Reviews for A Fair Trade

BY : StoryWeaver4Ever

  • From saxman66 on August 19, 2018



    Found this story and enjoying it a lot. Still not certain Betelgeuse is totally on the level, although I hope so, especially for Lydia's stake. Just his behaviour in the film and also that job. Why does he need to work at all, especially when he seems to love his new family so much? Presume there's some purpose to it and you have said we will find out soon so hopefully will remove those concerns when we do. Thanks for a very interesting story.

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  • From AlaskaFoxx on November 16, 2017

    Still loving it so far. I check it literally every day for updates, haha!

    Netherworld is how I like seeing it spelled.

    Keep writing and I'll keep enjoying! I can't wait to see the family's reaction!

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  • From AlaskaFoxx on November 03, 2017

    Really enjoying it so far, and I really do like the take you have on Beetlejuice. It was always a favorite movie of mine so picturing Michael Keaton saying and doing this stuff really fits well!

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