The Freemakers

BY : Mikey
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Disclaimer: I do not own Star Wars, its locations or characters. I do not make money from writing this story. This work is of pure fiction. None of those events have really happened.

Kordi smiles widely as she waves goodbye to her 2 brothers and their B1 battle droid who are flying away in the StarScavanger for a scavange run. Usually she flies at their side but today, she feels she needs some down time. With the 3 of them away from home, the FSaR which is the family garage and repair business she and her big brother have taken over their parents, she can finally blow off some steam and release casual tensions with neither frills nor restrains. Why would a girl need anymore reason to get herself off anyway?

Standing only 1,57m, or 5’2” for imperial unit fans, tall, the petite Kordi strides as fast as she can toward her cabinet in which her tools are stored. Aside from being the manager of the family business at only 16, Kordi is also a talented mechanic and of course a bargainer on top of all. The oval features of her angelic face surely helps out to strikes out deals.

She opens a few drawers, looks up for tools, picks some up, and heads back to the office which is hers more than Zander’s. She puts the tools on the desk as she sits, wipes them up clean, then pushes herself away from the desk.

The chair hovers away but not too far away. Kordi stands, pulls her knee-padded pants, along with her butt-holed boy shorts, down to her calf-length all-purpose boots then, she sits back on the chair, gathering the tools she has selected in the motion. Once settled, she kicks her legs up and puts her feet against the ledge of the desk, spreading them as far as she can from each other.

In that position, she has plenty of space to do whatever she wants. First things first, she picks up the socket driver on which she has inserted a ¼ 12 points socket. Holding it by the shank, she slides the plastic handle a few times upon her labia, pushing it deeper with every passing. Long sensual teasing is unnecessary since nobody is watching her.

Her body reacts to the coolness of the handle, which quickly warms up since it is pressed against her hottest spot, shivering slightly from head to toe. Even though it only lasts mere seconds, those are enough to make her smile in expectation of what is soon to come. Not wasting anymore time with the teasing, Kordi slides the handle down to her opening and pushes gently.

She closes her eyes and sighs, letting out a Hahhh, as the handle slowly slides inside her. The girth is just wide enough to make her feel something but she has other plans for the driver. The handle disappears completely and only the shank protrudes from her core. Settling it in the right angle, Kordi initiate a slowly back and forth motion; its pace quickening by the second. Hahhh. In the meantime, she brings her other hand down, gathers some juice oozing from her aperture, and gets to work about her clit.

While tracing circles around her sensitive bloating bulb, she keeps the in and out pace steady. Hahhh. At times, she takes a look down at her which is one of her motivators. As soon as she feels that her clit is ready, she pull the socket from the driver, places it over, and twirls it.

The brushing of the 12 points upon her bulged bulb is more than enough to make her whole body shiver again. She moans a Hmmm as she feels the sexual tension building quickly inside her. The twirling of the socket is as stimulating as the pacing of the handle. Her mind swirls in libidinous thoughts. What comes to her mind is his arms, half bigger than hers, the tensing muscles of his muscles when he picks up heavy parts or when he pushes or pulls upon his breaker bar. Hahhh.

While satiating her carnal needs, she often wishes, just as in right now, he would take her in his strong manly arms only to fuck her while holding her; she is a featherweight, weighing no more than… that’s not of your business, he could definitely do it. Even though he is short compared to the other guys of his age, being only a forehead taller than her, he displays much strength and this is another of her motivators.

Having in mind such incentives drives her closer and closer to the expected peak. Hahhhs and Hmmms create a pleasant symphony along with the lapping of her seeping vagina. Her legs are shaking as she can barely hold her orgasm back so that she gets to the highest peak. Eyes closed and breathing heavily through her mouth and aquiline nose, which is undershot, she twirls the socket and keeps pushing and pulling the handle in and out. Then, she lets a whine out, not refraining the loud Haaan.

All at once, the amount of sexual energy her body has stored is expelled. Beaming and panting, she opens her eyes. She pulls the driver out of her, and notices the obvious translucent slime that links the driver to her overflowing vagina. Feeling even more randy than when the whole thing has begun, she does not pull it a little further to break the slime link, instead using the excess to push it gently inside her other hole. It is a little tighter in her ass but as lubed as the handle is, it slides in with little or no restraint. Yet again, only the shank protrudes from her body as she picks up the ¾ spanner.

Holding the tool by its open end, Kordi pushes it inside her. Hahhh. The shaft is slimmer than the handle of the driver but it has a wider side, and it is much longer. Even though she can push it up to its open end, Kordi knows that it is of no use since the most sensitive spot is just above and slightly beyond her opening, still it is quite a motivator to see how long a cock she is able to hold. Hmmm.

Using the same winning technique, she heads for the same goal. The slim-wide shaft of the spanner moves inside her as the handle of the driver use to while she twirls the socket over her still bloated clit. Yet again, her body shivers. Her breathing is heavy but there is no unpleasant snuffling sound coming out of her aquiline nose. The closer she gets to orgasm, the more her body trembles.

The sexual tension is building even faster because of the pleasing supplemental sensation that the handle inside her plump rump, which is one of the, if not the, most predominant feature of her petite body, provides. Eyes closed, Kordi cannot help but to let out every Hahhhs and Hmmms and occasional Haaans. After all, she is alone and…

“Oh my god”, twangs R0-GR, the battered and mismatched B1 battle droid.
“Roger”, Kordi yells as she blenches. “What are you doing here?”
“I was suppose to go with the boys but…”, the droid begins his explaining before she cuts him off.
“Could you just… go away.”
“Roger, roger”, the twanging droid says before her turns around and clanks away.

Panting and feeling that her momentum has subdued, Kordi, obviously disappointed, pulls everything out of her, stands and pulls her pants up. She knows she has to wipe the tools clean before putting them back inside the molded case of her cabinet but first things first, R0-GR is in need of a memory wipe.

“Roger”, she yells. “Roger come over here!”
“Oh-oh”, the droid twangs from afar, the echo of the empty garage carrying his twang to Kordi’s ear.

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