toward the entrance. She hadn't noticed, but there was another of his knights there, guarding the door. Kylo stopped her there, near him, then turned his attention on a table to the side.

Rey followed his hands to a small case, which he opened. From within he withdrew a needle and she reflexively recoiled as he looked into the liquid contents, squirting some out. The knight at her back rested gauntlets against her shoulders and held her forward for his master, countering her struggles easily now that she had no use of her arms, no use of the Force.

Without warning, she slammed herself against the knight's chest and tried to kick out at Kylo Ren, who hissed a curse, dodged her assault, then closed the distance between them. “You're only making this harder on yourself,” he warned her darkly, reaching into her hair, tangling it around his fingers and pulling her head so her neck was bare.

“Am I supposed to make it easy?” she countered, throwing her knee toward his midsection blindly. The knight at her back was snaking an arm around her waist to subdue her.

“This will hurt if you don't hold still,” Kylo replied, mildly irritated as he neared her skin with the needle.

He was right. It did hurt when she moved away from it. But it was too late, the harsh tip was already sliding into her flesh, seeking a reservoir for its poison. She felt the rush of the liquid as he depressed the plunger and bit back a groan, unwilling to give him satisfaction.

It felt as if the blood had drained from her face. She shivered and found he was no longer holding her, which made it difficult to stand. “It's not as strong a dose as we shot you with on that station. You won't lose consciousness.” Kylo replaced the needle into the case and turned, his eyes trailing up her form thoughtfully.

Rey closed hers for two seconds, then found his hands moving toward her when she opened them. He reached for her hair again and she shook her head, but she couldn't stop him from pulling at her brown locks.

One of her ties hit the table surface. Then he started working at another. He was freeing her hair of its bonds. Why? She forced her eyes open again when it tickled along the back of her neck. She rarely ever wore it down, it was impractical, got in the way.

Kylo stood back as he tossed the third tie down and admired his work. Something about that made her feel the blood return to her cheeks. How dare he?

Yet what he dared next filled her belly with ice. Reaching out to her with both hands on either side of the collar of her clothing, he gripped the fabric and with a great jerk, bared her breasts to his gaze. In the cool of the room her nipples began to stiffen. “No,” she half-groaned, half-growled, backing into the knight behind her again. He took her arms and pushed her forward, thrusting her chest forward for Ren. “No,!”

With those dark, fathomless eyes on hers, Kylo drew a blade from his belt, a blade of metal, not light. Rey tried to kick him again, but the drug pulled her down to her knees. The knight jerked her right back up to the mercy of his master, and Kylo had none as he sliced through her sleeves and let the fabric fall.

He looked starkly at her, face betraying nothing, not even lust or hunger. It was frightening, how devoid he seemed, especially when she knew the myriad emotions he secreted away. Discarding the knife, Kylo pressed his palms against the rim of her pants and she struggled as they started sliding down her hips. “Don't,” she allowed, trying anything to make this stop, her heart pounding. “Don't do this.”

The last of her clothes hit the floor and he raked a gaze down her trembling form. Then he knelt down and held her ankles as he removed her boots with no more visible emotion than if he had just removed his own after returning to his quarters, as if these violations were nothing to him. The knight at her back squeezed her bare arms and she wondered if he would betray any lust if she could sense it.

Standing, Kylo reached for the table again and he took a bottle from the top, opened it and squeezed a clear gel-like substance into his hand. She watched in morbid fascination as he coated two fingers in it, then cried out, “No!” when she realized what it was for.

His free hand snaked around to the back of her hip to draw her closer, palm resting against her behind, giving it a squeeze that made her nerves tingle. His wet fingers found her curls and she groaned as he pressed them between the folds of her womanhood, lubricating her for what was to come. Every fiber of her being was suddenly alive with sensitivity. Her thighs squeezed shut, but there was no cleansing herself of his invasive touch as he rubbed her, apex to entrance and back again. The knight held her still as his master assaulted her and for the first time Rey began to truly fear for herself.

“Our coupling will not be one of love, I'm afraid,” Kylo said softly, watching her face as his fingers slid in and out of her. His skin was rough, but the motions practical, almost gentle as he continued, “Nevertheless, I have no true desire for your pain. I only want one thing."

“And what is that?” she asked, hating her voice for shaking, hating that her eyes were wet.

He slowed his caress, satisfied with her wetness, and pulled his fingers free. She felt a mixture of the lubricant and her own warmth against her abdomen as he touched her there. “A legacy, conceived in the nexus of the dark side, born of two powerful beings.” His gaze sparked with a glimmer of emotion, a hunger he had not let himself express until now.

Nausea held her stomach in knots, but nothing would come up. And yet that was nothing compared to what she felt when he removed the collar.

It crashed in on her all at once and where he could not draw it, the dark side pulled a ragged cry from her throat. It was more darkness than she had ever felt, concentrated and smothering, quenching all the light from her inner vision. There was a morbid certainty growing in the shadows, a promise of suffering and death, of being demeaned, used and cast away as the nothing she was. Nothing she dreamed was hers truly was, her soul least of all. Purpose and destiny bound her to this moment, to Kylo Ren's lust.

“Breathe,” Kylo urged, his hand on her bare shoulder, already exploring her warmth.

“Don't touch me!” she hissed back.

Kylo's fingers wrapped around her arm. He twisted her around to face the walk back to the center. Still reeling, Rey was barely cognizant of deciding to take each step, but the cold floor pierced her attention like broken glass. “I will do much more than touch you in a moment,” he told her, moving her along with a hand to her back. When they reached the upraised hatch, he nudged her toward it. “As I said, there needn't be any pain. Just give yourself to me and it will be over.”

Rey shook her head and tried to step back, moaning, “No. I won't let you.” She lunged to the side, or tried, but he was too fast, augmented with the Force.

His arm hooked around her waist and he gathered her into his embrace, then moved one hand to the back of her neck. The pressure of his push was too heavy for her to bear, as she was, and she was on her knees before she could stop it. His other hand found her shoulder and he pressed her further, satisfied only when she fell forward onto the hatch. A wild fear of it opening, of her being impaled on the kyber crystal, seized her breath. Rey rolled onto her side to escape that fate and stopped when her eyes found his form.

Kylo watched her curiously, dark gaze meeting hers, even as he began to open his belt. She could feel his certainty that she would succumb, his desire kindling at the vision of her nudity and what it meant to him—ownership. She tried to sit up, but he knelt and eased her back down onto the cold metal grating beneath her, warm hands to white skin.

“Don't, Ben,” she whispered as he slid one thigh between hers, positioning himself to mount.

Her eyes closed when he trailed his fingers down her cheek softly. “I'll be gentle.”

“Please,” she implored as he opened his pants and removed his cock. He pressed his head down against her folds and Rey moaned in desperation for this not to happen.

But it did. Arms on either side of her in a cage of black silk concealing flesh and bone, Kylo moved his hips forward and she was impaled, just not by the crystal. His cock was thick and hard as it slithered down her inner walls, opening her wider than she thought possible. The echo of her cry carried in the large room and in response to her sudden pain and humiliation, the knight at the door finally betrayed his lust. She could sense it enter the Force around them, another dark emotion recorded for the nexus of evil beneath her.

“Pay attention to me,” Kylo growled, drawing her face straight so she could see his pleasure. He moved close as he drew his hips back and Rey held her mouth shut tight, afraid of his kiss. But he didn't seek to penetrate her there. As he drove down, deep within her once more, Kylo merely rested his forehead against hers and rocked against her. One hand moved up her side, crawling toward her breast to cup and squeeze, filling her belly with a sudden fluttering sensation that shamed her with how tantilizing it felt.

Rey shivered in his arms. He was warm, a harsh contrast to the floor beneath her. The scent of soap and fuel awakened by his sweat filled her senses. Her legs ached as his large, powerful thighs held them apart and her muscles were painfully tense. But the worst was between her legs. Rey couldn't help but moan each time he thrust into her. He was large, and she was being torn and filled with every jab. There was no way she could move her hips to ease the onslaught.


Aware of her pain, Kylo dropped his mouth to her shoulder in a soft kiss. She could sense it in him, the last good within the demon, wishing his pet comfort. It confused him, and her as well, but they were both too lost within the machine of his desire to stop now. His mouth smoothed along her collarbone, up her jawline to her ear, hand reaching up to paw her hair as he breathed, “Almost.”

She could feel him reaching the peak. His movements were rougher, faster, and she could sense him grow more ravenous with each stroke of his cock. Normally, Kylo Ren was a book without a cover, locked to the eyes of the world. Now he was a groping, clawing beast that ravaged with emotions fully exposed, fingers digging into her shoulder as he drove for his end.

Hungry, he jerked her thigh higher along his hip so he could plunge deeper, then caressed along from her hip to squeeze her ass again. The cloth of his pant line bit at her skin with the friction of her writhing against him. Her body was on fire with sensation, every inch drowning in him. He pet her flesh and she started to lose track of what was pain and what was pleasure.

“Please!” Rey cried out, her head moving back and forth as panic threatened to take hold. Her voice spiked his desire. With two sharp thrusts and a satisfied groan Kylo spilled his hot semen into her, at last.

She fell back against the cold floor in sweaty exhaustion from holding herself so tightly wound. Her thigh dropped from his hip, now open freely, away from his pants. Her wrists felt raw and lifeless, trapped between her back and the hatch upon which she lay. Rey fluttered her lashes as he again stroked her cheek, then reached between them to pull his cock from her body.

Free of him, she tried to sit up, but he pushed her back against the cold floor and eased down beside her. Kylo slid his hand down to her abdomen and she knit her brow as he touched her, commanding, “Rest a moment. Let my seed soak your womb.”

The words tumbled from her lips before she even considered them. “I hate you.”

He kept up his infernal exploration of her skin. “I know.”

Closing her eyes, Rey tried to empty herself of emotion, of thought, even. It was difficult, feeling the dark side pounding through her skull as she tried to banish the feel of his weight and hands from her skin. There were echoes of other sufferers stirring around her, mere whispers of long dead ghosts telling their stories of anguish. Some mirrored the violation she felt, some had long, drawn out deaths and envied her. And she could sense him. His own raw emotions were too loud to ignore.

He was conflicted, as always. Light and dark warred within, pure and unadulterated gratification locked in battle with a loss of another level of innocence. Kylo Ren was both exhilarated and discomfited by what he had done. She realized then that he had never raped before. She was his first.

Kylo watched her face as he fondled her skin here and there, using the rhythmic stroke to lull himself into a meditative state. He used it to master himself; Rey felt less and less of his inner struggle as the moments ticked by. And then he exhaled, pushing himself up.

She was made to stand and this time did not fight as he led her along the bridge to the outer ring. Her eyes down, she shivered in the cool of the room as he collared her and the closing of her inner senses was a blessing. He kicked her clothing aside with an order to his knight to see them incinerated. Then, he reached for his cloak he had abandoned early on and fastened it around her throat. draping it over her shoulders. It was warm and it covered her nakedness, so she didn't argue. “We'll return here again and again, until you're pregnant with my child,” Kylo said finally, firmly. His passion was spent and he was again hidden behind the mask of his purpose. “A room has been prepared for you. Come.”

She couldn't give him the satisfaction of a reply, couldn't have mustered the will or energy even if she had wanted to. Her body was sore, her legs sticky with his semen and she wanted nothing more than to lay down in a warm spot and abandon consciousness. Her one comfort was a hope that it wouldn't take long for her to conceive. Then maybe he would leave her alone.

But she had a feeling the dark side never would, not even when she wore the collar. That had been a violation of a whole other level and that, more than anything that had happened in this room, was what drew the tears from her eyes as she walked at Kylo Ren's side.


A/N: I doubt I'll continue this. It's just a thing based off a fantasy I have, nothing with any resolution planned. Maybe Rise of Skywalker will inspire me. Maybe it will piss me off royally. Who knows. :D I did not beta this so if there's a screw up somewhere, and there will inevitably be one, I do apologize with a sundae that has Ben Swolo boobs on top. On a side note, I like to imagine Theo James and Jai Courtney are Knights of Ren. I just wanted you to know, from the bottom of my heart.

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