The Legend of Mother Nature

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My name is Gwenhwyfar or Gwen and my Mother was Aella the Red Reaper; I was fathered by a Blackblood man who stole a flask of my Mother's blood and Mom never knew his name or talk about him much. All I was told was that my birth-father bore a small tattoo of a black fist on his right cheek, Mom saved his life and paid her back by stealing a flaskful of her blood.

But I feel she may have forgiven him when she became pregnant with me though Mom never says it aloud. I was a redhead like my Mother except my hair was more ruby color with black tints, my skin was white like a Full Moon but smooth as snow and I had pale silver lips.

Yet it was my eyes that were my greatest feature; they were a gold so deep it was like looking at the Sun and it was soften by a bright silver Full Moon in the pupils, Mom called them Eyes of Sun and Moon. But my eyes weren't the only things that made me different; I also had silver blood in my veins.

Mom bleeds red blood and the Blackbloods we live among bleed blood that was black as oil, and I bleed silver that is like liquid mercury. My blood also has special abilities; heals, restores, strengthens, etc...but only for an emergency.

But that is not all that makes me different...

Before I could walk or even talk I started taking forms of any animal and beast, and manipulating the elements at will; I have accidentally set things on fire, caused a small snowstorm, caused huge crops of fruits and vegetables to be ready for harvesting, etc. I could understand the languages of birds, beasts, reptiles, animals and trees, and hold conversations with them.

Mom taught me meditation so that I could control these Gifts but they weren't easy; not many children want to play with me out of fear. The only friends I had were Talon and her little brother Eremus; their parents were Sai-vek Redwan and Raven.

Talon was close to her Father until his sudden death in protecting his family from danger and no one knew how he died or if anyone could find his body back them. I was a toddler and Eremus was a newborn; yet Talon took up the role of looking after the children and we became close friends, siblings by choice.

Talon and I had fun until Eremus was old enough to join us, and they weren't afraid when I used my Gifts around them. We camped out in a fort that I built from earth; it protected us from the elements, kept us warm on cold nights as we slept and hid us from danger.

My favorite game was hide & seek and I was very good at it for I would switch my form from one animal to the next, and moved from one hiding spot to another. No matter how close Eremus and Talon would get to try, and catch me; I ended up winning and I would cheer my friends up with a snowball fight.

Mother even began to train me to fight with sword and dagger, hand-to-hand and using my Gifts to defend, attack, save a life and cause confusion. The only demon traits I inherited would be the delicate looking claw-like nails of my fingers and toes colored silver white as well as sharp when needed; not only that but my eyes would become solid gold with silver flame iris, yet that only happens if I was being emotional, angry or meditating.


I was seven when I was outside the village gathering wood with Talon; there was one thing I didn't inherit from my birth-father and it was the black tipped ears. I look like an ordinary human except for my eyes, claws and silver blood; otherwise I can pass for a human...a very ethereal human as Mom pointed out.

I loaded my armload of wood into a wagon when I sensed something and it was faint at first, and yet it drew me away. I walked deeper into the woods until I came to a cave and that's when I heard a very faint voice whisper in my mind: *Mama!*

I stepped into the cave where I found a dug-out nest filled with leaves and grass; crawling from the nest was a pup that was black as night. It was about a week old but made no sound as I picked it up and seemed to settle in my arms, and it was female.

I brought the pup back to the village with me, one of the village dogs had a litter of puppies and took to nursing the new pup very quickly. When Mom saw the new pup; she said: "That is a worg pup and by the looks of it; it's the runt of the litter and was probably abandoned or removed by a pack member to die away or a worg pack was getting too big and a litter was scattered or the mother was killed because she was low rank and weak, and her litter was taken away!"

"I know this one wants to live and I heard her in a way;" I explained as I watched the worg pup settle with her new littermates, "she is special like me in a way and I feel a bond with her!"

"Worgs are pack hunters and can grow 10ft long; they have a higher intelligence and evil traits, they can learn to speak Common Tongue along with other languages and have their own language to speak," explained Mother matter of fact. "They are highly prized as mounts or attack dogs by orcs, goblins and other such creatures; they are like wolves but different!"

Then after a moment she added: "But since you are determined to keep this worg; once she is weaned she becomes your responsibility, you will feed her, train her and if she dies you will bury her!"

"Yes Mama;" I said with a smile.

It was about five weeks that the worg pup opened her eyes that were red as garnets; the pups were old enough to be weaned and I learned to mash up solid food for my worg to eat. She was soon moving around and stayed close to me, she has never made a sound even her steps were silent but her other senses were stronger from her hearing to her ability to smell to seeing and I named her Shadow.

I would become a wolf pup to play with Shadow; we would play tag, wrestling and tug-of-war with rope much to my friends' amusements. I shared my food with my worg pup even began teaching her who is alpha between us and made sure Shadow knew that my Mother is the primary alpha as I differ to her in both forms.

Shadow began using her teeth in play and if it gets too rowdy or she nips me too hard; I would snap and lunge at her with a growl of warning or I take human form and give a sharp verbal "NO" or "OW" that stops her. Shadow would curl up next to me as I'm in human form and I also play with her in my original form; I even began training her with Mom's help and supervision.

I trained Shadow to sit, stay, lay down, come, etc; I even began projecting mental commands and she replies with a whispery voice in my mind. We even learned to track and hunt; Mom was careful in bringing game to the village for the Blackbloods were hesitant in taking a life that wasn't offered, Shadow got her share of the meat and even caught her own kill.

How do I know that?

When I sleep I would find my-self walking through an open door and felt my worg's spirit welcome me; I was able to see, hear and smell through Shadow's senses...I could smell the forest, feel the ground under our feet and hear the nighttime animals. Shadow blended into the darkness and only her garnet eyes could be seen; she was the very shadows of the night, silent in motion as she never disturbed/rustled or snap anything under paw and she left no prints.

(Shadow's View

This is my first hunt alone but my pack mate has joined me; I felt her essence enter and I welcomed my Bonded...My Luna. My Luna named me Shadow and that is who I was; my Luna's living shadow.

I soon caught scent of my prey and I began to stalk as silent as the night, and nothing was going to distract me. I found a wild pig gorging it-self on a nightly meal and unaware of its soon demise.

I crept downwind on my belly behind before I sprung onto my prey's back and tore into the back of the neck. The pig released an agonizing squeal before going silent and I feasted into the night.)

I woke with a gasp and a taste of blood in my mouth though there was nothing wrong; Shadow was returning and I got her a bowl of water before returning to bed after I had a drink of water to rid the after taste.


I began practicing joining Shadow through meditation and I would find the door to her soul always open, and I step through; this made my bond with my worg stronger that it became second nature to shape-shifting. Talon and her brother Eremus helped with the practice in hide-and-seek; they hid and I had to find them through Shadow, and as my worg sees them as pack for numerous times we played together, it was easy to find them at times.

Turns out when I merge with Shadow; my eyes become solid gold with a bright silver Full Moon in the center radiating a glowing white ring. I even discovered by accident and with practice; I could use my worg as a conduit in using my Gifts over the elements through her and Shadow could breath fire, walk on water, climb trees, etc.

Soon Shadow was big enough that I was able to mount and ride on her back; it took a lot of practice to ride a worg without a saddle. But we managed and I was able to ride Shadow with ease, and our bond continued to grow; just as Talon and Eremus were my siblings by choice, my worg was my literal shadow and a extension of me in a way.

Talon was now ten, I was now eight and Eremus was now six; Shadow was still growing as we left the village and went into the forest. We came upon a Remmick grazing as Talon and I approached it, Eremus stayed behind with my worg and watched.

The Remmick saw us, Talon stopped but I kept going with my hand out; the Remmick knelt as it allowed me to pet it between the eyes and I could hear Talon giggling behind me.

"Your connection with animals is amazing to see, Gwen, they know that you are special;" said Talon in the Blackblood language and I replied in the same tongue: "Mom says it's because I'm a living Spirit of Nature; I am connected to everything in a way!"

*Hail Mother Nature;* I heard the Remmick say in my mind, *my life to you I offer!*

*Your life I accept and give back;* I mentally said back as I moved back and bowed slightly in respect.

The Remmick bowed back before standing and for a moment there was a peaceful silence; until an arrow was protruding before me through the Remmick's neck as it fell dead to the ground. I sensed Talon standing behind me in shock and I heard Eremus give a small cry of surprise as three boys in hunter garbs came forth laughing.

"Clear off, scaggs, this is our land;" said the boy holding a bow.

I stormed over and shoved the boy as I exclaimed with a snarl: "You could have shot me if you had missed, you ass!"

"Well if it isn't the Witch;" said the first boy with a sneer, "if I had shot you I would've done this world a favor in ridding it of an abomination!"

"How can you claim to be the Red Reaper's daughter when you don't look like her in any way?" adds the second boy with a look of disgust. "You have unnatural eyes, you aren't even human since you bleed silver blood and you're a bastard born from rape with no father to claim you!"

"The Red Reaper should've had an abortion once she learned of her pregnancy instead of keeping you;" continued the third boy, "you're a stain on her honor and worst than a Blackblood!"

"I am no bastard nor a stain on anyone's honor;" I hissed in anger, "I am Gwenhwyfar; daughter of Aella the Red Reaper, granddaughter of the Teller Witch Amalthea, I am of demon blood and Blackblood. I am Mother Nature and if I die the lands die with me!"

The three hunters drew back in fear as Shadow came to my left side silently snarling with teeth showing; I laid my left hand to the side of her neck and felt how she wanted to attack them. I waved my right hand across my body from left to right in a crescent wave and knocked the boys onto their backs, and made the earth tremble to further scare them.

I knew my eyes were solid gold with a silver flame pupil and no whites showing; I must've looked frightening for a eight summers child. But right now I gave no iota to anyone's feelings as I felt hot anger over what these three bastards have said.

How dare they imply that I was a product of rape?

How dare they call me a stain on my Mother's honor and wishing that I had died before birth?

My right hand was bent into a claw and I swiped the air over their faces; their heads turned left as if I had slapped them as bleeding cuts appeared on their right cheeks.

"Enough Gwen;" I heard my Mother call behind me and stopping me from doing more harm.

I turned as I pressed my-self to my worg's side, my eyes were closed as I practically buried my face into Shadow's fur and I felt my worg lean into me in comfort.

"Be off with you, boys, go home empty handed;" I heard Aunt Raven say, "you lot has caused enough trouble!"

"You'll pay for this;" I heard one of the boys exclaimed as I heard them run away.

I found my-self suddenly crying as my anger left me and a small rain shower fell; I soon felt Talon and Eremus hugging me as I calmed down long enough to stop the rain.


No one spoke of the incident after we returned to the village; Talon and Eremus were reluctant of leaving my side but Aunt Raven convinced that a good night sleep might help, and we parted to our homes. Mom field dressed and brought the Remmick home as it would be a waste of food, and be even more of a waste to leave it to rot.

Mom made stew for supper with some Remmick meat and bone marrow, half was given to Shadow and the rest was smoked into jerky. I had three helpings of stew with some sweet bread and berry jam that Mom made; but I was still upset with the hunters' words.

"Mama;" I said after a moment, "Was I conceived and born from rape?"

"What nonsense, Gwenhwyfar;" replied Mom with a cluck of her tongue, "of course not. I was never raped when I laid with your birth-father; I was weak from blood lost and I was mad at him for stealing my blood on Samhain night when you were conceived, but I never regretted when I chose to keep you!"

"Why?" I asked curiously...

"Remember I told you about Reapers being the products of demons raping human women;" Mom said and I nodded, she continued: "I didn't love my Blackblood lover but we respected each other enough to find pleasure in laying together. Many assumed I was raped because your birth-father wasn't around to take responsibility and I was working to insure you would be born healthy.

Many single men and even widowers offered to marry me but I refused them for it would've been a loveless marriage. Despite his betrayal; your birth-father gave me you and you are my greatest reward and my redemption as a Reaper!"

"Who did you love?" I inquired and Mother replied with a sad smile: "Eris; first King of Tellus and once he was my true love, but our love was forbidden and it was not meant to be!"

"Why was I born with these Gifts?" I finally asked with a sigh; "Those hunters called me a Witch and they said I should've died instead of being born!"

"They should not have said that;" Mom said with a small scowl, "but people like them fear what they do not understand. You are very special and unique; hence why I named you Gwenhwyfar meaning White Spirit, it was the Elemental Spirits who whispered the name to me!"

"Who are the Elemental Spirits?" I asked curiously.

"They are the very essence of the living world; they have no names but are known as the Spirits of Water, Earth, Fire and Air;" explained Mom simply. "The source of the four Spirits is called Avalon; no one knows where it is only the Spirits know and they teach certain people a song about Avalon!"

"Did the Spirits teach you the song?" I inquired and Mom replied: "Yes and I will teach you the song tonight!"

We washed the dishes and put them away; I was soon in bed and eagerly awaited to hear the song as Mom tucked me in, and she began to sing:

"Where the north wind meets the sea

There's a river full of memory

Sleep, my darling, safe and sound

For in this river all is found

All is found

When all is lost, then all is found

In her waters, deep and true

Lie the answers and a path for you

Dive down deep into her sound

But not too far or you'll be drowned

She will sing to those who'll hear

And in her song, all magic flows

But can you brave what you most fear?

Can you face what the river knows

Until the river's finally crossed 

You'll never feel the solid ground

You have to get a little lost

On your way to being found

Where the north wind meets the sea

There's a mother full of memory

Come, my darling, homeward bound

Where all is lost, then all is found

All is found

All is found!"

I stayed awake for as long as possible and began to fall asleep when the song ended, and found Shadow waiting for me to join her.


(Shadow's View

I welcome my Luna as she merged with me and I began my hunt as apart of the night moving through the woods. There was a Full Moon but its light never dampened my hunt until that is until I caught scent of ill-intent.

I silently moved through the bushes until I saw torchlight and I got closer to see people. Most were garbed in red armor and all were armed; the leader was dressed in white and rode a white horse.

Walking up to the side of the horse was the hunter who had upset my Luna; his cheek was bandaged but he still carried him-self with airs.

"I hope the Witch Daughter of the Red Reaper pays for her crimes against the Prime Order;" said the hunter solemnly.

The man on the white horse tossed to the hunter a pouch of money as he replied: "The Holy Three has plans for the Red Reaper's Witch Daughter and gives Their thanks to you for bringing the girl to Their notice!"

The hunter left with pouch in hand as the rider rode up to another group of men.

"Remember not one Blackblood is to remain alive;" said the man solemnly, "all must die for if one remains it will be for nothing and capture the Red Reaper's Witch Daughter alive!"

"What of the Red Reaper her-self?" asked the leader of the group; "The Lady Aella will not let her child go so easily!"

"Double pay for the Red Reaper's corpse or even a hand as proof of her death;" answered the rider with a shrug, "her time in this world has come to a end!"

"It'll tie the Bones to the lady's legend;" said the leader as he shared a smile with his second.

They donned masks and made their way to the village; I moved quickly the other way for my Luna and her Mother were in danger!)

I woke with a start and Shadow whispering: *Danger coming* had me out of bed, and dressing in a near rush. I was pulling on my boots when Mom came from her curtained off sleeping area already dressed and belting on her sword.

When she saw me already awake and dressed; she nodded approvingly but then a sad look came over her and Mom said: "I foresaw my death tonight; no matter what happens, Gwen, know that I am very proud of you!"

"I understand, Mom;" I said with a nod and I added with some sadness: "Please don't die tonight and leave me alone!"

"You won't be alone, my Love, but I feel my time has come;" said Mom as she hugged me tight, "but your journey will soon begin and Talon will join you with Shadow!"

Mom gave me her magic pouch that still held her wealth and I slipped it into my right boot to be safe; until we heard...


"We're under attack!"

We rushed out to see homes being set ablaze by masked men and anyone who ran out were stabbed or cut down as well as shot by arrows. A man wearing a wide brimmed hat approached and he carried a long sword; Mom drew her sword and she said to the man: "So my death has come but I will fight and not make it easy!"

"I am honored that you deemed me worthy to be your death, Red Reaper;" said the man with a bow, "I will make sure your legend continues after your death!"

I watched my Mother begin to duel the man and it was clear that Mom wasn't going to win but she fought her best. Until her opponent knocked her sword from her hand and when Mom went to grab her sword; the man cut her hand off.

Mom and I were in shock as we stared at the bloody stump; Mom and I locked eyes until she was stabbed through from behind, and I watched my Mother die. I fell to my knees and it felt like the world was fading as I stared at my Mother's body.

"The Red Reaper was a great warrior and it was a shame her beauty had to be ruined this way;" I heard the man who had killed my Mother before me say.

I turned my eyes to the murderer as he stared at me and leaning on his sword while the killings continued everywhere.

"It's just business, little one, your Mother's legend will live on;" he said a bit casually as he took a step towards me.

I turned my-self into a cat and ran; I ran into Talon who picked me up and carried me until we took shelter in a tomb. But we knew we were trapped as a man appeared at the entrance and took aim with a bow, I felt Talon tighten her hold on me and we both braced our-selves to be shot.

A hole of light appeared left of us and an arm appeared; it was pierced by the arrow, we heard a roar of pain before the arm was pulled back and the hole vanished. Our would-be killer stared in shock before drawing another arrow, I jumped from Talon's arms and took the form of a snarling wolf.

The archer hesitated for a moment before firing his arrow and missing Talon; I crept to the entrance of the tomb and heard the man say: "The Blackblood child is dead!"

"Did you see a red cat?" I heard my Mother's murderer asked and the other answered: "No I have not seen such a cat!"

"Our employer will not be pleased that we don't have the Red Reaper's Witch Daughter and she can change her form at will which will make it even harder to find her;" complained the first sounding irritated.

I returned to Talon's side as I returned to my human form and we hugged each other tightly as we silently counted to sixty before we left the tomb. Shadow soon appeared and she was upset at finding the village practically destroyed.

I managed to retrieve my Mother's sword and removed the sheath from her belt before I managed to sling my Mother's body over Shadow's back. My worg and I found Talon kneeling next to the bodies of her Mother and brother; she was clutching a dagger in her hands.

We didn't have time to retrieve their bodies as we heard people approaching; Shadow led us deep into the forest. We took shelter in a cave and Talon helped me wash my Mother's body with water I levitated from the grass; she dressed the wound where her hand use to be and I braided my Mother's red hair with flowers.

Then Talon and I began gathering wood, and built a bed where we laid my Mother and I set fire to it. We added more wood to insure that it would burn through the night and kept watch until only ashes remained; I gathered the ashes and set them in a urn I created from clay I made as well as baked.

Talon and I slept in the cave with Shadow acting as our pillow; by morning we mounted Shadow and rode away, I kept hold of my Mom's ashes and sword, and Talon carried her Mother's dagger. We didn't know where we were going; we just kept riding with no destination in mind.

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