The Legend of Mother Nature

BY : Puffgirl1952the2nd
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No one knows when what became known as the Great Cataclysm happened or why it just happened! It was like a great giant wave of energy and bright lights swept everywhere; the world was reset, everything changed and then it was complete chaos that followed.

The world was recreated as life restarted; various Gods made Their presences known as races of human and nonhuman were reborn anew, and demons roamed the lands. Magic of various forms awoke and grew stronger; light and dark, order and chaotic, good and evil, neutral, etc.

A delicate balance and harmony began to form as history was rewritten; myths and legends took form. The Great Cataclysm was still remembered but no one knew how this phenomena came to be or why.

Every walk of life has their own theories but no one agrees or even disagrees; yet everyone agrees it has happened for a reason and life goes on. Wars have risen and fought, kingdoms and empires rise, and fall depending on the people; prophecies haven been spoken and have been or await to be fulfilled.

No matter the outcomes; the Wheel of Life and Death continues to turn as time passes...

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