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Please remember that searches for a story MUST be done in the subdomain you wish to search. (i.e. buffy, hp, inu, naruto, etc). All searches are subdomain specific, so searching in books, for example, for a naruto story will get you no results.

Search terms are required to have FOUR or more characters per search term execept TAGS which can be TWO or more. Tags that contain a slash like m/f, m/m, pr f/f will not turn up search results due to the nature of the database.

The boolean full-text search in title, tags, and summary supports the following operators:

And here are some examples:

buffy spike --> find rows that contain at least one of these words.

+buffy +spike --> both words.

+buffy -spike --> word "buffy" but not "spike".

apple* -->``apple'', ``apples'', ``applesauce'', and ``applet''.

"Buffy/Faith" --> "Buffy/Faith", but not "Faith/Buffy" or "Buffy Faith" etc

Limitations: All searches are case insensitive (sorry, it's the database).