Thin Air

BY : Daiyu_Amaya
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I couldn't help but think about Rex, we had spent several hours in that cave together. While it agitated me that I failed once more to uphold the Jedi code, I couldn't help but smile fondly every time I thought of him...
He was a good soldier, a good man. I might actually have feelings for him, small right now. A simple crush really at this point, but that went against the code and the circle just kept repeating itself, because he was not the first clone I thought fondly of, and damn me for my weakness...

I perked up remembering what had happened when we finally found our way out of the cave, It had been rather a humorous event running almost literally into droids, and then Anakin and Ahsoka showed up due to the commotion the ensuing fight had caused. Both of them turned the tide of the fight since we had been at least five on one before the two of them showed up.
I entered my room, the door closed with but a small hiss of displaced air. Something felt different, but what? Something abruptly slammed into me from the side, a rubber-like ball shoved into my mouth as cloth wrapped around my face to cover my eyes.

I struggled, but it was fruitless-whoever they were they worked seamlessly as a team. A team that seemed to read my body's cues without an effort.
I gasped at the utter silence from the force as an Inhibitor fastened around my neck, to be cut off nearly completely spoke of how expensive the collar was, I shuddered against the hot hands on me. Nearly insensate due to the effects of the inhibitor collar, hardly understood what was happening to me until I felt cool sheets against my naked back.

I couldn't help the small cry that rose to my mouth at the sensation of one of my assailants wrestling my leggings off, leaving me exposed and even more to their mercy than before. I could feel the air currents fluctuate around me as the team moved about my bedroom, what were these people, most likely men, going to do to me? What was their cause?
Had they been paid to attack me, and if that was the case what were they going to do to me? They had stripped me so they could...

I shut that thought down, one thing at a time Ben. Slow down, think! Shuddering I whimpered at the sudden dip of my bed and the heat both of my assailants exuded.
One of them ran a warm hand in a soothing manner up and down my back, the other ran their fingers through my hair, what exactly were these people up to? Why would they attack me and bind me so as I couldn't move much without assistance, unable to see, speak, or feel my connection with the force?

A gasp left my throat as I bolted upright, cool bed sheets fluttering away from my body. I was still in my bed, I was still in my rooms...What exactly had happened last night? A jolt of fear coursed through my veins, what had they done to me while I slept off the adrenaline rush from their attack on my person? To subdue a person in that manner, had it been to frighten me?
I had been frightened, I had been ambushed, they had stripped off my clothes, ruffled my dignity, and taken my link to the force for an unknown reason.

There had to be some sort of goal, what could I possibly offer in that manner? Could they have put a tracking device inside of me, so that at some point later down the road whoever held the device that followed my tracker could send an attack? Had it been separatist and if so why me? Had I been the only one attacked, and why in such an open manner? Would they have not benefited in attacking me while I roamed the streets or in combat? They had chosen the perfect opportunity in attacking me however, I'd been tired, too many reports to do, however.

I had planned on spending much of my sleep cycle completing reports as had become usual for my sleep cycle, I knew that some did not approve. They often chided me for not sleeping enough, not eating enough, not doing enough basically.
Like I was some wayward child refusing to eat my greens, I knew I didn't sleep enough, but we were at war. How could I sleep knowing people were in pain, dying every moment I spent here at the temple and not on the battlefield?

As much as I disliked the halls of healing I knew I would have to go, just to make sure I didn't actually have a tracker or a delayed poison in my veins. I'm sure the healers would love to have me just so they could boss me about once more as if I couldn't take care of myself.

If the men came back I would have to be prepared, though why they attacked me in such a bizarre manner still confounded me, what had been the point of attacking me? Why strip me and then lay me in my own bed, yet not touch me sexually?
I paused, I had slept. Nearly a full night cycle at that, I did feel more refreshed than I would have otherwise, but that could hardly have been their goal, after all, who would want me to have a full night's rest?

I was only one Jedi, how could I be important enough for an attack, one that left me sleeping like a child? It would only help me in the long run, it would only make me stronger, so what exactly was the point?
Force above this was only driving me in circles. I wouldn't get any answers until I'd found out who they were, and even then they might not have the answers I needed if they had been paid to attack me in such a manner.

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