The Purge: Hollywood Hour 09

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Disclaimer: I do not own or have any rights to The Purge. I have no knowledge of Jennifer Lawrence or any mentioned person. This is complete fiction off which no money was made. This is an adult story, if you are not of legal age, stop reading.

This is a continuation of Muhabba’s story “The Purge: Hollywood” ( On a different site I came across outlines he had posted for all of the 12 planned chapters and encouraged others to take them up. This story jumps to the ninth hour of The Purge and Kevin’s 9th visit, but I do reference the houses he was supposed to have visited in the 7th and 8th hour (Jessica Alba and the Fanning sisters).


One correction: In his chapter with Natalie Portman Muhabba has Kevin take pictures of her. I thought that something like that had occurred in every chapter. After I wrote this and I went back to read the original I saw that wasn’t true, so consider this a slight change to that story (or that he got the pictures from the security cameras).


The Purge: Hollywood - Jennifer Lawrence



The Offer - 45 minutes remaining


Kevin kept the gun trained on Jennifer Lawrence as she stared at him in surprise. “What?” she asked, confused.


“It’s a simple enough offer,” he said again. “Do you accept?”


“I mean…what?”


Kevin let out a sigh, he didn’t have time for this. “Here’s the deal one more time. We play the Hunger Games. I give you a one minute head start. I then have…shit, forty two minutes, to try and catch you. If I do, we have sex, but you make it good. I don’t care if you fake it or not, you are an actress, you should be able to act like I am the best man you ever had.”


“And if I say no?”


He shrugged, “I guess I just rape you right here. It’s the Purge, I can do anything I want.”


“Why play this game though?” she asked, trying to stall.


Kevin rubbed his head, “You are the ninth house I’ve visited, you know how many times I’ve cum tonight? I just watched the Fanning sisters go down on each other and that wasn’t enough to get me hard. I really need an enthusiastic partner at the moment.”


“I mean,” she began, worried about making him mad, “it doesn’t sound like you actually can rape me.”


“Well, call it whatever you want, but being my cock is out of commission, I guess I’ll see what shoving a baseball bat in your cunt accomplishes. I suspect you’d prefer my dick.”


“Can I leave the house?”


“Sure,” Kevin said. He knew it increased the odds she might win, but he’d already made the decision that the risk was going to make the reward more worthwhile. “Though it is the Purge, so if you go past the wall outside your home you might find some people a lot worse than me.”


She nodded in understanding, “And you have to grab me to win?”


“Just touch you.”


“Then we’re just playing tag.”


“Hey, it’s the best I could come up with on short notice,” he said as he looked at his watch, forty minutes remaining. “I know you’re stalling. Accept the deal, promise you’ll make it good for me if I tag you, and then the game begins. Avoid me, and I leave. Or refuse and I start seeing how much parts of you can stretch.”


Jennifer took a deep breath, “I accept.”


“Good I’ll just…” Kevin said as she took off running “...start the time. Smart girl. I didn’t even get to say ‘May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor’.”


Kevin set his watch and began to do some body stretches. With how taxed the night had been he was honestly worried whether he had the energy to catch her. Fortunately, this was the Hunger Games, he didn’t have to play fair.




The Hunt - 39 minutes remaining


Jennifer first tried her panic room, but found that her code didn’t work. That wasn’t a surprise. She’d already put together that because he’d been able to get in so easily, he must have access to her security system. That meant he would have access to her cameras as well. And while she by no means had her security system memorized, she had a pretty good idea.


However, the cameras were hers, and even if they weren’t, it was the Purge. As she ran from Kevin she grabbed a broom and began to smash the cameras as she passed them.


She knew that wasn’t going to help her too much, he’d still be able to see the route she went. She needed to obscure her movements if she had any chance of winning.


She ducked into the guest bedroom and broke the camera in there, before exiting and breaking the camera outside the guest bath. She rushed into the bath, there was no camera in here. She debated hiding here, but there was no possibility of escape. Instead she turned on the shower, maybe that pervert would think she was surrendering, and then went back to the guest bedroom. She opened the window and climbed out onto the ledge, before dropping to the lawn.


She didn’t really have much in the way of stunt training, but knew the basics for something like this: roll as you hit the ground. She still grimaced as she got back to her feet. She’d risk spraining her ankle, but it was a worthwhile chance. There was no way she was going to be able to outrun him for forty minutes inside of a house, it was way too small of a space. And he was right, going outside the wall was much riskier than dealing with him.


She pushed herself up against the wall of the house and edged her way along, crouching and hiding under windows as she went. She did take an opportunity to open one of the downstairs windows to throw him off the trail, but going back inside was not her goal. There was a camera on the back wall of her house. She put herself right underneath it. Hiding right next to a camera was probably the last place he’d look.


She knew a few minutes had passed. He must already be looking for her. She started to get her breathing under control, getting ready to run when/if he spotted her.


Then she heard her sound system turn on.




Searching - 38 minutes remaining


Kevin was beginning to think his plan was not such a good idea. Not that he wasn’t enjoying the game, he really was, but he knew he’d spend the rest of his life thinking about how he missed the opportunity to fuck JLaw when it presented itself.


Though that would only be a regret if he failed.


He was impressed with how well she was playing. Destroying the cameras was a nice touch. It had necessitated him searching the entire upstairs, before he spotted the open window in the guest bedroom. A gutsy move dropping down.


He also turned the shower off. Sure, he might be a rapist during the Purge, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t be environmentally conscious while doing so.


He decided to go to his next step. He uploaded a pre-programmed file to her sound system and began to play it. It was a mix of women orgasming from porn videos along with a few of her racier dialogues. Not that he was expecting this to have any type of hypnotic effect or anything, but a distraction would be helpful.


He headed downstairs and entered the kitchen. He began to scan through the cameras while he raided her fridge. His body was telling him that if he didn’t get some nourishment he might pass out.


Unfortunately, she didn’t have any energy drinks, so he kept searching. He saw the open window and began to search the area, thinking about how she could have slipped inside. He didn’t spend too long on it. She was good, if she had actually come this way she would have closed the window. No, it was a diversion. She had to be outside.


As he checked the cameras again though it didn’t make sense. Outside the house was covered with cameras. There was no way to be out there without being spotted. The only place you couldn’t be seen was…right below the camera.


He smiled, the chase was on.




The Chase - 25 Minutes Remaining


The sounds didn’t bother Jennifer, at least not much. She had to admit she was a little turned on. The noises, the adrenaline, the anticipation, were all having an effect on her. But she knew that wasn’t the point. Having the sound on inside would keep her from hearing him, all it was doing now was adding to her sexual frustration.


It was not enough to distract her from spotting Kevin as he rounded the corner. She took off immediately in the opposite direction as he followed her. The chase started off pretty basic, she ran around the house twice, hoping that maybe he wasn’t a good runner. But even if he was tired, her hurt ankle meant he was going to catch her.


Instead she reentered the house through the window she had earlier opened. She had enough time to close it, but it didn’t do much, he just smashed through it. They then began a chase through the downstairs as she wildly knocked over anything she could. A few times it slowed him down, but he was always able to catch up.


A weird part of her brain told her she’d have to remember this for any horror film if she did one. Instead of the monster just disappearing and reappearing in front of the running girl, he was always just a few feet behind her.


She came up with a new strategy. Head back upstairs and jump out the window again. He didn’t seem to take that kind of risk, and even if he did, there was always the chance he’d end up more hurt than her. 


She had a few feet on him as she rounded the stairs and began to dash up, knowing he couldn’t catch her in time. Instead though she heard him throw his body against the banister and the tips of his fingers reach out and graze against her ankle.




The Reward - 20 Minutes Remaining


Jennifer kept running for a few more steps, but stopped. Part of her told her that she didn’t need to obey the rules of this game. Or even if she did, she could just pretend she hadn’t felt him touch her. It had been so minor after all it would be an easy lie to say.


But she didn’t. Partly because she made a promise, but it was the Purge. He could do a lot worse to her than what he had suggested.


Kevin was breathing heavily as she came down the stairs, “You win,” she told him as she put her hands on his shoulders and pushed him back.


His hand instantly went for his gun, “None of that. Let’s keep our deal,” she said as she guided him to sit on the couch.


She started to walk away, “Where are you going?” he demanded as he started to get back up.


“Sit,” she ordered. “I said I would make it good and that’s what I’m going to do. And turn off these sounds and find something appropriate for a woman to take her clothes off to.”


He watched her walk toward the kitchen. He was pretty sure this was a trick and she was just going to run, but he was intrigued enough that he decided to let it play out.


He turned off the cheesy porno sounds and replaced them with cheesy stripper music. She came back after just a minute. He’d been expecting her to change her clothes, but instead she had a sandwich and glass of orange juice. “Here, from what you told me, you’ll need this.”


He murmured his thanks as he bit in. It wasn’t anything special, though the dance she started to do certainly was.


He could tell this wasn’t her first striptease. She had only a t-shirt and pair of panties on, but as her hips began to bounce to the music he was entranced. A few minutes passed as he watched her take off her shirt, then slowly bring her own breast to her mouth, before lowering her panties, showing him her shaved twat, before beginning to play with herself. It was a memory he was going to treasure, so he took out his camera and began to film.


When he finished her sandwich she crawled over to him, and pulled down his pants to find his cock was still soft. “Sorry,” he murmured as she stroked him. He hadn’t apologized for any of the raping he had done, but he weirdly felt bad about this.


She watched as he took a picture of him as she licked his cock, trying to get him hard, “Did you take pictures of the other girls?”


“Yeah, of course.”


“Show me.”


He scrolled back to the beginning, showing a picture of Scarlett with his cum all over her face. “This was right after I fucked her in the ass. This was pretty brutal, she was broken afterwards.”


She moaned against his cock, “You really brought that A-list slut down, didn’t you?”


He felt his cock jerk as he flipped to the next picture, “Here is Chloe Mortez. I made her cum when I fucked her ass. She was actually begging me.”


“I can imagine, I’m soaking wet being around you.”


Her voice was perfect. He never would have guessed she was anything but 100% into this. “Here is Selena Gomez passed out on her bed. Justin Bieber was there and she rode my cock while he watched.”


“I bet she’d never had a real man before. You either ruined her relationship or turned him into a cuck.”


Kevin didn’t mention how he had dropped off Justin Bieber and he might be currently experiencing a much different change to his sexuality, “This is Natalie Portman. I came twice for her. Once in her ass, and here is a shot of her eating ice cream mixed with my cum. God, she’s so fucking hot.”


Jennifer gave his cock a few quick sucks, she was actually slightly perturbed that she wasn’t his favorite, “I want to eat your cum so bad. Please give it to me. I’m just a nasty cum whore. Show me who you abused next.”


“The next was actually kind of me being helpful,” he said as he showed an image of Victoria Justice being fucked by her friend. “I think I actually made these two a pair. Oh, here’s a different Jennifer - this is Love Hewitt. Got a massage from her before fucking her ass.”


“Where is the shot of you cumming on her tits?”


“We can’t all be perfect,” he said disappointed in himself. “Here is Jessica Alba, she also gave me a strip tease. I hate to say it, she was better than you, though she did have the benefit of a costume. Came while I fucked her pussy, but really did not like it in the ass.”


“Not that that would stop a man like you.”


He smiled, he was fully hard now, as he looked at the next image, “And here are Dakota and Elle in a lesbian 69. That was fucking hot to watch.”


“Not enough to get you off though, you just watched.”


“Hey, it’s been a long night. I’ve exceeded what a lot of guys would have done.”


“I don’t doubt it,” she said as she deep throated him. “I want to make another deal.”


“I don’t see why I would, but go ahead.”


“You told me to make it good, but I’ll make it great. I guarantee I’ll get you to cum in the next…” she paused as she looked at the clock, “Twelve minutes. If I do, you delete the photos and movies you have of me.”


He took a moment to think. He wasn’t honestly certain he could even cum again. “Deal.”


She guided his hands to her head, “Then fuck my whore mouth.”


He did, using what energy he had remaining to piston her head up and down. The few times he let her up for air, she moaned about how she loved the taste of his cock and begged him to fuck her harder.


At nine minutes she pulled off, knowing he wasn’t getting any closer. She got up on top of him, “My pussy is so wet for you baby. Do you like how I shave myself bald?”


“Yes,” he groaned as she sank down on him.


“I don’t even have a man at the moment, just a hot slut who needs to always be ready to fuck,” she whispered in his ear. “Maybe I was even hoping a handsome stranger would come in on Purge night and have his way with me.”


She began to ride him, bouncing up and down. He was glad that he didn’t have to be an active participant. As great as her tight pussy felt, it still wasn’t really enough to get him.


She made a guess at what fetish he had. “You’re not the first person to take me against my will. To play Mystique I needed to have my whole body painted. I had a female body artist work on me. I always got so turned on when she had her hands on me. When she would rub my breasts and between my thighs. One time it became obvious how wet I was and she slid two fingers inside of me. I said no, but she didn’t care. She fingered me until I came.”


“Fuck,” Kevin groaned out. He had no idea if it was true, but it was hot as hell.


“I never told anyone. I got a different body artist, but I wasn’t willing to tell them why. Maybe…maybe I’m just a rape slut.”


Keven rolled her over so she was on her back and he was thrusting into her. “Yes, fuck me harder. I actually hope I lose and you release this video. Show the whole world what a fucking slut I am! I’ll probably have to start doing porn to survive. God, how hot will it be when you watch me lick another woman’s cunt because of you?”


Her eyes rolled back in her head and her body stiffened up. She was either having an orgasm or was the greatest actress who had ever lived.


When she calmed down he was still fucking her, but didn’t seem on the verge of cumming. She pulled him down and kissed him and then whispered in his ear, “But you should release all the girl’s images. Fucking destroy those sluts. Show the world that Fanning sisters are lesbos, Natalie Portman eats cum, and that Selena Gomez was never satisfied by her boyfriend.”


Kevin was so turned on he didn’t realize she was potentially proposing something to help her career by taking out rivals, but he still wasn’t on the verge of cumming. It actually was getting to the point that he felt like he was going to have a heart attack. “I don’t know if I can keep going.”


“What if you fuck my virgin ass!”


That wasn’t an offer Kevin could turn down. He withdrew and she spun around. He slowly pushed his cock against her tight rosebud.


“Don’t be a pussy,” she yelled back, she could see she only had three minutes left. “Force it in. Rape my ass. Make me your anal whore!”


He did as commanded, slamming his cock forward. Jennifer grit her teeth down, she knew she couldn’t ruin this now. It felt like her ass was on fire, but she only had a short time left.


“Fuck me harder, cum so you still have time left to make me suck your cock clean,” she murmured.


For the next minute she was unable to say anything. Kevin pounded her ass while she regained her bearings.


She saw that she had a minute left and arched her back, surprising him with a kiss. “Cum for me, baby. If you do, next year I’ll invite all my hot celebrity friends over for Purge night. Instead of having to drive all around town, you’ll have your own little harem for the night!”


“Fuck!” Kevin said as he pictured it and she kissed him again, which oddly turned him on even more than the harem fantasy she had created. It was enough, and he began to fill Jennifer Lawrence’s ass with cum.




Afterward - 0 minutes remaining


It was arguable whether Jennifer had to suck his cock clean or not, he had cum right before the time, but she still did it. If for nothing else then to confirm the deal that he had cum in time. It also kept him there while he deleted the photos he had taken.


Kevin let out a sigh, he didn’t want to move, but he had a goal. “This has been a hell of an experience, but it's time for me to go.”


She nodded her head and smiled. “May the odds be ever in your favor.”


“Oh my God, you said the line,” he said with a laugh. “You’re the best. Say…about next year.”


“Why don’t you come talk to me about it later, when it's not the Purge.”


“Sure,” Kevin agreed. It’s not like promises counted during the Purge anyway. Maybe next time he came to talk to her she’d tell him to fuck off. But…maybe she wouldn’t. 


Either way, he still had three more houses to hit tonight.

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